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(en) Britain, Class War* Issue 88 II. (2/3)

Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 10:09:50 +0300

Give me Big Mac, Fries to Go!
Farewell to Charlie Bell, worldwide Chief Executive of
McDonalds. Bell has swapped the golden arches for the
pearly gates, having died of colon cancer in January
aged just 44. Bell, who ate at a McDonalds on a daily
basis once said “If I die in this job, I will be very
So are we Charlie, so are we!

Creating Criminals
"To be governed is to be watched over, inspected,
spied on, directed, legislated, regimented, closed in,
indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, assessed,
evaluated, censored, commanded; all by creatures that
have neither the right, nor wisdom, nor virtue...
To be governed means that at every move, operation, or
transaction one is noted, registered, entered in a
census, taxed, stamped, priced, assessed, patented,
licensed, authorised, recommended, admonished,
prevented, reformed, set right, corrected. Government
means to be subjected to tribute, trained, ransomed,
exploited, monopolised, extorted, pressured,
mystified, robbed; all in the name of public utility
and the general good.
Then, at the first sign of resistance or word of
complaint, one is repressed, fined, despised, vexed,
pursued, hustled, beaten up, garroted, imprisoned,
shot, machine-gunned, judged, sentenced, deported,
sacrificed, sold, betrayed, and to cap all, ridiculed,
mocked, outraged and dishonoured.
That is government, that is its justice and its
The above quote is from the 19th century French
Anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. He would certainly
have recognised life under new Labour. Since 1997,
1018 new criminal offences have been created – it is
no wonder the prisons are overflowing!
New “offences” under Blair include meddling with a
wheel clamp, evading payment of a dentists bill,
providing the wrong plant breeding information and
even holding a concert in a church without a licence.
As there are now over 8000 “crimes” on the statute
book, it is fair to say that, under Blair, we are all
criminals now.


“I have a horrible feeling that we are sinking into a
police state, and that’s not good for anybody….. You
cannot lock people up just because someone says they
are terrorists. Internment didn’t work in Northern
Ireland, it won’t work now”
George Churchill-Coleman, former head of the Scotland
Yard Anti-Terrorist Squad, quoted in The Guardian 28
January 2005. He had been asked to comment on the
latest proposals by Home Secretary Charles Clarke to
put suspected terrorists under house arrest.

"How can Bono, having graced concert stages for over
two decades, draped in the white flag of peace and
screaming 'No More War' at the top of his lungs
contemplate praising and back-slapping Tony Blair?
I can't believe that anyone could fail to identify
that no matter what gesture Blair may make towards
African debt relief, his slippery hands are currently
dripping in the fresh warm blood of Iraqi men, women
and children”
Rock singer Jim Kerr, from Simple Minds, discussing
the simple minded Bono of U2. Ireland-Online, 3
February 2005.

“All four of Prince Philip’s sisters married
high-ranking Germans. The prospect of former Nazis and
Nazi sympathisers attending his wedding to the Queen
meant he could only invite two guests.”
Evening Standard, 13 January 2005, on “our” royal

“SAS trained Colombian special forces are spending
Christmas hunting for three IRA fugitives deep inside
an Amazon rainforest. The trackers are desperate to
capture the three before they link up with Al Qaeda
cells operating in the dense jungle to plan attacks on
British and US companies in South America”.
“Exclusive” by Gordon Thomas, Sunday Express 26
December 2004. No doubt Thomas will be telling us next
that Bin Laden has been hiding in West Belfast all

“A nursery nurse was fined £60 yesterday for holding
an apple in her hand while driving round a bend after
police used a spotter plane, a helicopter and a patrol
car to win the case”
The Times, January 25 2005, on the case of Sarah
McCafferty from Hebburn. Don’t pay the fine Sarah.

“Controls on the database must be tightened to prevent
a big Brother state. Within living memory both fascist
and communist governments in Europe have used personal
records as a means of oppressing different
populations. There are important changes that can be
made to safeguard privacy and rights without
compromising the use of DNA in fighting crime”
Dr Helen Wallace, of the pressure group Genewatch UK,
on the governments DNA database. BBC on-line 12
January 2005.
Has it never occurred to you Helen, that such
database’s exist, not to fight crime, but to help the
government monitor and control its subjects?

“The FA and the England team have always campaigned
against racism very well, we have just got to be aware
that it is not cheapened slightly by companies like
Nike getting a lot of PR out of it for nothing”
Manchester United and England full back Gary Neville
tackles the wily corporate manoeuvres of Nike.

Expert's guide - How to Throw a Foolproof Sickie

Class War readers rejoice! You will never have to
worry about throwing a sickie again after reading our
foolproof guide. Following on from our last issue's
article on how bosses everywhere are trying to clamp
down on their unruly worker's right to swing the lead
here's a few tips from the Class War sickie handbook.
Put in a bit of ground work with a Oscar worthy
performance, don't get anyone else phone in for you -
do it yourself with some confidence, do a bit of
research on the illness you’ve 'got' if for example
you have 'got' food poisoning find out what sort of
effects different bugs have on you e.g. salmonella.
The internet is a good and easy way to do this. Other
good ideas are sporting injuries that just keep on
returning – brilliant! Off you go and have some fun!

1. Always take two days off one is too suspicious
2 . Never try it more than once every six weeks
3. Always call in yourself have some bottle
4. Don't offer too many detail's but be prepared for
any questions
5. If you want to sound bunged up hang your head off
the side of the bed: an oldy but a goody!!

Joe Gillespie
Class War members in Luton and London were shocked and
saddened to hear of the sudden death of supporter Joe
Gillespie. From Corby in Northamptonshire, Joe will be

Ku Klux Klan PC Robert Pulling is Trainee Manager at

Former PC Robert Pulling famed for his racist rant
caught on film saying of a Asian colleague "I fucking
hate him I’d fucking kill him I’d pull on my white
hood and fucking chase him" is now working in Marks
and Spencer’s in Elgin near Inverness.
Our Class War anti fascist spies can also reveal that
the dozy ex-pig has changed his name to "Rob Jones" to
try and forge himself a new "career" as a trainee
manager. What an arsehole. Further information through
to us is that amazingly this racist wanker is engaged
to be married. Class War HQ is wondering whether his
not-so-lucky fiancée knows of his past or whether he
has duped her as well as the Marks and Spencer
management. Watch this space for further details.
We at Class War would not advise any readers to slap
this piece of shit while he is at work because
apparently M&S have an excellent policy of returning
damaged goods !!!

Thatcher get a fucking move on

For the third time in 18 months Baroness Thatcher has
attended the funeral of someone close to her. She
attended the funeral of her sister Muriel Cullen in
Harwich, Essex who died age 83. The other two reasons
to be cheerful were her husband Denis Thatcher (did I
get pissed that night!) and her close friend and ally
that piece of shit Ronald Reagan.
We in Class War who are organising the gigantic party
in Trafalgar Square the Saturday after the evil old
bat dies wish she would stop prolonging our agony and
just hurry up and die!! (Promotional poster's
sticker's and badge's are available for this event
available from the London address)

Guess The Royal Competition
Can you guess which member of the royal family is
wittily dressed up us a Ku Klux Klan member in this
picture? If so you can win a five issue subscription
to Class War. Please send your answers to:
Prince Harry Competition, Class War, PO Box 467,
London E8 3QX.

Class War crap joke corner

Question: How do you know that Tony Blair is not a

Answer: Everyone knows that the trains don't run on

Policeman: "We arrested this man beating the living
daylights out of some poor slob for no reason at all!
What should we charge him with?"
Desk Sergeant: "Impersonating an Officer."

A pig pulls a guy over for speeding and has the
following exchange:
Officer: May I see your driver's license?
Driver: I don't have one. I had it suspended when I
got my 5th drinking ban.
Officer: May I see the owner's card for this vehicle?
Driver: It's not my car. I stole it.
Officer: The car is stolen?
Driver: That's right. But come to think of it, I think
I saw the owner's card in the glove box when I was
putting my gun in there.
Officer: There's a gun in the glove box?
Driver: Yes sir. That's where I put it after I shot
and killed the woman who owns this car and stuffed her
in the trunk.
Officer: There's a body in the boot?!?!?
Driver: Yes, sir.
Hearing this, the officer immediately called his
captain. The car was quickly surrounded by PIGS, and
the captain approached the driver to handle the tense
Captain: Sir, can I see your license?
Driver: Sure. Here it is. (It was valid).
Captain: Who's car is this?
Driver: It's mine, officer. Here's the owner's card.
(The driver owned the car).
Captain: Could you slowly open your glove box so I can
see if there's a gun in it?
Driver: Yes, sir, but there's no gun in it. Sure
enough, there was nothing in the glove box.
Captain: Would you mind opening your trunk? I was told
you said there's a body in it.
Driver: No problem. (Trunk is opened; no body).
Captain: I don't understand it. The officer who
stopped you said you told him you didn't have a
license, stole the car, had a gun in the glove box,
and that there was a dead body in the trunk.
Driver: Oh yeah, I'll bet he told you I was speeding,

PC Ernie Thicket, not the brightest trotter at the
police academy, was at the pistol range. He was given
some instruction, a pistol, and bullets. He fired
several shots at the target.
The report came from the target area that all attempts
had completely missed the target.
Ernie looked at his weapon and then at the target
again. He looked at the pistol again, and then at the
target again. He put his finger over the end of the
gun barrel and squeezed the trigger with his other
The end of his finger was blown off, where upon he
yelled toward the target area: "It's leaving here just
fine. The trouble must be at your end!"

Red Card the ID Card
The government’s plans for a compulsory ID card
continue, even though the government cannot make up
its mind what this card is actually for. One minute it
is to save us from terrorists, the next it is to
prevent benefit fraud. The day after that, it is to
prevent illegal immigration.
Although the card has not been agreed by parliament,
some £9 million has been spent developing it so far.
42 civil servants are working full time on the
project, along with PA Consulting, a private company
working as the governments “partner” on the project.
The final cost of the scheme is likely to be over £5
Any ID card requires people to register for it, people
to carry it, and people to comply with the officials
and companies who are implementing it.
That is where the best chance exists of breaking this
scheme. More details on the early stages of the fight
back against ID cards can be found on DefyIDs website

Letters Page

Wot No Mullahs?
My favourite regular column in Class War is CWACKERS
(Class War against Christian Wankers) It is funny,
researched and scratches the service of an important
issue – the way religious figures have used and abused
others, often with impunity. Whatever we would like to
think, religion has not gone away, just look at some
of the people who voted for George W Bush.
Why is it though that you only attack the Christian
religion? Unless you have been living on a desert
island for the past 30 years, you must have noticed
that some pretty nasty religious figures have risen up
to the east, and I’m not talking about Southend. When
I can read Class War Against Islamic Wankers? You are
going to have to write it quick as well, before the
new laws against religious hatred stop you from saying

Islamaphobe, North London.

Ireland’s Shame Continues
I am one of many people who came forward as a survivor
of child sex abuse in Catholic church institutions in
Information which I gave to Gardai investigation in
2002 in confidence was leaked to Daughters of Charity,
according to my solicitors this morning. 25/01/05.
The Daughters of Charity are denying that sexual and
physical abuse against children took place in their
institutions during the1970s.
I have copies of their statements which they made to
the commission to enquire into child abuse in 2004.
I have also copies of my statements to Gardai which I
am willing to release.
Not one politician met with me to listen to my
complaints against the Irish State.
So much for trust guys.
A Correspondent, Dublin.

New ABC Group

Leeds now has its own Anarchist Black Cross group,
committed to supporting political prisoners and
opposing the prison state. It can be contacted at:
Leeds ABC, PO Box 53, Leeds, LS8 4WP.

Support Thomas Meyer-Falk
Thomas is a German anarchist in prison that Class War
has been in contact with for some time. He recently
sent us the following article about his situation:

Eight Years Isolation – an Interim Evaluation
In October 1996 following a bank robbery I was
provisionally arrested by the police and placed in
isolation in Stuttgart-Stammheim prison. On the basis
of several judgements I should complete nearly 17
years of custodial sentences in 2013, and not be let
out at all, but taken into protective custody. That
means I can be incarcerated indefinitely according to
the will of the Justice Department.
I am a so-called Redskin (RASH = Red and Anarchist
Skinhead) and a person of plain words regarding the
above mentioned further convictions. So, to a court,
the description of a judge as a “picturebook example
of a fascistic judge” was worth seven years
imprisonment. Even asking about their physical health
was punished, as a murder threat supposedly lay hidden
in it.
Neither in court nor in prison have I recognised it as
necessary to pretend false regrets, I represent my
personal and political views unchanged and
consistently. This also includes under no
circumstances ‘co-operating’ with the Justice
Department. A few years ago I was informed by the
prison that a substantial relaxation of solitary
confinement conditions would only come into question
should I enter a trust establishing dialogue with the
prison and “forswear violence” – in particular promise
to neither incite fellow inmates nor to plan a
rebellion or breakout.
In the meantime I have sat in jail under conditions of
solitary confinement for almost eight years (my only
respite was in 1998, when I was briefly deported to
Bavaria, where conditions were briefly relaxed) That
means 24 hours a day alone, with the exception that I
see prison officers when meals or mail are brought.
In recent years the daily hour in the jail yard has
been relaxed in that another inmate in solitary can
come into the yard. Behind this however is not
humanity – they are too many prisoners in isolation
and were they all to get their yard-hour alone they
jail would have to lay on individual yards to allow
them exercise.
How is it for me, after almost eight years? I am most
bothered by the inability to act, which is dictated by
circumstances. Instead of being able to join the
struggle out there, in these times of upheaval and
increasing repression I sit behind bars. However, what
I gather from outside from letters, radio and
newspapers strengthens me in not giving up confronting
the ruling system.
In that surely also lies a potential danger of
eventual embitterment, or of losing touch with
reality, the more thankful I am if I am brought back
by criticism to the basis of facts. In the solidarity
of friends and sympathisers , practices through
letters I experience daily that I am not alone, not
forgotten. As I am in correspondence with a few
prisoners I can say that they see it also – these
letters from outside are so important!
I attentively follow political developments at
national and international level and it is continually
frustrating not to be able to get involved, for
example not to be able to go on a demonstration or to
become engaged to some extent. Much of my everyday
experience in prison (spying, searches, permanent
observation) is being progressively introduced outside
as well, and I ask myself whether when I return to
freedom (when that will be is an open question) I
won’t have exchanged one prison for a much greater
one. It seems to me all the more important to offer
resistance, to defend autonomy, to uncover repressive
structures in politics, the justice system and
business, to call them by their names – and to set our
resistance against them, by fighting for a free and
just world!
I am an early riser, mostly I am already awake at 4AM
and pace in the half-dark of the cell, it is never
quite dark due to the searchlights that illuminate the
prison grounds, thus I wonder up and down in the
twilight. Through the bars of the window I see here
and there the moon or the twinkling venus, smell
through the open window the cool of the night.
Freedom consists not only of the possibility of being
able, at more or less any time, to freely and
unhindered be somewhere else, but also in not allowing
one’s intellect and imagination to be locked away.
This inner freedom not even the justice system can
take from you!

Thomas Meyer-Falk, c/o JVA Z. 3117, Schonbornstrasse
32, 76646 Bruschal, Germany.

You can find out more about Thomas by visiting

Mayor Shoots His Own Backside
Congratulations to Rafael Augusto Galan, Mayor
Ramiquiri in Colombia. He was taking a group of
pilgrims to a Church in his town, when he decided he
needed to pay a quick visit to the loo in a local
Whilst Mayor Galan settled down to read the paper,
pilgrims were shocked to hear a gunshot, followed by
shouting from the smallest room. Mayor Galan had
failed to take his pistol out of his back pocket, and
had shot himself in the arse.
Class War asks - Is it now time to arm all


The Latest in the Paedophile Priest Scandals


Every once in a while a television programme gets the
whole nation talking.
Back in the 1960s one tipsy bishop got himself into a
lather because somebody's wife admitted on the Late
Late Show that she did not wear a nightie on her
wedding night. On another occasion a student from
Trinity College provoked outrage by suggesting that
the Bishop of Galway did not know the meaning of
Christianity. Those programmes seem positively comical
in comparison with Thursday night's devastating exposé
on Prime Time.
It exposed what amounted to rampant clerical
paedophilia within the Dublin archdiocese. Eight
paedophile priests were named, and the pathetic
handling of their cases by three archbishops exposed.
Cardinal Desmond Connell was invited on the programme
to answer allegations, but sent two people to try to
defend the indefensible. Colm O'Gorman, one of the
paedophile victims, erupted in righteous indignation
at their performance.
"I find it offensive in the extreme," he said, "to
hear the same old excuses trotted out time and again
'we didn't know'; 'we didn't understand'; 'we did
everything we could,' and the absolute cream on that
one: 'we were trying to protect children'," "You
weren't!" he told the diocesan spokespeople.

"Your were protecting your institution; you were
protecting your authority; you were protecting your
power." They were still trying indeed, in the light of
what had just been heard, they were very trying! The
suggestion that they didn't understand paedophilia is
as absurd as the utterly ludicrous idea that they were
trying to protect children. Even a half-wit should
realise that the sexual abuse of a child is wrong.
Anyone in authority who pleads that he did not
understand the dangers, is not fit to hold a position
of authority.

Fr Tom Doyle, an American cannon lawyer, was
particularly critical of what has been happening in
Dublin. "They did know about paedophilia," he
declared. "They did know about sexual abuse. What they
didn't know was that if they kept covering it up,
they'd get caught."
"There is no excuse for this," Fr Doyle said at
another point. "This is terrible, and then you tell me
you have 400 and some lawsuits over here. This puts
Dublin right at the top of the heap. There is
something radically, radically wrong."
When Marie Collins, one of the victims of the clerical
abuse, complained to Archbishop Connell, he pleaded
that he was prevented from acting by Canon Law. But Fr
Doyle, a canon lawyer, demolished that defence.
"If you follow Canon Law," he explained, "it basically
tells you that these bishops and archbishops are
accomplices to the crime. They're as guilty as the
perpetrators, because they're covering them up."
The cardinal is certainly culpable, because he acted
in a totally irresponsible way, Fr Doyle added. "His
own guidelines stated one thing and yet he did not
follow those." Let's face it, the cardinal should now
do the decent thing by resigning without further
Eddie Shaw, the director of the Diocesan Communication
Office, noted that he has already tendered his
resignation and it is now up to the Pope. The Pope's
own competence has been brought into question in
elevating the Archbishop to the College of Cardinals.
If he was acting on advice, then he should get some
new advisers, too.
Other than the actual victims, the people who have the
right to feel most aggrieved are the great majority of
priests, brothers and nuns, who have become victims by
association, through the crass ineptitude of the
Church authorities. Those decent people who answered
their vocations have been betrayed, not so much by
sick paedophiles in their midst, as by the
irresponsible behaviour of the authorities who were
more concerned with covering up the child abuse than
protecting other innocent children. The clerical
culprits were quietly moved to other communities where
they were free to practice their paedophile
inclinations until they were caught again.
Although paedophile abuse by clerics is a global
phenomenon, one finds close Irish links on a global
scale. The Catholic Church in Boston, which has
traditionally had the strongest Irish links, is
currently reeling under a paedophile scandal, but it
is just one of a whole series of such scandals .
In 1988 a major scandal involving the Irish Christian
Brothers erupted in Canada at an orphanage in St
John's, Newfoundland. This resulted in highly
publicised trials involving 16 brothers. An ensuing
television series sparked the controversy over Fr
Brendan Smyth's delayed extradition, which led to the
fall of Albert Reynolds' government in 1994.
Meanwhile, another scandal developed involving the
Irish Christian Brothers at four residential care
institutions in Western Australia. There was evidence
there that at least 15 of the 175 brothers had
sexually abused boys in their care.
The publicity over that scandal led to further
allegations of sexual abuse against other Christian
Brothers and priests throughout much of Australia.
More Irish Christian Brothers got in trouble with the
law than men of any comparable congregation in that
country. Fewer than one in ten may have been involved
in the abuse, but the silence of the others landed all
of them with the derisive nickname of Irish Christian
The Church authorities have, by their inactivity in
relation to the violation of children, not only
exposed children to the horrors of paedophilia, but
they have also exposed the innocent clergy to public
Last August a website accused Archbishop George Pell
of Sydney of having molested an 11-year-old boy in
1961.The alleged victim said that he only recognised
the Archbishop earlier this years when he saw him on
television in relation to a case in which he helped a
paedophile priest to pay off some victims. Archbishop
Pell strenuously denied the abuse accusation, which
looked disturbingly like a relatively similar case
involving the late Cardinal Joseph Bernadin of
In November, 1993, Cardinal Bernadin was accused of
sexually abusing a student some years earlier, but he
vigorously denied the accusation. After four months,
the cardinal was totally exonerated when his accuser
admitted that he had no conscious memory of the
alleged abuse and had only named Cardinal Bernadin
after hypnotherapy.
Archbishop Pell stepped aside in August to facilitate
an investigation into the accusation. This week a
retired Supreme Court judge came out with a report
exonerating the Archbishop on the grounds. "Fifteen
years ago, if a priest or a religious brother was
accused of this, people would be very very loath to
believe that he had done it," Archbishop Pell said
this week. "Now, I think, through the revelations of
the crimes and sins which have been committed and also
I think as a result of a lot of very heavy and
repetitive, and, I am tempted to say, disproportionate
media attention on the sins of the clergy many people
now would be more inclined to say 'yes, well that's
just another example of what they do."
That is the reality, and it will get worse until the
Church authorities restore confidence with a thorough
house cleaning, starting at the top.

Billy James Hargis
Like country music, evangelism produces a lot of
limited living legends. They can get rich, found
dynasties, get whole towns named after them, but in
New York they'd still wait an hour and a half for a
table in a 3 star restaurant. They almost need a
murder trial to get really famous, and even then I
tend to get my Billy Rays mixed up with my Jimmy Bobs.
Not only do all their names sound alike, they all
preach the same Babylonian political agenda and they
all talk like guys you'd meet in the army stockade.
The FBI might even keep a "Holy Roller Profile", the
same way they do with serial killers. And if they do,
Billy James Hargis fits it like a designer condom.
Billy James Hargis, now in his 70's, built a career
howling against the usual things that irritate the
umbrageous right; sex, permissiveness, drugs,
communism. A flat faced Oklahoman with the porcine
eyes of a prison guard, he went from nowhere to top
billing on 140 TV and 500 radio stations. He founded a
Christian college and a newspaper which attained a
circulation of 200,000. He got rich, of course, but as
the Bible tells us, money is not everything.

In the mid-seventies, two students from his Bible
College testified that the Reverend had officiated at
their wedding ceremony, gone along on the honeymoon,
and took his turn with the bride. And then with the
groom. Then it came out that Hargis had been bringing
college choir boys to his farm. Exhorting them with
the biblical passage about David's friendship with
Jonathan, and threatening them with blacklisting if
they talked, Billy took them into his bed and did his
devilish business with them. (The name of the choir
was the "All American Kids.")

Confronted with these accusations, Hargis admitted it
all, blaming it on "Genes and chromosomes." That
confused his critics for a moment. Billy James had
never been the kind of guy to trot in scientific
arguments, so he stepped things up. He withdrew his
confession and bounded back to the college. He claimed
that the Lord had forgiven him, and, just in case He
hadn't, held on to the mailing lists. He blamed his
barnyard buggery on "Liberal subversion" and "The
forces of Satan out to silence anti-communism." Before
you laugh, bear in mind that this sort of Christian
logic has elected more than a few American

The youngsters that he'd coaxed into his bed weren't
laughing. By the standards of urban America they
didn't do anything wrong, but out there, in their
barren little world, they are scarred for life. Unlike
Billy James, who has been "Forgiven" by the legions of
potato heads and dimwits he's been suckering for so
long. He is currently sitting around his farm in the
Ozarks, brooding, scheming, plotting his comeback. He
is still raving against permissiveness, too.

In 1110, a mad mystic named Tanchelm, convinced that
he was the Messenger Of The Lord, made his followers
drink his bathwater. It was supposed to have holy
properties and they lined up for it, paying for the
privilege. As with Billy James and his moral
righteousness, some people will swallow anything.

Jehovahs Witnesses Latest
Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in using blood
products, including blood transfusions. This sometimes
leads to a person dying who could have otherwise been
saved and, in the case of the Bethany Hughes who was
brain washed by the Jehovah witnesses, her father is
suing the Jehovah's Witnesses for encouraging her to
refuse needed medical treatment.

Purple Biblical Rain
Ever wondered what happened to that smirky purple pop
singer git Prince back in the 80s,if he wasn’t weird
then he certainly is now, CWAKERS has found out that
he has recently converted to the Jehovah's Witnesses.
Instead of banging on people’s front doors Prince
participates in this ancient religious practise in
ways that would normally be shunned by most Jehovah…..
when he does door to door he goes in a limo with four
bodyguards and tailor-made suits.
So next time they come knocking look twice before you
tell them to fuck-off. It could be Prince.

Jehovah's Witnesses Change Tactics
The sight of Jehovah's Witnesses going door to door
has long been a familiar and lets face it an amusing
sight, however, it is beginning to change - with the
increase in high rise blocks and the decrease in the
number of people who are home during the day is
forcing the Jehovah's Witnesses to change there
tactics - and the changes are even more annoying
People now are as likely to hear about the coming
kingdom of God at a supermarket or laundrette.
So, the next time you are out shopping or washing your
pants or knickers, take care about those who are
around you. Jehovah’s Witnesses watch for the body
language of a person who is alone in order to single
them out for conversion.

Bigots 1 The People 0
The decision to cancel the play Behzti (Dishonour)
following rioting by Sikhs in Birmingham last
December, was a victory for religious bigots
everywhere. Kick up a big enough fuss, and the
authorities will roll over.
Not surprisingly Christian nutters soon followed the
example of their Sikh cousins, threatening the BBC for
showing an opera about the Jerry Springer Show. Within
a few weeks of that, the Anarchist Ramparts centre in
east London received threatening e mails from Hindus,
for planning to show a video criticising the behaviour
of Hindu fundamentalists in India.
Give these bastards an inch, and they will take, take
and take. We must never, ever surrender ground to

Get on, Get on, My Groovy Train
Whilst the rail system struggles to do the basics like
getting people to work, there are no such delays for
the royal train. In the financial year 2003-4, the
royal train was used just 18 times, at a cost to the
taxpayer of £782,000. How much better would your local
line be if that money was spent on local services?
One person who does not think much to the trains in
Britain is Prince Andrew. In the past two years he has
spent £325,000 on helicopter trips. Some of these
trips involved important matters of state – they were
to play golf.

What a Cropper for Chris Cropper the Copper

Inspector Chris Cropper the daft copper, appeared in
court at Stockport in January. Cropper who still
styles a real twatish CID moustache that belongs to
the 1970s, was arrested while on duty and was found to
be well over the drink driving limit.
Cropper was found not guilty of drink-driving in
December 2004, after he hired celebrity solicitor Nick
Freeman. On that occasion he was also arrested at his
desk shortly after driving to work from his home in
When he appears in court again Cropper will no doubt
he will be waiting for all the evidence to disappear,
or relying on Nick Freeman again …watch this space.

Do As I Say, Not Do as I Do
What is it with pigs and drink driving? South Wales
Police’s high profile campaign against drinking and
driving was led by Chief Inspector Bruce Clarke. His
job certainly seems to have given him a flair for
coming up with excuses.
In December Clarke left a Christmas piss up at South
Wales Police’s Bridgend HQ. He then claims to have
crashed his car whilst swerving to avoid a fox. As he
had lost his mobile phone he went to look for a phone
box, before visiting two pubs, as he could not contact
his wife. Only then did he decide to return to his
car, where he decided to take a swig from a bottle of
brandy he had been given as a present. At that very
moment a passing police car just happened to see him,
swigging from a bottle of brandy next to a crashed car
in the middle of a traffic island………….

It Is Your Money I’m After Baby!
Unlike the political organisations running the working
class into the ground, Class War has no full time, or
even part-time staff. We do not have wealthy backers
writing us cheques for tens of thousands of pounds.
Basically what you see with Class War is what you get
– a group of men and women working together to try to
improve their laughs, and having a bit of a laugh into
the bargain.
The more of us work together, the more we can change.
The more people stand on the sidelines, the less we
can all do. That is why we want you to get involved in
Class War. If you cannot at this stage, we would be
delighted if you could support us in some other way –
taking out a subscription, or making a donation. This
can be done to our PO boxes, or even on-line via
Paypal. Donations of stamps are also particularly

Join Class War!
Class War membership costs £12 per calendar year, and
£6 unwaged. Membership is open to everyone who agrees
with our politics and has been in touch with their
local Class War group for at least three months. Drop
us a line to get involved.

Subscriptions Notice
Please note that Class War subscriptions and bulk
orders are now handled by London Class War. All
correspondence on this should therefore come to
London, not Wakefield.

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