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(en) Subject: Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 650 4th July - 10th July 2005

Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 07:44:25 +0300

Howard´s new Industrial Relations laws are a disaster for most wage earners.
What little security they enjoyed in the workplace in the past, will quickly
be eroded by individual contracts that give employers powers that reduce the
employer worker relationship to a master servant one.
Faced with the prospect of being at the beck and call of employers 24-hours
a day, 7-days a week, wage earners need to examine ways they can protect
their lifestyles, maximise their wages, protect their dignity and maximise
their ability to collectively bargain. Hamstrung by laws that make strikes
virtually illegal and which give employers the ability to bankrupt employees
for taking legitimate workplace action to protect and extend their rights
and conditions, wage earners need to explore new ways or organising.

Irrespective of how powerful the corporate sector has become, they still
need intellectual and physical labour to create profits for their
shareholders. Instead of wage earners selling their labour as individuals,
they should seriously consider exploring the option of forming
co-operatives. Co-operatives formed an important component of the workplace
in Australia in the late 19th century.

Co-operatives are businesses that are owned and run by their members, with
members sharing the profits. They can consist of a half dozen, hundreds or
even thousands of workers. Co-operatives protect workers from Howard´s
Industrial Relations laws, give members the power to circumvent laws that
prevent workplace action and most importantly of all, give members the
opportunity to collectively bargain for better conditions and wages.

Co-operatives are the very antithesis of the corporate model. Profits are
shared by members not by investors and shareholders. A strong co-operative
movement can successfully challenge the economic domination of the corporate
sector and provide real and viable alternatives for people who are sick and
tired of being treated as disposable commodities by government, the State
and the corporate sector.

I´m a little surprised that Tim Colebatch´s article - ´After global good
intentions, benefits of aid in doubt (The Age 4/7), received front page
coverage in Monday´s Age. It´s extraordinary to see that the opinions of
two International Monetary Fund researchers that ´aid does nothing to boost
economic growth´ receive so much attention.

Much of the poverty that exists in Africa is a direct consequence of IMF and
the World Bank lending policies that force governments to adopt structural
Adjustment Programs that place the assets of developing countries into the
hands of organisations like the IMF, organizations whose main role is to
make the world safe for globilisation and corporate capitalism.

Aid has nothing to do with boosting economic growth; aid is about giving to
help redress the inequalities that exist in both Third World countries and
the so called developed countries. Integrating national economics into a
globalisation process that is dominated by the interests of a few hundred
transnational corporations is not the way to resolve the problem of poverty.

Corruption and inequality is a by-product of globalization, not a solution
to the problem. Aid dents the ability of the corporate sector to make a
´killing´ by removing sections of the population from its group. Aid
provides a space that gives people the opportunity to draw breath and
survive. Without aid, the despots whose continued existence helps the IMF
and the World Bank cement their hold on Africa, would be able to totally
dominate the countries they rule. The problem isn´t idealist who want to
eradicate poverty or aid, the problem is the hold both private and State
capitalism has on world economic activity.

While organisations like G8, The World Bank and the IMF are allowed to
dictate policies that disenfranchise the poor and enrich those who exercise
power, poverty will be an ongoing reality. You make poverty history by
making both private and State capitalism history, and transferring wealth
from the State and the corporate back into the hands of the community.

The Treasurer´s assertion that its Industrial Relations blueprint will
increase both jobs and wages can´t go unchallenged - ´Industrial Reforms
take toll on Coalition´ (The Age 5/7). It´s possible the number of poorly
paid, part time, boring, monotonous, dead end jobs will increase as a result
of the Howard government´s Industrial Relations agenda but wages will not
increase for the majority of workers. The only workers whose wages could
increase are a small number of highly skilled workers whose skills may be in
temporary demand. As the number of workers in that category increase, their
bargaining capacity will be eroded and wages will fall.

Howard´s Industrial Relations blueprint for Australia will increase the
number of working poor in the country. It´s no accident the government has
targeted social security beneficiaries in their lead up to its attempts to
create more jobs by removing rights and conditions workers have enjoyed for
decades. It knows that wages in many instances will be so low there will be
no financial incentives for people to enter the workforce. Many people
faced with the insecurity of the new job market will find the relative
security of the social security system a more attractive option than
Howard´s brave new world.

Howard´s proposed Industrial Relations policies will not reform workplace
relations. It will make things worse, not better, for the great majority of
workers, especially those in ´non-unionised´ workplaces who have signed
individual contracts. The Howard government´s push to alter current
Industrial Relations arrangements cannot be viewed in isolation. They are
part of a package that´s designed to force people from the social security
system into poorly paid part time jobs that no one wants to do.

The solution to the current problem doesn´t lie in stripping away workers
rights and conditions; solutions to current woes lies in the passage of
Federal legislation that improves workers wages, rights and conditions, so
more people are encouraged to join the workforce.

I was delighted to see a picture of the Edinburgh Anarchist graffiti ´Make
pop stars politicians and the police history´ in the material in the Sunday
Age article - ´All you need is Live 8 (3/7) but depressed to see many of the
people who are responsible for world poverty playing such a prominent role
in this great will-o´-the-wisp scheme to eradicate poverty. It was
incongruous to see the world´s richest man Bill Gates, a man whose personal
wealth is greater than the world´s poorest 20 nation States, be lauded by
Bob Geldof at the Hyde Park Live 8 concert.

I was flabbergasted to see most of the more prominent Live 8 campaigners
promote the neo-conservative free trade agenda as a solution to world
poverty. In all the hype and hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of
words that were used to promote the manufactured Live 8 consensus,
participants studiously steered away from using the ´C´ word in their
discussions about world poverty.

It seems that the very economic system that has been instrumental in keeping
so many billions in abject poverty for so long - corporate capitalism, has
escaped unscathed in Live 8 discussions. Talking about the eradication of
world poverty without acknowledging the role both corporate and State
capitalism play in the creation of economic conditions that allow a child
every 3 seconds to die from the effects of poverty, is a little bit like
talking about the holocaust without mentioning the Third Reich´s role in the

Poverty won´t be eradicated by begging and beseeching those who create the
conditions that breed poverty to do the right thing. The problem can only
be seriously tackled when hundreds of thousands of people don´t just attend
and watch virtual concerts in TV land but descend on mass wherever and
whenever political and corporate leaders meet to force them to seriously
confront the issue of poverty not in Africa but in so called developed
countries like Australia.

´We are fighting the same people in Iraq who destroyed the World Trade
Centre´ - George Bush. If only it was so simple. It seems the most
powerful man on Earth is having a little bit of trouble putting down a rag
tag band of irregulars who seem to be able to thwart the world´s only
remaining superpower at every turn. George Bush and the neo-cons, who are
deserting his sinking ship, would have been able to make a fist of the war
in Iraq if they had jettisoned the rhetoric and told the American people
that they needed to invade Iraq to bolster access to the oil supplies they
need to keep the US military industrial complex purring along.

If they had been honest about their initial intentions and cut out the
motherhood statements about democracy, peace and apple pie, I´m sure the
American people would have still supported George Bush´s military incursion
into the Middle East. Anybody who thinks that the Iraqi people believe the
rhetoric about freedom, democracy and apple pie, need their heads read. All
this talk about democracy, equality, freedom and the American way of life
doesn´t hold sway in Iraq or for that matter in the US.

The more George Bush and his neo-con cronies trot out the flag and hide
behind the national anthem, people know they are lying. The ´coalition of
the willing´s´ invasion of Iraq has succeeded in doing what Saddam Hussein´s
dictatorship was never able to do. It has created a culture of resistance
in Iraq. Despite the talk of foreign terrorists making up the bulk of the
resistance movement, the reality is a little different. Despite all the
talk about democracy, precious little has materialised.

Currently resistance is largely limited to the Sunni triangle, in time when
the Shia and the Kurds realise that the US has no intention of handing back
real power, it´s possible that resistance may escalate into Southern and
Northern Iraq. Americans are beginning to arrive at the realisation that
the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. Instead of decreasing the threat of
terrorism, they have increased it. With every Iraqi killed, two others
spring up and take their place. The occupation of Iraq has created more
problems than it has tackled. Somebody in George Bus´s inner circle needs
to tell him that as far as Iraq is concerned, the emperor has no clothes.

A. The Live8 concert has raised questions about poverty among many people
that would never think about the subject. Anybody who is seriously
concerned about poverty needs to think beyond the platitudes that have been
raised during Live8. Poverty is first and foremost a political question.
Poverty exists because we live in a world that personally rewards those who
use the current economic system to enrich themselves and exploit others.
Poverty doesn´t exist because people are good or evil, it doesn´t exist
because of corruption, it exists because the dominant economic system on the
planet is capitalism. Not everyone can prosper in a capitalist society.
Some people are rich because other people are poor. One of the fundamental
differences between an anarchist society and a capitalist society is how
wealth is created and how it´s shared. Property is theft when a minority
use the common wealth to enrich themselves. Capitalism, whether it´s
private or State run, is institutionalised theft. While wealth is held by
individuals or the State, poverty will continue to be a real issue.
Poverty ceases to be an individual issue within an anarchist society.
Wealth is held in common, how wealthy an individual is, is determined by the
wealth of the community. ´One for all, all for one´, is the philosophical
basis of an anarchist society. Wealth is held in common by the community,
not for moral or ethical reasons but for practical reasons. In order to
create the infrastructure for a society without rulers, both wealth and
power need to be shared by all. The monopoly on the accumulation of wealth
which exists in a capitalist society gives individuals and groups the power
to impose their will on the community as a whole.
In an anarchist society, access to the ´commonwealth´ created by the
community isn´t determined by how much money you´ve inherited, what you do
or who you are, it´s determined by the fact that you are a member of that
community - ´One for all, all for one´.

If you don´t demand the impossible, nobody else will? What may seem to be
illogical and impossible today may be logical and possible tomorrow.
Flicking through the pages of history, those people who have demanded the
impossible have been the catalyst for radical egalitarian change. I´m
constantly surprised by the number of radical egalitarian activists who try
to contain their demands within acceptable parameters. ´We can´t say that
or we can´t ask for that, it´s too radical´.
Peoples understanding of an issue is detained by the number of options they
are exposed to. To limit the options people are exposed to, to what are
considered to be acceptable options, allow those who wield power to control
the debate. If we don´t raise radical egalitarian extra parliamentary
options, who else will? If we don´t extend the debate about what is
possible, who else will? One of the more challenging slogans of France 1968
was ´tip over the applecart, apples for everyone´. While wealth and power
remain the personal property of a minority, nothing will change. If we
refuse to broaden the debate about what is logical, achievable and
legitimate, nothing will change.
We do nobody a favour by limiting our demands to those that can be
accommodated within the current economic, social and cultural context.
Change occurs because small groups of people have had the courage to
publicly challenge the status quo and raise radical alternatives that will
never be raised if activists limit their demands to those that can be
accommodated within established structures. Working up the right channels,
reinforces the legitimacy and fairness of the status quo; limiting our
demands to ´safe practical alternatives´ is the best way to write ourselves
out of the equation for radical egalitarian change.
Our strength ultimately lies in the strength of our ideas, to water down
those ideas short changes ourselves and more importantly short changes all
those people who are searching for alternatives to the status quo. Demand
the impossible! And create that new world in your heart.

´Contemporary Views of the Eureka Massacre´
´There are two things connected with the late outbreak which I deeply
regret. The first is, that we should have been forced to take up arms at
all; and the second is, that when we were compelled to take the field in our
defence, we were unable (through the want of arms, communication and a
little organisation) to inflict on the real authors of the outbreak, the
punishment they so richly deserved´.
Extract of a letter from Peter Lalor, elected leader of the rebellion, which
appeared in the Melbourne Argus on the 10th April 1855.

´Here begins a foul deed, worthy of devils, and devils they were. The
accursed troopers were now within the stockade. They dismounted and pounced
on firebrands from the large fire in the middle of the stockade, and
deliberately set in a blaze all the tents around aboutŠ.. The howling and
yelling was horrible. The wounded are now burnt to death; those who had
lain down their arms and taken refuge within the tents were kicked like
brutes and made prisoners´.
Extracts from the novel ´The Eureka Stockade (1855)´ written by Raffaello
Carboni, a major participant in the Eureka rebellion.

´My thanks, and the thanks of all the well disposed of this community are
due to the officers and men of that small band; they crushed an extensive
plot; they proved that masses are not to be dreaded where discipline and
military confidence prevail and I trust Her Majesty´s government may see fit
to mark their approbation of Captain Thomas, to whom I consider this colony
is deeply indebted´.
Extract from a letter from Sir Charles Hotham, Governor of Victoria, to his
boss ´The Secretary of State for the Colonies, Sir George Grey.

´The Major-General has already been aware of the fact that a large number
of ill-disposed persons have for some days been openly organising, drilling
and equipping themselves with the undisguised object of attacking Her
Majesty´s troops, and if possible of subverting the government´.
´During the whole of that day (2/12) strong parties of insurgents were
parading the diggings in every direction, many in sight of the camp, robbing
stores, collecting arms and forcing people to join their ranks´.
´The number of the killed and wounded on the side of the insurgents was
great, but I have no means of ascertaining it correctly. I have reason
however to believe that there were not less than 30 killed on the spot, and
I know that many have since died of their wounds´.
Extracts of a letter from J.W. Thomas, Captain Commanding troops at
Ballarat, to his ´boss´ Major-General Sir Robert Nickle, - the Commander in
Chief of Military Forces in Australia during the Eureka uprising.

Copies of the letters these extracts have been taken from can be found in
Chapter 7 - ´Contemporary Views of the Massacre´ in Bob O´Brien´s book
´Massacre At Eureka - The Untold Story´. - ISBN 0909874 190

By John Jiggens,
Nugan, Hand, Murray Riley and the Murder of Donald MacKay, NETWORK TO
´The Sydney Connection´ gives a chilling insight into the strong
relationship that existed between organised crime, the C.I.A., A.S.I.O., the
corporate world, the media, politicians and State and Federal police in
Australia in the 1960´s, ´70´s and ´80´s. John Jiggens has managed in just
130 pages to join the dots of a puzzle that has for a variety of reasons
eluded most investigative journalists.
When I received the copy of ´The Sydney Connection´ late week, I passed it
on to a friend who is much more familiar with the contents of John Jiggens´
book than I am, for his opinion about the author´s conclusions.

Thanks for the read of ´The Sydney Connection´, I couldn´t stop till I´d
read it all. The author obviously has done lots of homework and dug in
where the authorities don´t want people digging!
Joe, there was much more going on during the Nugan - Hand caper than I had
realised. Not a mention, (to my memory), of all those C.I.A. and ex
Generals and Admirals running the show and it was ´focus shifted´ to the
growers in the Griffith Plantation when Donald MacKay was knocked. I´d
heard a whisper somewhere a long time ago that nominated that turd Fred
Krahe about the Juanita Neilson ´disappearance´, and the author and James
Bageley seem to reckon he did the deed with MacKay too!
I think the book by John Jiggens is a fully researched and well presented
one, which captures the ´time and feel´ of that period very distinctly. He
cuts away through the media bullshit that the Aussie public were told and
gets down and dirty with what really was going on. He tells the story that
Premier Askin, his government, the C.I.A., A.S.I.O., the NSW Federal and
State Police and associate gangsters, wanted kept totally quiet. Anyone
who, like me, wants to know what the REAL story is will certainly like ´The
Sydney Connection´! John Jiggens seems to be one of the very few
investigative journos that I thought might be a lost breed, and is to be
congratulated on his fearless reporting of ´REAL´ stories.
- All the best / James.

John Jiggens has successfully lifted the lid on an ´Australian story´ that
needs to be told over and over again. The most important lesson that can be
drawn from ´The Sydney Connection´ is that the conditions that created the
opportunity for the Sydney connection to flourish have not changed. It´s
highly likely that as readers digest the information that has been put
together by Jiggens, they begin to think about the nature of the
relationship that exists between organised crime, the police, politicians,
the media and local and overseas secret service agencies in Australia in
2005. It happened 30 year ago, it can happen again.
This in not the type of book you´ll find in ´all good bookshops´, they tend
to shy away from this type of stuff. Try a ´bad bookshop´, if you don´t
know any write to:
4101, Brisbane, QLD, AUST. And get hold of a copy of ´The Sydney

I´d just finished a house call and was walking back to my car, parked in the
patient´s driveway, when this skinny woman clad in black began to
gesticulate at the bus stop sign and called out to me in broken English
whether this was the bus stop. I said ´yes´, she asked me when the next bus
was coming by, I said ´soon´. She seemed satisfied with my answers and sat
down in the bus shelter. I didn´t give the matter another thought, climbed
into the car and put the keys in the ignition.
She got up off the seat, ran into the driveway and began knocking on the
driver´s window of my car. I rolled the window down, thinking she was going
to ask me another question about the bus. To cut a long story short, she
blurted out she wanted a lift as she was running late for work and had to
pick up her car on the way to work at the garage at the top of the hill. I
shrugged my shoulders and said ´fine´. She whizzed over to the passenger
side, opened the door and hopped in. She must be in her late 50´s, a
chiselled taut body draped in skin that had been exposed to too much sun.
Her face non descript utilitarian, functional, clad in a black skirt and a
black top and jumper she could have been anybodies grandmother.
I turned left out of the driveway and asked a few perfunctory questions
about her. She´d come to Australia from Lebanon, her husband worked in a
factory, she owned a 1986 Toyota Corolla - ´a beautiful car´, which in the
last few days had let her down. The local garage wasn´t the normal
corporate job, but a father and son outfit she had used for years. I
remembered a pale blue run down garage on the left hand side of the road at
the top of the hill that had been there for decades and asked her if this
was the one, she nodded.
It was going to cot $1600, a months wages, to get her Toyota Corolla fixed
properly, she was going to call her daughter about getting another second
hand car and selling (possibly giving away) this one as she needed a car to
get to work. We soon reached our destination; she got out, thanked me and
disappeared into the garage. Would I have done the same if I found myself
in the same situation? I doubt it. If all 95kgs of me began pounding on
driver´s car windows looking for a lift, I´m sure it wouldn´t take long
before Her Majesty´s finest would pull me aside and ask me what I thought I
was doing. It pays to look non threatening in a world where we´re taught
every stranger is a potential threat.

Suicide continues to be a major problem in Western society. The Senate
Select Committee on Mental Health has been overwhelmed with over 500
submissions, many from parents whose children have committed suicide within
weeks of being discharged from the public mental health system. In
Victoria, almost 6000 people committed suicide between 1992-2002. This
figure only includes those people were suicide was the obvious cause of
death. In many case, it´s difficult to prove that people have taken their
own lives.

It is very difficult trying to access public mental health facilities in
Victoria. Even if people do access them, assessments can be perfunctory. A
decade after the far reaching and comprehensive Burdekin Inquiry nothing
seems to have changed. In many circumstances, things seem to have got worse
not better. Care systems provide brief periods of medicalised care. Follow
up is brief and non existent. Overworked staff are asked to cope with
impossible work loads. The system provides band aid care to people who need
much, much more care.

The problem can be laid squarely at the feet of both State and the Federal
government. In Victoria, mental health problems account for around 1 in 4
medical consultations, but only about 8% of the Victorian health care budget
is spent on the mental health system. The Federal government only spends 7%
of the total health budget on mental health, half of what is spent by OEDC
countries in the rest of the world. Dealing with mental health problems is
difficult, there are no quick solutions to the problem, and they cannot be
solved on the cheap.

Governments need to at least double the present allocation to mental health
services to give staff an even money chance of tackling this epidemic.
Australia doesn´t need another Senate Select Committee to look into the
matter; it needs to put much needed human and institutional resources into
the problem. This will only happen if the families and friends of people
with mental health problems and those people who have to deal with mental
health issues, place direct political pressure on State governments and the
Federal government.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

ARIVISTA ANARCHIA, No.308, Vol35, May 05, Editrice A, C.P. 17120, 20170,
Milano, ITALY. Tel:022896627 Fax;0228001271 email:arivista@tin.it
L´HOMME LIBRE No184, Vol46, No3, July/Sept 05, Recharche d´une psychologie
liberatrice Boite Postale 205-42005, Saint-Etienne Cedex 1, FRANCE
ROJO Y NEGRO No.180, June ´05, Publicacion Mensual Anarcho Syndicalist, C/-
Copania 9, Pamplona / Iruna, SPAIN, tel:948224766, fax:948212399,

TIERRA Y LIBERTAD No.203, June 045, Periodico Anarquista, A Gonzalez,
Apartado 7056 de Madrid, 28080 Madrid SPAIN. tierraylibertad@nodo50.org
UMANITA NOVA Vol.85, No.22, 19TH JUNE ´05, Settimenale Anarchico,
C/-Federazione Anarchico Torinese, C.50 Palermo 46, Torino, ITALY,
tel/fx:011 857850, Mobile:3386594361, email:fat@increte.it

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The new head of the C´wealth bank signed a letter aimed at stopping legal
recognition of gay relationships, which claimed children of gay parents were
at risk of abuse & murder. NZ businessman Frank Norris took over the
C´wealth Bank in June. Last Dec, he & his wife were among the signatories to
a letter aimed at stopping the Civil Unions Bill. The letter cited research
claiming children of gay parents were more likely to be the victims of abuse
& murder. The research was carried out by a conservative lobby group & isn´t
accepted by mainstream scientists. (MCV newspaper)
Half the 'free-range' eggs sold in Aust actually come from hens kept in
cages or barns, acc to farmers. Ivy Inwood from Country Range Farming says
the current demand for free-range & the over-production of eggs from barns &
cages, means that thousands of eggs are being falsely labelled 'free range'.
Eggs marked as free-range can cost up to 3 times as much. Farmer Phil
Westwood says many farms put free-range hens at the front of the property,
while the majority of their birds are in cages out back. The industry was
deregulated in Vic in ´94 & has had essentially no legal definition of
'free-range' since then. (ABC News website)
2 psychologists who practiced without being registered at Baxter detention
centre have been 'punished' by being given a warning. The SA Psychological
Board said after seeking an explanation, it had decided not to institute
legal proceedings, but issued the warning. The 2 had apologised for their
'oversight'. Acting Immigration Min Peter McGauran claimed in April all
people working as psychologists at immigration detention facilities were
appropriately trained & registered with relevant agencies. (The Age)
Doctors have refused to supply Centrelink with references testifying sole
parents are still single, saying it wasn´t their job to act as "welfare
police". From July 1, sole parents who change address Centrelink will ask
20,000 sole parents who´ve moved address recently to attend an interview.
Many will be required to return 2 signed referee statements, preferably from
"persons of some standing will be forced to prove their single status to
Centrelink by supplying references - preferably from a doctor or lawyer - or
risk losing their welfare payments. Over the next year, in the community",
to verify that they´re not in a de facto relationship. AMA Pres Mukesh
Haikerwal rejected the bid to ask doctors to verify the personal living
arrangements of their patients. Haikerwal said asking GPs to play such a
role could discourage some patients from talking about medical conditions
that might be due to their domestic situation, for fear they´d be reported
to Centrelink. (The Age)
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "There´s no fundamental difference between man & the
higher animals in their mental faculties... The lower animals, like man,
manifestly feel pleasure & pain, happiness & misery." Charles Darwin.
ATNTF weekly anarchist news report www.apolitical.info

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´There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on

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Photocopy the spare copy you´ve received with your membership card and
distribute to your friends, workmates or set up a stall in the places you
live and work in. Whether Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule becomes a
reality ultimately rests in your hands. Web:www.rulebythepeople.org
Email:supporters@rulebythepeople.org Tel: 0439 395 489
BUILD an alternative to the fossilised parliamentary system. Stop giving a
signed blank cheque to politicians to make decisions on you behalf.
Written & Authorised by Dr. Joseph TOSCANO
Suite 4 / 2187 Princes Highway, Clayton 3168, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
** Go to rulebythepeople.org & sign up to our low traffic official group
news broadcast email list. **

Know someone who was born or lives in Australia who you believe should be
honoured for their efforts to create a better and fairer world. Then
nominate them for the
(The site where the Eureka Oath was taken 151 years ago)
Or Email your nomination to: anarchistage@yahoo.com
Tell us why you´ve nominated that person and send us your contact details so
we can contact you in case we need further information about your choices.

($1,500 NEEDED)
Graeme Dunstan, the lantern maker for the Eureka Dawn Walk, has designed a
number of Eureka flags and banners we can use to celebrate forthcoming
anniversaries of the Eureka rebellion at Ballarat on 3rd December.
The designs can be accessed from our website <<anarchistmedia.org>>
These flags and banners will form an important part of the march from the
Eureka stockade site to Bakery Hill to the cemetery and back to the Eureka
stockade site. We have launched an appeal to raise the $1500 needed to make
these flags and banners. Send cheques and money orders made out to:
saying you want the money to go towards the Eureka flags and banners The
flags & banners will give the ´long march´ the visual component it currently
Want to have a look at what you´re sending in your money to make to be used
at the 151st anniversary of the Eureka rebellion then log onto

RECEIVED SO FAR $350.00 - $1150.00 TO GO

´NO WAR$ / NO Forbes / NO CEO´s´
Forbes Conference CEO´s
Assemble at Sydney´s Opera House on the evening of 29th August 2005.
The Forbes CEO Conference will have high profile neo-con war profiteers and
their political courtiers attending the conference in Sydney on 30th August
2005. Log in to find out what on the day. A colour flyer regarding the
mobilisation is downloadable from

Heard across Australia. 10am - 11am every Wednesday.
An anarchist analysis of local, national & international events. Tune into
your local community radio station to listen to the Anarchist World This
Week. If they don´t broadcast it, ask them why not! If they´re one of the
150 community radio stations around Australia that are affiliated to the
National Community Radio Satellite, they are able to broadcast the Anarchist
World This Week.

Anarchist World This Week broadcast on;
2BAY, 2BBB, 2BLU, 2DRY, 2HOT, 2OCB, 2WOW, 2XX, 3CH, 3CR, 36CR, 3MGB, 3REG,

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