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(en) Mexico, Oaxaca, Newss from CIPO-RFM/Novedades del CIPO-RFM

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Date Thu, 6 Jan 2005 09:46:53 +0100 (CET)

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THE GOVERNMENT OF ULISES RUÍZ LIES - Sta. Lucía del Camino, Oaxaca, December 28, 2004
As we publicly announced, at exactly 5pm on December 27, the commission of the
Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca-Ricardo Flores Magón (CIPO-RFM), made up
of the communities of Sta. Ma. Yaviche, Amoltepec, Yucubey, Plan de Zaragoza,
Nuyoo y San Isidro Aloapam, attended the State Commission of Human Rights
(CEDH) to prove with facts who really has the will to dialogue: the government that
evicts us, jails, sends assassins to kill us, protects paramilitaries, invades communities,
evicts peaceful protests, or we, the indigenous, who suffer through all these policies.

No governmental authority arrived, and only the security guard,
Eduardo Bautista, told us that the CEDH was informed by the media
that on that day and hour, the dialogue between the government and
the CIPO would occur. Then, before closing the door, he let us know
that nobody from the government had arrived. We stayed outside
because the house of human rights, as always, was closed to us.

It wasn\u2019t until 5:45pm, for our insistence of presenting a
complaint against Ulises Ruíz for not responding to our right of
petition, that they opened the doors and let us come in. When we
were presenting our complaint, the security guard communicated
with Sergio Segreste, president of the Human Rights Commission, in
question for being complicit with and protector of violators of human
rights, to tell him of our complaint. Twenty minutes after the call, as
if by magic, a woman by the name of Rosario Villalobos appeared,
ex-member of Limeddh, wife of deputy Serrano, of the PRD**, and
the current Coordinator of Human Rights of the state government
and said, as if from a cue card: \u201cI\u2019m here by chance,
because I came to tell Dr. Segreste how he should attend to some
matters,\u201d and after she affirmed: \u201cthis morning I was
informed by the newspaper of the good willingness you all have to
dialogue with us, the government.\u201d \u201cThe government
cannot attend to you but I am here; give me your petitions, and in ten
days I will tell you all where we channeled them to.\u201d

With his offensive answer and the deceit by the government of Ulises
Ruíz, their will to dialogue remains clear, in the morning, Jorge
Franco, who wants to impose himself as General Secretary of
government, threatened through an interview done by his official
mouthpiece, \u201cThe Impartial\u201d newspaper, that he will evict
us from the CIPO house, where we have lived since 2000. Or maybe
to gain legitimacy and hide the weakness of his government, Ulises
Ruíz Ortiz will use the dialogue of violence against those of us who
dare to protest.

The aggressions to date that the new government of old ways has
committed are:

-December 17, they tried to evict CIPO from our community house
in Santa Cruz Huatulco.

-December 18, they intensified the media campaign to slander and
defame our organization and Raúl Gatica.

-December 22 at 6:23am, they violently evicted our peaceful vigil at
the main square of Oaxaca City and stole our belongings.

-December 24, state and local police violently removed Asunción
López from the Huatulco strip to stop her from selling her products,
though she had the proper permit.

-December 27, Juan Díaz, a representative of CIPO in Huatulco, was
assaulted by José Ruíz, known PRIist*** leader and bully in the
coastal region.

We, the CIPO-RFM, want to state clearly: we listened to the
hotel-owners and restaurant-owners and others; we heard the
Catholic hierarchy, we made our case to civil society to give a distinct
path to our just demands to give a solution to our land conflicts,
attendance to the basic necessities of our communities, justice for
our peoples, and application of the law to the paramilitaries that the
PRI and José Murat have protected, but what have we received in
exchange from this government that in word says it looks for
dialogue, and in deed uses violence as word? Evictions, persecution,
death threats, blows, but above all, those who question us, telling us
nothing. Why? Do they only, perhaps, work as part of the constant
attacks on the indigenous?

We want to make it clear: In the presence of so much lying and
aggression, we will endure as long as we can, but nobody should be
surprised if our protests takes to the streets once again, because the
unbound violence against our communities by this or that puppet of
campaign of fear will have as a response the organized and peaceful
intelligence of our peoples, the governments of all times have never
solved social problems with threats or violence. As new repression is
announced, we make it known that we will defend will all we have
the house where we are currently, we arrived there because it was
uninhabited and we occupied and fixed it with our effort. If the
government acquired it today we would know, the government
hadn\u2019t given us anything while we were recuperating what
historically belongs to us as peoples, and it would be a good sign if at
the time it frees our prisoners and attends concretely to the dialogue,
it would publicly make a donation to the communities of CIPO of the
land where the house of our organization is now.

We will not stop insisting that if the government of Ulises Ruíz does
not take concrete steps to show difference from the previous
government, they will be qualified as a continuation of the tyranny of
the despotic José Murat, thus we will return to acting upon the
minimal signs to create conditions of a public and purposeful

1) Complete release of the prisoners and a halt to the court
proceedings: Dolores, Margarita, José, Habacuc and all the
prosecuted of September 14, 2004.

2) Return of all items stolen in the eviction.

3)Cancellation of the permit of authorized forest exploitation in San
Miguel Aloapam, until the fundamental land conflict of San Isidro
Aloapám is resolved, in virtue that the common representatives in the
land conflict, now as before, are detained rooted in the eviction of
November 14.

4) Public agreement to not commit any more aggressions,
detentions, murders, harassment, evictions or other acts violating the
human rights of any members of the CIPO-RFM, as those that have
been committed on the margins of the law and recognition of the
community work that the CIPO-RFM does, such as total completion
of the preventive measures of the CIDH and agreement of respect for
the integrity of Raúl Gatica.

5) Establish formal agenda points, schedule, conditions and other
required steps to attend to the fundamental demands of the
communities of the Indigenous Council.


For the reconstitution and free association of our peoples.

For the organizing committee of the CIPO-RFM

Gabriela Perez Gomez

Link: http://www.nodo50.org/cipo
Source: http://www.nodo50.org/cipo/noticias.htm

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