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(en) US, Minneapolis, DAYBREAK #6 - DIY: Worms & Depression

Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 11:52:06 +0300

DIY: Worms by Amy
Worms: they’re not just for eating when you think no one likes
you. They’re also great little munchers themselves. A pound
of redworms can eat up to five pounds of kitchen waste a week. So
if you want to compost but don’t have space for a backyard bin,
enlist worms as your compost helpers.
First you need a box. Worms like warmth, darkness, and
dampness, so keep that in mind when preparing their home. It
should be roughly 12x24x36”, with lots of air holes. It can be
plastic or wood, it’s up to you, but it should keep out light as
much as possible. Then shred a bunch of newspaper, add a
handful of dirt (it aids digestion), and get it damp. The bin should
be about half full with bedding. It’s also not a bad idea to poke
air holes in the bottom of the box, and then prop it up with a tray
underneath. Any drips you catch can be used as fertilizer too.

Now you need worms. A pound of redworms (about 1,000)
can be ordered over the internet for about $25, depending on the
site. You want Eisenia foetida (red wriggler) or Lumbricus rubellus
worms. Worms multiply pretty fast (they can double their
population every 90 days), so it’s not a bad idea to buy a pound
of worms and split them up with a friend.

Your next step is to add your kitchen scraps. You can feed
your worms basically the same things you would throw in a regular
compost pile: fruit and vegetable scraps, grains, coffee grounds and
tea leaves, breads, and crushed egg shells. Don’t feed them
any meat or dairy products or oils. The smaller you chop your
kitchen wastes, the faster your little worms can chow through

Finally, it’s harvest time! When most of the bedding
has been eaten, move the food, the bedding and the worms all to
one side. Then add new bedding and food on the other side. The
worms will migrate over to the fresh side, leaving you free to
remove the castings (worm poo) from the older side. Just be sure
to leave the worms behind!

DIY: Depression

Light: try to be in the sun if you can, or get some of those fancy
full-spectrum light bulbs. It’s worth it, especially in the winter.

Winter Depression Tips

Listen to music you love really loud and often and sing to yourself
as you’re walking around. Don’t worry if people think
you’re crazy.

Here’s one from Doris, one of my favorite zines: drink coffee!
Lots of it! Or if you don’t drink coffee, drink peppermint tea or
yerba mate.

Cook healthy food and eat lots of veggies and fruit. Mmm…
avocados. Your mental health is really influenced by your physical
health, and you will feel especially lethargic and unmotivated if
you’re eating lots of refined and processed food. Also, cut back
on alcohol, (which may make you a social pariah), because alcohol,
which we learned in middle school, is a depressant.

One trick I think is funny was this advice from a friend: keep a
picture of something really ridiculous with you always, so if you
feel overwhelmed you can pull it out and laugh. My thing when I
feel stressed out is to remember my co-worker shouting
“I’m gonna lose it!” in the general direction of no one,
and it’s so silly and dramatic it makes me laugh every time.

Move your body. Even if you don’t want to. Do it. Get up,
dance around, go outside, ride your bike, look at trees, walk your

Write or paint or draw. Even if you think you aren’t good
enough. Even if you never show it to anyone. You will feel better
if you express yourself somehow.

Don’t sleep too much. I know it’s tempting, but in the
end, the more time to do awesome things during the day, the better
you will feel.

Make a list of the people and things that make you happy and keep
it with you. It doesn’t have to be serious. If puppies and
flowers make you happy, write it down. The list is just for yourself.

Don’t hang out with people you know are going to make you
feel depressed or bad about yourself. It’s hard to break out of
bad habits and it’s hard to tell your friends no, but your mental
health is the most important thing. So if you need a break to get
back on track, take it and take care of yourself.
Daybreak is an anarchist tabloid put out from Minneapolis.

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