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(en) SE Asia, a website with English text on anarchists - ABOUT US

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 08:08:43 +0100 (CET)

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As an Anarchist in Asia, I saw little that was heartening. The movement
in most places was small or didn't exist. The countries that have not
been cut off from the outside world by dictatorial governments are on
the fast route to domination by multinational corporations. Everywhere
there are severe restrictions on free speech and human rights abuses,
and I didn't run across a place where women weren't grossly exploited,
trafficked or mentally or physically enslaved. Animal rights are a joke,
with the environment faring only slightly better. To make matters worse,
hardly any activists in the West are aware of the political situations in
Asia, except in cases of highly-publicized campaigns like 'Free Tibet'.

Well you know what we say... if it isn't there, organize it. I began
putting this site together with the help of One Awesome and
All-Knowing Dude (Many, many thanks) in hopes of uniting the East
and Southeast Asian anti-capitalist communities, to facilitate
organizing, and to shed what light I can on the state of affairs in that
part of the world for all the activists who would like to lend their
stregth and voices to the Asian struggle.

If there are no radical, Anarchist or progressive-type links posted for a
particular country, it's because we haven't found any. Often the
closest thing is an underground or forbidden democracy movement.
Several of the countries in East Asia are unbelievably strict on
dissenters of any kind, frequently jailing them for years over minor
expressions of opinion, and so any radical tendencies are kept under
wraps. Sometimes fascist governments have so thoroughly shut their
people off from the internet and from the rest of humanity (North
Korea) that activists are hard-pressed to get their message to the
international community. Of course, if you know of something we've
missed, we'd like to hear about it.

Anyway, though a country may not have any above-ground
anarchists, there are often still activist groups that are doing their best
to improve the local quality of life, such as landmine-clearing
organizations in Cambodia and animal rights groups in Japan. I hope
this page can serve as a portal for anyone who would like to be
connected with those groups.

It seems to me that Asia poses some unique problems for Anarchists.
Unlike in the West, where Socialism has yet to be given a chance,
there are examples of tyrants twisting the high ideals of Communism
to their own monocratic ends in the present and the very recent past.
Where talk of class war and abolishing the rich are rallying cries to
Western Anarchists, in Asia they tend to revive memories of the
horrors of dictatorship that most people seem eager to forget. The
Chinese endured three decades of bloody leadership at the hands of
Chairman Mao. The Cambodians are still reeling from Pol Pot and
the Khmer Rouge. Countless Laotians go without basic amenities
such as running water in their "Communist" state, and the little that
we do know of North Korea's Communism points to a land of
shameless government propaganda and an estimated 2 million dead
from economic mismanagement and food shortages. And that ain't
the half of it.

The good news is that there have been Anarchist movements there in
the past, and in several countries like South Korea and Japan there is
a growing interest in radical politics, so what we're aiming for is not
entirely unprecedented or unattainable. Anyway, this site is what
came of a sort of frantic enthusiasm to do everything at once. I hope
that it can become useful tool for activists everywhere.

I'd like to note that we have no intention of presenting SE Asia in a
negative light. The issues that are discussed on this page are those
which need attention from the international activist communities. SE
Asia is an amazing, beautiful and bountiful place, and our site aims to
make it better by bringing to light those things which would benefit
from public attention.

"An invasion of armies can be resisisted, but not an idea whose time
has come." - Victor Hugo

- Caillech

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