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(en) Turkey: otonomA declaration [tr]

Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 17:19:56 +0300

Following all our discussions and actions over the last few years, we
have come together as anarchists, those of whom are moving together,
giving the same responses, sharing the same feelings and passions for
the future. By coming together, we are aiming to make a modest
contribution to the movement, to nourish and make the fire grow in
the ongoing struggle.
We, are aware of the fact that organizing is a choice for life; we believe
that organizing is equally an individual attitude and a political one.
Society is organization, consequently every movement which is aiming to
transform society or aiming to create a new one should start a process of
forming an organization that fits in with the social organization
being aimed at. Because, what is desired is not
changing ‘the society’, it’s changing the organization
of society.

We believe that while attempting to spread anarchy
into our own lives, this attempt is just a small piece
of social revolution.

We believe that liberation cannot be achieved alone;
our individual freedom cannot be enough and we should
be a part of the liberation of society. We believe
that anarchy is not an idea of loneliness; it is an
idea of socialization, so protecting their own
autonomies, we can move jointly with all anarchist
groups and individuals giving similar responses.

We think that a joint movement should not be a
formation with a center but one which is coordinated,
and that this formation should be a newly-defined,
agreed-on federation.

We think that a joint movement should not have an idea
to bring all anarchist groups and individuals
together; we believe that in different fields it may
be possible to have collective actions with anarchist
groups and individuals who have different visions.

We know that a borderless, stateless, free world is
only possible with a classless society. In this
respect, we think that the labor struggle is an
indispensable part of revolution and that existing
labor struggles should be supported with different
methods. On the other hand, we do advocate that the
class struggle should not only be carried on against
the economic classes created by capitalism, but also
against those created by governments and societies.

Against the violence carried out by capitalism, the
state and their apparatuses, we see violence simply as
a tool for defense and we oppose any attempt to make
it a method of the movement.

We believe that anti-militarism is an indispensable
part of anarchy, that anarchy is a total objection
against the existing system of exploitation /
oppression, and that is why the anti-militarist
struggle is a part of total objection.

We totally reject gender roles; we believe that those
facing repression related to their sexual identities
and orientations should carry on their own struggles
and that on any point of these activities that we
associate with, we should work together.

We believe that saying "we totally reject gender
roles" initially starts with changing ourselves.

We think that the greed of government and capitalism
lie behind the corruption of the ecological balance
which is continuously under attack, and we believe
that the ecological struggle is an indispensable part
of anarchy and in this struggle we may have joint
actions with different individuals and groups.

We think that the struggle against nationalism,
against the artificial symbols of nation, flag, border
and the controversial concept of race, all of which
are imposed on the people imprisoned inside
artificially-drawn borders for the consolidation of
the government, is an indispensable part of the
liberation struggle; the struggle of liberation is the
struggle of societies and cultures to determine their
own destinies.

We believe that fascism is a crime against humanity
and that in the struggle against fascism common
attitudes may be assumed.

We believe that, in the history of these lands,
anti-government and anti-authoritarian libertarian and
egalitarian movements have existed and will also
continue to exist in the future. We know that all over
the world there are people sharing the same feelings
as us, who believe in a world without borders,
classes, states and bosses. This fire is growing
higher both here and everywhere.

Web: http://www.anarsi.org/otonoma
Email: otonoma@anarsi.org

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