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(en) US, MINNEAPOLIS, Daybreak* #5! - Explanation of The Police Beat

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 9 Jan 2005 08:02:45 +0100 (CET)

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We’ve received some constructive criticism that our police beat
column doesn’t provide enough context to explain how all these
episodes of police misconduct are connected and why police are
unnessacary. Our thoughts on cops really come from our radical
perspective (radical meaning the root). If you go back to the root of
authoritarian society you see that all the priests and warlords (who we
now call priests and politicians) who took power always used violent
means to maintain power, often through a group of heavily armed
men. The Roman Empire did this, the NAZI’s definitely did, and
America does it too. Crime is mostly just a reaction of poor people to
an unequal society (whereas we call crime by rich people accounting
errors) and all the hype about it is to justify the brutality and violence
that is used against our neighbors; from when the cops killed
someone last week, or broke up an unarmed protest, or broke a
strike. The cops are the arm of violence of the state and we think
there’s nothing respectable in that. They should be ashamed.
And we want to help them feel that way!

First things first. Police Brutality Hotline

Communities United Against Police Brutality offers a 24-hour crisis
line (612-874-STOP) that people can call to report instances of
abuse. They can send out a crisis team to investigate the complaint,
take photos and statements and offer immediate assistance.

Careless Cops Crash into School bus Injuring 5

On the morning of April 5th a police cruiser ran through a red light
with no lights or sirens on, at a speed capable of knocking a
Minneapolis Schoolbus on its side. Three students and 2 teaching
aides were injured and brought to Hennepin County Medical Center.
Although the unnamed cop said he had the green light witnesses on
the bus disagree and further point out that there were no lights or

Deputy shot by other cop: case of chickens coming home to roost?

On Tuesday June 8th a Kandiyohi County sheriff deputy was shot in
the leg when a fellow deputy's shotgun went off. The deputies, from
their county's Critical Incident Response Team, were assisting the
Swift County sheriff's office with what they called a "high-risk"
search warrant but which the homeowner called looking for a young
man who was a friend of a friend in Detroit. "He knows some people
I know," she said. "I don't know the young man. I've never met him."
(What finesse these cuds use in their detective work!) Deputy Mike
Roe was shot in the back of the leg with a shotgun right as
deputy’s bust in the doors of a local woman’s home. The
name of the shooter hasn’t been released but the sheriff assured
WCCO news that “he feels really bad” that he shot a shotgun
shell through the other guys fucking leg.

Neither the media that covered this case or the sheriff department
thought to ask why the guns were loaded during what was essentially
an interview at a woman’s home or why it’s tolerable for
cops to have these accidents pretty regularly when a normal worker
would get fired the first time they shot a co-worker. Why does the
public allow law enforcement all these fancy weapons when they do
irresponsible things like this at the first opportunity. Why would some
guy with such an itchy trigger be allowed to burst into people’s
homes yelling and shooting in the middle of the night? It’s lucky
for the homeowner that this trigger happy thug discharged his
shotgun before these masked thugs woke her up with an accidental
shotgun shell to the face.

City of Minneapolis pays 1.6 million in 7 months for Killer Cops
Local politicians are spending taxpayer money on settling civil suits
against cops who beat up suspects. They often choose to settle out of
courts so that the damages remain minimal and the public
doesn’t hear how abusively the cops acted in a public court. This
year there were a number of settlements ranging from 5,000 to the
995,000 dollar settlement reached on June 18th for a man who lost
his colon and small intestines in an unprovoked police beating. The
funny thing being that only after the city has paid out almost a million
dollars does the MPD decide to review the case to see if any
wrongdoing happened. In the next year the case of Duy Ngo, a
person of color (although he didn’t know it), and cop was shot
with an automatic rifle while undercover by killer cop Charlie Storlie
is expected to be settled for millions of dollars.

Cops kill, again! New police chief orders internal investigations
On Wednesday May 26th a man named Lorenzo Doby was arrested
for running down the street yelling “Thor, give me some
candy!” and for hitting a passerby before falling and hitting his
head on the pavement. Although he was obviously in need of medical
attention he was maced and handcuffed before being shoved into the
back of a cop car. Doby complained of shortness of breath but
wasn’t released from his restraints. When the 28 year old black
man finally arrived at Hennepin County Medical Center he was
already dead. The new chief of police William McManus has decided
that the “investigation” will be handled internally by the MPD
homicide unit instead of with the questionably better Hennepin
county sheriffs department. Mcmanus has said he will conduct all
investigations internally from now on. This is a step down from the
already bad investigations by those pigs at the sheriff department. We
desperately need an independent civilian review over police actions
that can put these thugs in their place which is, of course, far enough
away that they can’t do any harm.

Squad Cars Collide; 3 Officers Injured as 150 Residents Taunt Them

At about 10:45 pm on June 6th 2 police cars collided while running a
red light at the corner of Arcade and Minnehaha in St Paul. The 3
officers were laying on the ground dazed as a crowd of 150 gathered
around them yelling and taunting. "I've never seen anything like this.
This is about the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life.," one person
told the very reputable and not so sensational 5 EYEWITNESS
NEWS. "They were just grabbing any part they could get of them.
And that's when the people started saying, 'grab his gun, grab his
stuff." Local people looted the cops belongings and badges and took
humorous pictures until emergency vehicles transferred them to the
hospital where the only confirmed injury was a broken wrist. A
similar case occurred on the same day in Chicago where 4 cops were

Yet another sad death in police custody - by Communities United Against Police Brutality

On Friday July 16, Michael Harold Wessels died in the Hennepin
County Jail. Wessels, age 61, was recovering from open heart surgery
just weeks before his arrest. Despite this, he was not placed in a
medical unit. Why was a man in such frail condition not placed
immediately in the medical unit, where he could get 24-hour care?

The Strib reported that Wessels was arrested as a possible fugitive
from justice in Washington state. It is not clear what crime he was
arrested for in Washington. It would seem unlikely, however, that
the crime for which he was arrested involved the death penalty,
especially before trial.

Police Clear Themselves in Assault of Stephen Porter
The cops accused by Stephen
Porter of assaulting him anally with a plunger in a raid in North
Minneapolis in October have been cleared of any wrong doing.
Surprise! Even though the department is supposed to obtain a
warrant before they do a body cavity search (of which there is no
question). I suppose they think there’s a difference between
raping someone with a tool of some type and holding them down and
using objects or hands to make an illegal and intrusive search.

Man Who Fought Police Gets New Trial
A man serving a
10-year prison term without parole for assaulting two undercover
police officers will get a new trial. Dennis L. Babcock, who was shot
and seriously injured by police during the incident, was convicted in
October 2002 of first-degree assault, two counts of fourth-degree
assault, riot and obstructing legal process. Officers Richard Lillard
and Aaron Prescott, in civilian clothes, were working undercover
near E. 26th St. and Cedar Av. S. in Minneapolis when they saw a
youth carrying a large box of frozen pizza away from a pizza delivery
truck. They later saw him sitting on the porch of Babcock's home.
An altercation ensued between the two officers and Babcock, who
then was 20, and his stepfather, Michael W. Smith.

According to Communities United Against Police Brutality,
“Two plainclothes cops, who did not identify themselves as police
officers, came crashing through the front door of a family home.
They attack the mother as she tries to push the door closed, ripping
her shirt open. Her teenaged son and husband come to her rescue. In
the course of the struggle, one man finally identifies himself as a cop
to the father. The father steps back, hands up, and is shot in the chest
by the cop. The son drops to the floor and tries to crawl away. He is
shot four times in the back and ends up with severe internal injuries
(he had a colostomy as a result). Uniformed cops who arrive on the
scene during the scuffle testify that they came within seconds of
shooting the plainclothes cops themselves.”

At trial, the state introduced evidence of a prior conviction of
Babcock for obstruction of the legal process. Stephen Grigsby,
Babcock's attorney, had asked that the jury be told that the prior
incident could be considered only in a limited way. Hennepin County
District Judge Steven Z. Lange erred in not giving that instruction to
the jury, the Appeals Court said.

Man shot by Cops and unjustly jailed awarded $15,000

Minneapolis residents might remember Andre Madison as the man
who was shot by police during a botched raid on his North
Minneapolis house in November 1996. Police discharged hundreds of
rounds of gunfire into the duplex and surrounding houses hitting one
of their fellow policemen and Madison as he tried to crawl away. The
next day the newspapers were full of pro-cop propaganda about the
heroic wounded officer but with little mention of the homeowner who
had been shot twice after police barged in with a no-knock warrant.
No drugs were found and although the prosecutor admitted that the
wounded cop had been hit by police fire a racist jury convicted and
sentenced Madison to 3 years in prison.

On Friday August 20th the Minneapolis city council voted to give
$15,000 to settle a lawsuit that claims that after Madison was
wounded police kicked and swore at him using racial epithets. So
now that the City Council has settled the case for kicking and
swearing at him it’s time to address the whole shooting him
twice and stealing 3 years of his life thing.

MPD arrest doctor who refused to draw blood without patients

A Doctor was arrested by cops for refusing to draw blood for a blood
alcohol test from the suspect of a stabbing without his consent. By
refusing the doctor was trying to follow hospital policies for protecting
patients privacy by not doing intrusive procedures. The Doctor is
being charged with obstructing justice for impeding a homicide
investigation. Please contact Hennepin County Medical Center to
voice support for this defense of patients rights by writing to Tom
Hayes (tom.hayes@co.hennepin.mn.us)
Director of Public Relations 701 Park Avenue Minneapolis, MN

Iraqi artist beat by MPD

Twin Cities Indymedia

On April 27, Iraqi artist Haider was driving home from working on
his new mural when he was stopped by the police. The police told
him to get out of his car and immediately hand-cuffed him. They
took him back to their squad car and took his ID out his pocket.
When they saw his name on the license they asked where he was
from and when he responded he was from Iraq one of the police
officers punched him in the eye. The officer then slammed his head
into the squad car and slammed his elbow into Haider's back. Haider
was then placed in the back of the squad car, where he was kept for
over 1 hour before being taken to the emergency room at Hennepin
County Medical Center.

This beating is part of a continuing pattern of violence carried out
against citzens, primarily people of color, at the hands of the
Minneapolis police. The night after Haider was beaten, an unarmed
man was shot in the leg by Mpls. cops. The same week as Haider's
assualt, the Mpls. police raided a downtown nightclub and brutalized
many of it's patrons.

As the media continues to depict Arabs and Muslims as
fundamentalist and terrorists, and Iraqis as particularly savage people
who don't have the same human rights as everyone else, attacks like
these become more acceptable in the minds of many. I invite you to
join us to use this

oppurtunity to speak out against Haider's brutalization at the hands of
the Minneapolis police, as well as the conditions in the world that are
creating a climate where racial attacks on Arabs and Muslims are
more acceptable.

labyrinth (aka, the old tunnels under
downtown St Paul. While it’s interesting to hear about all
stuff in our own city, and maybe I’ve read too many
about mutants living in the sewers, but I can’t help but
feel kind
of gross about wading through sewage and almost dying from toxic
fumes underground. But it will be a good place to hide when shit
breaks loose, right!

Green Anarchy #15-17- $4 PO Box 11331 Eugene OR 97440

This is the glossy 72 page bible of green-anarchist rants. GA has
become increasingly negative and sectarian in the last couple years.
When it criticizes other anarchists it’s because they
deviate from
green anarchist orthodoxy instead of because they hope to further
anarchist critique of authority. The problem with sectarian anarchists
of all stripes is that they refuse to see the good that a diverse
movement can do. Their biggest problem is with the person who has
a slightly different focus in their thinking. The heretic is more
dangerous than the actual enemy. If we’re going to
change our
lives, and reclaim them from all types of authority, we need to learn a
lot of different things in a lot of different ways. How to take care of
ourselves again, how to grow food and make things, and we need
inspiring culture like zines and music to keep us coming back up to
the fight every day, and we need real dialogue (which means, yes,
different opinions) to learn how to live together in a completely
different way than we were raised. There will be riots and there will
be a lot of nice talks by a fire pit. We need to explore a lot of different
types of anarchy because as most people know, there is not one
answer in this world, but many. And watch now how, after criticizing
GA, I point out that they have the best listings of current direct
actions I’ve ever seen (as well as the best layout in the
publishing world). Kicking the ass of the leftist publications who
think that direct action is just westerners with signs, and showing
that resistance is going on in indigenous cultures all over the world
with tactics and heart most ‘activists’ would
never conceive
of. (JP)

News From Nowhere #5- PO Box 10384, Eugene, OR 97440

NFN is an anarchist tabloid out of Eugene OR that seems like it
might like to be described as situationist. It’s 8 newsprint
consisting mostly of reprints like an 80 year old essay by Emma
Goldman (and a really old tract by our favorite mamas in RAMBL!),
as well as a couple original articles that don’t seem to fit
what they’re trying to do. I do, however, like the ideas
express in the editorial. This would be a great newspaper if only they
would pursue those and create a unique identity rather than printing
whatever falls into their laps. ‘There is more to
anarchist/communist ideas than platformism, and more to green
anarchy than corpse mouthed primitivists […] Revolution
is not
confined to any single idea. Let a million flowers of resistance

Slug & Lettuce # 79- 2 stamps, PO Local politicians are spending
taxpayer money on settling civil suits against cops who beat up
suspects. They often choose to settle out of courts so that the
damages remain minimal and the public doesn’t hear how
abusively the cops acted in a public court. This year there were a
number of settlements ranging from 5,000 to the 995,000 dollar
settlement reached on June 18th for a man who lost his colon and
small intestines in an unprovoked police beating. The funny thing
being that only after the city has paid out almost a million dollars
does the MPD decide to review the case to see if any wrongdoing
happened. In the next year the case of Duy Ngo, a person of color
(although he didn’t know it), and cop was shot with an automatic
rifle while undercover by killer cop Charlie Storlie is expected to be
settled for millions of dollars.

US, MINNEAPOLIS, Welcome to Daybreak* #5! - We love the Bobbies! Campaign to Disarm the Cops

Americans should familiarize themselves with the stereotype of the
fat bumbling bobbies of England. From what we at Daybreak
understand they are like American cops but the English people make
them wear dumb hats and don’t give them guns. Correct! No
guns! Which means they can’t instantly kill people for making
fun of their silly hats thus negating the typical cop argument that
“the recently deceased democratic citizen lunged at my silly hat
so I shot him between 25 and 300 times.” This certainly appeals
to us to not get shot for pointing out bad fashion or in the American
case, to simply disagree with these mustached thugs.

The Demopublican and Republocratic parties in the United States
have been competing for the last 2 decades to see who can give law
enforcement the biggest number of cool toys that also have the ability
to snuff out the life of a human being in an instant. Obviously the
question remains as to what we the public should do with all this
lethal weaponry once we give the American cops their whistles and
hats with strings and make them actually walk down streets rather
than drive down them in their Night Riders turned fascistic. The first
recipients will be our own Midwestern farmers. Independent and
proud we will give them the weaponry to ensure that no bank official
or lawyer will ever try to foreclose on their land again. The second
groups of recipients will be workers trying to form a union; imagine a
Wal-Mart where the woman in the athletic support section is also
packing a laser guided automatic rifle. I’m sure the
strike-breakers would not last long! Or a Starbucks where no yuppie
would dare order a half-caff-skinny-latte-no-foam. The rest of the
guns could be equally distributed among the exploited and powerless.
Ok, we had to put that in. The rulers of the world need to know that
their crimes aren’t committed without a price that will eventually
be paid.

Although we typically advise against wastes of time like voting and
legislative letter writing in this case we need to work within the
system. Please send this mad-libs form letter to corporate
newspapers, women’s magazines, and the self-serving politicians
in your area.

---------- We love the Bobbies! Campaign to Disarm the Po-po


I am a community member of the _____ city of ______. I am
writing on behalf of the We Love the Bobbies campaign to disarm
cops. The campaign has two main goals. 1) Cops shouldn’t be
able to kill anyone, ever. And so should not have guns or anything
sharp. 2) They should wear fez’s.

I shouldn’t have to explain the price that police _______ and
violence puts on taxpayers. For instance as well as killing its own tax
paying citizens the city of Minneapolis has paid out 1.7 million dollars
between December 2003 and June 2004 because of killer ________
cops, that’s almost 6 dollars of taxes for each city resident and I
think we can decide better ways to ______ our money than ‘cops
gone wild!’ If they hand in their guns willingly than the campaign
will pay for really awesome whistles and buttons that say “I have
no weapon but my mind!” Thanks for your ______

Have a good day! J
* Daybreak is an anarchist collective in the Twin Cities.
Basic outreach: a webpage, a distro, and a newspaper, as
well as activism.

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