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(en) New pages on the Struggle site

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 15:00:22 +0100 (CET)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
News about and of interest to anarchists
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Hi folks, the latest addition sto the struggle site are to be found at
http://struggle.ws/new.html They are:
* Total banker ---- Next Sunday, the 30th of January the president of the
World Bank is due to visit Dublin. The President Mr. James Wolfensohn is here
to talk to the World Council of Churches
Download the PDF file
* Don't Mention the Reality ------ How Bush's coronation speech has nothing in common with reality or
* Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction -------- A review of Colin Ward's
good, but not prefect, new introduction to anarchism.

Meet the new boss, same as the old one
How Lula's government confirms the anarchist case against radicals using
An analysis of how the 1905 Russian Revolution vindiated anarchism, not
Marxism -- as well as combating a few Marxist myths about anarchism along
the way..
The Weekly Worker, Anarchism and the 1905 Russian
A letter to the Weekly Worker explaining the real facts about anarchism
and the general strike (among other things).
Leninists and anarchist history
An example of how Leninists rewrite history to exclude anarchists or
references to anarchists
W stands for Wanker
Bush's reponse to the disaster in East Asia shows his real personality
-- and the priorities of capitalism.
What a bunch of Muppets
Iraq is getting worse, so exposing the Bush Junta's incompetence (and
ulteria motives).
The Salvador Option
The US is thinking about using death squads in Iraq. Obviously killing
tens of thousands in Central America is considered a success.
Bush: Al Qaeda's best recruiter
The Bush Junta choice of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General shows (as
usual) it is busy strengthening Al Qaeda.
Freedom, Iraqi style
How the use plan to turn Fallujah into a police state, with the aid of
slave labour.
Fallujah: Liberation at work
On the civilian deaths in Fallujah.
It's official (again), no WMD in Iraq
No Iraqi WMD. Not to worry, as Bush would do it again knowing what he
knows now. Remember 9/11 and don't think!
A few bad apples?
The AUCL gets a FBI memo which shows Bush approved the use of torture in
Iraq (and elsewhere). The Bush Junta are the real "bad apples"
Taxing times
A series of shorts on the maddness of capitalism.=
Wall Street, altruism personified
It wants to lobby for privatising Social Security in the US and it won't
make any money out of it! How generous!
What really happened in Spain?
This is a summary of the debate between anarchists and James Donald on
what happened during the Spanish Revolution of 1936 and 1937. Contained in
this file is a summary of James Donald's many postings on the subject
during that debate.
Education, anarchism and education struggles
An index of anarchist articles about education and about the struggles
of students and those who work in education
Making a killing on your property
Children are not property and should not be used to further the agenda
of chemical companies.
This is what democracy looks like?
On the US assault on Fallujah. Saddam would be proud.
Sick, sick, sick
A few short articles on the madness of capitalism
The reports of voting irregularies are increasing as job growth falls.
Welcome to Bush's America.
Polls Apart
Comparing the response to the US and Ukrainian elections.
The irony of the Bush Junta using exit polls to attack the results in
the former. If you are going to steal an election, use the Bush way -- the
invisible hand of the market!

All at http://struggle.ws/new.html

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