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(en) US, Minneapolis, NorthStar Anarchist Collective*: We have to become the global resistance to the occupation.

Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 10:27:18 +0300

Over the last few months the people of Iraq have stepped up the resistance
to the U.S. occupation of their land. Is this a surprise? What would you
do if a foreign army rolled tanks down your streets, imposed curfews,
raped and tortured prisoners, shot missiles into neighborhoods, turned the
resources and infrastructure of the country over to multinational corporations?
The Iraqi people have suffered a great deal under the Baathist
dictatorship, through a war with Iran and two wars with the United States,
and now this brutal military occupation. It is a sign of hope and
determination that our brothers and sisters in Iraq can effectively resist
such a powerful enemy. We support their efforts.

Among the working-classes here in the United States, the occupation has
started to take a toll as well. Hundreds of soldiers, all from
working-class and poor families, have come home in coffins, thousands more
with terrible injuries. Like with Vietnam, this generation of soldiers
will pay an enormous physical and psychological price for the ambitions of
our rulers. Paying for this “War Against Terror” has meant cuts for our
schools, hospitals, and housing. Social Security is threatened as well.

We must build the resistance, here too, to this war of occupation and the
racist, sexist, homophobic, capitalist system that produced it.

Against Empire and Fundamentalism
This does not mean we are unconcerned with who presently leads the
resistance movement in Iraq and in some other countries as well. The same
Islamic fundamentalists who fight the U.S. have also attacked secular and
socialist Iraqi workers organizations and put death threats on prominent
woman organizers. In areas where the fundamentalists have gained control
there are reports of a twisted version of Sharia (Islamic Law) being
imposed on the population. Women must cover themselves and are banned from
public life like work and school. Strict rules against drinking, dancing,
etc. are enforced. Non-muslims are intimidated. This is no more
“Liberation” than Rumsfeld’s tanks.

As revolutionary anarchists we fight for a society free from all
oppression and exploitation- including Patriarchy (the rule of men over
women and children). We oppose any forced religion. We believe that all
people must have an equal say in the economic, social, cultural, and
security affairs of their community. In place of state, military, or
religious authority, we propose popular councils (called shuras in Iraq)-
directly democratic decentralized bodies that would federate with each
other across neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and among women,
oppressed nationalities, queers, youth, etc. Community militias would
coordinate defense of truly liberated territory. Inspiration for these
forms of organization range from the anarchist collectives of the Spanish
Revolution to the popular committees of the first Palestinian Intifada.

The only way for this vision to become reality is for antiauthoritarians
in North America, the Middle East and the world to begin building models
of autonomous resistance. We have to become the global resistance to the

Some immediate projects that NorthStar Anarchist Collective proposes:

• Build up the newly formed antiauthoritarian Twin Cities Antiwar
Spokescouncil: mnspokescouncil@yahoo.com

• Direct Action anti-occupation demonstrations- not just the same marching
in circles

• Antiwar agitation in workplaces, the unions and workingclass & oppressed

• Outreach to, and support for, U.S soldiers who are questioning, or
resisting this war

• Support Iraqi groups who are resisting both the U.S. empire and the

• Defend Arab and Muslim activists and communities facing repression here
NorthStar Anarchist Collective
mnacollective@yahoo.com • www.arampls.com/northstar • www.frac.ws
* The Northstar Anarchist Collective is a Revolutionary Anarchist
collective in Minneapolis. We are a member of the Federation of
Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives - (FRAC).

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