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(en) Luxembourg: Delete Capitalism! - Days of Action Against the Eurpean Union Summit - June 16-18, 2005

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 11:50:08 +0200 (IST)

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It seems the government has decided to hold the official european council for
the heads-of-state in Brussels (Belgium), probably because of logistical and
security reasons. All other councils and meetings will take place in Luxembourg-City.
Where will the countersummit and the protests take place?
In Luxembourg. Mainly in Luxembourg-City and in Esch/A.
Where will the official Council be?
It seems the government has decided to hold the official european council for
the heads-of-state in Brussels (Belgium), probably because of logistical and
security reasons. All other councils and meetings will take place in Luxembourg-City.
Why then not protest in Brussels?

First, because there is already be a demonstration in Brussels on
March 19th.

But mainly, because it is not the heads-of-state who are the main
problem for us, but the whole capitalist machinery in the background!
We don't want to depend on some big-men to choose when and where
to protest - we set our own agenda. It's Luxembourg who got this
presidency after all, and we don't want to let it get away unchallenged.

And finally, there has never been such a protest in Luxembourg, so
let's just take the chance!

What kind of protest will there be?

First, there will be a camp to sleep, eat, discuss etc. Then, Action days
with direct actions all around Luxembourg. Third, a central
Demonstration and a Reclaim-the-streets-Party. Look here for more
information. And of course, everyone is free to organize something by
himself. So there will be various possibilities to join the protest,
whatever you prefer!

Who organizes the protests?

All actions you can read about on this webpage are organized by RISE.
RISE assembles various anarchist, autonomous, antifascist and
ecological groups from Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium) Get
more Information about here

How to get there?

Luxembourg is situated between Germany, Belgium and France, very
easy to reach by train or car. It's about 360 km from Paris or
Amsterdam, 210 km from Brussels, and 750 km from Berlin. There
are direct train-connections from Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt etc. Get
more Information (in french) here.

Where to sleep?

There will be a camp, serving as convergence center, sleeping-place
etc. The location is not yet fixed.

Where can i get Flyers, Posters and Stuff?

Mobilization Stuff like Stickers, Posters etc. are available in the
Infoshops in Esch/A and Trier, and most other well-informed
Infoshops around. You can also download it from this webpage in PDF
and print out yourself (will be available soon)

Will there be a preparation meeting in my town?

Look here to see if something is planned in you city. We will be touring
through Germany, Luxembourg & Belgium for the months to come. If
we don't show up in your town, feel free to organize something
yourself . You can mail us and maybe we can help you - or just get all
the information you need from this webpage (more will be available

Fight Governance - Create Alternatives
Together against the EU-Summit 2005!

On the 1st of january 2005 Luxembourg has the Presidency of the EU.
Apart from Brussels and Strasbourg, Luxembourg is the third
european capitol and residence of numerous EU-institutions, among
them such an unknown as the EURODAC, the central registration file
of all applicants for political asylum.

In the tradition of the protests against the EU-summits of Nice,
Göteborg, Bruxelles, Thessaloniki, etc, we want to take the summit as
a chance to communicate our protest against the ruling politics to the
public our protest in an effective way.

RISE is a network of undogmatic organisations, groups and individuals
from Luxembourg over and above that. Apart of the usual forms of
protests we want to further develop theory and action, initiating new
discussions and elaborating self-organised means of protest. In doing
so we want to emphasize the following three basics:

1)Anticapitalism: The actual capitalistic economy, which represents
the ruling paradigm of the EU, creates constantly more inequality,
poverty and ecological destruction. We don't believe in capitalism with
a "human face", we want to fight for an alternative economical system,
which replaces wage labour&profit by solidarity and free evolvement.

2)Self-Determination and Emancipation: Instead of the existing
repressive state we want a society based on solidarity and a
self-determined cooperation. We want to pack up with patriarchal,
racist, antisemitic, and all other all manifestations of discrimination.
Let's get back our lives!

3)Anti-Nationalism: We don't challenge the EU because it is a
supranational organization which caves our so-called "national
sovereignty" or destroys imagined "national identities". For us the
nation state is no alternative to the capitalist globalization. We refuse to
identify ourserlves with nationstates as we fightfortress europe The
battles for liberty must aim the destruction of frontiers and not their

The EU as a political structure of governance is a consequence of the
modern capitalist development. It forms a block, which satisfies the
increasing requirements of capitalism, in an economical, military
political aspect. The logic of the EU is the logic of neoliberalism.
Human beings which are no longer usefull in an economical way are
deported, social rights are attacked and civil-rights abolished. In the
domain of international politics, the EU follows a strategy f
militarisation and hegemony as well.

Our protests don't intend to picture the EU as the only root of all evil.
The EU is just one of many institutions in the net of governance, but
we want to use the increased attention and opportunity of mobilisation
evoked by the EU-summit, to communicate our conviction on the

Which form for which protest?

With our actions we want to break up with deadlocked protest rituals
and create new ways of actions. We want to unify a colored mulltitude
of resistance on a common base. For us such a base is:

- the refusal to delegate our right of self-determination to parties and
governmental institutions
- anti-authoritarian based self-organization and autonomy of the
- direct action, civil and social desobedience.

... we don't aim at a logic of military escalation or those orgies of
violence conjured and stage-managed in many cases by media and
police. We don't want an atmosphere of violence, but an atmosphere of
liberation, and we will demonstrate unmistakeably, that neither our
heads nor the streets will ever be under control.

It is particularly important to create - beyond pure street-protests - a
space for meeting, discussion, reflexion and self-determined planning.
Facing the increasing repression by the state on the occasion of
classical demonstrations we need to fight for own alternatives to the
existing system. A first step in this direction is the idea of a
self-organized, alternative and anticapitalist campaign-camp. In this
context we figure the following project:

1) A self-determined circle for reflexion and action, which makes it
possible to express our political opinion and especially to point out our
alternatives. That means: grassroots democracy, selforganisation, civil
disobedience etc. We want that such a space provides at least
rudimentaly the oportunity to exercise social and politic experiments
beyond the capitalist society.

2) A space of meeting and coming together for the multitude of
diversest social and political fights with the oportunity of exchange and
networking of the diversest strategies of resistance, nets and

3) A space of disussion and evolution, in which also 'critical' topics are
discussed, which are handled to often peripherally, like antisemitism
and antizionism as well as disussions about gender or animal 'rights'
and others.

As groups and individuals on this plattform we want to bundle powers
and unify perspectives of resistance to express sustainably our protest
concerning the EU-summit 2005.


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