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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 651 11th July - 17th July 2005

Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 11:52:12 +0300

TERROR? --- It´s interesting to note that British P.M. Tony Blair, US President George
-------- Bush, Australian P.M. John Howard and al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden
characterise the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians as a case of ´good
versus evil´. It´s no coincidence that the major figures in the ´war
against terror´ use the same rhetoric and methods to pursue their
ideological agendas. It seems the ends justify the means. It´s frightening
to think that all parties in this dirty little war have no hesitation in
slaughtering civilians in their efforts to promote their political agendas.

If you close your eyes and listen to the news bulletins that emanate from
Iraq and change the place names, it´s difficult to know who the terrorist
is. In Iraq and Afghanistan, civilian deaths are of such little concern; no
publicly accessible figures are kept of the death toll.

The ´war on terror´ is first and foremost an ideological war, a war where
the main participants are mirror images of each other. Both sides want to
impose their will and their vision for the future on people by the
indiscriminate use of violence and terror. The State turns a blind eye to
its indiscriminate use of terror, justifying the atrocities that it carries
out as pre-emptive strikes. The other side metes out collective punishment
to people because of the actions of their governments.

There is little to differentiate the leaders of both sides in this nasty
little war that threatens to engulf all of us. They speak the same
language, use the same tactics and treat their citizens and followers as
disposable cannon fodder. It´s time that ordinary people stopped listening
to rulers who preach hatred and use the power we allow them to exercise, to
stop making their wet dreams a reality.

It´s a bit rich seeing Joy Howley, former Liberal State President wax
lyrical about the joys of freedom of speech (The Age 11/7). Ms. Howley´s
assertion that under the Costello / Kroger regime many Liberals are afraid
to speak their minds, says much about what the Liberal Party has become.
Over the past 20 years, the Liberal Party has been transformed into a haven
for a small bunch of neo-conservatives who exert an influence far beyond
their numbers. The rot set in years ago, not just when Joy Howley stepped
down as President in 2000.

Ms. Howley´s fears for her beloved Liberal Party are fears of her own
making. The current sorry state of the Liberal Party in Victoria and the
rest of Australia (despite the hold the neo-conservatives have on the
Federal government), is directly related to the ideological coup d´etat that
occurred in the party in the 1980´s when the neo-conservative faction, that
Howley is a member of, swamped the Liberal Party and pushed the real
Liberals in the Party into the political wilderness. It´s been a very long
time since anybody who doesn´t hold neo-conservative views and has political
ambitions, has been able to freely speak their minds in the Liberal Party.

It´s ironic that a person with Ms. Joy Howley´s political experience could
come out with statements that freedom of speech is a basic right of all
Australians. Just in case Ms. Howley hasn´t read the Australian
Constitution, Australia´s High Court judges had to find an implied right of
freedom of speech in the Constitution. The right is limited to the debate
that is required to hold parliamentary elections. It is an extremely
limited right. The lack of free speech within the Liberal Party mirrors to
a large degree the lack of free speech within the community. Those who open
their mouths in Australia, like those members of the Liberal Party who open
their mouths, pay dearly for their indiscretions.

It´s time that those Liberals that are left in the Party and those that were
driven out, come back from the political wilderness and take back their
Party from the thugs who now control it and who through their exercise of
power in Federal parliament, are using the State apparatus to impose their
cold, one-dimensional, authoritarian vision on Australian society.

I wonder if you´re as perplexed as I am with the Federal government´s
attempts to sell its latest superannuation package. Looking at the happy
actors in the current advertising blitz (your taxes at work); you could be
forgiven for thinking that the Howard government´s ´freedom´ of fund
legislation has given workers the key to financial security.

The latest superannuation changes are the latest in a long series of
legislation changes that have turned a salary sacrifice for workers into a
gravy train for the corporate sector and financial advisors. When the
compulsory superannuation levy was introduced during the Hawke era, workers
were asked to take a voluntary wage cut in order to guarantee their
financial security in old age. The trade union movement and most workers
accepted the propaganda surrounding the introduction of superannuation,
forgoing significant wage rises in order to garner a decent wage in
retirement. Over the last decade, a raft of legislation has been passed
through parliament that has radically altered the role of superannuation

Compulsory superannuation payments have become an indispensable part of the
world´s financial markets. It´s ironic that worker´s superannuation
payments are used to bolster the very system that exploits them. Without
the billions of dollars that have been amassed by superannuation funds being
channeled into the world´s stock markets, corporations around the world
would not be in a position to make record profits they have made. To add
insult to injury, recent Federal legislation has resulted in superannuation
payments being doled out as a weekly pension payment, rather than a lump sum
payment. After a lifetime of work and paying taxes, workers are beginning
to realise that superannuation schemes were introduced so that they, not the
State, would be paying for their pension when they retired.

In the superannuation industry in Australia, much of the money that has been
raised has been put into industry based superannuation funds that are
controlled by the trade union movement. These funds traditionally have been
performing better than other funds because they don´t pay fees to financial
advisors. The latest Federal government changes have nothing to do with
freedom of choice and everything to do with opening up industry
superannuation funds assets to financial advisors, so they can share in the
spoils of the superannuation industry.

On the information available, it´s becoming increasingly obvious to many
workers that the salary sacrifices they´ve made to generate a financially
secure retirement, have been made in vain.

´Time for a morality check (The Age 8/7)´ by The Age´s State Political
editor Paul Austin highlights that the particular system of morals that Paul
Austin believes should govern public life are irrelevant in today´s
Australia. Although lip service is still paid to the idea that moral
considerations should play a part in public life by those who wield power,
both in the corporate and political world, it´s important to remember that
most leaders in 21st century Australia have gained their power and authority
by crawling over the bodies of ´losers´ who believe that standards in public
life are still important.

Day after day Australians are regaled with stories about corporate and
political notables who have thumbed their noses at even the most rudimentary
standards in public life. Steve Bracks´ support for Steve Vizard is not
unusual; it´s what is expected in today´s business and political world.
Corporate, business and political leadership is this country lies in the
hands of an incestuous group off people who believe the rest of the
community is a bit player in their race to acquire as much power and wealth
as possible in the shortest possible time.

The rot has set in because governments seem to have forgotten that their
primary responsibility is to the people that elect them into office and not
the corporate sector. The unhealthy and cosy relationship that has
developed between this country´s political and corporate leaders, has led to
government leaders adopting standards in public life that mirror the ´dog
eat dog´ mentality that is the norm in most of the business and corporate

The major changes that have occurred in the role of government in the past
few decades, as a result of the domination of economic life by an
increasingly smaller number of powerful corporate entities, has had a major
impact on Australians. The role of the individual in Australian society,
has been reduced from a citizen who enjoyed rights and had responsibilities
to the people around them and the community as a whole as a result of their
citizenship, to an impotent consumer who watch helplessly as the people in
the political and corporate world they have put their faith in, rob them of
their birth right as Australian citizens.

The Victorian State government´s decision to award $450 million contract
towards the implementation of a ´smart´ card ticketing system, is a further
nail in the coffin of a poorly patrionised, inefficient, piecemeal,
privatized, public transport system that is forcing more and more commuters
to use an increasingly congested road network. Instead of exploring
solutions that increase public transport patronage and decrease road
transport congestion, the State government has decided to continue on its
current obsolete course.

One simple cost effective way of increasing the number of people using
public transport and decreasing road congestion can be achieved if the
government waived fees for people who choose to commute on the public
transport system. The costs involved in such a decision could be offset by
imposing a .levy on every rateable property in the State and on very motor
vehicle registered in the State. Levies that are imposed would be higher in
Melbourne and other parts of the State that are serviced by public transport
than those that do not have access to a public transport system.

The money raised by the imposition of such a levy could be used to increase
the number of public transport services available to the community and
extend the system to parts of Victoria that are not serviced by public
transport. The scrapping of fees and the extension of the network would
result in increased use of the system and decreased utilization of the road
network. Road congestion and carbon emissions would decrease and the amount
of money spent on roads and the need to build private toll roads would also

People would be more inclined to use the system as they have prepaid for the
right to use public transport through the imposition of a levy. Those
people who elect to continue to use their motor vehicles would cross
subsidise those who use public transport. As far as international and
interstate tourists are concerned, a levy could be imposed on tourists who
enter Melbourne through Tullamarine Airport or alternatively the Victorian
tourist industry could market free public transport as a tourist draw card,
increasing the number of tourists who holiday in and spend their money in

The Transit police and customer service officers could stop being glorified
ticket collectors and they could be used to provide security in a system
that is becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks by political terrorists.
Making public transport free is a win, win situation for everybody all

Q. How would an anarchist society deal with people with psychiatric
A. The usual glib answer is that psychiatric problems would decrease in an
anarchist society. They may, they may not, what won´t change is that some
people will continue to have serious psychiatric conditions that will in a
majority of cases pose a serious threat to them and occasionally will pose a
threat to the community. Psychiatric disorders can be divided into 2
distinct categories - reactive and endogenous.
Reactive disorders are disorders which are linked to upbringing, experiences
and environment, while endogenous disorders are those that are specifically
related to a person´s genetic makeup. Obviously there is a crossover
between reactive and endogenous disorders. Some people with a genetic
makeup which may predispose them to major psychiatric disorders may only
experience symptoms if they are exposed to a particular set of events. The
current debate surrounding the use of marijuana and the subsequent
development of schizophrenia seems to fall into this category.
The great majority of people with psychiatric disorders seek treatment for
their problem. There are a variety of treatments available, some work for
some while not working for others. In an anarchist community, a variety of
options would be available to those people who seek out treatment. Some
people may not want or seek out treatment and will, like in any community,
carve out a place for themselves in society. Some people who access
treatment will find that treatment has little to offer them; others will
find that treatment will allow them to get on with their lives. It´s
important to remember that during a lifetime about 25% of the population
will experience a major psychiatric disorder. Most get through to the other
side and get on with their lives; some don´t and take their own lives.
We´ve come a long way from the days when psychiatric illnesses were put down
to possession by the devil, although the rise of religious fundamentalism
has resurrected the devil as a cause of psychiatric disturbances. The
problem faced by people in an anarchist community is similar to that faced
by other communities. Do you allow someone with a florid psychiatric
disorder to take their own lives and would you put measures in place to
restrict the liberty of someone who poses a danger to the community as well
as themselves? In order to tackle both these situations, an anarchist
community has to deal with the important question of forcing people to
undergo treatment and of restricting people´s liberty, to protect the
community. It´s relatively easy to make a case for restricting people´s
liberty if they pose a direct threat to the community, by restricting their
liberty and placing them in a therapeutic community, you will be saving
their life, as it´s highly likely that faced with a potentially homicidal
situation, that person will be killed when other people try to protect
The problem of forcing people to undergo treatment who pose a threat to
themselves but not the community, is a more difficult one, the question
revolves around the individual´s ability to make rational choices.
Anarchists accept that people have a right to euthanasia if they have the
capacity to make that choice; they also agree that euthanasia isn´t an
option if people aren´t in a position to make a rational choice. In the
case of someone having a florid psychiatric disorder that is causing the
individual a great deal of discomfort, the question that needs to be asked
is whether that individual is able to make that choice and whether society
can, if they force that person to undergo treatment, offer them escape from
the situation they find themselves in.

Talk about reforms to some anarchists and they´ll tell you ´you´ll be
showered with reforms when the State disintegrates´. Unfortunately reality
seems to be a little different. The State can react in 2 ways when
confronted with opposition, it can pull the iron fist out of the velvet
glove and try to smash its opposition or it can, if faced with the prospect
of overwhelming opposition, be forced to take a backseat. Opposition to the
State can take place in a number of ways, it can, as we have seen, be
carried out by small groups of people who use terror to indiscriminately
target the population as a whole, it can be carried out by small groups of
people who use terror to attack symbolic targets or it can be carried out by
people who are attempting to create a mass movement that challenges the
State power.
The State relishes the prospect of crossing swords with small groups that
use indiscriminate or targeted terror. When the bombs went off in London
last week, the G8 leaders were in their element, the agenda shifted to a
topic that was dear to their hearts - terror. Without drawing breath, they
talked about the pivotal role the State plays in protecting people against
the terrorists. They keep telling people, all the State needs is just a
little more power to protect people against the ´subhuman, evil´ terrorists.
If there isn´t a terrorist threat, the State needs to create one to justify
its monopoly on the use of violence. Just cast your mind back to the S11
protests in Melbourne Australia in 2000. A relatively peaceful protest that
didn´t result in one broken window was portrayed as the end of civilisation
and police were given carte blanche to use whatever force was necessary to
break up the S11 protest in a flurry of baton charges and horses hooves. If
there isn´t a peaceful protest movement to blame, the State pulls out their
very own joker - the great provocateur, to create disquiet and fear in the
public mind. The State and the terrorist are 2 sides of the same coin.
They need each other to prosper and survive.
What the State finds difficult to cope with are activists who work within
the community, using issues to highlight the powerlessness we all
experience, people who go quietly about the business of creating an
awareness of the situation people face, and who attempt to create
organisations that accelerate the struggle to provide an alternative to the
hierarchical society we live in. Governments and the State have a great
deal of difficulty in dealing with groups and organisations that push for
reforms that strengthen the hand of the people at the expense of the power
of the State, the corporate world and governments, that have long since
abrogated their responsibilities to the people who elected them into office
and who continue to support them. That´s why the struggle for reforms that
extend people´s liberties and rights is a fundamental part of the anarchist

Edward THONEN (1830 - 1854)
William EMMERMAN (1834 - 1854)

Edward Thonen 1830 - 1854
Edward Thonen was born in Elberfield in Prussia in 1830. Elberfield had a
radical tradition and although not involved in the 1848 revolutions that
swept Europe, there was an uprising in Elberfield the following year in May
1849. The uprising was soon shut down by the Prussian authorities. Edward
was caught up in the troubles and fled to England to escape arrest and
imprisonment. He arrived in Victoria in 1852 and moved to Ballarat working
on the goldfields as a lemonade salesman. At the 2nd meeting that was held
at Bakery Hill on the 29th November 1854, he was appointed as captain of one
of the digger´s detachments. He also acted as the stockade´s blacksmith and
used the furnace in the Eureka stockade to make the pikes that were used by
about 30 of the diggers to hold up the attack on the stockade by the mounted
soldiers and police. Edward, although only 5 foot tall, stood his ground,
using one of his homemade pikes to slow up the advance of the mounted
soldiers and police, sacrificing himself to give many of the miners the few
extra minutes they needed to melt into the darkness. He died from gunshot
wounds he received during the battle; his mouth was full of bullets, his
skull split open. His body was buried in a mass grave at the Old Ballarat
cemetery on the 5th December 1854. He was the only Jewish person killed in
the Eureka uprising. Peter Lalor stated in his account of the battle that
Thonen´s terrier dog wouldn´t leave his body. The legend of the ´Pikeman´s
dog´ evolved from Lalor´s account.

William Emmerman 1834 - 1854
Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, the son of a shoemaker, he made his way to
the Ballarat goldfields in 1853. He was one of the many young men who as
shot dead by the soldiers at the Eureka stockade. He is buried with Edward
Thonen and about 20 other miners in a mass grave at the Old Ballarat
cemetery in Ballarat. Some historians suggest that he, not Edward Thonen,
may have been the owner of the ´Pikeman´s dog´.

The Eureka Encyclopaedia - J Corfield, D Wickham &
C Gervasani, Ballarat Heritage Services 2004,
ISBN 1876478616
P.O. Box 2209, Ballarat 3354, Victoria AUSTRALIA

info@ballaratheritage.com.au Fax:03 5331 6150

- A Story of the Gwalwa Daraniki Movement´
By Bill DAY, Aboriginal Studies Press,
Canberra 1994, ISBN 0 85575 240 8
´Bunji´ is the story of the Larrika peoples struggle to obtain land and
justice. The Larrika had lived in the area around Darwin for thousands of
years. Since they had been driven off their lands, they continued to live
in small encampments on the outskirts of Darwin, never giving up the
struggle to reclaim their lands Bill Day, a waterside worker and jack of
all trades, settled in Darwin in the late 1960´s. He identified with the
landless traditional owners and founded a black rights newsletter ´Bunji´
which he published and edited from 1971 to 1983.
The Larrika were the first Aboriginal group that demanded a treaty with the
white colonisers. In March 1972, they sent a petition to the Liberal Prime
Minister William McMahon asking for a treaty. Their call for a treaty was
rejected a few months later. Using the material in the newsletter, Bill Day
has been able to give the reader an idea of the depth and intensity of the
Larrikas struggle for justice. Quoting extensively from the newsletter, the
author has given the outsider an idea of the price that people who lived
like refuges and vagrants in their own lands, paid for their struggle in
order to obtain recognition of their demands for justice.
´Bunji´ is a story of betrayal, self doubt, personal hardships, premature
death, loss, separation, the destruction of dreams and the ultimate victory
of bureaucrats and the money men, both black and white. It highlights the
corrosive and powerful role that money can play in any movement for rights.
´Bunji´ is a salutary reminder of what happens when men of vision like Fred
Fogarty and Bill Day are displaced by the bureaucrats and the money men in a
If you want to see what will happen if John Howard´s plans to allow
indigenous people to mortgage their lands to the financial markets to go
ahead, just get hold of a copy of ´Bunji´.
´Bunji´ is available from The Australian Institute of Aboriginal & Torres
Strait Islander Study, GPO Box 553, Canberra, ACT, 2601, AUSTRALIA.

Travel broadens the mind? Who knows, does it really matter? The great
thing about travelling is the traveller´s tales that you bring back home.
Things happen that you couldn´t imagine. Just ask Schapelle Corby about her
traveller´s tales. Like all travellers, I´ve got a tale or two to tell.
One of the most disquieting and ludicrous tales I can think of, happened to
me in Cairo over 2 decades ago. After standing in line in a Cairo train
station for 2 hours trying to buy some tickets to travel to Khartoum in
Sudan, I eventually found out that the border between Egypt and Sudan was
closed and you couldn´t buy tickets for love or money. Shrugging my
shoulders, I was weaving my way out of the station when I was approached by
a tourist policeman wearing his ill fitting uniform as a symbol of his
authority. Egypt had a special police force that catered for tourists; they
normally spoke a few words of English and theoretically kept a watchful eye
on tourists.
He grabbed me by the shoulder and asked me to accompany him to his office, a
dusty little hole in the wall. He ushered me in and locked the door behind
him. By now my mind was racing, I had no idea why I found myself locked in
this poky little office with him. He motioned me to sit down on a little
rickety chair, he moved across to his chair behind the desk, sat down,
looked me in the eye and said - ´When I saw you in the station, I knew Allah
had answered my prayers´, I blinked wondering what little perverse pleasure
he had been praying for. No use worrying, I was going to find out soon
enough. He leaned over, his mouth less than 6 inches from mine, he leaned
back. The troubles of the world welled up in his face. ´I have an English
examination tomorrow´, I nodded, not sure whether I should be relieved or
worried. ´I need somebody to practise my English with´, ´If I pass the
examination, I will be made a Sergeant´. The penny had finally dropped.
I´d been ´kidnapped´ so our friend could brush up on his English
conversation. He´d locked the door because he didn´t want anybody to waste
his time with stupid policing matters.
I was all ears, as far as I was concerned, he could practice his English
till the cows come home. Three hours later, he unlocked the door, satisfied
that he would pass his English examination. I quickly made my way out of
the station, trying not to give him an excuse to call me back, wandering
whether my Australian accent would be his downfall or salvation.

I wonder if Senator Joyce will turn out to be just another big mouth, go
nowhere National Party politician or will he surprise his mates in the
Liberal Party? It seems that the topic of compulsory student unionism has
got poor old Brendan Nelson´s knickers in a knot. Listening to the Federal
Education Minister pontificating about the evils of compulsory student
unionism, you´d think that this legislation is a Liberal Party article of
Joyce and a few other National Party politicians are concerned that the
abolition of compulsory union fees will mean that there will be no money in
university coffers for cultural and sporting activities. Bugger the
political activities, this is the government´s big chance to sideline those
pesky Left wing activists who made the Brendan Nelsons of the world look
like deranged fools (my apologies to the Royal order of fools for linking
them to Liberal Party politicians).
It will be interesting to see if Joyce is just another National Party
windbag who will fall into line when the right strings are pulled or whether
he is made of sterner stuff. National Party politicians have a habit of
talking big and doing nothing. The National Party has faithfully followed
their coalition partners voting for policies that are diametrically opposed
to their own policies. They seem to have forgotten that the Liberal Party
is keen to write them out of the political equation at the first available
opportunity. Black Jack McEwen would be aghast to see the policies that the
National Party are currently supporting. He´d be turning in is grave if he
had an inkling about what was happening to his beloved National Country
Will he or won´t he, is the million dollar question. The compulsory student
union legislation provides a perfect opportunity for Barnaby Joyce to show
the electors what he is made of, by supporting policies that help, not
destroy the ambitions of those electors who voted for him. What do I think?
I think Joyce is full of hot air and will refuse to cross the floor. I hope
I´m wrong, but if he keeps up the National Party tradition, he´ll do the
biding of the Liberals when they whistle for him.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

Swifts Creek 3896, Vic, AUSTRALIA. ngarak@bigpond.com

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undertaking. In order to keep the debt at a reasonable level & to publish
weekly, we require readers especially internet readers to subscribe to the
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readers. If you´ve got a little bit of extra cash, think about joining the
´Dollar A Day´ club. When you write to us pop in some 50cent stamps (every
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Debt 13-07-2005 $1342.50

DISCUSS ATNTF ONLINE - www.apolitical.info/phpBB2
New - the discussion forum is back online - www.apolitical.info/forum
A carpenter who´d worked for his employer for 26 yrs has been sacked after
refusing to sign an individual contract. The 52 yo father of 3 was fired by
Masterton Homes, after being given an individual contract that cut his pay &
removed many of his entitlements incl overtime rates & rostered days off.
The man, who asked his full name not be used, said "I´ve always told my kids
to stand up for what is right & to stand up for themselves, so when the
company wanted me to sign an agreement which took away many of my
entitlements, I decided that I needed to lead by example." "I asked myself,
if John Howard was faced with an individual workplace agreement that cut his
pay & removed conditions his predecessors had fought for, would he agree &
sign it?" "This is the first time I´ve ever done anything like this & I´m
just an average person standing up for my rights & saying no, I refuse to be
bullied into signing my rights away." The Construction Forestry Mining
Energy Union, with the support of Unions NSW, has launched an ongoing picket
outside the Masterton Homes showrooms. (CFMEU)
UK & US aid is being diverted to paramilitary commando units accused of
widespread human rights abuses, incl torture & extra-judicial killings.
Iraqi Police Service officers said ammunition, weapons & vehicles earmarked
for the IPS are being taken by anti-insurgency forces. An investigation by
the Observer newspaper claimed suspects were the subject of serious &
deliberate abuse by these forces, incl burnings, strangulation, the breaking
of limbs, sexual abuse & - in 1 case - the apparent use of an electric drill
to perform a knee-capping. The Observer says there´s now a network of secret
detention centres across Iraq, inaccessible to human rights organisations,
where torture is taking place. It says official & unofficial detention
facilities apparently cooperate, & that there´s evidence of 'extra-judicial
executions' by the police. Intern´l & Iraqi officials claim the use of
torture has become more extensive since the country's new govt was sworn in.
(Source: The Observer [UK])
Public health officials are threatening to resign from a nutritionists'
group, saying it´s become influenced by sponsorship from companies that make
junk food. The Dieticians Assoc of Aust is sponsored both by Kellogg &
Nestle. The org's last 2 annual conferences have also incl a stand run by
McDonalds. Kellogg pays at least $60,000 a year to be a 'gold sponsor',
giving it the right to put its name on ads, pitched as community service
announcements, which promote breakfast as the most important meal of the
day. Last week a group called the Parents Jury voted a Kellogg's Coco Pops
ad the winner in the Smoke & Mirrors category in its inaugural TV ad awards.
In the ad the ABC-TV Playschool presenter Monica Trapaga says: "Coco Pops
contains no artificial colourings or preservatives & 8 vitamins & minerals,
incl calcium for strong bones & teeth". Prof Boyd Swinburn, of the
Australasian Society for the Study of Obesity, which with Cancer Council Vic
& Diabetes Aust is a founder of the Parents Jury, said: "The ad only tells
you part of the story. It doesn't tell you [Coco Pops] is low in fibre & the
vitamins & minerals are added & are only there for marketing purposes." Coco
Pops has 36gm of sugar per 100gm serve, compared with Weet-Bix's 2gm.
Although the ad didn´t breach any ad guidelines, a spokeswoman for Food
Standards Aust NZ, Lydia Buchtmann, said it "just scraped through" & there´d
been complaints from parents. An ad for another Kellogg product,
Nutri-Grain, was nominated for the same category, as was an ad for Nutella
spread. Prof Roger Hughes, head of public health at Griffith Uni, asked "how
can we be critical of the food industry when we´re dependent on it for
revenue? We´re at risk of being infiltrated by the food industry in much the
same way the health sector has been by the pharmaceutical industry." Julie
Woods, a lecturer in nutrition at Monash Uni, resigned over the issue, after
she took part in a committee looking at food regulation which was biased
towards the food industry. "I just felt I was banging my head against a
brick wall" she said. (Source: Sydney Morning Herald)
NY Gov George Pataki has announced his son Teddy has been commissioned as a
2nd Lt in the Marine Corps, making him 1 of the few US politicians with kids
in the military. Gov Pataki is a Republican & supporter of the war in Iraq.
Lt Pataki will apply to defer his military service for 3 years to complete
law school, rather than serving in Iraq. Gov Pataki didn´t serve in the
Vietnam War, receiving a medical deferment for poor eyesight. (Source:
Newsday website [US], radio 1010WINS website [US])
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "No one can earn a million dollars honestly." William
Jennings Bryan.
"There´s no fundamental difference between man & the higher animals in their
mental faculties... The lower animals, like man, manifestly feel pleasure &
pain, happiness & misery." Charles Darwin.
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Awarded to Kim Beazley, the leader of the Alternative Liberal Party (ALP)
for his pathetic parliamentary performance - it´s time he moved on to a
university appointment and left politics to people with the stomach for it.


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($1,500 NEEDED)
Graeme Dunstan, the lantern maker for the Eureka Dawn Walk, has designed a
number of Eureka flags and banners we can use to celebrate forthcoming
anniversaries of the Eureka rebellion at Ballarat on 3rd December.
The designs can be accessed from our website <<anarchistmedia.org>>
These flags and banners will form an important part of the march from the
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stockade site. We have launched an appeal to raise the $1500 needed to make
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Know someone who was born or lives in Australia who you believe should be
honoured for their efforts to create a better and fairer world. Then
nominate them for the
(The site where the Eureka Oath was taken 151 years ago)
Or Email your nomination to: anarchistage@yahoo.com Tell us why you´ve
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BUILD an alternative to the fossilised parliamentary system. Stop giving a
signed blank cheque to politicians to make decisions on you behalf.
Written & Authorised by Dr. Joseph TOSCANO
Suite 4 / 2187 Princes Highway, Clayton 3168, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
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´NO WAR$ / NO Forbes / NO CEO´s´
Forbes Conference CEO´s
Assemble at Sydney´s Opera House on the evening of 29th August 2005.
The Forbes CEO Conference will have high profile neo-con war profiteers and
their political courtiers attending the conference in Sydney on 30th August
2005. Log in to find out what on the day. A colour flyer regarding the
mobilisation is downloadable from

(cnr William and LaTrobe St, Melbourne)
11.30 am - WEDNESDAY 20TH JULY 2005
Can´t get there - would like to do something in your part of the world,
contact us for further information. anarchistmedia.org P.O. Box 5035,
Alphington 3078 Victoria. Tel: 03 8508 9856

United States based activists are being caught up in the new McCarthyism
that is sweeping America. The US Patriot Act has given the US authorities
the instrument to criminalise dissent
Rob ´Ruckus´ Middough, a former US political prisoner and anti
authoritarian, is the latest person to be caught up in the Grand Jury
dragnet. For more information contact
marketa12@earthlink.net or check out www.FBI-WITCHHUNT.com

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