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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 07:31:16 +0100 (CET)

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Local anarchist group has been active in south east Wales since the
start of 2004. Produce newsheet, leaflets, stickers, do gigs etc.
Mail: PO Box 70, Newport, Gwent NP20 5XX gwentanarchistsyahoo.co.uk
"a few erstwhile Cardiff Anarchists got fed up getting the train every
Monday night and started a fecking splinter group, Gwent Anarchists.
The latest Band aid 3 single "do they know its christmas" is little more than a sick
highly patronising publicity stunt that attempts to whitewash over exactly why
millions of people die through starvation in Africa. The very fact that we are told that
the way to solve world hunger is to buy a product, should make anyone suspicious.

Furthermore that the people being soo
selfless as to re-sing an old song are by in
large vastly wealthy and in many cases
looking for some more publicity makes the
enterprise seem more vomit inducing.
There is enough food to feed in everyone
in the world its just the distribution
system (capitalism) is designed to make
the poor starve.
Bono recently praised Blair and
Brown and called them the "Lennon and
McCartney' of global development" -
referring to Blair's recently created
Commission for Africa whose real aim is to
ensure that neo-liberal (capitalist)
economic polices are continued to be
forced onto the continent people. Whilst
people in the west are distracted by by
pointless charity and pointless
entertainment in order to hide the REAL
cause of world hunger - capitalism. The
Group of 8 nations (G8) through the twin
transnational agencies the International
Monetary Fund (IMF) & World Bank
impose structural adjustment programmes
onto third world nations to ensure than
they continue to `feed the world'. The only
way to stop world hunger is to stop the
people making the world hungry - the
multinational corporations and their
lackey's in governments.
Check out: www.bandaid.dissent.org.uk

27th January at Le Pub, Newport
inc. "4TH WORLD WAR", live music,
speakers, stalls



Once again members of Gwent Anarchists
held a picket outside a new Wilkinson's
store, this time in Pontypool on its opening
day. We were dressed as prisoners and
jailers some of us chained - several
hundred leaflets were handed out, and
many people where shocked and appaled to
hear that private companies including
Wilkinson's were using forced labour
inside British prisons (see Gagged! 3&4).
The picket passed without any problems,
though there were two community support
officers in attendance. one of whom
unsuccessfully attempted to impound our
film footage relying on our ignorance of
the law oops wrong people to try THAT
one on!. Sorry wannabe plod: come back
when your a real cop!
An Argus reporter was also present and
two days later a somewhat bias report
appeared in the 'newspaper', The previous
day (the day after the protest) a full
colour two page spread for Wilkinson's
was in the paper.
Check out: www.againstprsonslavery.org


Resistance is Everywhere - BYPASS THE COR POR ATE MEDIA!

elections , protesters have been taking to
the streets in every major city. The
corporate media for obvious reasons have
avoided to cover these stories. For
instance did you hear that in Chicago there
were demonstrations for a solid week
after the November 2nd elections....no? -
Well there were many acts of protest
repression here's a few: NEW YORK -
500,000 people filled blocks at seventh
avenue expressing dissent against Bush,
War and the government. NYPD harassed a
Critical Mass (Bike protest) 47 arrested.
Protesters in union square Park were
surrounded by NYPD armed with M-16s.
RALIESH - North carolina Republican
Party HQ attacked. DALLAS - Protesters
swamp Bush Rally. SAN FRANCISCO - rally
and civil disobedience at the San Francisco
federal Building. OHIO - angry Ohio
residents marched through the streets of
Columbus and stormed the Ohio state
house. L.A. - 1,500 people met at
Hollywood and marched to the army
recruiting station to protest the
occupation of Iraq and the stolen election
marines where needed to stop protests..
WASHINGTON D.C. - tens of thousands
gathered at the white house to protest
list goes on..
Meanwhile in CANADA - 10,000 converged
on Ottawa to protest at Bush's visit.
Following the march 1000 demonstrations
headed for Bush's hotel, they successfully
snatched through several layers of
barricades before being meet by a large
crowd of masked police.
Active Resistance is also taking place
amongst some troops both US and British
who have been disobeying orders and
refusing to go into war zones in protest at
what they are being made to do.
Finally the following countries have
withdrawn or are withdrawing from Iraq
due largely to public protest - HUNGARY,



more rich men in suits...
When Racheal's Organics (Dairy) Ltd
announced a "massive new extension" to its
headquarters and main processing plant in
Aberystwyth at a cost of£3 million, BBC
Wales News focused on the extra 50 jobs
that would be created and that the
company were getting huge political and
some financial support from the Welsh
assembly Government (WAG) and the
Welsh development agency (WDA)
"Process and Marketing Scheme"
In fact Racheal's Organics Ltd received
£1.2 million from the public purse in the
form of a grant. No wonder Neil Burchell
(MD) stated that
"Wales is a great place to do business."
It seems Racheal's Organics were "milking
it's success" but are they also milking the
general public. Why should the WAG give
£1.2million in public monies to a private
company so that they can be make a
private profit?
Its bad enough workers are exploited on a
daily basis through the wage system
whereby the rewards workers receive in
the form of wages are less than the value
of the products and services they bring
about.The difference in value between
what workers produce and what they can



Community based "Fight The Plan Group"
(FTPG) have been very active fighting
Labour controlled Torfean council's desire
to build 1,200 private homes on the `green-
belt' between Cwmbran and south
Although over the years apposition to this
development has slowed down the process,
the council (whose motto is laughingly
"Putting people first"!) have ignored the
wishes of Torfean residents and decided
to go ahead and vandalise our environment.
House builders profits come first not our
countryside or our health!
The last FTPG demonstration was outside a
"REVIT" Conference held in County Hall in
Cwmbran. Delegates from around the UK &
Europe where given copies of the "Anti-
Social Behaviour Orders" (ASBOs) that
had been served on the Councillors,
highlighting the hypocrisy of Torfean
Council hosting this event which promotes
the environmental benefits of building on
brownfield sites when they themselves are
hell bent on destroying our greenbelt! The
council were not happy with the demo
calling in two loads of cops to try and move
us on . did we move? nope.
earn is the basis of profit which goes to
the Capitalist boss class.
So not only are workers exploited at the
point of production but the WAG/WDA
have no qualms in handing over large sums
of taxpayers money to private companies.
This is the norm and how the capitalist
system works. The capitalist "free market"
is really a myth as thousands of
enterprises receive State aid on a daily
basis to help the profits flow.
What is so interesting about the Racheal's
Organics Ltd state handout was the way it
was reported. The emphasis put by BBC
Wales was on the wonderful jobs being
It was a success for "our" economy of Mid-
Wales and we should all be happy. (you
would have thought the workers actually
owned the factory they were working in!)
Dig a little deeper and we find that little
old Racheal's Organics is actually owned by
the big US multinational company Dean
Foods. Dean Foods own more that 120
factories in 36 US states and employs
28,000 people. the company reported on
operating income in 2002 of $662.6million
(£396 million). In 2003 Dean Foods made a
pre-tax profit of $1.2 BILLION! So why
give their subsidiary Racheal's Organics
Ltd £1.2 million of public dosh?
Because this is how the capitalist system
works. Welfare for the rich is the actual
norm. "Legalised" robbery is the name of
the game. Now if you were to appropriate
a pot of "Racheal's Organics Yogurt from a
supermarket you would be nicked. It's one
Law for the rich boss class and another
one for us!
Ne w M4 Relief Road
Much has been said in the local & National
me d i a about the proposed M4 PFI toll
m o t o r way. There has a gre a t de a l of
di s c us s i o n of this road development over the
ye a rs and a great deal of opposition due to
t h e possible impact on the Gwent levels.
H o we ve r it appears the route of the road has
ye t to be finalised. Gwent Anarchists will be
watch i ng on with interest...
There is little point in listing the reasons
why Foxhunting is unnecessary and that
the arguments of hunters are a pile of
foxhound poo. It is odd for anarchists to
say they would be glad to see something
banned but in this case I think we'll make
an exception. Hunters have been using
direct action alot lately and are claiming
they'll start a civil war when fox-hunting is
banned on February 19th next year. The
local Hunt Saboteur group can be
contacted at the same address as GA (see
below) or check out: www.huntsabs.org.uk


The FTPG are trying to raise a large
amount of cash (£8,000+) to mount a legal
challenge. As building is due to start in the
near future we are going to try and occupy
the site. Help is needed financially and
Check out:
Gwent Anarchists are a group of like-minded individuals.
We believe in autonomy, respect & justice and are against
all forms of exploitation &
bigotry. `GAGGED' appears quarterly, meetings are fortnightly.
If you want to get in touch & get involved in any way please
contact us.

G w e n t Anarchists - PO BOX 70, Newport NP20
5XX. Gwentanarchists@yahoo.co.uk

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