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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 645 30th May-5th June 2005

Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 10:18:43 +0300

The Prime Minister´s assertion that he is interested in practical
reconciliation not symbolism during Reconciliation Week, doesn´t stand up to
scrutiny. On the 3rd of June 1992 the High Court of Australia found that
indigenous Australians had rights to land in law because of their prior
occupation of this land before European colonisation. When John Howard was
elected into office, he was so concerned about the possible ramifications of
this decision, that he promised and delivered ´bucket loads of
extinguishment´ to the Australian taxpayer, the grazing and the mining
industry, subverting both the spirit and the letter of the Mabo decision.

What is more practical than recognizing that those indigenous Australians
who continue to occupy their lands, have rights to that land in law and
those that have been forced off their lands, need to be compensated for
their loss. The Prime Minister´s ´practical reconciliation´ is both
symbolic and illusory. Symbolic because it doesn´t recognize indigenous
Australians legal rights to land and compensation, illusory because it gives
the government the ultimate power to determine indigenous communities´ fate
by using their control of the purse strings to dictate what communities can
and cannot do.

June the 3rd marks the 13th anniversary of the historic Mabo High Court
decision, a decision that recognized that indigenous Australians had rights
to land and compensation for the loss of their lands in law. It marked the
beginning of a reconciliation process between indigenous and non indigenous
Australians that acknowledged the past and recognized that the
reconciliation process is a matter of justice not charity. Thirteen years
later, the Mabo judgement has been both subverted and rejected by the
Federal government.

If the Howard government is interested in ´practical reconciliation´ it
should acknowledge and recognize the importance of the Mabo High Court
decision by attempting to implement the spirit and the letter of the Mabo
judgement. It should also declare the 3rd of June a public holiday to
reinforce the importance of this decision in the reconciliation process and
to highlight to Australians that reconciliation between indigenous and non
indigenous Australians is not just the business of government and indigenous
Australians but every bodies business.

On Wednesday the 25th of May, The Anarchist Media Institute held a media
conference outside the Commonwealth parliamentary offices located at 4
Treasury Place, East Melbourne to launch an international campaign to
encourage tourists to holiday elsewhere, to encourage international students
to study elsewhere and to encourage Australia´s trading partners to trade
elsewhere, until the Howard government passed legislation through parliament
that recognises that asylum seekers have alienable human rights.

We decided to launch this campaign because we believe, as all judicial and
parliamentary options have been exhausted, Australians who are concerned
about the disgusting and degrading treatment meted out to asylum seekers in
our name, should exercise other peaceful options to put pressure on the
majority of Australians who support the current inhumane treatment of asylum
seekers and the Federal government to re-examine this unsatisfactory state
of affairs.

Five days before the media conference, I was contacted by the Victoria
Police about the ´demonstration´ that was going to be held on Wednesday. I
politely informed them that we were having a media conference, not a
demonstration, and that we expected less than 20 people on the day. I was a
little surprised at getting the call as I´ve organised many media
conferences since the Anarchist Media Institute was formed in 1986 and the
Victoria Police have never expressed any interest in attending any of our
media conferences. I didn´t think much about the call until the day 15 of
us turned to launch the ´boycott Australia´ campaign.

We were met by a sergeant and half a dozen police constables, 3 were lined
up outside the steps of 4 Treasury Place, and the rest were lurking around
the building. Two Protective Services cars were parked in front of the
office. I understand Federal Police and Protective Services officers were
standing behind the doors. Four plain clothed Federal Police and ASIO
operatives also turned up at the media launch. There were more
representatives of the disciplinary arm of the State than people at the
media conference. For all I know, the ´Sons of God´ could have been lurking
inside the Commonwealth offices, ready to use their new toys to deal with
the ´potential threat´. The only people who didn´t turn up were
representatives of the corporate owned fourth estate and the government
gelded ABC, obviously they were too busy harassing poor old Kylie Minogue
and her family to be interested in the little drama unfolding outside 4
Treasury Place.

Those of us at the media launch were so concerned about the waste of
taxpayer money involved in this policing overkill, we felt we should repeat
the exercise and give all these agencies involved in policing the media
conference the opportunity to do it all over again. We are calling on all
those Australian who are concerned about the treatment dished out to asylum
seekers and those concerned about the passage of Federal legislation that
strips Australian citizens of rights and liberties they have enjoyed for
generations, to join us in a peaceful vigil outside the Commonwealth
parliamentary offices at 4 Treasury Place, East Melbourne at midday on
Wednesday the 8th of June and at the same time every second Wednesday till
asylum seekers are released from mandatory detention, to highlight to our
parliamentary representatives that good people in this country will not
stand idly by and let terrible things happen in our name.

It´s interesting to note that tens of thousands of Australians who are
concerned about the arrest, trial and imprisonment of Schapelle Corby in
Bali are considering boycotting Indonesian products and Bali as a tourist
destination. They refuse to be reassured by the Australian Foreign Minister
and Prime Minister and don´t want to stand idly by, and wait for the
judicial process in Indonesia to run its course. The popular response to
Schapelle Corby´s dilemma is driven by ordinary Australians revulsion at the
injustice of the situation Corby finds herself in.

That so many Australians can go to such extraordinary lengths to try to
achieve justice for an Australian national who has been accused and
convicted of importing over 4 kilograms of marijuana into Bali, is difficult
to reconcile, when this response is compared to most Australians response to
the situation asylum seekers and refugees in this country find themselves

For little more than having the audacity to seek asylum in Australia, men,
women and children are illegally held indefinitely behind barbed wire in the
most deplorable conditions. They are subjected to degrading, humiliating
and ethically questionable treatment, both on the Australian mainland and
off shore in Nauru and Christmas Island. Their plight has not concerned the
majority of people in this country. The Howard government has been rewarded
for their callous, indifferent and morally reprehensible treatment of
thousands of asylum seekers, by being elected and re-elected into office by
the Australian people.

Last week the Anarchist Media Institute launched an international campaign
outside the Commonwealth parliamentary offices in Melbourne to encourage
tourists to stop visiting Australia, students to stop studying in Australia
and Australia´s trading partners to stop trading with Australia, until the
Australian government passed legislation through Parliament that recognised
that asylum seekers have inalienable human rights. The silence was
deafening, not one media representative turned up to the media conference.
Our presence was noted by both the Howard government and the Bracks Labor
government. Victoria Police, Federal Police, Protective Service officers
and ASIO agents, both in uniform and in plain clothes, attended the media

If a fraction of the tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of Australians
who are concerned about the fate of Schapelle Corby turned their attention
to the injustices being meted out to asylum seeker in this country by the
Howard government and used their new found economic power to encourage
people to stop trading and holidaying in Indonesia and encouraged tourists
to stop coming to Australia, students to stop studying in Australia and
Australia´s trading partners to stop trading with Australia, justice could
be achieved for Schapelle Corby, asylum seekers in Australia and all those
other Australians who are rotting in foreign jails.

It´s a little difficult to get excited about Howard´s Workplace Relations
laws. Everybody knew what was coming if Howard was re-elected. Despite
people having an idea about what would happen, the Howard government was
re-elected for a 4th term with a historic majority both in the House of
Representatives and the Senate. It´s interesting to note that it is the
very same people who Howard was able to attract from Labor with stories
about political correctness, the Aboriginal industry and illegal immigrants,
who are now at the receiving end of the Prime Minister´s largesse.

It seems that Howard´s battlers poorly paid workers in blue collar, office
and retail work are the very people that will feel the brunt of the Howard
government´s workplace deregulation policies. Workers in strong trade
unions will find they will be able to successfully weather the worst of the
government´s legislation. Those in the poorly paid, poorly regulated
workforce will find that the proposed changes will strip them of the
illusion of job security they currently enjoy. Their chances of a future
wage increase are minimal and their holiday pay, leave loading, sickness,
workers compensation, overtime and dangerous job allowances, will disappear
overnight if these changes are implemented.

The introduction of individual contracts will pit workers against employers.
It will dramatically shift the balance of power into the hands of the
employer at the expense of the employee. Workers who are able to
collectively bargain and are members of relatively strong unions will be
able to withstand the more conservative authoritarian elements of the
government´s industrial relations. The removal of unfair dismissal laws for
business that employ less than 100 employees means that 90% of Australian
workers can be dismissed at the whim of their employer with little, if any,
prospect of getting their jobs back.

These changes cannot be defeated in Parliament, the only way they can be
defeated is through workers, both unionised and non-unionised, taking
collective action. Individual acts, no matter how brave or full of
integrity, are doomed to fail, that´s why workers need to work together to
defeat attacks on both their short term and long term interests.

The daily catalogues of suicide bombers, US, Sunni, Shia and Kurdish
casualties only tells part of the Iraqi story. The untold story is one of
resistance to the ´coalition of the willing´ and religious and ethnic
fundamentalism. Workers across Iraq are struggling to build their own
independent union. There is little, if anything, appearing in the fourth
estate about the fast growing fledging independent union movement. Many
players in the Iraq war, the US led ´coalition of the willing´, the Al-Qaeda
aligned resistance and the remnants of Saddam Hussein´s regime, all see the
growth of an independent workers movement as an impediment to their own
plans for Iraq.

Hadi Saleh, a leading figure in the creation of an independent trade union
movement in post Saddam Hussein, was kidnapped, beaten, burnt, strangled
with an electric cord, his body riddled with bullets, was dumped on the
street because he had the audacity to campaign for decent wages and basic
health and safety conditions in the workplace. The president of the metal
and print workers union Talib Khadim Al Teyee was kidnapped and threatened
before he was released. It´s not unusual for union officials across Iraq to
be kidnapped, tortured, threatened and released by both the US led
´coalition of the willing´ and elements of the Iraqi resistance.

There are about a dozen different trade union groupings in Iraq organising
huge numbers of workers. The Independent Free Trade Unions, the Kurdistan
Workers Syndicate, the Iraqi Teachers Union, the Iraqi Journalists Union,
the Federation of Workers Councils, Unions of Iraq, the Basra Oil Workers
Union and the General Federation of Iraqi Trade Unions (GFITU), the National
Trade Union Centre controlled by the former Saddamist dictatorship, are
actively trying to recruit new members. The IFTU and the Kurdish Workers
Syndicate supported participation in the recent elections. They saw the
election as an important first step in building a civil society and ending
the US led occupation. Other union groupings encouraged electors to boycott
the election.

There is a struggle to create independent trade unions in Iraq. This
struggle has the potential to play a greater and greater role in the
development of an Iraq where decisions are made by workers, not political
factions that are pushing religious and political ideologies that promote
the interests of a minority at the expense of the majority. The Basra Oil
Workers Union argues that their role is to be independent of all political
factions and defend Iraq´s oil supplies from the grasping hands of the US
invaders. (Yes Virginia, a US led invasion and occupation of Iraq is all
about oil).

Thanks to Jeremy Dixon for providing me with the material for this article.
Information about the Iraqi Trade Union movement appears occasionally on the
Workers online website

A. A simple way conservative commentators commonly denigrate anarchists and
anarchism is to raise the assertion that there would be no road rules in an
anarchist society. No road rules? Who do they think they´re kidding? Road
rules have evolved to protect all types of road users on the highways and
byways that are used in a community. What road rules would be in place in
an anarchist society, reflect the type of transport system that is in place.
Anarchism is essentially a way of life that allows people, not rulers, to
make decisions. The decisions made do not only reflect the will of the
people, they also have a greater chance of being implemented in an anarchist
society because wealth is held in common so it can be used for the common
good. The cry that is often heard in a capitalist society, where is the
money coming from, is not such a recurrent theme in an anarchist society
because wealth is not locked up in the hands of a minority.
The road rules that won´t exist in an anarchist society are those that are
designed to fill the pockets of the State and corporate sector that have
little, if any, bearing on safety. The road rules that exist would revolve
around protecting the life and limb of those who need to use the transport
systems available. The road rules that would be in place are those that an
overwhelming proportion of that community believe are appropriate. Their
implementation would be dependent on people understanding the reason they´re
there and people´s willingness to become involved in their implantation.
The implementation of road rules would not only be the business of a
particular group that has been mandated to ensure road rules are observed
but they´d also be the responsibility of those using the roads. In such a
climate, those people that put their personal needs above the needs of the
community would soon find the cultural barriers that have evolved would make
it very difficult for them to lead a productive life in that community, if
they continued to flout the road rules.
In cases where individuals continue to break road rules, they´d find
themselves in front of elected neighbourhood councils that have the
authority of the community to deal with the problem. In cases involving
repeat offenders, they may have been given the power to confiscate vehicles,
force the offender to observe what happens in a trauma centre, remove their
licence to drive a vehicle or order them to assist people who have been
injured in road traffic accidents. The options available to them would be
designed to educate people, not just punish them and let them back onto the
Yes Virginia, road rules do exist in an anarchist society. Anarchists, like
most other human beings, aren´t stupid; they understand that rules need to
exist. The difference is that rules exist in an anarchist society to
protect both the individual and the community. They do not exist to protect
the power and wealth of those who currently exercise it.

Ever found yourself behind a car with the sticker-´just do it´!! Well I´m
afraid, what is a reasonable proposition, has been purloined by another
´smart´ advertising agency to promote another commodity being manufactured
by another transnational corporation. The fact that it has been purloined
to sell products doesn´t make the slogans irrevalent. When you´ve been
involved in an anarchist movement for as long as I´ve been, you soon realise
that most people are happy to let other people take the initiative.
Passivity, the ability to initiate activity, is not normal human behaviour.
Human beings are naturally curious and love to experiment and take risks.
Just look at any kindergarten group interact and you´ll soon see the
children initiate activity. They don´t need a teacher to initiate that
activity; it is part and parcel of their genetic makeup. By the time people
have gone through school, got a job, have a mortgage, debt and children,
that spark has disappeared. The society we live in is one which passivity
is rewarded. We were taught to leave it to the experts and those in
authority; they know best, the good citizen is a passive citizen. Active
citizens ask embarrassing questions. People, who exercise the few rights
and liberties they are able to exercise, are nuisances. Those that
repeatedly use the courts to pursue a point are vexatious litigants.
Those workers, social security recipients and citizens that demand their
rights, are just troublemakers who have nothing better to do. I´m afraid
the ´leave it to Beaver´ attitude that´s commonly held by the great majority
of people is unhealthy for both the individual and the community. The
transformation of the innovative enquiring child into the elderly person
resting in God´s waiting room is a denial of our humanity.
Don´t wait for somebody else to ´do something about it´. The most commonly
heard phrase in the human language is ´they should do something about that´.
I´m afraid nobody is going to do something about that unless you prod, push,
organise and force those who wield power to change their tune and do
something about it. Every right and liberty we are able to exercise in the
community and the workplace has come through struggle. Letting the experts,
the courts and the government do the job for us, is the reason that millions
of Australians currently face the serious prospect of losing the gains that
their parents and grandparents were are to wrestle away from the State and
the corporate sector in the 20th century.
It´s up to you to make a difference­the ball´s in your court.

Investigating the Big Brother World of
E-Spies, Eavesdroppers and CCTV´
ISBN 0 7499 2226 35
Ever thought you´ve been watched? Paranoid? Maybe you are not paranoid.
Maybe somebody somewhere knows everything that needs to be known about you.
Five years after it was published, technological advances have made the
content of ´Total Surveillance´ redundant. John Parker´s assertions in 2000
are tame in comparison to what can be found out about you and your
activities by the technological surveillance gadgetry available in 2005.
´Total Surveillance´ is divided into 3 district parts-´Watching You´-How
surveillance affects us all. ´The Agencies´-Time for greater oversight
and ´The Gadgetry´-Technology and threats to the infrastructure.
Technology has allowed a whole range of agencies, not just police and
intelligence agencies, to gather your personal information. Suspicion is no
longer used as a reason to justify surveillance. It, like the air we
breathe and the earth we walk on, surveillance has become a given in our
lives. Big Brother is a reality that most people acknowledge plays an
important part in their lives. Civil liberties and privacy have become
quaint museum pieces that play no part in 21st century life.
Parker delves into this murky world defining words and terms we are familiar
with, as well as words and terms most people don´t know exist. The Echelon
factor plays an important role in people´s lives. The Echelon factor? Yes,
the Echelon factor. Echelon is the powerful processing system that has been
established to deal with intercepted intelligence scooped from satellite,
microwave, cellular and fibre optic traffic. Key words drag millions of
conversations and words into the Echelon system, intelligence agencies revel
in their new found legal and technological freedom to listen into whatever
conversation they want to eavesdrop on. The volume of information gathered
makes it difficult for intelligence agencies to know what information is and
isn´t important. The volume of information collected doesn´t guarantee its
quality and relevance.
The State has worked hand in glove with both the private and public sector
to pass legislation that legitimises surveillance of both those under
suspicion as well as ordinary citizens. Globalisation has put the
surveillance industry on the world stage. Just in case you think that
Australia´s isolation protects us from the Echelon system and other security
systems, think again. Geographical isolation can no longer protect you.
Pine Gap, the US base in central Australia, is an integral component of the
Echelon system.
The one thing that increased surveillance by the State and private sector
has not been able to achieve is security. The more intrusive the
surveillance, the greater risk it poses to those rights and liberties which
protect the individual and the community from the terrorist in our lives,
the State and the corporate world.
´Total Surveillance´ by John Parker is available from most bookshops. I
understand it has been republished with alterations that take into account
changes in technology and the changing political climate.

HENRY SEEKAMP 1829 - 1864
Clara Maria LODGE was born in Dublin. When she turned 17, she was
introduced into ´polite society´ by her father. She was given a belt with
17 sovereigns in it, for her 17-inch waist. Clara was introduced to Queen
Victoria. Soon after, she ran away marrying the artist Claude Duvall.
Clara and Claude left England and went to the diggings in Victoria. She was
the leading actress in the first tent theatre that opened in the gravel pits
in Ballart in December 1853. Her husband died soon after. A few months
later she married Marcus Seekamp, the owner and editor of the ´Ballarat
The ´Ballarat Times´, a 4-pge broadsheet, threw its complete support behind
the miners. It played a pivotal role in the radicalisation of the Ballarat
miners. The ´Ballarat Times´ presses were also used to print the posters
that were plastered around the diggings to advertise the monster meetings
that thousands of diggers attended to hear their delegates reports about
what had happened and to give instructions to their delegates about what
direction the struggle should take. If Lalor was the sword of the
rebellion, Henry Seekamp was the pen. If the pen is mightier than the
sword, his role in the Eureka rebellion is much more important than has been
currently acknowledged.
Seekamp was the only leader of the Eureka rebellion who wasn´t acquitted for
his role in the rebellion. He was arrested in his office the day after the
rebellion and was charged with sedition for a series of articles that
appeared in the ´Ballarat Times´. Many of these articles were written by
George Lang, the son of the prominent republican and Presbyterian Minister
of Sydney-the Reverend John Dunmore Lang. Seekamp was found guilty of
sedition and was jailed for 3 months. He returned to Ballarat after he was
released and continued to edit the ´Ballarat Times´. Seekamp was present at
the 2nd anniversary celebrations that were held in 1856. Clara and Henry
moved to Queensland soon after. He died at the Clermont gold diggings in
Queensland on the 19th July 1864. It seems his wife returned to live in
Ballarat sometime after he died. In an interview that´s not sourced, that´s
been partially reproduced in Laurel Johnson´s pamphlet ´Women of Eureka´
Clara Seekamp makes the following claims:
* ´If Lalor was the sword of the movement, my husband was the pen. In his
leaders (editorials), he denounced the tyranny of the officials perhaps too
* ´My duty was by my husband´s side. I knew my heart foreboded that he
would be one of the earliest leaders that the government would arrest´
* ´I suppose gentle hearts get used to such sights, but I got a shock I´ve
never got over when I saw the dead eyes looking up so fixedly and heard the
women and wives and sweat-hearts and the children crying over the corpses´
* ´I only know that all who have written about the Eureka stockade have
cruelly misjudged and studiously belittled my unfortunate husband. In any
case, if he´s sinned, it was with the simple minded aim of bettering the
I have not being able to find out any further information about Clara
Seekamp (Lodge). I have no idea how long she lived and whether she died in
Ballarat. Although her husband has a relatively short entry in the Eureka
Encyclopaedia she is not mentioned at all in it.
Women of Eureka by Laurel Johnson 1995. ISBN 0646248677 Publishers ­
Historic Montrose Cottage & Eureka Museum

On cue, winter´s arrived; Melbourne´s Indian summer has been replaced by a
blustery cold wind. Lost corners of the garden have reappeared. The greens
turned to yellow, leaves cover the ground, bulbs are starting to sprout,
leaves race after each other, going no where and everywhere. Spring clean?
Winter is the best time to remove the weeds, aerate the ground, crumble the
soil, and sow the seeds that will bloom in spring. No wonder gardening is
Australia´s number one past time. Marvellous Melbourne is marvellous
because huge numbers of people have the luxury of a back yard. Those that
don´t, have the option of visiting one of the many parks that dot the city.
Gardens tell a lot about what´s going on inside, weeds can be a harbinger of
things to come. The pristine lawn´s slow decline mirrors the decline of the
person inside. Weeds spring up in places that are difficult to tend, garden
edges take on a life of their own, roses are left to their own devices,
weeds start invading the white man´s sacred site, French royalty´s gifts to
the world-the lawn.
Talking about lawns, I´ve had the pleasure of witnessing a mammoth battle
that makes the Battle on the Western Front seem like a sideshow. He was 80
maybe pushing 90, one side was paralysed by a stroke, but he still had his
pride. Every morning somebody helped him onto his nature strip. He had a
job to do, even if it was going to kill him. With a trowel like implement,
he´d denude what he could reach. He was weak to push himself along the
nature strip, but he had enough strength to pull out the lawn he could
reach. He´d normally do about a square metre before he was hauled back into
his house. Day after day after day, he dug, scratched, pulled and weeded,
leaving a bare patch of earth as his testimony to his earthly presence.
Within 3 weeks, he´d done what he set out to do, the old lawn had been sown,
and everything was as it should be. His sacred site had been purified, his
soul was at rest, and he had won the battle against the weeds, for now.
In a few years if he´s still alive, the lawn will be pockmarked with weeds
and he´ll have to do it all over again. He knows, I know, you know he´s
fighting a losing war, if forests can reclaim whole cities, what hope has he
of reclaiming his nature strip, Buckley´s and none.

Medicare statistics gathered in the first 3 months of 2005 have shown the
average co-payment made by patients who aren´t bulk billed has increased
from $14.69 to $15.38. They also showed the bulk billing rate has risen to
73.7%, the highest level in 3 years. The relatively small rise in bulk
billing rates has been gained as a result of a 25% increase in the general
practitioner bulk billing fee (the fee paid by the government for a medical
The 4% increase in the co-payment in the first quarter of 2005 (the fee paid
on top of the bulk billing rate by the patient), if spread across the rest
of 2005, heralds an increase in out of pocket expenses for patients
attending general practitioners of around 20%. Any gains that have been
made by the increase in bulk billing incentives have been offset by the
increase in the Medicare safety net to $500 for social security
beneficiaries and $1000 for the rest of the community.
Instead of limiting the increase in the bulk billing fee to those doctors
who bulk billed all their patients, the increase has been targeted at both
bulk billing and non bulk billing patients. Limiting the increase to those
doctors who bulk billed all their patients would have given them a
competitive edge in the market place and would have resulted in an increased
number of people seeing bulk billing doctor. This would have placed more
market pressure on pathology and radiology providers as well as non bulk
billing doctors to bulk bill more of their patients.
What could have been a relatively simple scheme, has turned into an
expensive administrative nightmare. Considering the amount of money that
the government has pumped into the system, the returns have been relatively
minor. The Howard government´s peace meal approach Medicare reform has
weakened the idea that all Australians, irrespective of their income and
medical needs, have the right to access health care. Its policies have
created a two tier system that provides basic care for all Australians and
the best medical care that money can buy for those Australians who have the
disposable income to buy that care.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.


DEBT ELIMINATION APPEAL - Our debt stands at $1306.50
OUR DEBT STANDS AT $1306.50. Producing a weekly publication is an expensive
undertaking. In order to keep the debt at a reasonable level & to publish
weekly, we require readers especially internet readers to subscribe to the
AAWR. Currently snail mail subscribers are cross subsidising internet
readers. If you´ve got a little bit of extra cash, think about joining the
´Dollar A Day´ club. When you write to us pop in some 50cent stamps (every
little bit helps). Subscription rates for the AAWR are $1 per issue, $10 =
10 issues, $50 = 50 issues. We rely on our subscribers to keep a record of
when their subscription runs out & resubscribe. Make out money orders and
you´re sending $20 or less, save on cheques & money orders & send us 50cent
Debt 01-06-2005 $1306.50
Discuss All the News That Fits online - www.apolitical.info/phpBB2
2 men who tied a rope around a 16yo Aboriginal boy's neck & then assaulted
him, have each been 'punished' with an $800 fine. David Tomkins, 44, & his
son Clint Tomkins, 24, pleaded guilty to 1 count each of assault occasioning
bodily harm. The Tomkins' returned to their Qld property to discover several
youths trespassing. The Tomkins caught 1 of the youths, a 16yo, near the
adjoining McIntyre River, looped a rope around his neck & dragged him up the
river bank to a waiting ute. Gulf Aboriginal activist Murrandoo Yanner said
"I bet if 2 blackfellas had gone out & done that to 2 or 3 white kids we
wouldn´t be receiving an $800 fine." (ABC News website)
Several media outlets, incl the ABC, ran a story about a white man ambushed
by a gang of drunken Aboriginals, which seems to have been largely or
entirely invented by the man, despite police contradicting the story. ABC
radio in Darwin reported "being ambushed & assaulted on the highway has been
regarded by many as a bit of a territory bush myth, or something that
happens to other people, but it's not. In fact it happened just last week to
Kevin Drummond". Kevin claimed he saw a group of people on the Stuart
highway Sth of Alice Springs. He said "there was quite a few of them there.
When I stopped I had the windows down on my car b/c I don't have an air
conditioner & 1 man put his head & torso inside the car & grabbed me by the
shirt & the arm & his mates went thru the other window, the passenger
window, ripped the top off my Esky, presumably looking for beer. I don't
drink so didn't have any luck there & then began rummaging thru my personal
gear which the whole car was full...in my view it was a robbery or it was an
attempted robbery. So I got out of my vehicle & in a very short space of
time on the basis of my experience I was able to forcefully & positively
convince them what they were doing was wrong...all of these people were in
an advanced state of inebriation." Kevin claimed police had attended the
incident. Theresa Kuilboer from the Northern Territory police's Media Liason
office, said "I was approached by ABC to organise a police officer to
comment on the alleged incident...I checked & made it very clear there was
no such incident recorded." The ABC ran the story anyway. Kevin also told
ABC staff he was carrying a gun at the time of the incident, which the ABC
didn´t report b/c, acc to ABC radio manager Jacqui Kinder, "Kevin told us
certain aspects of this story were 'off the record'. In good faith we
accepted there were certain aspects he didn´t wish to divulge... Kevin
stated he´d not tell his story if certain aspects were published." Police
media liason said "at no time did Kevin indicate people had stopped him
or...had rifled thru his car, or assaulted him...he simply said they were a
traffic hazard. Police from Kulgera who spoke to the group allegedly causing
the traffic hazard said there were 3 men, 2 ladies & about 3 young kids in
the group. 1 of the men & 1 of the ladies were quite elderly. The police
also said none of the group was drunk. The NT News ran the story on its
front page, claiming " Kevin was driving along the Stuart Highway 150 kms
Sth of Alice Springs, when about 9 men stepped out of the desert & formed a
human chain across the road. He said he stopped despite the fate of
backpacker Peter Falconio who went missing along the highway in ´01. The ex
police officer said the men were half tanked." The Adelaide Advertiser also
ran the story, saying "ex army captain Kevin Drummond, 60, was attacked by a
gang of about 10 would be thieves. 10 men had formed a human chain across
the road. 'They started coming in the windows' Kevin said 'but I remained
positively assertive throughout.'"ABC News website)
A baby boy born in a Perth hospital on Monday takes the number of kids in
immigration detention to 68 a human rights groups said today. Michael Andrew
Tran was born after his parents, both Vietnamese asylum seekers, were
transferred under guard from the Christmas Island detention centre for the
event. His father Minh Dat & mother Hoai Thu have been in detention on
Christmas Isle since July 03. Coordinator of the group Chilout: Children out
of Detention, Alannah Sherry, said there are 62 kids in mainland Aust
centres & 6 on the Pacific isle of Nauru. "The longest kids (have been) in
detention are those 6 in Nauru who are Pacific Solution victims," she told
ABC radio. "They've been in for well over 3.5 years now." Michael Tran was
born the same day as 3yo Naomi Long was released with her mother from
Sydney's Villawood detention centre, where the kid had spent her entire
life. Ms Sherry said most of the kids hadn´t been in detention for longer
than a year but there were some, like Naomi Leong, who´d been in detention
since birth. "On Nauru, there is a 2yo there who's been there his whole
life," "At the Port Augusta residential housing project, which is the
detention centre for women & kids - their husbands & dads are at Baxter ­
there´s a 3yo Chinese girl, baby Bonnie, who´s in detention at Villawood
with her mum (who's) been in detention her whole life. "She turned 3 just
last month." Ex Aust Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett has just returned from
the immigration detention centre on Nauru, where he said he spoke to all
detainees individually & as a group. Sen Bartlett told ABC Radio there were
6 kids aged 2 to 15 from 2 Afghani families in detention on Nauru. "There's
a 7 (year-old girl) & an 8yo girl, an 8yo boy, a 2yo boy that was born in
detention there, & a 14yo girl & a 15yo," he said. "(They are) all very
isolated, just 2 young 7 & 8yo girls with each other for company who´ve been
in that environment for over 3 years." Sen Bartlett said he was struck by
the psychological trauma many of the people were experiencing, but
particularly the terrible situation the kids were in. (Source: The Age)
QUOTE OF THE MOMENT: "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the
populace alarmed." HL Mencken more quotes -

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