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(en) US, Minneapolis, DAYBREAK #6 - Zine Reviews: Abolishing the Borders from Below #16 - www.abb.hardcore.lt

Date Sun, 12 Jun 2005 08:15:56 +0300

This is a fantastic publication from Eastern Europe covering
actions, events, and projects. It’s packed with info about the
vibrant anarchist movement in Eastern Europe where the
anarchists not only have to deal with the state but with commie
nazis and all manner of repression. This issue was printed with
contribution from Active Distribution but I’m sure they need money
for the future so, for the price of only 12 beers a month we can
support our friends who are struggling in these violent regimes.

Break the Chains #20 - $2, PO Box 12122, Eugene OR, 97440

This is a great zine that not only supports, but provides a forum for
revolutionaries persecuted by the state to voice their humanity and
explain conditions to those of us outside the prison abolition
movement. As they say it themselves their focus is on ‘fighting
state repression, prisoner support, and prison abolition.’ Either
buy the issue or send them money to continue their good work.

Cookin’ the Books #1 - donation, PO Box 14007,
Minneapolis, MN 55414

This is a local radical coloring book by a whole bunch of great
artists. Just when I thought I could never look at another clip art
graphic of a Molotov cocktail, Cookin’ the Books comes along
with its humor and plain midwestern awesomeness and revives any
lingering passion I had for art. This is a must have for the 2005
conscientious coloring consumer. (Peligro)

Crude Noise #4 (with awesome hand-printed cover) - $3,

My favorite part about Merrydeath’s zines is all the animal art.
Who doesn’t love a good woodblock print of hugging cats?
Anyway, in case you don’t already know, Merrydeath is an
awesome artist, which her zine makes very clear. This issue has a
lot of drawings and prints to illustrate some nice radical labor
history. There’s also a piece about her family, some stories,
and interesting outside contributions. Crude Noise #4 is worth
your money, as usual. (p)

Fifth Estate #367 - $3, PO Box 201016, Ferndale, MI 48220

This is one of the best anarchist magazines around, containing a
huge variety of stuff; well worth the three dollars. The unfortunate
thing is that they (like many of us) are struggling with a layout that
is just on the safe side of the infamously mindrottingly boring Z
Magazine. How am I supposed to react if a graphic is so digitized
that only my experience with anarchist imagery gives me the vague
idea that it might be barbed wire. From now on I’m just gonna
assume someone spilled some coffee on my mail and save myself
the headache of interpreting computer images. (Peligro)

Green Anarchy #17 - $4, PO Box 11331, Eugene ,OR 97440

Oh Green Anarchy, I loved you when you were putting the
ultra-leftist’s working class panties in a bunch but, jeez, I really
have no idea what you’re talking about these days. I thought
you were against specialization but you’ve made up all this silly
terminology. Seriously, who says things like ‘we must aid
animals to arise against the apathetic and droned humanity which
has taken them to a complete state of atrocity and horrific taming
or submission.’ Someone went to college… but try saying it
aloud. I really do like the 40 something pages documenting direct
actions and resistance across the world but where’s the
connection. You’re running the risk of theorizing yourself into
nonsense and losing the next generation of anarcho-primitivists
somewhere in the limbo between theory for theories sake (is there
any other kind) and practical action. Please throw away your
thesaurus. (Peligro)

Green Anarchy #18 - see above review

If I was on a month long pilgrimage and only enough room for 85
pages, I would bring this issue of Green Anarchy. Why? Because it
will take you that long to figure out what the hell they’re
saying. Let me save you the time and quote the view reiterated
throughout the entire issue:

"All of us recognize race, gender, and socio-economic status
(class) as major factors determining one’s relative position in
society today. For those engaged in specific critiques of racism,
patriarchy, and social inequality the anti-civilization perspective
offers valuable insights into how these social dynamics have
evolved through time and how they function in contemporary
society? (From ‘Class Struggle" page 10)"

If you would like to read this paragraph in further detail eight or
nine times then I recommend picking up this issue of Green
Anarchy. Sift through the mind numbing theory and there are
some worthwhile things in this issue. There is an article on
zombies, which was educational while actually having
entertainment value. I enjoyed the reports on direct actions and
other struggles, which are hard to find information on elsewhere. It
was also pleasant to read about the Feral Visions primitive skill
share. Shit like that makes me feel like we are actually building
something worthwhile (not that I would dream of "producing").
Finally, and often over looked, I enjoyed a lot of the artwork. The
photos were great, and I’m always a sucker for collage work.
Reading GA I don’t agree with all the theory but, although that
is the focus, it is the least interesting part. I would navigate a canoe
upstream to collect wild rice with GA any day, but let’s leave
the "anti-civ" rhetoric on our powerbooks. (g)

Green Anarchy #19 - see above review

In this issue of Green Anarchy, the writings surround the theme of
“Indigenous Resistance to Civilization”. All in all it is what
one expects from GA. There are some great reports of actions and
a lot of stories of resistance that have been hidden or forgotten. Not
being one-hundred percent in agreement with the anti-civ ideology
(or lack of, according to Aragorn on page 6), I have a hard time
with those articles that are deeply saturated with theory. It is,
however, interesting and educational in it’s own right. If you
have never read GA before this issue wouldn't be a bad
introduction. It's good to have dialogue from all perspectives and
GA deserves support. (g)

Here It Is #2 - $1, Erin Tobey, PO Box 3382, Bloomington, IN
4702 or from microcosmpublishing.com

This zine is great because Erin draws cute cartoons and scrawls
smart/honest/funny things to go along with them and she’s
real good at it. Here It Is is about Erin’s life, and after looking
at her stories, I wished she was my friend. Also included is an
insightful Baudrillardian critique of Friendster. The zine is a quick
read, it’s good shit. (p)

Hogwash #1 - no contact info

This zine is subtitled “Random Skills that will Get You
Nowhere” and includes instructions on how to tan a hide,
makeshift heaters and stoves, stiltwalking, and building a
silkscreen. It’s pretty well written with comprehensive
instructions so pick it up if you run into it. (Peligro)

Kersplebedeb Catalog 2004 - CP 63560 CCCP Van Horne,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3W 3H8

This is the catalog of this unprouncable radical distro of pamphlets,
book, shirts, and buttons among other regalia. It’s Canadian
so be prepared to pay international shipping prices.

Mad Kweer #5 - Outreach, 600 Williams St, Madison, WI 53703

This is a cool zine for queer youth from the wilderness of
Wisconsin. I was really refreshed to read it because it seems like
the news for queer folk has been pretty bad lately with gay
marriage bans and the accompanying rise in anti-gay talk. MK has
humor, spirit, actual dialogue, and useful resources. Maybe next
time they’ll leave out the poetry. (Peligro)

Maximum Rocknroll #262 - $4, PO Box 460760, San Francisco,
CA 94146-0760

The March issue of the punk rock bible is packed with columns,
news, band interviews, and reviews. (Peligro)

The New York Rat #2 - www.dominantfiction.com/newyorkrat.htm

This is a great new anarchist paper from NYC – another
fantastic addition to the trend of free and local anarcho tabloids that
is sweeping the country. It contains information on the eviction of
Casa Del Sol squat in the Bronx by the opportunist phonies at
mock community group ACORN (who also locked out workers
who wanted to unionize a couple years back), critical mass
struggles, tips for negotiating bureaucracy by the dispossessed
network, and a local calendar. It looks good and I’m sure it
will only improve with time. (Peligro)

Nightshade #1 - PO Box 77, Fall Creek, WI 54742

I’m a little skeptical about this po Box #. But how many could
there be in Fall creek Wisconsin? This zine really grew on me.
It’s a pseudo-autobiographical account of this young mans
time after graduating high school. Cometbus for people from small
Midwestern towns. At firs the voice of the writers seemed a little
self-conscious but he grew into it and and I got wrapped into it I
just heard the next issue is out and I’ll certainly seek it out.

Off the Hook #6 - $2, S. Chicago ABC, PO Box 721, Homewood,
IL 80430

This is the zine of the Missouri prison labor union and is
distributed by the South Chicago Anarchist Black Cross. It’s 16
folded pages in normal zine format. Off the Hook has interesting
articles about the plight of social and political prisoners alike.
Considering that there are around two million people locked in
prison in the US, this is one of the most important causes to
support. (Peligro)

The Paper Brick #2 - SIEO Office, Mailbox 50, University Center,
1015 Reserve St, Stevens Point, WI 54481

This zine appears to be the product of a progressive student group
in Wisconsin. It’s got articles about Bush and students rights,
art, and way, way too much poetry. The layout’s pretty good
though. (Peligro)

Prairie Fire Volume 4 #2 - PO Box 2442, Madison, WI 53701

This is the newsletter of the International Workers of the World in
Madison and contains updates of the RNC protests in NYC,
wobbly organizing at Starbucks, dairy farmers in Oregon, and a
local calendar. We need more little broadsheets like this. (Peligro)

Profane Existence #47 - $5, www.profaneexistence.com

This is the latest from the new and improved Profane Existence.
One hundred pages bound in a gloss book format, with great
interviews with your favorite bands, Extinction of Mankind, Blown
to Bits, Ballast, Avskum, and Iskra, but remember what your mom
says, its not just about the music. This issue also includes an
interview with our very own Spokes Pizza Collective, an article on
alternative diy feminine products, as well as the homophobic
agenda behind recent laws banning same sex marriages. Don't
forget to check out my favorite feature, the injustice system,
showcasing writings from our counterparts behind bars. As always
there are great columns and hundreds of reviews not to mention
some awesome vegan recipes. If you got five dollars laying around
its definitely worth it. (b)

Slingshot #84-85 - free, 3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

This is the best activist newspaper in the country and contains its
usual high quality mix of politics, theory, events, and personal
stuff. I’ve especially liked the practical theory that’s been
popping up in Molly Coddles’ articles, like the @ in family that
grapples with questions of anarchist community and family.

Slug and Lettuce #81 - donation, PO Box 26632, Richmond, VA

S and L is one of the best zines in the country, packed with DIY
passion and info as usual. The editor has been in a financial crunch
for awhile due to the lack of ads; it just doesn’t make sense for
record labels to advertise in zines anymore when the internet is free
and readily available. It’s time that readers started to
understand that these resources cost money to create and started
supporting them financially otherwise we will lose them and be
stuck reading Spin magazine. Send her some donations. (Peligro)

Trouble in Mind #6 - $2, PO Box 44254, Detroit, MI 48244

This is a beautiful zine, a real work of art. This issue is in an
autobiographical comic format that, as usual with this zine,
expressed and distilled all these feelings I have about community
and our lifestyles and came up with answer that all we can do is
keep on. This zine is a tonic for those of us who are exhausted
from winter bike riding and caring too much about the life around
us. (Peligro)

Women’s Self Defense: Stories and Strategies of Survival #2 -
$3, Pirata Press, PO Box 2433, Champaign, IL 61825

This zine isn’t very new (it’s from 2003), but I just read it
for the first time and it’s fucking great. I’m serious!
It’s full of stories about women kicking ass (figuratively and
literally). It’s really fucked up how most of us have been
sexually assaulted at one or more points in our life, but it’s
reality, and that’s why publications like this are so necessary.
This zine is all about fighting back and defending yourself.
It’s never too late to fight back against sexual assault and
Women’s Self Defense provides endless examples of the many
ways that can be done. I’m really grateful that this zine exists.
Everyone should read it. It will inspire you, I promise. (p)

World in Trouble Winter ‘05 - donation, PO Box 14007,
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Another quarter page sized coloring book. High quality, funny, and
radical. Fuck ironic pop-art, WIT’s passionate and radical
sincerity is the future of art! (Peligro)

Zero Authority #6 - PO Box 47871 Plymouth MN 55447

This is a little anarcho punk zine with the requisite cover of
someone about to be executed and stencil type fonts. It’s got a
mish mash of rants about politics, reprints from other places, and
bands. I like it well enough and am glad to see political zines
coming out around here again. (Peligro)
Daybreak is an anarchist tabloid put out from Minneapolis.

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