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(en) US, MINNEAPOLIS, Daybreak* #5! - Reviews

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 7 Jan 2005 09:11:25 +0100 (CET)

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-- Books
Portraits of Israelis & Palestinians by Set Tobocman
This is a book of sketches that the author of You Donít Have to Fuck People
Over to Survive and War in the Neighborhood made while in the Middle East.
Theyíre emotional sketches that explore the humanity of the subjects
transcending the political situation to reveal the similarities as well as
the diversities that exist. This is a good book for people who are interested
or concerned by the situation in Palestine to show that itís not only a
conflict between numbers or ideologies but is a human tragedy that affects
these peoples lives who, after everything, are not so different from us.

Things are Meaning Less by Al Burian

This is a compilation of personal comics by the author of the zine
Burn Collector. The zine is depressing, cynical, and self-absorbed
and the comic is the same. Some people like it but itís never
appealed to me because I have more than enough monotony and
boredom in my own life thank you very much. Seriously, how many
times in one book can the character glare moodily out the window?
My concessions are that it is well written and that some of the stories
about him being younger were managed to hold my interest.
Available from Microcosm.

The Flow Chronicles by the Urban Hermitt

This book tells the tale of the Urban Hermittís life after high
school as she wanders around, trying to figure it all out. At first, I
was irritated by all the references to psychedelic drugs and other
hippie things, but when I realized she was making fun of it, I decided
I loved it! The Hermitt tells great stories that will make you laugh
and wish you were her friend. Available from Microcosm. (pam)

Redefining Our Relationships by Wendy-o-Matik

I was really excited when my roommate brought this book home. I
am always looking for new perspectives on non-monogamy and was
hoping Wendy-o-Matik had some good stuff to say. I wouldnít
call reading this book a waste of time, but it was definitely
disappointing. The author is obviously very experienced in making
open relationships work, but the book just didnít go very deep
into the subject. Wendy-o-Matik does lay out very basic and useful
guidelines for those endeavoring to have this kind of relationship, but
itís nothing new. (pam)

The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen by Donna Klein

This isnít punk, anarchist, or even necessarily radical but this
book is great for a number of reasons. Unlike most vegan cookbooks
it doesnít just worry about making replacements for cheese
which as far as Iím concerned is a null issue because no vegan
food will ever taste like what itís supposed to replace so we just
make vegan food nastier so it tastes like meat. Second, itís simple
and offers recipes that were traditionally made by Mediterranean
people without meat or dairy. Americans tend to think Italian or
Mexican food isnít good unless they dump a couple pounds of
Wisconsin cheese on it. As the author points out Italians think you
ruin a marinara, for instance, if you heap on cheese and baco-bits. It
kills the subtle flavors that make food good! By the way, vegans have
a way better sense of humor and healthier colons than cheese eating
leftists. Hasta la Victoria Vegano! (JP)

We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-Capitalism
by Notes From Nowhere

Itís heartrending to read this book at this time of national despair.
To American radicals it almost feels like the anti-globalization
movement died in the WTC. There have been demonstrations, but
the direct action and direct democracy has been replaced by mass
organizing, listening to lame socialist/liberal speeches and fighting
over permits. This book is 500+ pages of inspiration. When the
Zapatistas came out of the Chiapan jungle in 1994 they sent a
message across the world that is still popping up in places like Korea
and Argentina. We are a global anti-authoritarian movement that
depends on one another. I remember the feeling of inspiration when
all of us in Seattle Ď99 looked around and realized that we
werenít alone. Activists now take that for granted but itís
powerful that so many people in different parts of the world-
campesinos, French farmers, north-American anarchists, and
indigenous people somehow were thinking the same things at the
same time and ended up staring each other in the face while riot cops
shot at us. Thatís the feeling I get from this book. That Iíve
just looked up and seen that weíre not alone, that weíre still
in the game, that the might of American empire no matter how it
tries canít jail these ideas in fear and repression. (JP)

The Checkbook and the Cruise Missile: Conversations with
Arundhati Roy

I donít usually cry about things in my life. I can get dumped and
not even blink. But for some reason every time I read Arundhati Roy
my eyes pool up for the entire length of the book. She is undoubtedly
a great artist of words but unlike most authors she believes fully in
their power. She uses them for those who are oppressed, as she says,
not to speak truth to power, but to speak truth to powerless for
example when she went to jail in India for criticizing the autocratic
Supreme Court and refusing to apologize. She uses her role as world
famous author (even though sheís been too busy writing amazing
essays to write another novel since The God of Small Things) to
lambaste nationalists and religious fundamentalists and to join fights
with people resisting the world over. She avoids the typical leftist trap
of objectivity and analysis in place of telling an emotional and
metaphorical truth that is always both beautiful and convincing. "In
India we are fighting to retain a wilderness that we have. Whereas in
the West, it's gone. Every person that's walking down the street is a
walking bar code. You can tell where their clothes are from, how
much they cost, which designer made which shoe, which shop you
bought each item from. Everything is civilized and tagged and valued
and numbered and put in its place. Whereas in India, the wilderness
still exists - the unindocrinated wilderness of the mind, full of untold
secrets and wild imaginings. It's threatened, but we're fighting to
retain it. We don't have to reconjure it. It's there. It's with us.Ē In
times of universal deceit hearing a voice speak the truth, in all simple
complexity, should make you cry. (JP)


Heartattack #42-$1.50 PO Box 848 Goleta CA 93116

Heartattack is a punk zine out of California printed on newsprint. It
weighs in at 64 pages packed with letters, columns, band interviews,
and zine/record reviews. This issue covers Vitamin X and Mischief
Brew (Eric Petersonís band which I fucking love). The columns
are pretty good except for the one by the kid who wrote Evasion. For
some reason decent zines keep on doing interviews with him and
itís always pretty much the same thing. I got the idea after the
first 100 pages of the book, he steals and doesnít care who
knows! Ok, Iíll tell you my problem. At places Iíve worked
there have always been people who steal. Nothing wrong with that.
But what I hate is when thieves act like the wage-slave employees are
clueless. Some little brat will come into my work and treat me like
Iím braindead because they think theyíre getting away with
something. Well, youíre not. His column this month describes
how heís spent a lot of time in a nemesis relationship with some
guy who puts on independent punk shows. What? Thatís another
peeve of mine. People whoíll scam something worthwhile like a
collectively run co-op or punk show when all the while theyíre
got a roll of 20ís in their sock with their momís credit card.
Blah! (JP)

Skin Deep #1 and #2 - PO Box 13093, Minneapolis, 55414

ďSkin DeepĒ is written by a tough skinhead who just happens
to have a love for poetry. But watch out if you think heís any less
tough just for writing a few poems, Ďcause heíll kick your
ass! Issue #1 features such poems as ďClouds,Ē ďA
Skinhead Mouse in a Skinhead House,Ē and ďAll the Girls are
Scared of Me Because I am Hot,Ē and covers topics ranging from
his tight pants to his ugly girlfriend. Oh yeah, this zine is also a big
joke (i.e. not written a by a real skinhead), so itís okay to laugh at
the blatantly offensive poems. ďSkin DeepĒ is genius! Issue
#2 also available. (pam)

O #4- $1, Pat Cokes 17 Marie Terrace Goshen, NY 10924

O is filled with stories from ďtwo teenagers in suburbiaĒ, half
dark and slightly bitter and compelling and half lackluster. Great cut
and paste layout. (AS)

A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance

This little zine is short but well worth reading. It has a lot of info on
bike fixiní, not just how to fix a flat (although it has that too). It
has helpful diagrams of an axle, a bottom bracket, tools, plus
detailed instructions for a tune-up and more. (AS)

Typhoid Mary #3- $1, 1800 Park Ave. S #300 Mpls, MN 55404

Normally I wouldnít be crazy about photocopied journal entries,
but I liked this zine. The writing is good and interspersed with stark
sketches and some color photographs and paintings. A few parts are
the usual unedited I-hate-the-world journal fodder, but most of it is
really raw and heartfelt. (AS)

Clitical Mass- $1, And A. Lusia P.O. Box 71357 Pittsburgh, PA

This is an awesome zine about women and bikes! Articles about
fixin' bikes, ridin' bikes and lovin' bikes. (AS)

Here It Is #1- $1, Erin Tobey P.O. Box 3382 Bloomington, IN 47402

This is a charming mix of personal stories and cute drawings. Erin
writes about creativity, babysitting, and falling in love with friends.

Compost This Zine- $1, Liz Defiance P.O. Box 26329 Phoenix, AZ

I love gardening, so I was really excited when I picked up this zine.
Most of it is okay, with articles on eating and growing local organic
food, fertility awareness, and biological literacy. I was bored by the
some of the articles, though, like the one in defense of television,
which ends with ďfuck yeah, I watch TV and Iím proud.Ē

Mine: An Anthology of Reproductive Rights #1 &amp; #2- $2 each,
Meredith P.O. Box 19136 Pittsburgh, PA 15213

This is a collection of stories of womenís experiences with
pregnancy, clinical abortion, herbal abortion, and reproductive
choices. The stories share an intimacy and bittersweet feeling. (AS)

The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #2 - Chemical biological
weapons, CIA documents about the AIDS virus, and ďcuresĒ
killing faster than AIDs

This zine is full of conspiracy theory, but the author lays out his
argument so well that I believe him. ďThe CIAÖĒ puts the
blame for the existence and spread of AIDs entirely on the U.S.
government, giving evidence that the disease was introduced into
certain populations in the U.S. (i.e. gay men and people of color), as
well as throughout Africa and South America, in the form of hepatitis
vaccinations. Itís scary stuff and definitely worth reading. Order
it from Microcosm. (pam)

Doris #22 by Cindy

I love Doris! Cindy never fails to charm me with her stories, cute
drawings of her and her dog, and her analysis laden with hopeful
anxiety that I can so well relate to. This issue has stories, jokes, and
info on emergency contraception. Cindy also includes an interview of
herself on the subject of anarchism and feminism. She talks a lot
about the womenís health group and resource center she helped
start, which was really inspiring. Iíd say this is one of the best
issues of one of my favorite zines. (pam)

Impact Press #49- $2 PMB 361 10151 University Blvd Orlando FL

This is like Z magazine with a good layout and ads for Fat Records.
Well, they do have a ton of well informed articles and zine/music
reviews (which is a plus in an independent publication of any size).
They did include a couple silly articles about 3rd party alternatives
(where they imply that capitalist libertarians are an alternative to
Republocrats) and a diary of a democratic caucus which is pretty
much what you saw on your local affiliate TV news. Other than that
well worth the 2 dollars.

Twin Cities WIRE #9- free locally and at www.twincitieswire.com

I picked this up at a bar when I saw the zine format and a front cover
showing the caskets of American soldiers coming home. This is a
well intended publication because, if you donít know, the US
government (i.e. the neo-conservatives in the Pentagon) has pretty
much banned any pictures involving dead or injured American
soldiers in order to keep public support for war. So itís a gutsy
attempt even though this zine probably doesnít have much
distribution yet. The Wire has potential but only if it gets away from
the whole amusing columns about nothing stuff and starts publishing
actual news. Support this local independent media!

Northern California Anti-authoritarian #3Ė donation 1366 old
Tim Bell Road Waterford CA 95386

This had a couple pages of posters stapled to the outside of it titled
Direct Action Anti-authoritarians (a mouthful). My first thought was,
Northern California Anti-authoritarians, this needs a new name (you
know itís bad when the name isnít even a witty acronym).
Not that the name interrupted my enjoyment of the stencil on the
cover showing the Seth Tobocman drawing of an anti-police riot with
the caption Ďeven vegans love the smell of bacon.í This issue
contains direct action updates from Cali as well as informative articles
about general politics. Itís produced comes by a federation of
anarchists and food not bombs in Modesto so it avoids the typical
zine downfall of uninformed rants. Thereís a great article towards
the end about how anarchists and other radicals got evicted by
liberals from a peace and justice center for supporting the liberation
of Palestine and direct action. Liberal is still a dirty word!

Second Best Zine Ever- donation, PO Box 12409 Portland OR 97212

This is a zine best of for 2003 according to 6 or 7 people who all
choose their favorites. Itís a good resource for anyone interested
in the zine scene but who doesnít want to wade through lots of
crap first.

Firewood #1- $1, Firewood Po Box 1315 Port Townsend WA 98368

This is a nice (but a little old) zine about subsistence and learning to
take care of ourselves. It had pieces on building a cabin as well as an
oral history of a land struggle in recent Scotland. Even in the first
paragraph the author takes a step very few radicals are willing to deal
with when she says ďculture can not be spoon fed to us; we must
create it.Ē

Fifth Estate #366- $3, PO Box 201016

This long-running anarchist magazine manages to apply anarchy to a
whole bunch of things instead of making the typical mistake of
activists that it just means being in a protest. Itís down to earth,
well written, and the fact that itís survived for 40 years should tell
you something about its consistency.

Duluths Dark Underbelly- donation, 812 E 10th st, Duluth, MN

This is an amazing little zine covering the seamy lost history of the
great city of Duluth. It talks about the IWWís organizing and free
speech fights at the turn of the century, a brown bear rampage in
downtown, and a section on the stupid and murderous police of
Duluth as well as a lot of other random history and events that
somehow have fallen out of the collective consciousness. One of the
most interesting pieces was about the fight around fluoridation in the
water supply (which also occurred in many other Midwestern towns
some, even now, still refuse fluoride in their water). Every city should
have a zine like this!

Profane Existence #44- donation of free w/ order, PO Box 8722
Minneapolis MN 55408

The winter 2003 issue contains all the usual columns, record
reviews, zine reviews, as well as interviews with the Arise infoshop
collective and Wendy-O-Matic on non-monogamy. The new
collective is really starting to hit its stride!

Infiltration #20- $3, PO Box 13, Station E, Toronto, ON, M6H 4E1,

This is subtitled Ďthe zine about going places youíre not
supposed to go.í Itís not one of my favorite concepts because
of the apolitical soldier of fortune bravado its hobbyists seem to
prefer, but I picked up this issue because itís the Twin Cities
Spectacular. It covers the Old Bank Cave in Minneapolis, the old
Hammís brewery, and the labyrinth (aka, the old tunnels under
downtown St Paul. While itís interesting to hear about all this
stuff in our own city, and maybe Iíve read too many comics
about mutants living in the sewers, but I canít help but feel kind
of gross about wading through sewage and almost dying from toxic
fumes underground. But it will be a good place to hide when shit
breaks loose, right!

Green Anarchy #15-17- $4 PO Box 11331 Eugene OR 97440

This is the glossy 72 page bible of green-anarchist rants. GA has
become increasingly negative and sectarian in the last couple years.
When it criticizes other anarchists itís because they deviate from
green anarchist orthodoxy instead of because they hope to further the
anarchist critique of authority. The problem with sectarian anarchists
of all stripes is that they refuse to see the good that a diverse
movement can do. Their biggest problem is with the person who has
a slightly different focus in their thinking. The heretic is more
dangerous than the actual enemy. If weíre going to change our
lives, and reclaim them from all types of authority, we need to learn a
lot of different things in a lot of different ways. How to take care of
ourselves again, how to grow food and make things, and we need
inspiring culture like zines and music to keep us coming back up to
the fight every day, and we need real dialogue (which means, yes,
different opinions) to learn how to live together in a completely
different way than we were raised. There will be riots and there will
be a lot of nice talks by a fire pit. We need to explore a lot of different
types of anarchy because as most people know, there is not one
answer in this world, but many. And watch now how, after criticizing
GA, I point out that they have the best listings of current direct
actions Iíve ever seen (as well as the best layout in the anarchist
publishing world). Kicking the ass of the leftist publications who
think that direct action is just westerners with signs, and showing
that resistance is going on in indigenous cultures all over the world
with tactics and heart most Ďactivistsí would never conceive
of. (JP)

News From Nowhere #5- PO Box 10384, Eugene, OR 97440

NFN is an anarchist tabloid out of Eugene OR that seems like it
might like to be described as situationist. Itís 8 newsprint pages
consisting mostly of reprints like an 80 year old essay by Emma
Goldman (and a really old tract by our favorite mamas in RAMBL!),
as well as a couple original articles that donít seem to fit into
what theyíre trying to do. I do, however, like the ideas they
express in the editorial. This would be a great newspaper if only they
would pursue those and create a unique identity rather than printing
whatever falls into their laps. ĎThere is more to
anarchist/communist ideas than platformism, and more to green
anarchy than corpse mouthed primitivists [Ö] Revolution is not
confined to any single idea. Let a million flowers of resistance

Slug & Lettuce # 79- 2 stamps, PO Box 26632 Richmond VA

S & L is the best resource for DIY punk zine, book, and record
reviews. Each issue is crammed with 6 pt font with an always moving
editorial by Chris(tine) the editor and a growing number of well
written columns on a variety of subjects. Always great!

Show Me The Money #18- $2.50, PO Box 48161 Coon Rapids MN
55448 This zines discusses radical economics, not typically a
very interesting issue but the author pulls out off gracefully with
simplicity and humor. This issue has pieces on Homeland Security,
oil and gas supplies, unemployment, and this last years massive
blackouts. SMTM can be depended on to consistently enlighten
about those things that hurt our heads to think about.

Arise Journal Spring 2004- 2441 Lyndale ave S Minneapolis MN

This is the latest issue of the quarterly journal released by Arise
bookstore and resource center. This issue contains an interview with
an anti-prison activist from the Anarchist Black Cross Network, an
endorsement of the Ďdonít just voteí campaign, a couple
book reviews and, once again, an update from our favorite
revolutionary mamaís at RAMBL. Thereís a really bizarre
rant called corporate control and student debt, opportunism or
opportunity (witty ill iteration there, eh?). The gist of it is contained in
this supernaturally weird quote, ĎWe of the anarchist left should
explore the formation of cooperatives that provide educational grants
(and perhaps no interest loans) to individuals in exchange for service,
much like what Clinton proposed back when (sic) with national
service.Ē Itís laughable to think that anarchists might be
interested in providing educational loans, not only because we
donít have the economic resources but because universities are
hierarchal and authoritarian institutions. If we want to do something
we should support our local free schools, or is learning without
accreditation heresy to the pseudo intellectual leftist? Ok, other than
that Arise is a very good publication, especially considering that they
give 5,000 copies away on the streets. (JP)

Defensestrator #29- $2, PO Box 30922 Philadelphia PA 19104

Even thought the Defensestrator has a funny name itís one of a
handful of locally focused anarchist newspapers in the entire country
(ahem). Instead of becoming millionaires by working at Adbusters or
Anarchy magazine, theyíre whittling away their lives giving
something away for free, and for that we love them. This issue has
articles about political prisoners, the struggle for Philly homeowners
to keep their houses and neighborhoods together, more writings by
the prolific Cindy Milstein of the institute for social ecology, as well
as some in depth news on struggles in Latin America. Yay!

Slingshot #82- free, 3124 Shattuck ave Berkeley CA 94705

Slingshot has everything you might expect of it by now. With a
thorough grounding in grassroots activism this issue contains fuck
the draft, a heretical liberal Ďanarchistí voters guide, and an
anti-republican convention guide. My favorite in this issue was the
down to earth column by Jeff Ďfreeí Luers about how
ridiculous infighting in radical scenes is. ĎIf we are not willing to
fight together, if we are not willing to fight for each other because
sheís not an anarchist or because his god is different or simply
because we disagree about something, than we donít have
anything worth fighting for. Our revolution canít be about politics
anymore. It has to be about life. It has to be about living to the fullest,
sharing joy, about building and bringing together sustainable
communities founded in equality, freedom and respect. If that talk
doesnít start with you, whoís it going to start withí? It
sounds to me like the anarchist movement is growing up. (JP)

The Match #101- donation, PO Box 3012 Tucson AZ 85702

The Match has been the ultimate cranky anarchist zine since 1969!
Itís 103 pgs with a beautiful cover that is published at the authors
house on a mechanical printer powered by solar energy. Itís an
amazing effort! I read every word of every issue which I canít say
for a lot of other radical publications. Fred Woodworth, the author,
drew his lines a long time ago. Computers are for suckers, the
majority of anarchists are worthless and dangerously authoritarian,
government is a bureaucratic and unnecessary horror, and although
weíll probably never live a free life the only thing we can do is tell
the truth about whatís going on as a testament to the fact that we
did what was right.

9 And A Half Left #9- 1353 Westlake ave Lakewood OH 44107

I donít know what price Mike, the author, might want on this, 2$
is probably enough. This zine is gorgeous. Itís about an old punk
rocker who has a baby. His life changes forever. He hates his dreary
day job at a factory. Mourns the loss of youth and freedom to do what
you want, but he finds fulfillment, of some sort, in this new human
being. Itís beautiful on par with Doris (the zine). Itís the best
emotional summary our scene can give of growing older but still
holding onto some sort of ideals.

Maximum Rock N Roll #256- $4, PO Box 460760 San Francisco CA

Maximum Rock N Roll is THE zine of North American punk rock.
Itís a hefty bundle of band interviews, articles, scene reports,
columns, and record/zine reviews. Always worth a read.

Profane Existence #45- $7, PO Box 8722 Minneapolis MN 55408

This is the big old 45th issue special including a CD of bands
spanning the history of Profane. The $7 price is worth it for the music
alone but the good people at Profane also throw in a handful of band
interviews, an article about sexism and rape in the punk scene, and
the usual columns and reviews. Every issue is better.

Anarchist Black Cross Network Newsletter Winter/Spring 2004-
Donation, PO Box 721 Homewood IL 60430

This is a tabloid style newsletter packed with info on anarchist
prisoners and prison abolition. In times like now itís even more
important that we support our people taken hostage by the state, who
knows, it could be us next?

Too Much Coffee Man #20- $4.95, PO Box 14549 Portland OR

TMCM is an independent magazine revolving around the comic of
the same name. For a while there TMCM was looking kind of shoddy
for such a high cover price. But weíve Ďturned a corner.í
I guess thatís what getting a new editor and better content will do
for you.

The Prairie Fire #1- www.sdradicals.org

This doesnít have a price or address on it but you can order it
through the website for a dollar or so. Itís a zine produced by the
Dakota Activist Musician Network (notice the witty acronym?).
Itís contents are pretty random; reprints of underground analysis,
some art, and poetry (ugh). Itís a good decent effort which
Iím sure will improve given time.

SoDak Fusion #1- 113 s. Taylor Pierre SD 57501

This is a nice little zine about Ďthe sceneí in South Dakota by
3 kids in Pierre. Itís cute and idealistic with a lot of unity talk.
Itís amazing to me when Ďthe kidsí putting on shows and
writing zines are actually literally kids. As someone I used to know
once said, Ďthe kids will have their fucking say.í

Long Live Mutiny! Pirate Tactics- PO Box 50217 Baltimore MD

This is exactly what Iím thinking about when I say anarchists
need to start coming up with more original ideas that we can put into
practice in our lives rather than just mull the same old theoretical
treatises over for yet another century. This pamphlet takes the always
inspiring example of pirates and creates a new way of organizing for
actions during a big protest. The funny thing is, I think this would
work. The idea is kind of along the lines of affinity groups and spokes
councils but updated with pirate vocabulary and some fundamental
changes like cutting out the leftís Ďculture of meetingsí
in favor of organic affinities as well as a very good grasp of security
culture. Everyone should read this. Itís available from Microcosm
and Black Cat Distro.

The Shadow #48- $2, PO Box 20298 New York NY

The Shadow is the ultimate anarchist community newspaper. Itís
always got a good amount of local and national struggles as well as
fantastic art by the likes of Eric Drooker and Seth Tobocman.
ĎWho knows? The Shadow Knowsí!

The Painted War #3- $2.50, 2455 Brookview Dr. Maplewood MN

This is the 3rd installment of this comic published by local comic
hero, Albert. The story is chugging right along in this bizarre world
where no one has super powers and no women have breasts twice the
size of their heads. The joy of independent comics! Dialogue in the
Painted War is sparse. Albert uses the pictures to explain the story
instead of relying on words and ĎBAM!í noises. Itís for
this reason that it would work better in a longer format like a graphic
novel where the slowly developing and intricate story would hold the
readers attention better. I suggest you order all 3 issues and read
them in one sitting to appreciate where this thing is going.

Hot Sex #1- $1, PO Box 2142 Madison WI 53701-2142

This zine is a good idea that didnít work out in practice. They say
they wanted this to be a humorous way to discuss sex without
embarrassment. Letís start out by saying itís an even worse
step for sex-positive fun than the Suicide Girls. Youíre shocked
right? The style is cut out chunks of computer fonts over a backdrop
of mainstream porn. They do reviews of mainstream porn. They talk
about mainstream porn. There is some redeeming value though. A
story about Ďhot Mormon sexí is pretty funny. The issue
ends with a rant on sex ed, basically on how women need to tell their
partners what they want while men need to pay more attention. The
last half is actually really good, I hope the authors make another issue
because, seriously, itís rare that radicals will discuss the good
parts of sex. Cheers to these women for being brave enough to tackle
such a controversial subject as actually enjoying sex but letís
hope the next issue does it a little better.

Practical Anarchy #14- $3, AMP PO Box 3123 Arlington VA 22203

PA is the best anarchist zine currently publishing. The focus of this
zine is on making real impacts on our lives using anarchy. It passes
up the sectarian rants and specialized language of many anarchist
publications to communicate a vision of anarchy to normal people
that isnít a distant future but a way of living and organizing
ourselves now. when more than half of Americans donít vote out
distaste for the political system anarchist ideas and practices have the
potential to become increasingly relevant both as a vehicle for
resistance and a better way of living. Highly recommended!

Stolen Sharpie Revolution: a DIY zine resource- $3-4 Alex Wrekk
PO Box 14332 Portland OR 97293

This is a handy little soft cover book with everything you need to
know about making and distributing zines. It covers copy machines,
costs, distros, selling in stores, binding, as well as lots more. Itís
a great resource. Also available from Microcosm distro.

The Dawn #1- $1 PO Box 24715 Oakland CA 94623

The first Iíd ever heard about this newspaper was when the
Daybreak PO Box received a postcard in 1930ís fonts.
ĎAttention Working People! THE DAWNÖGood articles will
be present to denounce the latest atrocious acts of police, fascists,
primitivists, concerned Ďliberalsí and any one else who needs
a good kick in the ass. Workingmen Arm Yourselves and
Subscribe!í I wasnít sure whether this was a joke or not.
Antique fonts and dated language. Címon, who says
Ďworkingmen?í Unfortunately for us the Dawn is not a joke.
Not only that but itís stolen our whole anarchist sun rising thing!
You canít do that, itís ours! The Dawn is still on its first
issue but its brand of sectarian humorless communist-anarchism that
maligns layout is painful both to read and to look at. At least
primitivists can spell. Iíd be the first to celebrate a true
muckraking class-war style newspaper but, this issue at least,
represents everything that is wrong with leftist anarchism.


Ass- S/T LP

This is the new Ass record, self titled, ass, from ass records (could
make so many punsÖso little need). This is driving and pretty
heavy punk rock from Minneapolis. Iím so bad at pinning down
the particular punk genres but ASS is on the heavy side of traditional
punk rock without being metal or crust. Itís rocking and
energetic with intelligent outraged lyrics without falling into the trap
of writing the same song 100 other bands have. Itís been on my
turntable for over a week (unless my roommate takes it off to blast
horrible songs of the Israeli settlers at full volume) so pick it up
itís really good. (Ass Records 2440 Lyndale ave. Minneapolis
MN 55405)

Four Fingers- 's/t 2' EP

Four fingers is a 3 piece- cello, dobro, and accordion. All

with a sprinkling of spoken word. Brainy and paranoid street music in

vein of dirty 3 or Astor Piazzola. This is a home recorded DIY release.

It's good! Check it out. (www.four-fingers.com)

Uke of Phillips - Peppermint Bird-house Tea Shanty Shack LP

This is the project of the guy who does the zine Ďfull gallop.í
The only drawback to that zine was that it was written in illegible
handwriting that looked too much like my own. Even though I
couldnít decipher a pretty big chunk of it the parts I could read
were amazing, revelatory. Thatís how this band is. Iím never
sure if messy bands are trying to sound messy on purpose (like all
those sickening garage rock guys ugh) or if their messiness is a
bi-product of sincerity. In this case itís the latter. I really like the
songs that have melody and lots of instruments but I donít care
much for the ones that sound like someone made them on the spot.
Thatís just my preference. That might be your thing, so go for it.
In any case thereís definitely some good songs here, plus itís
from New Orleans which always creeps me out a little for some

Thieves- S/T LP

The thieves are a dirty art-punk Minneapolis band. The problem with
the thieves isnít their songs, their songs are good, live at least.
But I was distracted this entire record by how they mixed the loud
muddy noisy guitar so it drowned out the vocals and drums. It made
everything flow together too much, or maybe thatís what they
wanted but itís seems like thereís better songs underneath all
this noise. Itís for this reason that itís still worth checking
out. (sad party music, PO Box 8544 Minneapolis MN 55408)

Chris Neumann- American Songs of Hope & Distress CD

This is Chris Neumann from the East Coast punk band 2.5 children
which by the way just released some sort of discography that I hear is
fantastic! This is how folk music would have been done in the
60ís if theyíd listened to more Woody Guthrie and less Bob
Dylan interpretations of Woody Guthrie. Itís bluesy countrified
folk punk (and you can dance if you want to!). But the genre isnít
that important is it? John Kerry says labels are just words what a
fucking non-conformist, next thing you know heíll be wearing
rap-metal shirts and those creepy pupil-less contacts to the senate
floor. Chris Neumannís cover of the Woody Guthrie song
Ďmarching in our dirty overalls sounds so much like local heroes
the Knotwells without the scream but with all the energy and rage.
Other songs are raw ballads against the war machine or. You can
pick it up from the fantastic fistolo records. (www.fistolo.com) (JP)

The Sawwheel/ the Milkcrate Rustlers- split 7Ē

Another offering from Sawwheel, this time with the Milkcrate
Rustlers. The Milkcrate Rustlers are doing a cover of an old
Appalachian song. Unlike many DIY bands theyíre actually really
good musicians so instead of that scrappy playing banjo like an
electric guitar aesthetic they end up sounding like raw old-timey
traditionalists (which is good!). If you like Rumbleseat or old Uncle
Tupelo youíll like Sawwheel who give us another heartbreaking
song called county lines. (www.hillbillystew.com) (JP)

Mischief Brew- Bakenal CD EP

This is Eric Petersonís band. Itís anti-authoritarian carnies
mingling with folk punk and creeping out the security guards. As
usual he manages to avoid the repetitious strum-strum-strum of
acoustic music kicking up dust with a percussive melodic celtic guitar
style and just plain good songs. (JP)

Ghost Mice- The Debt of the Dead CD

Ghost Mice includes former members of the devil is electric and
operation cliff clavin. This record theyíve added more
background instruments, accordion, violin, that add texture to their
sound but the focus is still on the pop-punk style female/male vocals.
Theyíre still really cutesy (cute-core?) but has got more soul than
previous recordings. The songs, which is whatís important, are
fun and dancey so get a copy! (www.plan-it-x.com)

Texas Criffer and Plow United- 7Ē

Texas Criffer is Chris Neumann of the punk band 2.5 children.
Heís backed here by Plow United in 4 songs. Iím not sure
how old it is but the songs are fast and catchy electric punk with
driving rhythm and great lyrics.

Whiskey & Co.- S/T

Whiskey & Co. are bright and fast electric country ala Bloodshot
Records with beautiful female vocals. You gotta love a band that
starts a song Ďthis mid-day sun is mutherfucking burning my
eyes.í These are songs, as the name might imply, deal mostly
with being fucked up with a variety of substances like whiskey, pills,
and barroom women. No new ground is being tread here, except the
CD comes from Florida punk label No Idea records. The more I listen
to it the more I like it. (www.noidearecords.com) (JP)

Sawwheel /GHOST MICE Ė Split CD
Sawwheel sounds a lot like a rawer Rumbleseat (which is finally
supposed to release their discography this year), same torn throat
emotional nostalgic vocals. Their songs here are great! On the other
side we got the good old Ghost Mice who do the acoustic pop-punk
thing. They sound fantastic with the dual vocals, fiddle, harmonicas,
and tambourines filling in their sound. Theyíre sounding a lot
deeper than they used to and quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
(www.hillbillystew.com) (JP)

Sawwheel / MADELINE - 7"
This is a hillbillystew release with Saw Wheel contributing 'Revenge
Is A Dish Best Served Cold' and Madeline 'Jailbait'. The Sawwheel
side is, of course, a fantastic song about getting revenge on a cop that
ends with the best instrument in the world, a harmonica! 4 notes
from that will fuck you up! Theyíre supposed to be releasing an
album any time now. Madeline is DIY pop music with nice female
vocals. I just hope no one gives her a keyboard and ruins her with
new wave. (JP)

KillRadio- Off With His Head CDEP

This is an anti-bush EP and itís pretty cool to be calling for
patricide even if you are on the Warped Tour (not cool). This band
not only has pretty good politics but even know how to rock. They
play sincere fun indie punk with a tinge of garage that also manages
to speak to current events without feeling contrived. Theyíve got
free MP3ís on their website so check them out.

Homeless Moses- Operation: Dream@live CD

This is, I guess, a local band that mixes a hodge-podge of sounds
together from jazzy saxophones to metal riffs to keyboards and hippy
sounding jams. Iím pretty sure this is a hippy-type band but
theyíve got a lot of influences and styles so letís just say
theyíre eclectic. The package is super DIY with a nice woodcut
and some handwriting pasted onto the cardboard package. It sounds
like this band is still figuring out their sound but Iím interested
enough to go and see them if they play a show.

V/A Bastard radio #16

This is a compilation put out by someone in Phoenix. Itís gotten
a million times better since the last one I saw. Itís got a mix of
punk rock from a variety of record labels like Profane, burrito, and
punks before profits as well as a dozen or so misc bands. For 42
songs a traded zine or 3 bucks isnít that much. If you want to be
on their comp just send them something. (bastard radio 2421 W
Jefferson Pheonix Az 85009).

Rosa- demo

Wow! This is a great CD a friend gave me and although I donít
have any mailing address for them I wanted to let everyone know
how good it is. Every song is fun male/female vocals that manage to
be bouncy as well as catchy. You know the exuberance is for real
when you hear the band jumping up and down and giggling on the
recording. The music style is folk-punk but in the best way possible,
so that although the singer has a little againstME things going on he
manages to escape the boring self-obsessed tone of said fat records
band. Rumor is theyíre making a record for Plan-it-X soon. (JP)


Guerilla Video Primer: How to tape, edit and distribute videos for
radical social change by the cascadia media collective

This video was produced by the cascadia media collective in Oregon.
Even though Iím not interested in video making it was fun to
watch the video. Itís really well made and the dialogue is concise
and well-written. Iím sure it will inspire a flood of radical
moviemakers. A great tool! (www.cascadiamedia.org)

* Daybreak is an anarchist collective in the Twin Cities.
Basic outreach: a webpage, a distro, and a newspaper, as
well as activism.

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