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(en) America, Northwest Anarchist Federation (NAF) Website

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 15 Jan 2005 11:15:44 +0100 (CET)

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A skelton of the Northwest Anarchist Federation website is now up and
running. More content will be added briefly. On the home page, two
articles can be found that will be included in our upcoming regional
agitational newspaper.


1) The Perspectives of the Northwest Anarchist Federation

Walking the picket line, organizing tenant unions and student
unions, opposing social oppression in the workplace and community
is where we can be found. We are the teachers, carpenters, service
workers, and students who are the backbone of society, we are
anarchist-communists. We are fighting for a new world, one based
on equality, freedom, and direct democracy. Our existence has
spanned the centuries; our roots are in the radical elements of
struggle against oppressive institutions. From the Russian Revolution
to the recent health care workers strike in British Columbia , we have
been in the trenches of the class war between the haves and the have
noughts. Despite this history of struggle for justice, our ideas and
vision has been pushed to the margins of history and struggles. As
anarchist-communists in the 21 st century, we are building a
movement that will put the racial ideas of equality, freedom, and
direct democracy at the center of the class and social struggle. For too
long we have remained disorganized due our disciple, life-stylism,
liberalism, reactionary organizing, and praxis. We
anarchist-communist of the Northwest Anarchist Federation have set
out to build an organized federation of collectives and individuals with
a praxis, which is a combination of theory and tactics, that will allow
our ideas and vision to take their rightful place in the class and social

Simply put, anarchist-communists seek to have an organized group
of militants who can act collectively and federally with a common
theory and tactic in the social and class war. Through propaganda,
direct action, and solidarity in struggle we aim to encourage a unified
class struggle. We view class and social struggle as the base from
which society can be fundamentally changed. Workers run society;
hence we can control it if we only try. Yet, we working people have
been divided by the propaganda of the ruling class. We have come to
believe that our co-workers are our enemies because they come from
a different ethnicity or gender. We have been divided by our trade
skills. These are artificial divisions, and we anarchist-communists
believe we can overcome these false divisions through solidarity in
struggle. When Latino workers are fighting against racism at work,
white workers must show solidarity by standing behind Latino
workers in their struggle for racial justice. Only when this happens
can we collectively fight against the bosses for economic justice.
When we working people can show solidarity in struggle, we can
fight collectively for a new world.

Anarchist-communists are involved in the social and class war and
we seek to influence it with the ideas and tactics we develop through
our direct involvement in the struggle. We are not attempting to be a
vanguard, we are attempting a leadership of ideas. We see the social
movements of the 21 st century in North America struggle to defend
the gains made and survive as organizations. We see the necessity of
revolutionary ideas and tactics implemented within these social
movements if they hope to survive and eventually overthrow this
system of capitalism, the state, and social oppression. We must step
up the militancy in the social movements, or we will continue to be
beaten down and shit upon.

Not only do we anarchist-communists see reformism as failing
current social movements, but we also see a crisis brewing on the
horizon. Historically, when capitalism and social relations are in a
crisis period, revolutionary struggle has a greater chance to overthrow
the system in its weakened state. Seeing this crisis looming ahead of
us, we feel even more urgency to become an effective organized force
within the social movements.

The work cut out for the Northwest Anarchist Federation is great and
will require continued discipline and militancy of our current
membership. Internally, we see the need to further build a relevant
praxis. Through our participation in social movements we are
reflecting and building the theory and tactics that we hope will further
the goals of these movements and build towards the overthrow of this

We anarchist-communists in NAF recognize our numbers are small
and encourage other revolutionaries in the social movements to join
us and contribute to our efforts. We have collectives and individuals
in Victoria , British Columbia , Seattle , Washington , and Portland ,
Oregon . We are presently solidifying these local groups into more
effectively organized elements in the social and class war. We are
seeking out militants in other cities throughout the Northwest and
inviting them to join us.

As a anarchist-communist federation within the Northwest region,
we recognize the need to coordinate our efforts with other class
struggle anarchist federations throughout North America . A
confederation of class struggle anarchist federations in North
America will further our influence within social movements in North
American and is the next logical step for those of us dedicated to the
overthrow of this system.

Anarchist-communists within the Northwest of North America are
organizing. We are internally developing our federation into a more
effective element within the struggle's of us working people in the
Northwest. We are committed to seeing through the revolution of
working people for a world of freedom, equality, and direct
democracy. We encourage other militants within the Northwest to
join us. To win the social and class war, we must be committed.
Together, we working people will win. We do not doubt that.

2) Developing Working Class Environmentalism - Arthur J Miller

I do not say that all things that eco-groups do are bad. But we tend to
follow the direction of groups that do not have the same interests as
ours. Because of this we get burdened with baggage harmful to our
class. For this reason and many others, we need to develop our own
form of environmentalism based on working class interests.

Much environmentalism of other eco-groups is based on the
eurocentic idea of superiority. They seek to define the natural world
as having values which do not exist in it. They see humans as
something above or outside of the natural world This is why they
come in conflict with indigenous people and other workers.

Humans are not outside of the environment. Rather they are part of it
Thus, human conditions should be as much a part of the
environmental movement as the conditions of anything else.

The basic cause of most environmental problems (including humans)
is the system of industrial greed: capitalism, both private and state.
The owners of industry treat workers like they treat the rest of the
environment. Our environmentalism should come from the
understanding that all things are connected.

Workers who are forced to work for wages and workers who are able
to work outside of the wage system come under attack by the
industrial rulers for the same reason: industrial greed. Thus, the
workers struggling against the wage system controlled by the
industrial rulers, and those workers struggling to keep from being
controlled by the industrial rulers are all a part of the same struggle.
All things are connected.

Often other eco-groups will blame both types of workers for those
things for which the industrial rulers are responsible; and the
sacrifices these groups call for often are sacrifices from our class.

Many eco-groups are more inclined to look at the effects rather than
the real causes of environmental problems. They also tend to focus
on pet issues rather than the environment as a whole. They will come
out against something they don't like and then present some type of
alternative. But often they will not look at the effects that the
alternative has on the environment.

A good example of this is solar power. Many of the systems I have
which involve moving solar heated water from the panels into the
house, use copper tubing. The largest strip mine in the U.S. is a
copper mine, which by the way is on land stolen from the Western
Shoshone. Real environmentalism must look at the effect everything
has on the environment, not just pet issues.

Something that we learn when we take a good look at all industrial
production is that ALL of it contributes to the problem. It is not so
much industrial production itself, but rather the values of industrial
production, being maximum profit for the owners at the expense of
everything else.

Just as workers want better pay, they should also want better
environmental conditions. Those first exposed to the hazards of
industrial production are workers. The next to be exposed are
working class communities. When was the last time you saw the
owners of industry living next to a chemical plant?

Working class environmentalism would start at the point of
production and from there struggle for earth-safe industrial
production. It would create a struggle against the owners of industry,
uniting on-the-job struggles, working class community struggles and
the struggles of those who are resisting being taken over by the
greedy industrial system.

Being that we are a revolutionary working class organization, we will
use the skills of working people to transform the capitalist industrial
system into a system where all of the environment matters, including
humans. We will base our production on the well-being of all rather
than the profit of a few.

This revolutionary struggle will mean that we will be opposed by the
owners and there will be affects upon us due to changes. Thus, we
need to stand together in solidarity, be it a strike, be it the resistance
of indigenous people, be it against such things as racism, and be it
the hardships that change or economic devastation has on working
class communities. Thus making an injury to one an injury to all.
leaders like Eugene Debs, Mother Jones and Big Bill Haywood.

Then there\u2019s the class of 2005.

\u201cThe working class and the employing class still have nothing
in common,\u201d explained the smiling Gill, updating the
to the constitution of the IWW, written in Chicago in 1905.

Then, as now, they advocated \u201canarcho-syndicalism,\u201d in
which workers themselves seized the means of production--the
factory works, the sawmill, the city buses--and determined for
themselves how production would be organized and what working
conditions would be.

The Wobblies promoted the idea of the \u201cOne Big
also called industrial unionism. Rather than splitting workers into
trade unions--carpenters, electricians or bricklayers, for
Wobblies insisted that all construction workers struggle together to
change the construction industry.

And they had little patience for union bureaucracy, fussing over
union elections and contracts or asking the government (the
Labor Relations Board, or NLRB) for the right to negotiate.

Instead, they adopted the slogan \u201cDirect action gets the
goods.\u201d Strikes were to be used early and often. \u201cGeneral
strikes\u201d by workers across industries, and hopefully shutting
down a whole city, were even better.

And they had a reputation, not entirely deserved, for industrial
sabotage. Although some workers did go in for destroying company
property, the IWW concept of sabotage tended toward work
slowdowns or \u201cworking to rule\u201d--meaning adhering to
rules so carefully that work grinds to a halt. Still, Wobbly lore is full
stories of chicanery, of machines mysteriously missing belts or paint
being mixed the wrong color by accident. To this day, the Wobblies
hold dear their mascot, \u201cSabo Kitty,\u201d an angry black cat
with its hair on end, which came to be a symbol for sabotage.

The IWW also became associated, rightly or wrongly, with terrible

Following the governor\u2019s- mansion bombing in 1917, 53
Sacramento Wobblies were jailed, and three of them died in custody.
But many suspected the bombings actually were carried out by
supporters of the local district attorney, Charles Fickert, who had
built his career prosecuting Wobblies.

Fickert also sent the notorious Wobbly leader Tom Mooney to jail for
allegedly tossing a bomb into a SaWorkers who are forced to work for
wages and workers who are able to work outside of the wage system
come under attack by the industrial rulers for the same reason:
industrial greed. Thus, the workers struggling against the wage
system controlled by the industrial rulers, and those workers
struggling to keep from being controlled by the industrial rulers are all
a part of the same struggle. All things are connected.

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