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(en) Britain, AF resistance* #76 - August 2005

Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 09:33:56 +0300

The four bombs that exploded in London on July 5th, killing over 50
people and injuring many others were disgusting acts which we condemn
utterly. Terrorism- threatening and killing civilians for political
ends-is always something that only benefits governments and wannabe
governments. Terrorists aim to make ordinary people passive and
afraid, to disempower us, to increase false divisions between people
based on `race' and religion, all in order to hold on to or achieve
government power for themselves. Like the Zionists who run the
Israeli state, or the IRA-Sinn Fein in Ireland.

Governments are the biggest terrorists. They have legal armies,
navies and airforces under their command, and a monopoly of weapons
of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical and biological weapons). They
are responsible for the worst acts- the U.S. dropping nuclear bombs
on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the millions killed
by Stalin and Hitler, Pol Pot's mass killings in Cambodia, the
thousands killed by the Indonesian government in East Timor, the
British supported U.S. bombing of 100,000 people fleeing Basra in the
Gulf War of 1991, the American supported rogue state of Israel, based
on the mass eviction of the Palestinians. The Israeli state openly
admits assassinating its political opponents and routinely bulldozes
people's homes.

What we can do
We should actively oppose the government's plans to increase their
spying and control over us. ID cards are about Big Brother , they
will not stop terrorism, as they did not stop 9/11 in the U.S.A. or
the Madrid bombings., they just increase government power.
Similarly our beloved rulers are cynically using these latest
outrages as an excuse to try again to bring in legal powers giving
them legal access to records of all our phone and mobile calls and e-
We should also actively oppose religious fundamentalism in all its
forms- Christian, (Moral Majority), Catholic, Moslem or Hindu. The
government increasingly kowtows to these fundamentalist groups,
giving them faith schools and blasphemy laws. We do not accept that
women are inferior to men, that contraception, abortion and
homosexuality and lesbianism are wrong. Funny how their all-powerful
God needs a law to punish us if we criticise religion, isn't it?
Contacts for anti-ID cards:
Defy-ID is a national campaign fighting ID: contact details on
Send for a copty of the Anarchist Federation pamphlet on ID cards,
Defending Anonymity to the address on the back page.



There has been a lot of talk about religious fanaticism in the media
lately, for obvious and sad reasons. But it rarely has gone any
further than equating some interpretations of Islam with extremism.
The truth is that every religion has its own extremists though,
fortunately enough, not many use suicide bombers.
Since up to now no god has been known to release news letters or
updates on the doctrine, interpretation of its word is free, and
there will be no means of preventing extremist points of view from
encroaching in religion. Every single believer can break away from
the main cult and set up a more radical interpretation, which will
always be likely to attract a certain number of followers. This is
true for all religions. Some of these groups would accept violence as
means of "promoting" their beliefs.
Though it is true that not many will take things this far, this
points us to a general aspect of religion. For people concerned with
an afterlife, and genuinely convinced that they possess a soul,
earthly life is not important. The physical reality of the world,
flesh, hunger, pleasure, pain, sex, love, friendship is postponed.
These just lack importance, in the mind of the believer, when
compared with eternal life. Therefore we are all expendable in the
search for salvation, as much as love, pleasure and earthly happiness
are obstacles in the race to heaven. The whole idea of salvation
opens the door to the suicide bomber.
Many would point out that religion is needed to give people a set of
rules to follow, because otherwise we would just slaughter each
other, and that it makes the world a better place. Well, this hasn't
been very successful has it? After thousands of years of religion the
world is still a grim place for many, and without prospect of
I think we should stop fooling ourselves, with dreams of redemption,
and grab the good and bad things of life. The most important thing is
being alive here, now. And only those who value life as it is,
earthly and profane and unholy, will respect life as it is. And that
is you and me.


The Anarchist Federation is a non prophet organisation ;-)



The G8 summit has come and gone. Thousands of activist from all over
the world came together to create opposition to the eight most
powerful men in the world who sat behind huge fences and thousands of
police, discussing how to continue their control and maintain their
colonial endeavour, fearful of what ordinary people were creating
just down the road from them.
In a field just outside Stirling, workers, anarchists, students,
clowns, hippies, punks and all that's in between pitched up their
make shift village and began to organise their opposition to the G8.
To show the leaders in that hotel that what they are, what they want
and what they are doing will not go unnoticed, nor will it be
The sham that was the Make Poverty History march saw Bob Geldof and
his other multi-millionaire cronies back peddle on what was touted as
the "tides of history", "The opportunity to tell the world leaders
to end world poverty". After the March Geldof retreated and said that
people should not "get their hopes up" and that he was
worried "people would be disappointed." No shit Sherlock! Maybe he's
finally beginning to catch on.
Of course we shouldn't get our hopes up about these people changing
our world. Of course we shouldn't put our faith in men like George
Bush and Tony Blair, these men are liars and war mongers. The only
true opposition to the G8 was at the Eco-village where people of all
kinds worked together to generate a space collectively run by
everyone there; where people shared what they had and where people
were encouraged to create their own situations. Situations which
would genuinely challenge these men who continue to betray and cheat
Anarchists were given an opportunity in Scotland to make it clear
that what we want, we will not demand through processes and systems
which have long ago become obsolete. Demonstrating against poverty
will not end It, trying to "punish" the politicians at the polling
stations will not change the G8 agenda. Our own means of achieving
change from the drudgery of work will be from what we saw during the
day of the blockades, where people worked autonomously and without
leaders to confront the people who make our lives so difficult.
The leaders at the G8 attempted to paint the protesters as violent
and hateful and their lackey newspapers pushed the same old stories,
but what was seen in Scotland was not violence, but confrontation
against unemployment, wage slavery and state repression. It wasn't
hate, but a frustration and desire to create change. We saw groups as
small as three blocking the roads to stop delegates from attending
their meeting, empowered with a willingness to fight back. These
actions demonstrated a language of challenge which empowers us and
gives us hope. The G8 was an example of ordinary people doing an
extraordinary thing. It scared them behind their fences and we
shouted our message loud and clear: We will not tolerate you!



During the recent G8 protests across Scotland the police have
arrested and imprisoned around 354 people. We hope to support all
July 2005 arrestees over the next few months. Please contact the
support group if you wish to help. Writing a letter or a card to
those detained makes a big difference. Any donations are very
welcome. Contact: July 2005 Prisoner Support Group, c/o 17 West
Montgomery Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5HA or email:
We have addresses for three of these prisoners.
• Frances Howe, Bruce House, HMP Cornton Vale, Cornton Rd, Stirling,
• David Boudon, 92018, HM Prison Barlinnie, Glasgow, G33 2QX
• John Mackie 18769, HM Prison Edinburgh, 33 Stenhouse Road,
Edinburgh EH11 3LN
Remember that all letters must have a reply address.
You can send money in postal orders.



Stop Shell Hell in Co. Mayo, Ireland

After three years running roughshod over local communities on the
north west coast of Ireland, oil and gas giant Shell International
are poised to transform a remote conservation area of outstanding
natural beauty into an environmental disaster zone with serious
public health and safety implications. A dangerous on-shore pipeline
and massive refinery will be constructed, poisoning the area and
further adding to climate change.
Shell plans to drive a gas pipeline through villages and over the
land of small farmers.This pipeline will be built over unstable bog
land with a history of landslides. The refinery itself will pump out
massive amounts of toxic waste. This waste will be pumped into
Broadhaven Harbour . Due to the bay's circular tidal pattern much of
this toxic waste will stay within the bay, endangering important
bird, whale, dolphin and fish habitats.
Villagers and small farmers are getting together with environmental
activists to stop Shell dead in their tracks. Five small farmers
were jailed recently for an indefinite period for refusing to comply
with a court order to allow Shell-Statoil onto their farms, and those
of their neighbours. Act now! Help local people stop Shell UK
Solidarity Campaign: stops_hell@yahoo.com



When going on demonstrations stay sober, don't talk to the police and
if you're arrested give only your name and address then say `no
comment' to any other questions. For more info visit: www.ldmg.org.uk

August: 1 Opposition to the exclusion zone & ban of protests by the
UK Government Meet Parliament Square 2pm www.parliament-square.org.uk
7 London Rising Tide Film Night / Post-G8 Action Debrief ` I Heart
Huckabees' Come along at 3pm to share your experiences of the G8
mobilisations, including the July 8th climate change day of action in
Scotland and worldwide. We'll stop for food at 5pm, then show the
film at 6pm. All are welcome, (whether or not you were in Scotland).
LARC, 62 Fieldgate St, E1 1ES. Nrst tube - Whitechapel or Aldgate
East 07708 794665 email: london@risingtide.org.uk or visit:
13 SMASH EDO peace demo, meeting 12 noon at Churchill Square
13 - 19 Peace camp against EDO bomb factory in Wild Park off Lewes
Road, Brighton www.smashedo.org.uk

* Resistance is the monthly bulletin of the Anarchist Federation, an
organisation of class struggle
anarchists aiming to abolish capitalism and all oppression to
create a free and equal society.
Subscriptions to resistance costs £4 from the address below for 12
issues. A two issue subscription to our magazine, Organise! for
revolutionary anarchism, is also £4.
You can subscribe to
resistance by email for free via the website.
Anarchist Federation,
84B, Whitechapel High Street,
London, E1 7QX.
Email: info@afed.org.uk
Also visit: www.afed.org.uk
and www.iaf-ifa.org

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