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(en) US, Vermont, Last Chance to Register: "Anarchism, Fascism, and Anti-Fascism" Seminar (6/17-19), by Free Society Collective

Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 09:49:39 +0300

To: <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Subject: US, Vermont, Last Chance to Register: "Anarchism, Fascism, and Anti-Fascism"
Seminar (6/17-19), by Free Society Collective

Anarchism and Revolution in the Twenty-first Century:
The Past, Present, and Future of Fascism and Anti-Fascism
1) A three-part seminar by Michael Staudenmaier
2) A two-part talk by Spencer Sunshine
Michael will discuss the history, theory, and strategy of
anti-fascism from an anarchist perspective. He challenges
traditional notions about both fascism and anti-fascism,
and draws connections between an analysis of global
politics and a critical review of anarchist theory and
practice in North America and around the world.

Michael’s seminar will consist of three sessions. The
first session will focus on the past, placing the
weekend’s work in a historical framework. This will
include personal introductions and a very selective
history of fascism and anti-fascism in the twentieth
century. The second session will target the present,
through the lens of theory. The emphasis here will be
on theories of fascism, what it is and what it is not,
utilizing contemporary examples from across the globe.
The third session will concentrate on the future, in
the form of strategy. Included here will be questions
of anti-fascist strategies and their relationship to
anarchism and revolution. Each session will involve a
lecture, a participatory activity, and a guided

Two additional themes will recur through all three of
Michael’s sessions. First, the complex connections
between patriarchy and fascism will be stressed in
each session. Second, the difficulties posed by
various contemporary theories of race relations
currently popular in white anarchist circles will be
discussed as they relate to the question of

Michael Staudenmaier is a longtime anarchist from the
Midwest. He has been involved in anti-fascist
struggles for more than a decade, and has also worked
on prison issues, anti-war campaigns, and in
solidarity with the Puerto Rican community in Chicago.
His writings have covered topics including anarchism,
nationalism, and anti-fascism, and have been published
in nearly a dozen different anarchist periodicals,
including the "Northeastern Anarchist" and "Fifth
Estate." Michael lives in Chicago with his partner,
Anne, and they are expecting their first child.

Fascism and Anarchism: Subterranean Connections,
Bizarre Transformations; and How Marxist-Leninists
Colonized the Anarchist Discourse on Race

A two-part talk by Spencer Sunshine

The first section of Spencer’s presentation will be
about the relationship between anarchism and fascism.
It will focus on the historical links between German
and Italian fascism to both anti-technological
environmentalism and syndicalism. As well, this
presentation will pay special attention to the new
permutations in European fascism that are adopting the
symbols and organizational forms of both anarchists
and the left -- and sometimes engaging in

The second section of his presentation will look how
the contemporary anarchist movement in the United
States has understood race. Arguing that almost all
anarchist writers on race utilize Marxist-Leninist
theoretical views, it will question their fundamental
compatibility with an anarchist-derived politics and
ask the question: What would an authentically
anarchist perspective on race look like?

Following Spencer's second section, he and Michael
will comment on and discuss several contentious issues
raised during the course of each other's

Spencer Sunshine has been active in anarchist and
radical projects since joining a Nazi-monitoring group
in Georgia in 1991. Currently he lives in Brooklyn,
New York, and is concentrating on writing and doing
archival research. He is the associate editor of the
anthology "I Am Not a Man, I Am Dynamite! Friedrich
Nietzsche and the Anarchist Tradition" (Autonomedia,
2004), and participates in the editorial collective of
"Fifth Estate." His research interests center on the
intellectual history of the U.S. anarchist movement,
and currently he is looking at the role of anarchists
in the Civil Rights movement.

* * *


This seminar series is self-financing; the FSC has no
outside funding, nor a funding source of its own.
Thus, the overall seminar fee will simply be divided
by the number of participants, with the goal of making
each weekend series as affordable as possible. The
cost for this weekend seminar will be in the range of
$50 to $75 for the course; some meals may also be


The seminar will take place in the historic socialist
and anarchist Old Labor Hall, 46 Granite Street,
Barre, Vermont 05641. Floor space will be available
for sleeping (bring your own gear); there are
bathrooms but no showers in the Labor Hall. We’ll do
our best to arrange more comfy accommodations in
someone’s home, if needed.

You Must Register by June 12

To sign up for the June 17-19 seminar, please e-mail
both Rob Augman (rob@riseup.net) and Cindy Milstein
(cbmilstein@yahoo.com). Keep in mind that space is
limited and preregistration is necessary.



The seminars are three-day study programs, which take
place over the course of a long weekend. Attendance
will be capped at 20-25 people so that participants
have the opportunity to fully engage in the program.
Each seminar is structured around two presenters, and
four to six sessions of about two to three hours in
length. In general, each presenter will give a lecture
or formal presentation, followed by plenty of time for
discussion, in and outside the sessions themselves. In
short, each weekend seminar functions as both an
intensive course and an ongoing conversation. The
presenters may also suggest short readings prior to or
during the weekend, particularly in those seminars
featuring a close reading of specific works, in order
to further focus and ground the discussion.

* * *


The Free Society Collective’s (FSC) seminar series
aims to provide an independent space for ongoing
inquiries into social, political, cultural, economic,
historical, and other fields of study from an
anti-authoritarian left perspective. The seminar
series draws on a variety of radical traditions,
revolutionary histories, contemporary social
movements, and social and political analyses,
including anarchism, Western and autonomous marxisms,
and other libertarian left tendencies. By exploring
the past as well as the present, these weekend-long
seminars are meant to deepen our understanding of
dynamic social phenomena such as capitalism,
statecraft, racism, gender, and the devastation of the
natural world, to name a few. The seminars are also a
way of reclaiming our own education and scholarship --
by mentoring, learning from, and challenging each
other in a highly participatory setting. And over
time, it is the FSC’s hope that this seminar series
will contribute to the development of public
intellectuals, theoretical insights, and sophisticated
forms of praxis as well as social organization in our
struggle for a nonhierarchical, egalitarian society.

The Seminar Series is cosponsored by the Institute for
Anarchist Studies (www.anarchist-studies.org) and
Black Sheep Books (www.blacksheepbooks.org). For
information on the August 10-21 or upcoming
fall/winter seminars, see

* * *
* About the Free Society Collective

FSC is a small, radical Left tendency based in central
Vermont. We seek the abolition of capitalism, the
state, and all other social relations built on
coercion, hierarchy, and oppression. To that end, we
engage in a politics of resistance that simultaneously
highlights a reconstructive vision. In critical
solidarity with anti-authoritarian social movements
around the globe, we work toward a free and ecological
society premised on mutual aid, confederated direct
democracy, and a liberatory culture. For more info,
see http://www.freesocietycollective.org.

Free Society Collective’s
June 17-19 Seminar on
Anarchism, Fascism, and Anti-Fascism
with Michael Staudenmaier and Spencer Sunshine

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