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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 653 25th July - 31st July 2005

Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 11:31:34 +0300

Australians are preparing to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the end of
World War Two on the 15th August. As we approach this milestone, it´s
important to reflect on the reasons that WWII occurred and why so many
people were caught up, maimed and killed in the ensuing orgy of brutality,
destruction and barbarity. It´s important to remember that the chaos which
occurred was the result of actions or ordinary people, who in most cases
went back to live ordinary predictable lives. It´s wrong to dismiss WWII as
a struggle between good and evil, it´s wrong to think that it can´t happen

The destruction that occurred as a result of WWII is directly linked to the
rise of the authoritarian State. In an authoritarian State, the role of the
individual is reduced to one of mere order taker. The State apparatus
demands absolute obedience. Those that question those who exercise power
are vilified, humiliated, ostracized, deported and eventually eliminated.

Those that hold the reigns of government are able to use the State apparatus
to impose their will on hundreds of millions of people. The checks and
balances that protect the individual from the excesses of government are
swept away in an attempt to bolster security and maintain order. All power
rests in the hands of a small clique that uses that power to promote its own

It´s ironic that as the ´war on terror´ being conducted by the Bush, Blair
and Howard governments gains momentum, those rights and liberties and checks
and balances that have protected the individual from the excesses of
government and the power of the State, are being swept away to bolster
security and maintain order. The elimination of these rights and
privileges, checks and balances, create the conditions that slowly but
surely lead to the development of the authoritarian State.

As the world saw during WWII and the Cold War, the damage caused by State
terrorism far outweighs the damage caused by individuals and groups who
attempt to impose their will on the community through terrorist acts. To
water down those checks and balances and remove those rights and privileges
that prevent the State from using terrorism as a weapon against its own
citizens, promotes State terrorism and its ensuing horrors.

The death of Francis ONA on Sunday in his village high above the disused CRA
mine in Bougainville, closes a chapter on one of the most remarkable and
disturbing chapters in the history of a national liberation movement in the
Pacific. The Australian government actively supported the opening of the
CRA mine in Bougainville while Papua New Guinea was an Australian colony.
Ignoring the indigenous people´s calls for independence, Bougainville was
incorporated into PNG when the country achieved independence in 1975.

In between 1975 to 1988, CRA ripped the guts out of Bougainville, creating
an economic and environmental nightmare for the local people. The people of
Bougainville became strangers in their own lands. In November 1988 Francis
ONA, a traditional landowner who had worked as a surveyor for CRA, initiated
a campaign of sabotage that resulted in the closure of the mine and the
creation of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA). Francis ONA became
the leader of the only indigenous movement that has successfully driven out
a transnational corporation off their lands.

Over the ensuing 10 years, the people of Bougainville were subjected to an
Australian naval blockade and an Australian supported invasion of
Bougainville by the PNG military forces that led to the deaths of over
10,000 people in a population of little over 150,000. The main casualties
of the naval blockade and war were women and children who were denied the
most basic health requirements. The lack of international support and the
high number of deaths among the civilian population, forced the people of
Bougainville to sue for a peace agreement with the PNG government.

In 1997 Francis ONA was one of the few leaders of the movement who refused
to recognise the peace agreement. He maintained that the agreement signed
by most sections of the BRA was illusory and would not lead to independence.
He maintained his intransigence to the day he died. The people living
around he mine site continued to support his stand and refused to give up
the arms that have allowed them to stop the PNG government, the Australian
government, the newly elected Bougainville local government and the CRA from
reopening the mine.

Although Francis ONA failed in his lifetime to gain independence for
Bougainville, that momentous decision he took in November 1988 has shown the
world what a determined group that has the support of the people can achieve
in their quest for justice in a world that´s increasingly dominated by an
economic and political system that reinforces the power and wealth of
transnational corporations at the expense of local indigenous populations.

The bombings in London were a Godsend for the Howard government. Faced with
increasing disquiet at home, as people begin to realise the individual
implications of the government´s Industrial Relations (IR) laws, John Howard
and his mates in the fourth estate are grateful that the London bombings
have diverted the public´s attention from these important issues at home.
The fourth estate´s reporting of the event has heightened the feeling of
insecurity felt by many Australians. Acutely aware that the Howard
government´s Iraq policies have put them in the firing line, the government
has used the very insecurity it has created to bolster its image in the
public mind as a strong and decisive government.

Australians need to stop panicking about the possibility of a terrorist
outrage and need to concentrate on the activities of the terrorists who use
the parliamentary and legal framework to draft and pass legislation that
strips away the few rights and responsibilities we currently enjoy. They
need to refocus their attention on the activities of a government that has
no hesitation in using the power it enjoys to disadvantage and marginalise
wage earners, self employed people who don´t employ labour and people
receiving social security benefits, while using its parliamentary majority
to increase both the power and wealth of this country´s ruling class.

The damage caused by a terrorist outrage, pales into insignificance when
compared to the damage that will be caused by this government´s IR laws.
It´s repeated legal attacks on social security beneficiaries will cause more
personal distress, pain, suffering and avoidable deaths than any terrorist
could ever hope to achieve.

People are faced with two terrorist threats. They need to meet the
challenge of individuals and groups using violence to impose their will on
the community, and they need to meet the challenge of governments that use
the State apparatus to impose their ideological agenda on the community.
One group uses indiscriminate violence to impose its ideological agenda, the
other group uses State sanctioned force and violence to impose its
ideological agenda; both groups pose a serious and unacceptable threat to
the communities we live and work in.

Terry Lane (Sunday Age 24/7) needs to be congratulated for writing about a
topic many Australians don´t dare to raise in a private conversation, let
alone write about. Why oh why do suicide bombers continue to target
ordinary people (many of whom have opposed their government´s policies),
instead of targeting the architects and leaders of governments whose
policies have created so much mayhem and carnage? Why target the
politically impotent? Our leaders have never shown much interest in the
fate of ordinary people. Wars are fought by workers at either end of a
bayonet; they are not fought by leaders and rulers.

The suicide bombers, who give up their lives to promote the religious and
ideological fantasies of their leaders, are as much victims as the people
they kill. In both cases, rulers sit back, safe in the knowledge that they
won´t have to make the sacrifices they have asked of their followers.

Hundreds of millions have been sacrificed on the altar of religious,
ideology, nationality and race by human beings who have eagerly accepted
their fate believing they were doing the right thing by themselves and their
community. How different life would be if leaders were expected to be on
the front line in times of trouble. How different things would be if their
children, not somebody else´s children, were asked to make the ultimate
sacrifice. It´s ironic that in these troubled times leaders can convince
their followers that the only way they can guarantee their personal and
community security is by stripping away these few rights and privileges that
protect the individual from the excesses of the State.

It´s time people turned their backs on their leaders and rulers, took power
back into their own hands, made their own decisions and told their leaders
and rulers in no uncertain terms to show a little bit of courage and do
their own dirty work. I´m sure that if they or their immediate families had
to personally pay the price for their religious, racial, national or
ideological obsessions, we wouldn´t be reading about so many people
senselessly sacrificed on their behalf.

I beg to differ with the Prime Minister´s assertion that ´no country can
allow its Foreign and Defence policy to be malleable in the hands of
terrorists´. Just in case it has escaped the PM´s attention, Australia´s
Foreign and Defence policy has been hammered into shape by terrorists that
are far more powerful and dangerous than Osama bin Laden´s desperate and
motley crew could ever hope to be.

The terrorists that manipulate Australian Foreign and Defence policy, wear
suits and tires, speak our language, understand our culture, head large
corporations, run governments and have the resources of a rapidly growing
military industrial complex at their fingertips. They manipulate the
world´s economic system to enrich some of the richest people in the world,
illegally detain combatants on the most spurious accusations, terminate
enemies with extreme prejudice, organize and support coups and when all else
fails, they illegally invade countries to impose their insipid brand of
democracy and freedom on people whose wealth is repatriated back to the
invading armies homeland.

John Howard and his government and Her Majesty´s loyal Opposition led by Kim
Beazley are proud to admit that they have tailored Australia´s Foreign and
Defence policy to dovetail with the ideological and economic interests of
successive United States governments. They consider that the special
relationship that they have been able to establish with the US, arguably one
of the world´s more successful terrorist States, underpins Australia´s
Foreign and Defence policies.

No wonder, like many others, I beg to differ with the PM´s assertion that
Australia´s Foreign and Defence policy isn´t influenced by terrorists.

Q. What are the differences between private, State and community property?
A. Most people are familiar with the term private property but have little
understanding about the terms State and community property. State property
doesn´t, as most people believe, belong to the public. State property is
government property. How that property is used and whether that property is
sold or given away to the private sector is determined by the government of
the day. The privatisation of State assets over the past 20 years has been
carried out in countries where all property is owned by the State and in
countries where some property is owned by the State, by governments who
claim they have the power to sell that property because they hold the reins
of power. At no time have any of these governments put the question about
whether public assets should be sold directly to the people they govern in a
referendum to determine the fate of public property.
State and private property is not owned by the community that uses it, it is
owned by people who use their ownership of that property to personally
enrich themselves. Anarchists want to abolish both State and private
property and replace it with community property. Community property is
owned by the people who derive a common benefit from that property, it is
neither the property of the individual or the State. It is held in common
and used for the common good, not individual or government gain. Community
property is not sold on the open market, it is held in common, and use or
need determines who uses it and when they use it. Community property cannot
be inherited, it is passed on in perpetuity to whoever uses it, once an
individual no longer needs that property, it is passed on to someone who
needs it.
A simple way of looking at the difference between private, State and
community property is to look at the question of accommodation. Individuals
can own thousands of homes in a capitalist society; the State owns all the
homes in a State capitalist (communist) society; they can decide who uses
those homes, how long they can use them for and how much they will pay to
use that accommodation. If they decide that no one is able to use those
homes, even if there is a shortage of accommodation, no one can legally use
that accommodation. In an anarchist society, accommodation is owned by the
community as a whole, who uses what, is determined by need, no one can stop
people using empty accommodation in that community, if they need a roof over
their heads.

Only reacting to the shortcomings of the societies we live and work in,
cannot and will not lead to radical egalitarian change. Such change will
only occur when we are able to communicate a vision about the type of
alternative community we want to live in. It´s all very well to react to
the myriad of problems that confront us as individuals and as members of a
community, it´s another thing to put these problems into context and place
them on a large tapestry. Anarchists want fundamental change because they
believe that the current economic, social and political system cannot be
reformed. If we think it cannot be reformed we need to be able to share
with other people the vision about the type of society we want to replace
the current system with. It´s not good enough to say, it will all sort
itself out once the current system collapses.
The collapse of a society creates power vacuums that inevitably lead to
struggles between competing interests who want to fill that vacuum with
ideas and organisational structures that will allow them to seize State
power and use that power to implement their agenda. Anarchists want to
abolish centralised authority and replace it with powerful decentralised
organisations that are controlled by the people, not by one particular
group. In order to successfully do this, we need to build the beginning of
the new society in the old. We need to have organisations and ideas in
place that will allow the people, not a particular group, to fill any power
vacuums that occur.
In order to do this, we need to be able to communicate a vision about the
type of society we want to replace the society we live in with. We need to
have a vision about the organisational structures and the decision making
processes that are required to make this vision a reality. We don´t need a
blueprint for every possible outcome; we need to be able to provide a vision
about how the new society would work and a vision that would encourage
people to embark on the long and difficult journey to make that vision a
reality. Without such vision, we´ll never be able to begin the journey to
create a society that doesn´t have the shortcomings of the one we currently
live and work in.

Last week I wrote about the execution of 2 members of the Tottenham branch
of the I.W.W. Frank Franz and Roland Kennedy on the 20th December 1916.
This week I want to examine the sequence of events that led to the murder of
Constable George Duncan and the execution of Frank Franz and Roland Kennedy.
Australians were deeply divided during WWI about the country´s participation
in the war. Faced with rapidly falling numbers of volunteers, the
government under the leadership of ´the little digger´ Billy Hughes decided
to hold a referendum on conscription on the 20th December 1917. The I.W.W.
had spearheaded the campaign against conscription since war was declared in
1914. Faced with a difficult referendum, conservative State governments and
the Federal government targeted the I.W.W. to bolster support for the YES
vote. On Saturday the 23rd September 1916, police raided the I.W.W.
headquarters in Sussex Street Sydney and arrested most of the 30 men in the
I.W.W. office. Eleven were charged with treason on Monday the 25th
September 1916.
On Tuesday the 26th September 1916, Constable George Duncan was shot in the
back at Tottenham police station, 4 days later Roland Kennedy and his older
brother Herbert and Frank Franz were charged with murder. On the 9th
October 1916, an inquest was held into the murder of the Constable. On the
following day, the case against the I.W.W. 12 for treason opened in Sydney´s
Central Police Court. Twelve members of the I.W.W. were committed for trial
at the Central Criminal Court on the 20th November 1916. The trial of Frank
Franz and Roland Kennedy opened at the Bathurst Circuit Court on the 16th
October 1916. Frank Franz had turned King´s evidence and claimed the
Kennedys´ killed the Constable. Roland Kennedy initially pleaded guilty to
the murder to protect his brother Herbert. His counsel changed his plea to
´not guilty´. Both men were found guilty of the murder by a jury in less
than an hour; they were both committed to death by the Chief Justice Sir
William Cullen. The trial took less than a day.
On the 18th October 1916, Herbert Kennedy was bought before the court, he
pleaded ´not guilty´ to the Constable´s murder; the judge ruled hat there
was no proper evidence to go to the jury and Herbert was discharged;
although the police claimed that Herbert had fired the shots that killed the
Constable. The I.W.W. treason trial lasted 10 days. The jury took just 5
hours to reach a conclusion. Seven of the defendants Glynn, Hamilton,
McPherson, Teen, Beatty, Fagin and Grant were found guilty of treason,
conspiracy to commit arson and seditious conspiring, 4 Reeve, Larkin,
Bessant and Moore were found guilty of conspiracy to commit arson and
seditious conspiracy, and King was found guilty of seditious conspiracy.
They were sentenced to periods ranging from 5 to 15 years for their
Although there had not been an execution in NSW since 1912, the NSW
Executive Council at its meeting on the 30th November 1916, decided they
were to be hanged, not because they had murdered, but because they were
members of the I.W.W. They were hung at 9am on the 20th December 1916 at
Bathurst Goal on the very day Australians voted in the first conscription
referendum. Considering the public hysteria that the Billy Hughes
government had been able to ferment by their attacks on the I.W.W., the
people of Australia narrowly defeated (around 60,000 votes) the government´s
call to sacrifice another 60,000 young Australian lives on the European

´UNKNOWN HEROES - Biographies of Anarchist Resistance Fighters´
Miguel GARCIA (1908 - 1981).
Published July 2005, Kate Sharpley Library.
(The majority of the pieces in this pamphlet were published in Black Flag -
organ of the Anarchist Black Cross) 1971 - 1976. Anarchist Sources Series #5
ISSN 1479 9065, ISBN 1 873605 83 8
This tiny 18 page pamphlet, the Kate Sharpley´s Library latest offering,
gives a first hand account about a small number of anarchist resistance
fighters that were imprisoned, killed and executed by Franco´s government.
Almost 70 years after the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, a war in which
over a million Spaniards were killed and tens of thousands were executed,
successive Spanish governments continue to refuse to open the book on
Franco´s post war massacres, the years of repression and the judicial
murders of anarchist resistance fighters who refused to accept Franco´s
government. Almost 30 years after Franco´s death, Spain´s main political
parties do not want to lift the lid on the brutality of the era. The mass
graves remain hidden; the anarchist resistance fighters remain criminals.
The Kate Sharpley Library has attempted to re-open the debate about this
period by reprinting a number of articles written by Miguel Garcia that
originally appeared in Black Flag (1971 - 76). In just 18 short pages,
Miguel gives the reader an insight into the lives, sacrifices and minds of
men who paid the ultimate price for continuing the armed struggle against
the Franco government long after the Civil War had ended. Miguel was a
participant in that resistance, arrested in 1949, condemned to death for his
participation in the Tallion (Revenge) urban guerrilla group; he was only
one of 4 of the 9 members of the group who were condemned to death to win a
reprieve. He spent the next 20 years in Franco´s jails; released in 1969 he
became the International Secretary of the newly reformed Anarchist Black
´Unknown Heroes´ has been posthumously published by the Kate Sharpley
Library to keep alive the memories of these forgotten heroes and in the
publishers own words ´We hope that this pamphlet inspires comrades not just
to look at the past, but encourage them, here and now, in the struggle for
human liberation´.
For info about how to get your hands on this pamphlet contact: Kate Sharpley
Library, BM Hurricane, London WCIN 3XX, ENGLAND, UK or PMD 820, 2425,
Channing Way, Berkley, California, 94704, US www.katesharpleylibrary.net

In a city the size of Melbourne, a city where hundreds of nationalities have
made their homes, it´s not unusual to see living museum pieces roaming the
streets. Each new wave of migrants seems to find a home in a distinct part
of the city. Living in an alien culture, people tend to live in communities
that speak the same language and share the same culture and values. Each
new group grows, prospers and moves into more affluent suburbs, leaving the
elderly and the poor to cope with the gentrification of their suburb by more
affluent residents. Within a generation, suburbs that have become
synonymous with a particular ethnic mix become the stomping grounds of a
homogenous café latte generation.
Driving or walking around these suburbs anytime between mid morning to mid
afternoon, it´s not unusual to see a sight that you´d expect to see in
another country. The elderly Vietnamese or Cambodian migrant in their
conical straw hat and pyjama pants, ventures downtown to do a spot of
shopping. The elderly refugee from the old Russian dominated Baltic States,
scarf wrapped round her head, wanders aimlessly down the street.
The elderly Italian or Greek black widow carries her grief with her, like a
snail´s shell as she hobbles down the street littered with sidewalks
cluttered with restaurant tables and chairs. The human variation is
infinite, like a ´shag on a rock´, they wait for the inevitable, left behind
in a world that has no time for living relics, waiting for children who have
too much living to do to place them in nursing homes. Their sacrifices have
allowed their children to escape their cultural destiny and have permitted
them to be assimilated in a multicultural society that is defined by the
different types of foods you can eat. Like discordant notes, these living
relics remind us that there is more to multiculturalism than mere food.
Their presence is a stark reminder that different cultures can live and
prosper together. Whether we choose to welcome new arrivals or treat them
as socially unacceptable pariahs, is to a large degree dependent on the
attitudes displayed by the fourth estate and government.
The times are changing; governments that are feeling the harsh reality of
their own bigoted attitudes are targeting and scapegoating new arrivals,
turning asylum seekers into criminals and immigrants from unfamiliar
cultural backgrounds into pariahs. Welcome to the neo conservative rabbles
new Australia, a land girthed by ambivalence, hostility and indifference,
directed at those who find it difficult to assimilate into our brave new
world. We can turn our backs on what is happening or confront it, we can
sing the neo conservative´s tune or we can drown out their discordant
symphony. What eventually happens, will be determined by what stand we
take, both as individuals and as members of the wider community.

It seems John Howard, the Kim il Sung of the South, is in denial. How else
could he say that Australia´s participation in the invasion of Iraq and
Afghanistan has not made the Australian people targets for revenge attacks?
It´s ludicrous that people seem to have forgotten that war is conducted by
two sets of people. It´s ludicrous to think that we can continue to fight
wars over there, and not at some time in the future, be asked to pay the
What is even more ludicrous is that the PM and his Cabinet Ministers can
continue to mouth this garbage and most of the fourth estate continues to
agree with the PM´s ignorant assertions.
Let us put the shoe on the other foot. Let us pretend for one moment that
Australia was successfully invaded by one of our Muslim neighbours. Let us
pretend that tens of thousands of us had died as a result of this invasion.
Let us pretend that the invasion had unleashed a resistance movement that
was willing to do whatever had to be done to win back control of this
country. Let us pretend that some of the one million Australians who are
working overseas had lost relatives, friends and property as a consequence
of the invasion.
What do you think they would be doing? Going to rave parties, dropping a
few ecstasy tablets and having a good time? Some would, others would be so
consumed with hatred they would do whatever needs to be done to bring a
little bit of grief to the invading power. If that means launching a
campaign on the invader´s soil, so be it. What would people under
occupation in Australia think? Would they beat their breasts and tear out
their hair asking their fellow citizens to stop attacking the invading
country of course they wouldn´t.
It´s time that a little bit of sanity was injected into this satinised one
dimensional debate. Allowing the Federal government and the coalition of
the ´willing´ to continue to push this claptrap, demeans us as a people and
exposes each of us to unnecessary danger.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

CNT No.314 July 05, Organo de la Conf Nac del Trabajo, Pza Tirso de Molina
5-2, 28012 Madrid, SPAIN. Tel:913690838, fax:914200856 www.periodicocnt.org
FREEDOM, Vol.66 No12 25TH June 2005, Anarchist News View 84b Whitechapel
High St, LONDON E1 7Q, ENGLAND, TEL/FAX 020 7247 9249,
UMANITA NOVA Vol.85, No.24 ´05, Settimenale Anarchico, C/-Federazione
Anarchico Torinese, C.50 Palermo 46, Torino, ITALY, tel/fx:011 857850,
Mobile:3386594361, email:fat@increte.it

NETWORK AGAINST PROHIBITION June 2005, Electoral Material,www.napnt.org/election2005.html Tel:0415 162 525, email:hq@napnt.org
FANZINE NO8 ´05, Catlogue Paricipants May ´05, Casa Municipal da
Juvenentude, Rua Triadale Coelho 3, 2800-297, Cacilias-Almada, PORTUGAL
Tel:00351212740757, Fax:00351212748450
INTERNATIONALISM No.135 Summer ´05, Publication of the International
Communis Current in the US, PO Box 288, NY NY 10018-0288 US.
OPERAI CONTRO Vol 24 No16 June 05, Giornale per la Critica, La Lotta, Via
Folck, 44-20099, Seato S. Giovanni (MI), ITALY www.asloperaicontro.org

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Aust's kids are victims of the new economy that´s turned increasing numbers
of men into casual or part-time workers & is 'increasingly hostile' to
parents, a leading economist has warned. Sue Richardson, Prof of Economics
at Flinders Uni, said the nation's low unemployment rate hid a "disastrous"
trend to semi-employment among many men, not seen since the ´30s. Of the 1.5
million extra jobs created b/w ´92 & ´04, only 12% were permanent full-time
jobs taken by men. Another 24% were described as full-time for men, but were
actually contract, labour hire, or casual jobs without conditions such as
annual leave or sick pay. Prof Richardson said increased levels of casual
work among men & a culture of long hrs at work were big factors in the
country's historically low fertility rate, low marriage rate & the rise in
sole-parent families. They also undermined the well-being of kids. "We need
to change course to avoid a lot of despair & misery. The labour market is
making it extremely difficult for men & women to choose to become parents."
Prof Richardson, co-editor of a forthcoming book, No Time To Lose: The
Well-being of Children, made her warning in a speech to the Aust Social
Policy Conference at the Uni of NSW yesterday. At the beginning of the ´90s,
about half the jobs held by men were permanent full-time positions. The
change, she said, was a "disaster; it´s not a successful labour market. It's
bad for men, & it's bad for kids. You can't keep a family on a part-time
job." B/c increasing numbers of men lacked the security of full-time
permanent jobs they didn´t marry & had no or few kids. Those who did marry
were prone to separation, partly b/c of the stress brought on by an insecure
labour market. "The labour market has been extremely hostile to men,
particularly men who don't have any post-school education," she said. "Men
who can't get a full-time or secure job aren´t attractive marriage
prospects." The proportion of men with full-time jobs had fallen
dramatically since ´76, with single men faring worse than married men. Of
men with low education levels, 20% had no job at all. Trends in work hrs
were also hostile to family life, Prof Richardson said. Many of the new jobs
created required either fewer than 15 hrs a week, or more than 50: "You
can't be a good parent either in the low-hour or long-hour jobs - you've
either got not enough money or not enough time." Women had filled 60% of the
new jobs created since ´92, but only 22% of those were full-time permanent
positions. "This can work for kids if men are providing more of the caring,"
she said. "But while women have changed a lot, men have changed only a
little, & the workplace...has become increasingly hostile to the needs of
parents & kids." (SMH)
The new Medicare card, to be distributed to 11 million Austs next year,
could become the blueprint for a new national identity card. The new
Medicare "smart cards" could incl a photo of the holder, with the Govt
considering expanding its use to become a "govt services" card. "People will
have a choice of a photo on the front of the card or stored on the chip,"
Human Services Min Joe Hockey told The Australian. The card's roll-out,
scheduled for next year will be used to build up expertise for the possible
intro of a nat´l security card containing "biometric" data, such as
fingerprints. While no decision has been taken on a nat´l ID card - the govt
is working on models that may evolve into a de facto nat´l scheme. Mr Hockey
confirmed he´s considering ways to replace the Medicare card with a new
"govt services" card. This could incl a photo of the holder, allowing
c´wealth & eventually state govt agencies to check the identity of
individuals. Mr Ruddock said last week the Govt had no plans to introduce a
national ID card, but was forced to backtrack after John Howard said cabinet
would consider the plan. (The Australian)
The ALP has created a new think tank aimed at making the party appeal to
evangelical Christians. The Faith & Values in Politics group incl snr Labor
figures such as Kim Beazley & Shadow Foreign Affairs Min Kevin Rudd. Mr Rudd
claimed that, on issues such as homosexuality, "there´s no binding position
that makes us any different" from the Liberals. ALP figure Lindsay Tanner
couldn´t confirm whether the party would keep its promise to amend Fed
legislation to remove discrimination against gays & lesbians. "I expect
we'll have further debate about all these issues before the next election. I
can't predict whether you'll see any change in any of those positions". (MCV
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "How many Bush admin officials does it take to change a
lightbulb? None. There´s nothing wrong with the light bulb; its conditions
are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are a
delusional spin from the liberal media. There is no shortage of filament.
That light bulb has served honourably, & anything you say undermines the
lighting effect. Why do you hate freedom?" - Anonymous.
ATNTF weekly anarchist news report www.apolitical.info

Awarded to the UK & Aust govts for removing individual common law rights &
privileges to bolster the ability of the State to wage war against its own

´The monuments of those who lack stone, live on in memory´ - Miguel Garcia
August 1975.

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383 La Trobe Street, Melbourne.
11.30 am - WEDNESDAY 3rd AUGUST 2005

Join us
4am Saturday 3rd December 2005 at
The site the battle took place
Eureka park (Stawell and Eureka Street Ballarat)
4am Dawn ceremony
7-10am Communal breakfast (bring your own food and drinks)
10am March to Bakery Hill to retake the Eureka oath.
10.30am Presentation of Eureka Australia Day Medal at Bakery Hill
11.30am March to Ballarat cemetery to pay our respects to the workers at
either end of a bayonet who died during the eureka rebellion
12.30pm March back to Eureka Park through the centre of Ballarat. Late lunch
& conversational for those participating who are still able to stand up (BYO
food & drinks).

Week THIRTY ONE - 84 members
466 TO GO!!
Fill in that Application Form we recently sent to you and send it ASAP to
P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078
If you haven´t an Application Form, download it from Web:
or write to us at P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078 for a Application Form
Photocopy the spare copy you´ve received with your membership card and
distribute to your friends, workmates or set up a stall in the places you
live and work in. Whether Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule becomes a
reality ultimately rests in your hands. Web:www.rulebythepeople.org
Email:supporters@rulebythepeople.org Tel: 0439 395 489
BUILD an alternative to the fossilised parliamentary system. Stop giving a
signed blank cheque to politicians to make decisions on you behalf.
Written & Authorised by Dr. Joseph TOSCANO
Suite 4 / 2187 Princes Highway, Clayton 3168, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
** Go to rulebythepeople.org & sign up to our low traffic official group
news broadcast email list. **

Know someone who was born or lives in Australia who you believe should be
honoured for their efforts to create a better and fairer world. Then
nominate them for the
(The site where the Eureka Oath was taken 151 years ago)
Or Email your nomination to: anarchistage@yahoo.com
Tell us why you´ve nominated that person and send us your contact details so
we can contact you in case we need further information about your choices.

($1,500 NEEDED)
Graeme Dunstan, the lantern maker for the Eureka Dawn Walk, has designed a
number of Eureka flags and banners we can use to celebrate forthcoming
anniversaries of the Eureka rebellion at Ballarat on 3rd December.
The designs can be accessed from our website <<anarchistmedia.org>>
These flags and banners will form an important part of the march from the
Eureka stockade site to Bakery Hill to the cemetery and back to the Eureka
stockade site. We have launched an appeal to raise the $1500 needed to make
these flags and banners. Send cheques and money orders made out to:
saying you want the money to go towards the Eureka flags and banners The
flags & banners will give the ´long march´ the visual component it currently
lacks. Want to have a look at what you´re sending in your money to make to
be used at the 151st anniversary of the Eureka rebellion then log onto
RECEIVED SO FAR $350.00 - $1150.00 TO GO
******* The situation is now becoming critical with only 4 months to go
before the 3rd December. We have only managed to raise $350.00. If you´re
coming to Ballarat to join the Anarchist Media Institute Eureka Celebrations
- Give us a hand to raise the required funds for the banners *******

´NO WAR$ / NO Forbes / NO CEO´s´
Forbes Conference CEO´s
Assemble at Sydney´s Opera House on the evening of 29th August 2005.
The Forbes CEO Conference will have high profile neo-con war profiteers and
their political courtiers attending the conference in Sydney on 30th August
2005. Log in to find out what on the day. A colour flyer regarding the
mobilisation is downloadable from

Heard across Australia. 10am - 11am every Wednesday.
An anarchist analysis of local, national & international events. Tune into
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