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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 627 24th January-30th January 2005

From philmcc@optusnet.com.au
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2005 06:39:10 +0100 (CET)

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Kim Beasley, Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd have launched their campaigns for
the leadership of the Federal ALP, claiming it´s important that Australia
has a strong united Opposition because the Howard government will have a
majority in both houses of Federal parliament after the 1st of July.
I don´t know what constitutional textbook they´re using, but the one I´m
using clearly states that irrespective of how strong and united the
Opposition is, the Howard government can pass almost any legislation it
wants to through parliament until the next Federal election. The Australian
Constitution is essentially a document that regulates the relationship
between Federal and State governments; it has little if anything to say
about human rights. Our Constitution puts the individual and minorities at
the mercy of any government that is able to exercise a majority in both
houses of parliament.

Ultimate power and authority in any society, irrespective of whether it´s a
dictatorship or a parliamentary democracy, lies with the people. The
balance between the amount of power the State and the individual is able to
exercise, is determined by the level of resistance that is generated in the
community when the State attempts to increase its power through legislation
or force.

It´s no accident that in a dictatorship people don´t have the right to form
their own organisations, protest or publish, and the only way the people can
reassert their authority is through revolutionary change. It´s an ominous
sign that since the Australian Olympics, a raft of Federal legislation has
been passed through the parliament that strips the individual of rights and
liberties they have enjoyed for generations.

Over the next few years, resistance to the Howard government´s parliamentary
agenda does not, as has occurred in the last two decades, lie in the
Opposition party´s ability to block legislation in the Senate; it will lie
in the strength of extra-parliamentary opposition to the government´s
legislative agenda.

Whether extra-parliamentary challenges to the Howard government´s
legislative agenda are successful or not, will depend on the number of
people who are willing to exercise and defend those rights and liberties
which make it possible for the people, not parliament or the State, to
exercise ultimate political power and authority.

It´s disheartening to think that so much time, effort, energy and money is
devoted to the celebration of the foundation of a penal colony in New South
Wales on the 26th of January 1788. Australia Day has always been and
continues to be a divisive day that is neither acknowledged nor celebrated
by as significant minority of Australians.

To mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of a penal colony in
Australia, the 21st of January 1888 edition of the Bulletin feature piece
stated that ´our national day should be celebrated not on the 26th of
January, but on December 3rd, the date on which in 1854 the diggers in
revolt against unjust and tyrannical authority had furnished a precedent to
Australia, which all Australians worthy of the name should inscribe the
letters of indelible print within the red-leaved tablets of their hearts´.

One hundred years later, thousands of indigenous Australians and their
supporters marched through Sydney on the 26th of January 1988, to
demonstrate that they believed it was inappropriate to celebrate Australia
Day on the day the dispossession of a people who had continuously inhabited
this continent for over 40,000 years began.

On the 217th anniversary of the establishment of a British penal colony in
Australia, it´s both inappropriate and divisive to continue to celebrate
Australia Day on the 26th of January. It´s time a significant political and
public debate was launched to discuss alternatives to the current
meaningless celebrations.

Two dates that spring to mind that have had a far reaching and continuing
impact on the lives of Australians are Eureka Day the 3rd of December and
Mabo Day the 3rd of June. On the 3rd of June 1992, the High Court of
Australia declared that indigenous Australians had rights to land in law
because of their continuing occupation of that land. The 3rd of June marks
the beginning of a reconciliation process between indigenous and
non-indigenous Australians that is more than empty rhetoric.

Both Eureka Day and Mabo Day have proved to be far more significant and
relevant days to celebrate Australia Day than the 26th of January has proved
to be.

I was astounded to hear the Prime Minister John Howard and his ideological
side-kick Jeff Kennett, suggest that Australians who ´dump on Australia´ are
somehow unAustralian. It´s extraordinary that they think that anybody who
has ideas that differ from theirs, are somehow unAustralian.

Criticising this country´s institutions, making criticisms about the
direction this country´s political system has moved in, rejecting the type
of society we have become and suggesting alternatives is quintessentially

What gives political leaders the right to think that their beliefs,
ideological positions and policy initiatives and nobody else´s define the
Australian character? What gives them the right to lampoon other people´s
ideas because they don´t fit their ideological straight jacket? More
importantly, what gives them the right to ostracise from society those
people who make criticisms and proffer alternatives.

To be Australian is to be able to criticise, analyse, suggest alternatives
and be allowed to be able to participate in an ongoing debate about our
strengths, our weaknesses, the direction both public and private
institutions are moving in, without the fear of social ostracism, arbitrary
arrest, interrogation and imprisonment.

The Howard government, a government that has achieved a historic majority in
both houses of parliament with the support of a little over 40% of eligible
voters (10% don´t vote or vote informal, 10% of eligible voters aren´t
registered), does not have the right to close down debate by threatening
those who oppose their ideas with social and cultural ignominy.

If Howard´s statement is any indication of the Howard government´s state of
mind, it´s time that Australians begin to seriously consider exercising
those few rights and liberties they still enjoy to freely associate, speak
and protest in order to stymie their plans, remould the Australian character
through legislation to fit their bland, one dimensional, smug,
self-satisfied ideological view of what it is to be Australian.

What can you say about the Iraqi elections that haven´t been said before?
Will the elections change anything? Will they give the current puppet
administration the credibility it needs in order to rule in its own right?
Will millions cast a ballot or will the elections be a mechanism by which
the Shiite majority will be able to rule Iraq? The ´coalition of the
willing´ faces a major problem even if millions cast a ballot, it´s highly
likely that the government that will be elected is one which will be
difficult to influence, let alone control.

Iraq, like Yugoslavia as a decade ago, is on the brink of fracturing into a
number of independent States. The south will become dominated by the
Mullahs, most of whom owe their allegiance to the Iranian government. After
5 decades of struggle, the Kurds would love to form an independent State.
They are ready, irrespective of the Turkish State´s reaction to the creation
of a Kurdish State; they will create one.

The Sunni minority would find themselves in an extremely difficult situation
if Iraq is fractured. The troublesome alliance between Saddam loyalists and
Sunni fundamentalists that has caused the cost of the occupation of Iraq
since it was invaded in September 2003 to spiral to over $400 billion would
disintegrate, if the ´coalition of the willing´ is driven out. It´s likely
that secular and religious Sunnis may turn on each other in a bruising and
devastating civil war, if the Iraqi State fractures.

All in all, the Iraqi elections solve nothing and will create the conditions
that will lead to the eventual disintegration of the State of Iraq. The
´coalition of the willing´ would throw their support behind the
establishment of a Kurdish State; the Iranian Mullahs would support the
creation of a new Muslim fundamentalist State based around Basra and the
Sunni triangle will become a buffer State controlled by US interests from
which it would be possible to launch attacks against the Iranians and their
allies in Basra.

All in all a very depressing scenario, considering that the invasion of Iraq
by the ´coalition of the willing´ was supposed to be met by rejoicing in the
streets, freedom, democracy and liberty, well that´s the line John Howard
and George Bush expect us to swallow. Who are you to argue with two of the
most powerful men in the world? Take what they´ve told you at face value,
have faith, it will be alright, the elections will fix the current mess; God
exists, Santa lives at the North Pole and the tooth fairy is alive and well
in Melbourne.

So the United States Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has his own secret
spy outfit because he doesn´t trust the C.I.A. So what? Successive US
governments have never really had much time for established security or
defence agencies. These agencies have the small problem of having to give
lip service to the US constitution and the law; concepts that get in the way
of the military industrial complexes plans for the world.

Rumsfeld is just following the US government tradition of waxing lyrical
about democracy, freedom, liberty, mum, dad and apple pie, while doing what
has to be done to protect the US interests at home and abroad. Military
coups, murder, kidnapping, torture, blackmail are just a few of the tools
available to Rumsfeld´s goons. Mind you, all in the name of freedom,
democracy and the American way of life.

What´s extraordinary about Rumsfeld´s little mates, is not that they
torture, murder, kidnapping, maim in the name of Uncle Sam, but that the
people of the US are more than happy for these secret units to conduct their
covert operations without them facing the prospect of any messy
investigations into their activities.

The ´bad guys´ aren´t viewed as human beings; they are an impediment to the
US economic and political domination of the globe. They´re mad, bad and
mighty unclean (a little like Louie the Fly) and like Louie and his mates,
they need to be eliminated. How they and their supporters are dealt with
doesn´t really matter, as long as the job is done.

Look at the US record and you´ll see what is happening is neither new nor
considered to be unusual in political circles, the media, security agencies,
the US armed forces or a majority of people living in the US. That´s why
Donald Rumsfeld´s little venture into murder incorporated isn´t a big deal,
as far as anyone in authority is concerned.

A. I´m afraid not. Some anarchists seem to think that anarchism is a
lifestyle, not a set of principle. They believe that anarchists, who have
chosen not to pursue the lifestyle they´ve chosen, are not ´real´
anarchists. Wearing black, living in a collective, refusing to accept
government money, squatting, forming a co-operative, pooling resources,
having multiple partners, living as a nuclear family are decisions which can
be taken by both anarchists and non anarchist alike.
Anarchism is not linked to a particular lifestyle. It´s about trying to
create structures, organisations, institutions and framework that do not
allow individuals and groups to impose their will on other people. There is
not one anarchist lifestyle, there are many non-authoritarian
non-hierarchical lifestyles that can be chosen by anarchists, and each is as
significant as the next.
Attempting to create a universal anarchist lifestyle is both
counterproductive and alienating. No such thing has ever existed or will
exist. The strength of both anarchism and anarchists is dependent on
activists understanding that many different non-hierarchical lifestyles can
exist simultaneously. What somebody wears or doesn´t wear, whether they
live alone, in a nuclear family collective or commune is not important.
What is important is that they accept the idea that they want to create and
live in a society without rulers. What path they choose is unimportant as
long as the path they take does not allow them to exercise authority over
the people.
The exercise of power, not a universal lifestyle, is the central issue
facing anarchists in the 21st century.

With this issue of the Anarchist Age Weekly Review (AAWR), you´ll receive a
poster advertising the forthcoming ´Eliminate the Debt - Trivial Pursuit
Night´. The purpose of this event is twofold. It gives us an opportunity
to meet readers of the AAWR in a non political environment and it gives us
an opportunity to eliminate the debt. What we can and can´t achieve during
the year will, to some degree, be determined by the amount of resources we
have access to.
All members of the Anarchist Media Institute / Libertarian Workers for a
Self Managed Society provide their services free of charge. Our costs are
related to the studio and telephone charges required to produce the radio
program Anarchist World This Week and typing, printing and postage costs
related to producing and distributing the AAWR. We´ve never been able to
meet production costs and have relied on the generosity of listeners and
readers as well as the patience of those we owe money to.
If the Trivial Pursuit Night turns out to be successful, we´d like to hold 2
a year to try to keep our production costs in check. The prizes for the
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relatively low and people who pre-book tickets for a table of 10 can book a
table for $100. You can buy tickets at the door $15 (wage earners) - $10
(non wage earners). The hall has 6 steps, but once you get into it, it is
wheelchair accessible. We can provide the necessary assistance for anyone
who is confined to a wheelchair to get up the stairs.
The questions Tony has organised are not ´political´. All you need is a
slight interest in current events to be able to participate successfully.
Prizes will be distributed in a manner that gives everyone, irrespective of
how much they know, a chance of picking up a prize. Whether we repeat the
Trivial Pursuit Night depends on the success of the one organised for
Saturday 12th February. See you on the night. DOORS OPEN 6.30PM.
46 Ireland St, West Melbourne
(Walking distance from railway station)
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Pre-booked table of 10 = $100.
Single Tickets: $15-(wage earners)
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Q. What happened to the men that were acquitted of High Treason? PART E
Jan Vennick, born in the Netherlands, was described in the Age as ´another
of the foreign anarchists´, was one of the unluckiest of the 13 miners tried
for High Treason. Vennick was put on trial on the 22nd March 1855, a month
after John Joseph was acquitted of the same charge in the Supreme Court. He
was asleep in a tent 300 yards from the Eureka stockade when it was
surrounded by police and the occupants were ordered to surrender. He was
handcuffed, hit on the head three times with a sword and was taken into
custody. Although he had a number of eye witnesses that swore he had
nothing to do with the Eureka rebellion, he was one of the last miners to be
tried for High Treason. He remained in Australia till 1866 when he married
Kate Lucas from Rotterdam. It´s suggested he returned to England soon after
his marriage.

Henry REED
Little is known about Henry Reed apart from the fact that he was in the
Eureka stockade when it was stormed. He was acquitted of the charge of High
Treason on the 27th March 1855, although evidence was given that he had shot
at Trooper Michael Lawler.

William MOLLOY
Little is known about William Molloy apart from the fact that he was in the
stockade when it was stormed. Edward Verit, a police sergeant, arrested him
as he tried to escape from the stockade. He was acquitted of the charge of
High Treason on the 23rd March 1855.

NEXT WEEK: - More stories about what happened to the 13 miners who were
acquitted of High Treason between 22nd February and 27th March 1855 in the
Victorian Supreme Court in Melbourne.

SOURCE OF INFO: - ´The Eureka Encyclopaedia´, John Cortfield, Dorothy
Wickham, Clare Gervasoni, Ballarat Heritage Services 2004, ISBN 1876478616

the 150th anniversary of the acquittal of John Joseph on the 22nd February
1855, the first of the 13 miners that were charged with High Treason for
their involvement in the Eureka rebellion.
**** NOTE **** - The site of the Victorian Supreme Court in 1855 is
different to the current site-we are celebrating the miners acquittal at
the current Supreme Court to highlight the legal victory the miners

­ A Historical Perspective of the Policing of Major Industrial Disorder in
David BAKER 1999
(Paper presented at the History of Crime, Policing & Punishment Conference,
Charles Sturt University, Canberra, Australia)
This well researched 18-page paper puts into perspective the small number of
violent confrontations that have occurred between police and workers in
Australia. Although the common perception presented in the fourth estate is
that these industrial disputes are a threat to society, there has been no
strike in Australian history that has directly sought the overthrow of the
government of the day, by workers taking up arms. David Baker demonstrates
that the few violent confrontations that have occurred have been due to
concerns regarding wages, conditions, job security and occupational health
and safety issues.
Historically, the police in Australia have sided with the State and
employers, although police recruits have come from predominately working
class backgrounds. The antipathy between police and workers can be traced
back to the bitter disputes that occurred between police and trade unionists
around Australia in the 1890´s. The introduction of compulsory conciliation
and arbitration in 1904 markedly decreased the number of industrial disputes
that led to violent confrontations between labour and police.
Baker examines a number of violent disputes in his paper, beginning with the
1873 riot in Clunes when the people of Clunes battled with the police to
prevent Chinese strike breakers from entering the town. The author examines
the 1890´s Shearers strike, the 1912 Brisbane general strike and the
violence that broke out at two meatworks in Townsville in 1919. In the
1920´s and 30´s police violence increased as unions came under the influence
of radical groups. The Melbourne Wharf strike in November 1928 saw the
Sub-Inspector in charge of the operations empty his revolver into a crowd of
wharf labourers, fortunately most police officers ignored the
Sub-Inspector´s orders and fired over the heads of the workers. Two
waterside workers were shot in the back and another, Alan Whittaker, died as
a result of a police gunshot to his neck.
The 1948 Queensland Railway strike, the Mount Isa strikes of 1961, 64-65 and
1995, all led to violent confrontations between workers and police.
Industrial disputes involving the B.L.F. in Victoria in the 1970´s and 80´s,
as well as the Howard government´s attempts to smash he Maritime Union of
Australia in 1998 resulted in a number of violent confrontations.
´Barricades and Batons´ is a well researched and presented paper that has
over 122 references. It explodes many of the myths that are recirculated by
the fourth estate every time an individual dispute breaks out.
Confrontations between police and workers have decreased as the trade union
movement has been incorporated into the arbitration system.
The Howard government´s strategy of destroying unions by tying them up in
red tape, enterprise bargaining agreements and legal cul de sacs, may be
just the strategy that will create the conditions that will see increasing
levels of violence occur between police and workers during a period when
violent confrontations between workers and police are at a historical low.
A copy of this paper is available from the Libertarian Workers for a Self
Managed Society for a book of 10 (50c stamps). Send a book of stamps to
Libertarian Workers P.O. Box 20, Parkville 3052, Victoria, AUSTRALIA for a
copy of this fascinating paper.

A full moon, moisture on a blade of grass, shark eggs on the beach,
imperceptible wind shifts, and seeds split, flowers bloom, time to move on.
Sprawling urban ghettos, windswept cliff top mansions, huddled around TV
sets, oblivious of the stars. A feather on the ground, the landscape
scarred with fire, lightning strikes, smoke, the C.F.A. rushing round
protecting property, lives and meat of the hoof. Echidnas, peacocks,
turkeys, black swans, wallabies, pheasants, the introduced and the native
share a fenced landscape denuded of any signs of previous occupation.
Natural rhythms are replaced seconds, short sharp, equal eons of time that
regulate post modern existence. Roads carve the landscape into private
parcels that are bought and sold, stripped, beaten, and deforested, replaced
by fields of canola oil. Planes defy gravity, trucks feast on the highways
devouring kilometre of bitumen, following the imperatives of silent digital
clocks. Time is money, human existence measured in nanoseconds, .0001
second, the difference between popular fame and glory and indifference.
Instant communication, naked men and women dance for your pleasure on the
internet 10,000 kilometres away. Your neighbour´s name escapes you; your
parallel lives don´t cross. You exist, they exist, you live, they live, you
die, and they die. Personal communication replaced by pictures, words, your
thoughts, your concerns, their bodies, your concerns. The cuckoo clock is
dead; the Jura clock collective a footnote in history, the digital age has
been replaced by the microchip. Life, a feast of competing consumptive
The sun rises and sets on the TV screen, nature an intrusion. We rule the
earth, the earth strikes back, groans, moans, moves a centimetre or two, the
sea recedes, then wreaks its vengeance. The early waring signs of natural
catastrophe replaced with the clicks of digital cameras recording our
extinction for billion year old space nomads feasting on the souls of lost

I´m concerned and puzzled by the Sunday Age´s Editorial and Terry Lane´s
perspective (23/1). Both seem to think that parliamentary rule has
something to do with democracy-rule of the people, by the people, for the
people. Australians don´t live in a democratic society, we live in a
Every 3 years, we are forced by legislation to give a signed blank cheque to
a politician to make decisions on our behalf for the next 3 years. If I
stood on a street corner and gave away signed blank cheques, it wouldn´t be
long before I´d be forcibly taken away to see whether I was a fraud or
insane. What´s even more galling about living in a foolocracy is that those
people we are forced to give a blank cheque to, to make decisions on our
behalf, do not exercise real power. Real power in a capitalist society
rests in the boardrooms of national and multi-national corporations, not
Democracy-rule of the people, by the people, for the people, is based on
the principle of people having the power to directly be involved in the
decisions that effect them-direct democracy. It is also based on the
principle of having access to the resources to make those decisions that are
made a reality.
Slaves, who have the power to elect their masters, are still slaves because
their masters continue to make decisions on their behalf and continue to
hold the purse strings. A slave´s experience is very similar to the
experience of Australians who participate in parliamentary elections.
Democracy in the 21st century, like the words freedom and liberty, has
become so debased, it means nothing. That´s why it´s important that people
who continue to use these words, to denote what they believe are universally
held principles, experiences and concepts, define what they are thinking,
talking and writing about.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

It´s a frustrating life being an anarchist & an artist here in S.A. I often
wonder if it´s the same in the other States? Maybe its worse here b/c
Adelaide has always been about not what you know, but whom you know.
Australian art is generally highly corporate & strictly controlled by the
government. Both sectors like their ´art´ to be middle-class, university
educated & extremely non-confrontational; decorative & in good taste, to
hang on boardroom walls.
But what if you´re poor, self-educated & like to make art which expresses
what life is really like? Don´t bother applying for govt grants-they´re
only for those who are bourgeois, sanitised & in the ´in crowd´. I´ve
always felt that artists place way too much emphasis on grants anyway,
grants that come with too many stifling ´terms & conditions´. Nobody should
compromise themselves & their art just for the approval of the government!
Underground artists in Aust are kept so far underground in this country,
it´s ridiculous. Even if you want to have a small exhibition in a disused
shop or office window, it´s apparently essential to have public liability
insurance (way too expensive if you´re poor). I was told this by an
over-paid arts administrator type whose job is supposed to be encouraging
emerging young artists.
Instead she verbally put me down for being ´too alternative´ & did her best
to try to put me off from seeking exhibition space in Adelaide for my work.
Just one of many eg of excessive legislative red tape whose purpose is to
silence the voices of angry young anarchists.
While living as a street punk artist in Europe, I didn´t have to worry about
stupid banalities. You can just set up a squat & a temporary art space in
any building & live how you want to. I came back to Oz looking forward to
some decent weather & hoping that my birth country had maybe grown up &
progressed a little. Boy was I disappointed!

CNT No.308 WINTER 05, Organo de la Conf Nac del Trabajo, Pza Tirso de Molina
5-2, 28012 Madrid, SPAIN. Tel:913690838, fax:914200856 www.periodicocnt.org
LIBRE PENSAMIENTO No.46 Autumn 04, C.G.T. Calle Sagunto 15, 28010, Madrid,
SPAIN Tel:902193398, Fax:914453132, suscripciones@rojonegro-info
ROJO Y NEGRO No.173, DEC ´04, Publicacion Mensual Anarcho Syndicalist, C/-
Copania 9, Pamplona / Iruna, SPAIN, tel:948224766, fax:948212399,
TIERRA Y LIBERTAD No.197 DEC 04, Periodico Anarquista, A Gonzalez, Apartado
7056 de Madrid, 28080 Madrid SPAIN. tierraylibertad@nodo50.org

DEBT ELIMINATION APPEAL - Our debt stands at $1476.20
OUR DEBT STANDS AT $1476.20. Producing a weekly publication is an expensive
undertaking. As you can see, our debt is beginning to climb. In order to
keep the debt at a reasonable level and to publish weekly, we require
readers especially internet readers to subscribe to the AAWR. Currently
snail mail subscribers are cross subsidising internet readers. If you´ve got
a little bit of extra cash, think about joining the ´Dollar A Day´ club.
When you write to us pop in some 50cent stamps (every little bit helps).
Subscription rates for the Anarchist Age Weekly Review are $1 per issue, $10
= 10 issues, $50 = 50 issues. We rely on our subscribers to keep a record
of when their subscriptions runs out and resubscribe. Make out money orders
and cheques to LIBERTARIAN WORKERS & send to P.O. BOX 20 PARKVILLE 3052,
If you´re sending $20 or less, save on cheques & money orders and send us
50cent stamps.
Debt 28-01-2005 $1476.20

The US Army's plans for the newly 'liberated' city of Fallujah incl
compulsory labor battalions, forcing all Iraqis to wear identifying badges
at all times & DNA & retinal scanning of all citizens. Under the plans,
troops would funnel Fallujans to 'citizen processing centers' on the
outskirts of the city to compile a database of their identities thru DNA
testing & retina scans. Residents would receive badges displaying their home
addresses that they must wear at all times. Buses would ferry them into the
city, where cars would be banned, on the grounds that they´re used by
suicide bombers. One idea that has stirred debate among Marine officers
would require all men to work, for pay, in military-style battalions.
Depending on their skills, they´d be assigned jobs in construction,
waterworks, or rubble-clearing platoons. Lt Col Dave Bellon, intelligence
officer for the 1st Regimental Combat Team, said previous attempts to win
the support of Iraqis had failed, b/c they signaled weakness by asking
Iraqis what they wanted - what Lt Col Bellon described as "What are your
needs? What are your emotional needs? All this Oprah [stuff]". He said
Iraqis "want to figure out who the dominant tribe is & say, 'I'm with
you.'". (Source: Boston Globe [US])
Police have been trying to manipulate computer data to artificially reduce
crime figures, acc to a leaked VicPol email. The email says "numerous"
requests have been made by police to doctor entries on the LEAP crime
database. The email refers to requests to the force's Central Data Entry
Bureau to reduce crime "sub-incidents" into a single incident so as to
"bring down the crime statistics for their response zones". According to 1
source, "very frequent" requests are also made to data entry staff to alter
crime data on LEAP in other ways. The requests, mostly made to night shift
workers when only 1 supervisor is on duty, come towards the end of each
month as police stations are compiling their regular crime statistics. A
"high number" of phone calls would be made to data entry staff from snr
police seeking to have crime sites changed from 1 region or response zone to
another to try to make crime statistics in that area look better, the source
said. He also said clean-up rates for crimes are manipulated thru requests
from supervising station officers & officers in charge to improperly change
the status of an investigation from "active" to "pending". An "active"
status on the LEAP database means the crime is still unsolved. "Pending"
means the crime is close to being solved & the offence is therefore 'off the
books'. The source said while snr police at individual stations had the
power to access LEAP directly, they went thru data entry bureau staff so as
not to leave an electronic audit trail. (Source: The Age)
Aust Guantanamo Bay prisoner David Hicks claims he was beaten while
handcuffed & blindfolded. In an affadavit, Mr Hicks also said prisoners at
the detention centre were terrorised by attack dogs & forced to take drugs.
"At 1 point, a group of detainees, incl myself, were subjected to being
randomly hit over an 8-hour session while handcuffed & blindfolded" Mr
Hicks' statement said. "I_ve been struck with hands, fists & other objects,
incl rifle butts. I_ve also been kicked." Recently published documents show
that FBI agents sent to Guantanamo Bay warned the US govt of abuse of
prisoners from the time suspected Taliban supporters were 1st held there. A
letter written by a snr Justice Dept official suggested the Pentagon didn_t
act on the FBI complaints. (Source: MX)
Centrelink staff have been directed to withhold info from disabled people &
single parents, in an effort to get them into the privatised Job Network. A
memo from Centrelink management advised "people who aren_t currently
required to be actively seeking work, i.e. disability support pensions,
parent payment customers with children under 13yrs of age now need to be
strongly encouraged to take part". The 'strong encouragement' incl avoiding
telling them that they_re not required to go. The memo tells Centrelink
workers "don't come up with reasons why someone can't go, & avoid letting
customers come up with reasons why they can't go. For parenting customers
with kids under 13yrs & disability support customers, there's no requirement
that they go, so if asked, you'll need to answer the question correctly, but
avoid having it as part of your spiel." (Source: ABC News website)
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Don't cheerleaders all over America make pyramids every
day?". The lawyer for Specialist Charles Graner Jr, accused of torturing
prisoners at Abu Gharib, doesn't see what all the fuss is about.
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There is the short, sharp static which follows the message-over
And the long buzzing static which keeps you on the edge
Some call it skip or squelch; I call it interference because I am listening
Wind warning, radio checks and other weather reports
Means a change of channel
A helicopter passes over the sea
Is he looking for someone?
I listen in, listen in for life
Only the death notices and the lost at sea
You read the following morning papers-over.
- Michael CARBINES

Has been awarded to all those Australians (you know who you are) who
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