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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 652 18th July - 24th July 2005

Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 11:20:05 +0300

The propaganda war that was waged during the Cold War was centred on the
struggle for freedom - having rights and social and political liberties.
The leaders of the ´free´ world dangled the word freedom in front of
tens of millions of people living an authoritarian nightmare behind the bamboo
and iron curtains. The collapse of the Soviet empire has allowed the people
living behind the iron curtain to experiment and taste the bitter fruits
of corporate freedom.
Fifteen years later, their assets firmly in the hands of Western based
corporations, their governments are apologists for corporate capitalism,
the survivors of decades of authoritarian communist rule are enjoying the
bitter sweet irony of having the freedom to be exploited, the freedom to go
hungry, the freedom to be ostracized and marginalized in their own lands, the
freedom to buy consumer goods, if they have the money to do so, and the
freedom to live lives that are dogged by insecurity.

The propaganda war that is currently being waged during the war on
terror by the West is centred on the struggle for democracy. The West´s political
leaders dangle the spectre of democracy - rule of the people, by the
people, for the people - in front of people who are citizens of authoritarian
feudal one party States. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan are portrayed
as the beginning of a democratic era that will create the conditions that
will see democracy flourish and ´terror´ wither on the vine.

While the West trumpets the virtues of democracy, Western based
transnational corporations have quietly and efficiently seized the
assets of these countries. The people of this region are quickly beginning to
realise that parliamentary rule - giving representatives a signed blank cheque
to make decisions on their behalf for the next 3 to 4 years - doesn´t mean
much when the resources that are required to make decisions made by their
representatives a reality, are held by Western based transnational

The Cold War and the war on terror have not and are not delivering
either freedom or democracy to the people they have ´liberated´. Ironically,
all they have succeeded in doing is placing more and more power and wealth
in fewer and fewer hands. No wonder the recipients of the West´s
propaganda wars continue to bite the hand that feeds them.

There is something disquieting about the fourth estate´s response to the
suicide bombings in London. It hasn´t taken them long to link the
suicide bombings with the ´scourge of multiculturalism´. It´s never entered
their heads that the invasion of Iraq may have created the conditions that has
seen young men in the prime of their lives consider using their bodies
as human bombs. It´s one thing to target fundamentalist organisations
within the Islamic milieu; it´s another thing to target people who have for
their own reasons have decided to maintain some of their cultural and
religious traditions.

The problem isn´t multiculturalism; the problem is centred around the
dominant cultures attitude to people who don´t assimilate into
mainstream society. In Australia it´s ironic that the very same sections of the
community that refuse to recognise the rights of this continent´s
indigenous population, are the very same people who rile against multiculturalism.
The current attacks on multiculturalism are a recipe for a continuing cycle
of hatred. They are both counterproductive and harmful, pushing people who
believe they are sitting on the margins of society into roles they
wouldn´t normally consider.

Multiculturalism provides a safety valve that gives people from
different cultures the opportunity to live and work together. The current attacks
on multiculturalism play into the hands of the fundamentalist bigots on
both sides of the fence. The ´you´re either with us or against us´ mentality
that underlines the current attack on multiculturalism is both a
retrogressive and dangerous step. Its implementation creates a climate
that allows hatred to grow and fester on both sides of the divide.

People aren´t not all the same, what are the same are the destructive
political and social structures that people who believe their cultural
traditions are better than others use to promote their fundamentalist
claptrap. Blaming multiculturalism for the current deplorable state of
affairs is an attitude that needs to be confronted and defeated at all
levels of our day to day lives.

Ronald Wilson co-author of the 1997 ´Bringing Them Home´ report, former
High Court judge, Spitfire pilot involved in the battle of Britain and the
5th President of the Uniting Church, died in his Perth home at the age of 82
on the weekend. I could go on and on about the life and achievements of
Ronald Wilson but in this article I will only concentrate on one aspect of his

Ronald Wilson led a charmed life, darling of the establishment, knighted
for his services to law and the community, he didn´t cross sword with the
neo-conservative rabble that has taken over the reins of government, till in
1997 when he handed down the ´Stolen Generations´ report.

Seeing ´one of their own´ cross the road because he was deeply disturbed
because the Australian people and its institutions had not come to grips
with the idea of reconciliation, faced with a government that promised
bucket loads of land rights, extinguishment, discredited ´practical´
reconciliation policies based on handouts if people jumped through the
appropriate hoops, and a neo conservative rabble that built its
´intellectual´ reputation on its denial of the injustices meted out to
the indigenous community, Ronald Wilson became a target for a Federal
government that has allowed the neo conservative rabble to hijack the cultural,
political and social agenda in this country.

He was pilloried, abused, ignored, denigrated, ridiculed for being
´conned´ by the ´Aboriginal industry´. The Prime Minister, his cohorts both in
and out of parliament, led the charge against Ronald Wilson. His career, as
far as working on government committees, investigations and Royal
Commissions was concerned, was non existent. His continued interest in the plight
of the ´stolen generation´ and indigenous communities long after the ´Bring
Them Home´ report had been released in 1997, marked him as a class
traitor as far as the neo conservative rabble was concerned.

Ronald Wilson paid a high price for championing those who have been used
by the Federal government and the neo conservative rabble to peddle their
hate filled policies. He was personally targeted by these people for the
stand he took. His greatest contribution to Australian society didn´t lay in
his legal, reconciliation or religious work; it lay in his ability to expose
the evil core of the neo conservative´s agenda in Australia.

Pathetic, painful, palaver, paltry, paranoid, parasitic, parlous,
parsimonious, parched, Pavlovian, peculiar, pedestrian, pallid,
penurious, pedantic, perfunctory, peripheral, pernicious, persiflage, perverted,
pestilent, perplexing, phoney, phlegmatic, piddling, pitiless, plain,
plebeian, plummy, polarised, polemic, pollution, poorly, pontificating,
preachy, prattle, predictable, preconception, preliminary, preoccupied,
prepetory, pretence, privatised, profanity, prohibitive, propaganda,
pubescent, pugnacious, puny, pustule, are a few words of the words that
reflect my opinion about the corporate owned media and the government
gelded ABC.

Every day we have to put up with the same ideas and analysis from a
million different orifices. The freedom to speak one´s mind is channelled into
meaningless one dimensional words, that reinforce a manufactured
consensus that reflects the hopes, aspirations and dreams of those who lord it
over us. Any other ideas don´t exist. Their precious monopoly on the
dissemination of ideas is reinforced by the stranglehold they enjoy over
original thought. Tens of thousands of commentators, experts and
entertainers mouth the same opinions in a thousand different ways,
nothing else matters, nothing else exists.

The same ideas are uttered by the same media whores. The strident, the
contrite, and the knowledgeable sing the same tune. Nothing else exists
in the garden of public opinion, a garden that´s fertilised by the hopes
and ambitions of those who own and control the means of production,
distribution and exchange. Assumptions that support the status quo are nurtured
expounded and regurgitated ad nauseum. Black is white, white is black,
the powerful deserve to be powerful, the rich deserve to be rich, and
everybody else is a loser.

Corporate capitalism is seen as the pinnacle of human development,
democracy and freedom are brand names that are used to manufacture a consensus
that supports the idea that it´s right to concentrate power and wealth into
fewer and fewer hands. Commodity capitalism has triumphed, the consumer is
king, consume, defecate and die, nothing else matters. Heaven has come to
Earth for those who know how to exploit their fellow citizens. Corporate
capitalism is good; nothing else registers on the community radar. Shop
till you drop - consume, defecate and die, nothing else matters.

Ironically the debate about the values of ´free trade´ and
´protectionism´ were the very same debates that engulfed Australia during Federation.
Large land owners and Australia´s fledging industries were keen to have the
right to import cheap labour to break the increasing power that trade unions
were able to exercise both in the workplace and in the new parliament.

The protectionists soon won the debate and laws were put in place that
protected the livelihoods of family owned farms, agricultural and
industrial workers and the self employed. Over the next 80 years, Australian
business was able to generate modest profits for owners and directors and
conditions, wages and a social security system for workers that were second to none.
Over the past 20 years, the wheel has turned full circle, both in the
industrial and agricultural sector. The agricultural sector has been
hit particularly hard, deregulation and ´free trade´ has become the mantra
of the National Party as well as farmers groups.

Eager to join the international gravy train, farmers have thrown all
caution to the wind and have turned their backs on the cooperative and mutual
societies that allowed farmers to survive the bad times and make
reasonable profits in the good times. Many of those farmers that have jettisoned
the joys of ´protectionism´ for ´free trade´ have found that their farms are
no longer viable and that family owned farms are not welcome in the world
of agribusiness. Big is beautiful, monopolies rule, is the mantra of 21st
century Australian agribusiness.

Finding that their political organisations and agribusiness have cut
them loose in a world dominated by monopolies, they are being forced to once
again take their struggle to the people. Maybe this time they´ll
realise that any future they may have is intimately tied to the struggle that
employees are beginning to wage to protect their jobs, wages and

While small operators in the agricultural sector believe their woes are
different to the rest of the community, they will find that the ´free
trade´ juggernaut will grind them into the dust.

Nothing has changed since Federation; small farmers, the self employed,
blue, white collar workers and professional wage earners will lose out
if they don´t join forces and fight the ´free trade´ juggernaut. Corporate
monopolies have used the current ´free trade´ debate to strengthen their
stranglehold on government and the economy. Monopolisation and
globalisation has as much to offer Australian farmers, the self employed
and wage earners as the Klu Klux Klan has to offer the anti racist movement.

Q. What would happen if the State collapsed or disintegrated tomorrow?
A. Most people believe that the only thing that stands between them and
barbarism is the State. They think that the collapse of the State will
be invariably followed by disorder and mayhem. Anarchists accept that the
State requires a monopoly on the use of force to function efficiently
because force is required to maintain order in a society where
inequalities in power and wealth exist. The collapse or disintegration of the State
can result in barbarism or order.
Whether order or barbarism triumphs are dependent on what type of
society rises from the ashes of the old society. Barbarism will occur if groups
or factions attempt to gain a monopoly on the use of force and use that
monopoly to impose their will on a subjugated population. The disorder
and chaos which normally occurs when a State collapses is a direct result of
different groups and factions attempting to gain a monopoly on the use
of force. Order will prevail in such a situation when one group is able to
exercise a monopoly on the use of force. ´Failed States´ occur when no
one group is strong enough to exert a monopoly on the use of force and
The collapse of the State does not invariably lead to chaos. Whether
chaos occurs is dependent on the reasons the State has collapsed and the type
of opposition that caused the State´s collapse. The greater the number of
social, cultural and political movements that are attempting to replace
the inequalities that exist within the State apparatus with egalitarian
social, cultural and political structures, the greater the chance the collapse
of the State will result in the establishment of a society where wealth and
power is held in the hands of the community not the State or the
corporate sector. Order will be established as a result of the new egalitarian
relationships that exist within the community, not because a minority is
able to exercise a monopoly on the use of force through their domination
of economic, cultural, social and political life, but because the
establishment of an egalitarian community makes the need for a State redundant.
The peaceful harmony that occurs as a result of the replacement of the
State by an egalitarian society stands in sharp contrast to the fear,
suffering and disquiet that occurs when the power vacuum created by the collapse
of the State is filled by a new group that is able to impose its will on
society through its new found monopoly on the use of force.

I´m a little perplexed by the use of the word extremist. We´re told
that it´s time to ´weed out the extremists from society´. ´Extremists -
Persons with extreme or fanatical, political or religious views´. Although I´m
an anarchist and most of the people reading this article would think of
themselves as anarchists or fellow travellers, I don´t think we´d
identify ourselves as extremists. That doesn´t mean that other people don´t
regard us as extremists.
What´s extreme about wanting to live in a world without rulers, where
the people involved in a decision make that decision and wealth is held in
common so the community´s resources can be used to make those decisions
a reality; sounds very reasonable and mainstream to me. Let´s look at
what those that call us extremists have to offer. Talk about extreme
behaviour, people giving politicians a signed blank cheque to make decisions on
their behalf, hoping against hope that they will keep their promises. That
type of behaviour seems pretty extreme to me.
It gets better; we live in a society where more and more wealth and
power is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. It´s considered normal that
poverty exists in Australia, one of the richest countries on Earth. It´s also
considered normal and proper that laws exist that legitimise this
unsatisfactory state of as affairs. We live in a world where it´s
considered acceptable that a child dies every 3 seconds as a result of
poverty, while other people´s personal wealth is greater than the G.D.P.
of the poorest 20 nation States on Earth. In any discussion about
extremism, this startling little point should get a guernsey
It´s time we turned the table on those who call anarchists extremists,
we aren´t extremists, the extremists aren´t found among people trying to
create an egalitarian community, the extremists are found among those people
who use the State to reinforce their power and wealth. They are the
extremists, their behaviour and the behaviour of those people in the community who
support them is the type of behaviour you´d expect from people holding
extreme or fanatical, religious or political viewpoints. So let´s stop
taking this rot on the chin and point the finger a those people who use
their power and wealth to legitimise their anti social, destructive
extremist views and behaviour. If the label sticks, wear it!!

´DNA - The Secret of Life´
By James WATSON with Andrew BERRY, Arrow Books 2003, ISBN 0 434 011169
This is the story of the DNA revolution according to James Watson, one
of the 3 men who received the Nobel Prize in 1962 for ´discovering´
deoxyribonucleic acid - DNA - a molecule that has made the genetic
revolution possible. Wanting to tell his own story in his own words,
James Watson used the 50th anniversary of the discovery of DNA to give his
opinions about the genetic revolution.
James D. Watson and Andrew Berry have collaborated to, in their own
words, ´give an unabashedly personal view both of the history and of issues´
and why shouldn´t they? A discovery as fundamental as DNA has in 50 short
years had profound scientific, business, religious and ethical consequences.
In many ways the discovery of DNA is as important as the discovery of the
art of printing by Guttenberg. Each discovery had an immediate impact on
the world. Crick and Watson´s baby isn´t just their child, they may have
stumbled onto the chain of molecules which holds the secrets of life,
but that discovery has now become common property.
James D. Watson and Andrew Berry´s contribution to the debate about the
significance of the DNA genie and its ´family´ history over the past 50
years is by its very own nature dated and one-dimensional. Guttenberg
opened the door on a new world, Crick and Watson also opened a door on a
new world. The people that have rushed through that door and grabbed the
opportunity to put their mark on society are varied and many. New
knowledge isn´t as today´s patent laws would like to make it the personal property
of a few individuals; it belongs to all of us. James Watson´s ´DNA´ gives
a potted historical overview of the scientific, ethical, economic and
human consequences of the last 50 years of the DNA story.
It provides a good introduction to the subject for people who don´t have
the time or inclination to look beyond the obvious. Do I recommend it?
Possibly, would I miss a $30 meal to buy the book? I doubt it. ´DNA -
The Secret of Life´ is available from Dymocks for AUD$29.95. If you wait a
few more months, I´m sure you´ll be able to get hold of a copy for the cost
of a feed of fish and chips, a price I would be willing to pay for it.
Thanks to Brian from Clifton Hill Melbourne, for providing me with the
review copy of this book.

I hold in my hand copies of the death certificates of Frank FRANZ and
Roland Nicholas KENNEDY, the 2 members of the Tottenham branch of the I.W.W.,
who were hanged on the 20th December 1916 for their role in the murder of 25
year old police constable George Joseph DUNCAN on the 26th September
1916 at the Tottenham Police station. Next week I will examine the sequence of
vents that led to their execution.
´The reason for this awful murder was the pernicious literature of the
I.W.W. (which) had been read by these men until their minds had been
inflamed and saturated with the thought of crime. It needed only a
casual opportunity to enable them to carry into effect the awful designs and
purposes that were in their minds´. - Crown Prosecutor, trial of Roland
Kennedy and Frank Franz, Bathurst Circuit Court on October 16th 1916,
before the NSW Chief Justice Sir William Cullen.
* Death & Place of Death: 20th Dec 1916, Bathurst Goal
* Name & Occupation: Roland Nicholas Kennedy- Labourer
* Sex & Age: Male 20 years
* Cause of Death, Duration of Last illness; medical attendant; who he
saw deceased:
1. Hanging in accordance with sentence of death for murder
2. Finding at inquest held at Bathurst Goal on 20th December 1916
3. Jennings - Coroner
* Name & Occupation of father, Name & Maiden Surname of mother:
Kennedy Sawyer, Jeanette Tasker
* Informant: Certified by C. Jennings - Coroner Bathurst & Les
Governor Bathurst Goal. Witness J. A. Meades
* When & where buried, Name of undertaker:
21st December 1916, Roman Catholic Cemetery, Bathurst, W. G. Sawyer
* Name & religion of Minister & names of witnesses of burial:
Johns. Norton, Roman Catholic, H. Wilkins William Bryan
* Where born & how long in the Australasian Colonies or States:
Hill, New South Wales
* Place of marriage, age, & to whom, Children of marriage:
Not Married
* Death & Place of Death: 20th Dec 1916, Bathurst Goal
* Name & Occupation: Frank Franz - Miner
* Sex & Age: Male 20 years
* Cause of Death, Duration of Last illness; medical attendant; who he
saw deceased:
1. Hanging in accordance with sentence of death for murder
2. Finding at inquest held at Bathurst Goal on 20th December 1916
3. C. Jennings - Coroner
* Name & Occupation of father, Name & Maiden Surname of mother:
Paul Gustav
Bertol Franz-Journalist, Ellen Martin
* Informant: Certified by C. Jennings - Coroner Bathurst & Les
Governor Bathurst Goal. Witness J. A. Meades
* When & where buried, Name of undertaker:
21st December 1916, Church of England Cemetery Bathurst, W. Boyd
* Name & religion of Minister & names of witnesses of burial:
G. Spenser Pakes, Church of England, Henry Wilkins, Ed N. Wilton
* Where born & how long in the Australasian Colonies or States:
Wellington, New South Wales
* Place of marriage, age, & to whom, Children of marriage:
Orange, New South Wales, 26 years, Elizabeth Earsman
* Children of marriage: Ruby 2, Pearl Mo 1, Living, non deceased.

I´m in two minds about whether I´ll write about evolution or gravity.
Although at first glance the two subjects don´t seem to have much in
after a little reflection it´s obvious that both subjects have much more
common than most people realise. The word inevitable pops up when I
about both subjects. Unless you´re an astronaut on your way to
outside of the Earth´s gravitational pull, it doesn´t matter who you
gravity has the same fate in store for you.
Good, bad, religious, atheist, screamer, toy-boy, yellow, white, black,
bridle, male, female, gay, straight, when it comes to gravity, we´re all
equal. If you´re going to fall, you´re going to fall. If you´re human,
animal mineral or vegetable, gravity doesn´t care. Gravity is King,
numero Uno!! Evolution has that some inevitability about it, that is if you
believe in evolution, if you believe in God created the world in 6 days
and rested on the Sabbath, evolution hasn´t got much to offer you.
I´m one of the shrinking band of people that still believe in evolution,
none of that God piffle for me. The Earth has been around for a very
long time, humans a much lesser period. It´s only been about 10,000 years
since we started growing things and living in villages. Before that, humans
wandered the planet, eating what was available. Our ancestors weren´t
ferocious, fast or bright, they kept body and soul together by
Don´t turn your nose up at this little morsel of info (sorry for the
very bad pun), yes, for generations we were scavengers. Our body´s genetic
makeup was fashioned and refashioned to deal with such a lifestyle. The
time we´ve relied on cultivated food is just a full stop in the human
No wonder obesity and health problems related to obesity have become
such an issue both in the developed and developing world. You wouldn´t expect
humanity´s double helix to have altered much in the last 400
As I said, there is an air of inevitability about our current battle
with the bulge; the human genome map has altered little in the last 10,000
years. Want to lose weight, eat fresh, eat seasonal, eat meat, fruit,
vegetables and nuts, the food sources that humans have consumed for over 4000
generations; the foods that our body is genetically programmed for.
Gravity, evolution are inevitable, death and taxes that´s another

As Iraq slides slowly into civil war, the West´s second front in the
´war on terror´ lies in tatters. What did all those experts from the ´coalition
of the willing´ expect? Did they expect the invading armies to be showered
with flowers? Did they expect dancing in the streets? What do you
expect to happen in a war based on a litany of lies? Did they think that the
people who lost 500,000 children due to the UN embargo and who lost tens of
thousands of people in the 1991 invasion would forget?
Did they think that as Iraq´s oil supplies conveniently became the
property of the invaders, and aid that was meant for the people of Iraq never
came their way, that they would forget? Did they think that the holding of
elections would change things or the material that´s leaked out about
what happens to political prisoners in Iraq would be forgotten? Those who
point to Europe after W.W.II, forget the importance of the Marshall Plan in
the post war rehabilitation of Europe. There were no plans to rehabilitate
Iraq, just thunder, awe and revenge. No wonder things have become so
ugly so soon after the invasion by the ´coalition of the willing´. The
tragedy about Iraq is that every reservation people had about the invasion has
proven to be correct. What do you expect from leaders who lie to
generate the support they needed at home to launch the invasion of Iraq?
It seems that things are becoming so bad, that personal security is so
terrible that many people in Iraq are talking about the ´good old days´,
when the Baath Party was in power. Personal freedom and democracy are
mere words in an environment where personal security is non existent. The
tragedy about Iraq is that everybody knew what would happen. The only
people who seem to be surprised by the aftermath of the invasion are
George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard. They believed their propaganda; they
believed that they would liberate the people of Iraq by destroying their
infrastructure and stealing their natural resources.
When you´re the leader of a significant Western power, you may think
black is white, but irrespective of how much you believe it and how often you
say it to yourself, black is not white.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

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20170, Milano, ITALY. Tel:022896627 Fax;0228001271 email:arivista@tin.it
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SICILIA LIBERTARIA No.241 Vol.29 June 05, Via Galileo Galilei, 45-97100
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Aust are the hardest-worked citizens of any country in the Western
world, having an average workload higher than workers in US, Europe or Japan.
Research by academic Rodney Tiffen & journalist Ross Gittins found
Aust on average work 1855 hrs a year or 38.6 hrs a week if you assume they work
48 weeks a year. The statistic is even more remarkable given Aust has the
West's 2nd highest rate of part-time workers. Workers in only 3
Western countries have lower leave entitlements than Aust. In the US, there´s no
legal leave entitlement, but there´s a de facto minimum of 10 days'
leave & the average worker takes 17. Similarly, in Japan, the legal minimum is
10 days but the average is 18. Aust's minimum of 10 public holidays a
year is towards the lower end as an entitlement in the West. (Source: The Age)
The US military has announced charges against 11 US soldiers for
assaulting detainees. Although the official statement described the detainees as
"suspected terrorists", it also said only 1 of the alleged
victims is still in US custody. The statement said the Army's Criminal Investigation
Division had begun an investigation, which will determine whether the troops will
face trial. An article by Assoc Press earlier this year stated
"since the Iraq war began, at least 10 US military personnel have been convicted of
a wide array of charges stemming from the deaths of Iraqi civilians. But
only 1 sentence has exceeded 3 years." Those 10 convictions don´t
reflect the dozens of investigations that haven´t produced court martials nor the
large number of prosecutions that have led to acquittals. Marine Lt Ilario
Pantano was tried for murder after the platoon he commanded captured 2 Iraqis in
´04. Pantano ordered the captives' handcuffs removed, had them
assume defensive positions, instructed his soldiers to look away, then emptied
2 magazines into them. Pantano was cleared in a pretrial hearing after he
claimed the 2 Iraqis moved suddenly. Also in ´04, Sgt Tracy Perkins
ordered his men to throw 2 Iraqis into the Tigris River, apparently to punish
them for being out after curfew. 1 of the men drowned. Sgt Perkins & his
men were found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He was found guilty of
assault & obstruction of justice, charges that held a maximum penalty of 11
years in prison. He served 45 days. US soldiers are completely immune from being
charged by the Iraqi govt. (Source: SMH, Asia Times [Hong Kong])
Some London hotels more than doubled their prices after the bomb attacks
left many people stranded. With the transport networks down & many
people unable to return home, 1 man said he´d paid 250 pounds for an 80 pound
(Source: BBC website [UK])
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "We are practically in stage one of a civil war
as we
speak." Ex Interim Iraqi PM Iyad Allawi.
ATNTF weekly anarchist news report www.apolitical.info

Awarded to the taxpayer funded Federal govt advertising blitzkrieg
that´s trying to tell Australians how good the new IR changes will be for them.


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send us a book of 10 50 cent stamps every month.

Interested in the Anarchist Age Weekly Review? Want to get hold of your
own copy, then download it from http://anarchistmedia.org/weekly.html. Email it
your friends, it´s the cheapest and best birthday present you´ll ever
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wield power in society and email them the AAWR.

(cnr William and LaTrobe St, Melbourne)
11.30 am - WEDNESDAY 27TH JULY 2005
Can´t get there - would like to do something in your part of the world,
contact us for further information. anarchistmedia.org
P.O. Box 5035, Alphington 3078 Victoria. Tel: 03 8508 9856

Heard across Australia. 10am - 11am every Wednesday.
An anarchist analysis of local, national & international events.
Tune into your local community radio station to listen to the Anarchist World This
Week. If they don´t broadcast it, ask them why not! If they´re one of
the 150 community radio stations around Australia that are affiliated to the
National Community Radio Satellite, they are able to broadcast the
Anarchist World This Week.

Anarchist World This Week broadcast on;
2BAY, 2BBB, 2BLU, 2DRY, 2HOT, 2OCB, 2WOW, 2XX, 3CH, 3CR, 36CR, 3MGB,

Join us
4am Saturday 3rd December 2005 at
The site the battle took place
Eureka park (Stawell and Eureka Street Ballarat)
4am Dawn ceremony
7-10am Communal breakfast (bring your own food and drinks)
10am March to Bakery Hill to retake the Eureka oath.
10.30am Presentation of Eureka Australia Day Medal at Bakery Hill
11.30am March to Ballarat cemetery to pay our respects to the workers at
either end of a bayonet who died during the eureka rebellion
12.30pm March back to Eureka Park through the centre of Ballarat. Late
& conversational for those participating who are still able to stand
up (BYO
food & drinks).

Week THIRTY - 84 members
466 TO GO!!
Fill in that Application Form we recently sent to you and send it ASAP
P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078
If you haven´t an Application Form, download it from Web:
or write to us at P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078 for a Application Form
Photocopy the spare copy you´ve received with your membership card and
distribute to your friends, workmates or set up a stall in the places
you live and work in. Whether Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule
becomes a reality ultimately rests in your hands. Web:www.rulebythepeople.org
Email:supporters@rulebythepeople.org Tel: 0439 395 489
BUILD an alternative to the fossilised parliamentary system. Stop
giving a signed blank cheque to politicians to make decisions on you behalf.
Written & Authorised by Dr. Joseph TOSCANO
Suite 4 / 2187 Princes Highway, Clayton 3168, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
** Go to rulebythepeople.org & sign up to our low traffic official
news broadcast email list. **

Know someone who was born or lives in Australia who you believe should
be honoured for their efforts to create a better and fairer world. Then
nominate them for the
(The site where the Eureka Oath was taken 151 years ago)
Or Email your nomination to: anarchist
Tell us why you´ve nominated that person and send us your contact
details so we can contact you in case we need further information about your

($1,500 NEEDED)
Graeme Dunstan, the lantern maker for the Eureka Dawn Walk, has designed
number of Eureka flags and banners we can use to celebrate forthcoming
anniversaries of the Eureka rebellion at Ballarat on 3rd December.
The designs can be accessed from our website
These flags and banners will form an important part of the march from
the Eureka stockade site to Bakery Hill to the cemetery and back to the
Eureka stockade site. We have launched an appeal to raise the $1500 needed to
make these flags and banners. Send cheques and money orders made out to:
note saying you want the money to go towards the Eureka flags and banners The
flags & banners will give the ´long march´ the visual component it
currently lacks.
Want to have a look at what you´re sending in your money to make to be
used at the 151st anniversary of the Eureka rebellion then log onto
RECEIVED SO FAR $350.00 - $1150.00 TO GO
******* The situation is now becoming critical with only 4 months to go
before the 3rd December. We have only managed to raise $350.00. If
you´re coming to Ballarat to join the Anarchist Media Institute Eureka
Celebrations - Give us a hand to raise the required funds for the banners *******

´NO WAR$ / NO Forbes / NO CEO´s´
Forbes Conference CEO´s
Assemble at Sydney´s Opera House on the evening of 29th August 2005.
The Forbes CEO Conference will have high profile neo-con war profiteers
and their political courtiers attending the conference in Sydney on 30th
August 2005. Log in to find out what on the day. A colour flyer regarding the
mobilisation is downloadable from

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