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(en) US, NYC, RAT* #2 - Misc items & NEW YORK CITY BLACK PAGES

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 5 Jan 2005 09:47:19 +0100 (CET)

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> Because You Can't Dumpster Health Care... by the dispossessed network
Unfortunately, most anarchists have a knee-jerk reaction against government
entitlements. This attitude is partially a result of an admirable contempt of the
government, and partially due to misunderstandings about how programs like Medicare,
Medicaid, and Food Stamps are funded. Such misunderstandings lead many radicals to
believe if they receive "benefits," other more-deserving folks will be denied.
Another reason for not taking advantage of entitlements is
a fear and loathing of bureacracies that purposely set up sys-
tems and then discourages people from using them.

This article attempts to reveal some of the mysteries surrounding
eligibility for benefits and how to get them...
without selling your souls or screwing other folks over. It is
important for radicals to apply for benefits because the pre-
vious year's number of applications determines the amount
of money allocated for future programs. It is like the cen-
sus; the more people that show that the economy sucks, the
better for poor people in our city. Lastly, it is important for
radicals to understand the inherent injustice that poor peo-
ple face everyday, and to help empower and organize those
who need to rely on the system.

Ironically, social workers can get things done faster and
better than the normal people who government agencies are
supposed to serve. That being said, it is very difficult to find
radical pro-bono social workers. The Dispossessed Network
is a loose-knit collection of anarchist social workers/activists
that can assist you (see Black Pages), or you can do most of
it yourself.

Health Care/Medicaid:
If you have a documented physical or mental illness, you
should qualify for some sort of Medicaid. If you do not have
a disability and you make less than $777 a month, you are
eligible for Medicaid or Family Health Plus. Full-time col-
lege students under 21 are not eligible. It doesn't cost any-
thing, and you can get free pres-crip-tion drugs, medical and
hospital care, dental care and eye glasses.
The application is available at hospitals and the Medicaid
Office. You will need identification, a social security card,
bank statements, proof of income and an address of resi-
dence (it need not be your permanent residence). Most im-
migrants are also eligible.

Food Stamps:
Eligibility requirements for food stamps are similar to those for
Medicaid. The amount you receive is based on a complicated formu-
la, but if you do not work often you should expect to receive about
$150 a month, in the form of an electronic EBT card.
Applications are available at any Human Resources Administration
office (you must go to the one in your borough). You need the same
documents as Medicaid, but you also have to get fingerprinted- sup-
posedly separate from law enforcement databanks, but you judge.
Reduced Metrocard:
Often known as the "Half-fare" metrocard because you pay ½ the
fare. If you are a senior or have a disability or a Medicare card (not
MEDICAID), you are eligible. The first month you ride free!
Apply at the MTA office on Jay Street in Brooklyn, or look for any
mobile MTA van.
Housing Options:
The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, formerly called
Section 8, provides rental assistance and home ownership to ex-
tremely low, very low and low-income households. The program
also provides assistance to senior citizens, disabled persons on fixed
incomes, displaced families (and squatters!), and homeless individu-
als with disabilities. You are required to put 30% of your monthly
income towards rent, and the government pays your landlord the
rest. You do not need to live in Public Housing complexes to receive
and use HCV vouchers. In fact, many landlords (including where
you live now) will be willing to take a HCV voucher. You can pick
up an application at 25 Beaver Street in Manhattan. Priority is given
to a number of individuals based on homelessness, domestic abuse,
disability and children. The program is currently closed, but will reo-
pen in Spring 2005.
Folks that work and make some money should check the HPD site
(www.nyc.gov/html) for 20/80 buildings. These work on a lo-tt-ery
system. They are usually rent-controlled one-bedrooms and studios
rented for well below market value. Nearly every new residential
building in all 5 boroughs participate in this program, because of
city tax-breaks, subsidies and other incentives. You can apply for as
many apartments as you want, and if you win the lo-tt-ery you are
not required to accept it. Most apartments have a minimal income
requirement, so check it out before sending a postcard or index card
to request an application.
For more info call the New York City Affordable Housing Hotline:

Museums For Free!
NYC winters can be bitterly cold; the streets windy and unforgiving.
Why not spend time in some of NYC's many free museums?
Some Free museums are deceptive and have a posted admission price, but if you look closely at
the fine print, it will say "Suggested Donation." Those are the magic words you are looking for;
they mean pay what you will, which could be a penny or nothing at all.
Most museums have specific free days, but they change often. Just ask!
Alternative Museum
32 W. 82nd Street
American Indian Museum
1 Bowling Green/ Customs House
Asia Society & Museum
725 Park Ave.
Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway
China Institute
125 E.65th Street
Dahesh Museum of Art
601 Fifth Ave
El Museo Del Barrio
1230 Fifth Ave
Metropolitan Museum of Art
5th Ave & 82nd Street
Museum of Natural History
Central Park West & 79th St
Museum of the City of New York
1220 Fifth Ave.
New York Public Library Museum
42nd Street and 5th Ave
The Cloisters
Ft. Tyron Park
Link on www.metmuseum.org

Brooklin free school Brooklinfreeschool.org
"Freedom and democracy are not just textbook concepts, but ways of living and learning"
The Brooklyn Free School, is com-
posed entirely of parents, educators
and others who believe that freedom
and democracy are not just textbook
concepts, but ways of living aand learn-
ing--for our children as well as for
ourselves. The Brooklyn Free School is
dedicated to the belief that all students must be free to develop naturally as human
beings in a non-coercive educational environment and be empowered to make deci-
sions affecting themselves and their community.
The Brooklyn Free School offers students a true educational alternative to the tradi-
tional orthodoxy of education now dominant in most public and private schools in
this city. Our students are free to pursue any course of study they desire; we facili-
tate projects, classes, and programs that allow our students to pursue their passions.
We do not use external motivators such as grades or tests to intimidate our students
into learning various things. Rather, we encourage students to study subjects that
they have an internal drive to learn.
Our open structure allows students to focus on a diverse array of subjects and topics.
We currently offer classes such as writing, science, math, English, history, and art,
as well as building play structures, developing a democratic structure for the school,
and learning how to play in a rock band. In addition to on-site classes and activities,
students frequently venture into the outside world, participating in internships and
other enrichment activities during the regular school day.
Special attention is placed on students' participation in creating a democratic com-
munity within the school itself. Students, staff and interns come together in demo-
cratic meetings, where students develop various rules and procedures that will help
our community function smoothly. The meetings are an amazing place for students
to communicate how they envision their ideal school; we work together to figure out
the various ways that we will implement these ideas.
We currently have 33 students, ranging from five to fifteen years old. We are located
in South Park Slope, Brooklyn. We are currently seeking more female students, as
well as interns who would like to participate in our community. Our admission is on
a sliding scale basis.
For more information, please visit www.brooklynfreeschool.org

The Autonomous Spaces Project came together out
of a real need for free space for the New York City
anarchist scene. Despite the growth of the anarchist
scene in the past few years, New York still lacks an
infoshop that would provide a central location for
projects, meetings, community gatherings, and par-
ties, as well as a distribution center for propaganda.
Although there are radical spaces in New York, some
that even cater to the anarchist scene, none of them
operate as open, specifically-anarchist, free spaces.
The main goal of the Autonomous Spaces Project is
to open a non-hierarchical, collectively-run anarchist
community center and performance space where
many varied and exciting new projects would be able
to develop, possibly including, but not limited to: free
school (languages, martial arts, welding, knitting, po-
litical discussion, oppression dynamics discussions
and action, cooking, children's puppetry etc.), musi-
cal performances, lending library, free café/store and
other uses. Overall, we want to create a relaxed, reli-
able space where anarchists can go to hang-out, learn
from each other, educate each other, have meetings
and discussions, and host speakers or shows.
We have hosted multiple fundraisers for our project,
including four different "Extravaganza of Ridiculous
Proportions" dance-party benefits. Our 5th Extrava-
ganza is on December 17th, 2004.
To get in involved with the project, email:
To help out with parties, find out when and where
the next one is, or to join the email list for party
updates and information, email:
legal support needed
for raleigh 3
After a march through Raleigh, NC and a demonstration at the Re-
publican Headquarters (see "Resistance is Fertile" article), Melissa
Brown, Vanessa Zuloaga, and David Hensley were arrested. Though
the only evidence against them was that they were in the area, they
were each charged with felony malicious destruction of property
with an incendiary device. Bail was set at $50,000 per person.
All three defendants are out of jail now, but they face long and
difficult legal battles and need your support with money, legal help,
and solidarity actions.
Check www.nc.indymedia.org for updates.
Further support can be sent to:
Liz Albiston
PO Box 281
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Queer Fist
Born out of the sludge of Pier 57, which
by no coincidence is in Chelsea, Queer
Fist has been making out for justice
since the RNC. You may remember our
kiss-in at the Mouse Bloc, or perhaps
you were arrested with us on A31. The
republicans have finally left New York,
but we're still here....we mean queer!
Queer Fist has shed its ad-hoc status
and become a full-fledged radical activ-
ist collective with enough meetings and
subcommittees to fit everyone's needs.
We extend our efforts to a variety of
causes, such as police brutality, public
space, radical visibility, trans identity,
and doin' it! We also engage social is-
sues around queer sexualities and queer
genders seeking to undermine the as-
similationism of the LGBT community
into conservative consumerist culture.
Come to our meetings, our monthly
Spanish-language cirCulo, contribute to
our zine, or march with us on J20.
Or incite us to further radical action of
your own queer desire!

The Visual Resistance col-
lective calls on all artists,
graphic designers, stencili-
sts, grafitti writers and au-
dacious amateurs!
We're building a new site to document
and archive political art from NYC and
across the globe. Let us know what you're
working on and what you're thinking
about--isuues, ideas, dreams, fears-
we want to hear from all of you!
Get in touch with us:

Alternative Media
NY Independent Media Center
Paper Tiger TV
Art & Music
ABC No Rio
A community space with a computer
lab, darkroom, silkscreening lab, art
gallery & punk/hardcore matinees
156 Rivington abc@abcnorio.org
Rude Mechanical Orchestra
A radical brass band & entourage
Toyshop Collective
artists transforming the physical and
social structure of their environment
Visual Resistance
creating political art and innovative
projects aimed at raising awareness of
urgent social issues
World War 3 Arts in Action
artists using their work to protest
corporate globalization, economic
colonialism & the prison industry
Black Label Bike Club
tall bikes! www.blacklabelnyc.com
Brooklyn Critical Mass
2nd Friday of every month
Grand Army Plaza 7pm
Manhattan Critical Mass
last Friday of every month
Union Square North, 7pm
Time's Up!
direct-action environmental group
using events & education to promote a
more sustainable, less toxic city.

Books & Zines
ABC No Rio Zine Library
lots of independent, underground an
marginal publications
156 Rivington abc@abcnorio.org
feminist & radical bookstore, cafe,
activist resource center.
172 Allen & Houston
Clovis Press Books
Good selection of lefty books and
zines! Ask to look in the unlabelled
`free drawer' to find the RAT and
other free stuff!
229 Bedford Ave. & N. 5th St
Housing Works Books
New/used books and volunteer cafe.
Proceeds go to housing, medical serv
ices for those living with HIV.
126 Crosby Street
Jane Doe Books
feminist library and community
resource center
93 Montrose, Brooklyn 917-664-514
Community Gardens
Edith Garden
free computer classes, work-
shops, and food to share with
the community, needs volunteers
836 Elton Ave, Bronx
LES Park
compost, greenhouse, grey water sys
tem, sports area & solar energy area
1st Street & Avenue A
Nuevo Cabo Rojo
the 4th Cabo Rojo that has been cre-
ated since the 1st one was destroyed
162nd & Cortland, Bronx
Other cool gardens
E 6th St & Ave B
E 9th St & Ave C

Brooklyn Free School
radical free school with curriculum
based on students' desires; no tests or
grades www.brooklynfreeschool.org

Guerilla Education Collective
working to bring about education and
political awareness in various forms

Health Care & Services

Dispossessed Network
An anarchist collective helping "urban
nomads" (train-hoppers, crusty kids,
teenage runaways, travelers...) get ac-
cess to social services in NY

The Door
offers young people (12-21) compre-
hensive educational, health, nutrition
al and counseling programs, as well as
legal services for young people in nee
of civil legal representation
555 Broome St (btwn Varick & 6th)
www.door.org 212 941 9090 x 3247

The Icarus Project
a place for people struggling with "Bi-
polar Disorder" to connect and build
an alternative support network

Medical Activists of New York
referrals to activist-friendly
healthcare 1-888-744-7856

NYC AIDS Housing Network
collective of people living withHIV/
AIDS, working on social justice issues
free space for meetings, showers
80A 4th Ave, Brooklyn, 718 802 9540

Streetwork L.E.S.
Offers food, showers, counseling, nee-
dle exchange, medical & legal service
for homeless youth 13-24
33 Essex St (btwn Hester & Grand.),
646 602 6404

Food - Food Not Bombs
serves vegan food in Tompkins Square
Park, Fri & Sun @ 3:30pm, volunteer
at ABC No Rio after 1pm, Fri or Sun
fnb@abcnorio.org, 212 254 3697

People's Law Collective
an anarchist collective with knowledge
of the legal system, provides advice
and legal support

Community Action
Activism Center - Wetlands
Preserve works on a wide range of
projects addressing the impacts of an
economic system and social structure
that reduces all life to commodities or
waste products

Anarchist People Of Color
engaging in dialogue to continue
working in our communities
(for people of color ONLY,
to foster an environment of trust)

Autonomous Spaces Project
working on opening a non-hierarchi-
cal, collectively-run,anarchist commu-
nity center and infoshop

Casa Del Sol
former squat and show space, RIP

Critical Resistance
An organization that seeks to build an
international movement to end the
Prison Industrial Complex

More Gardens!
a direct action group rescuing
land from developers and yuppies

strengthening community among
women, fighting for mother's and
children's rights
Mutual Support Network
puts out the free events calendar
1 888 365 0000 x 1942

New York City Books Thru Bars
sends books to prisoners
212 254 3697 x 323
New York Youth Bloc
A coalition of high schoolers fighting
for peace, justice & empowerment.

Queer Fist
a collective addressing police brutal-
ity, public space, radical visibility,
trans identity, social issues around
queer sexualities and queer genders
seeking to undermine the assimila-
tionism of the LGBTcommunity into
conservative consumerist culture

Radical Cheerleaders
a collectively-run squad open to any-
one interested-no tryouts involved

Radical Reference
librarians who support activists by
providing research support, access to
information, and fact-checking work-
shops for independent journalists

free transportation for ladies and
trans folk to get HOME safely in
North Brooklyn, LES, & East Village
Saturday nights from 12-4:30 AM
www.rightrides.org, 718 964 7781

Shift-Control Collective
brings tech to the activists & activism
to the techies; computer security
skillshares info@shiftcontrol.org

Surveillance Camera Players
conducts free walking tours of heavily
surveilled neighborhoods

Don't see your group here?
* The RAT is a new general New York anarchist journal
produced by the Black Rat collective.

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