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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 11:08:21 +0200 (IST)

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The two communities of Cyprus acquired some competitive intentions
the one to the other since the period at which their segregation in
Christians and Muslims acquired an entity.
The two communities lived harmoniously and shared a common culture until the
mid of the 20th century. But the creation of the two national states with
powerful religious character, the Greek and the Turkish, changed dramatically
the situation in Cyprus. The governmental expansion of both Greece and Turkey
led to the perception that Cyprus was their field. The Greek-Cypriot intellectuals
and the Turk military generals contributed strongly and equally to the cultural
levelling of Cyprus. They destroyed the Cypriot culture and its autonomous entity.

Since 1930 and until 1957, the Greek nationalistic ideology mobilised
big sections of the population mainly in Greece. In these mobilisations
contributed also in a big degree both the economic landing of the
Greek shipowners of this period, as well as the directive by the modern
Greek state for the development of a greek-christian conscience.
During the period of administration (colonisation) of Cyprus by
England the anti-colonisation struggle against English intensified more
the universality of the slogan ?Greek Cyprus? even by the Left.
The Cypriot Question reconstruct the Greek nationalism and saved the
Left political parties, which nationalised their say and shaped it as

The Turkish-Cypriots reacted in these Greek and Greek-Cypriot
parameters which were coiled at a similar way, electing since then
their own national characteristics. That is how the national
imagination was created and the result was the two communities could
not exceed their homelands so they could not live as a community with
their own particular characteristics, although in the older times, when
in Cyprus the nation-state had been demystificated, Cyprus had its
own autonomous dynamic.

With the Anan?s Draft as a reason the constitutive elements of the
nation-centred political opinion came back in the light. Suddenly the
political leadership of Cyprus, via Tassos Papadopoulos (1) as well as
the Greek political authorities except the amerikan-friend PASOK (2)
and perhaps the Synaspismos (3), remembered that they have a state
to safeguard with greek-christian ideals and of cource they voted ?No?
to the Anan?s Draft. As the nationalists and the KKE (4) and the
ridiculous Glezos (5), the Greek-Cypriot capital also voted ?No?
because it was afraid that the poverty-stricken Turkish-Cypriots will
take part in the big junketing as an equivalent politically table
companions. ?No? voted and mister Denktas who felt that his
dictatorial power is under disput. The Greek-Cypriots also voted ?No?
in between an orgy of nationalistic propaganda and re-enforcement of
patriotism. The globalisation partisans mumbled the very few ?Yes? as
a necessary concession in the real politic of the new reality.
So, the maintenance of the economic primacy of the Greek-speaking
population was achieved and became henceforth an ideal balance
between the nationalist bandit Denktas and the nationalist technocrat

Perhaps the Anan dilemma would not concern us. But it was the
concern of the Cypriot population and their spirit of collective
self-management and social liberation as a model of collaboration of
participants beyond planted solutions by the UN and the Americans.
Without doubt, the Anan?s Draft was an authoritarian fabrication by a
ragged international organisation sush as UN. However we did not
distinguish, even under this reason, some temper of communication
between the two communities, except perhaps a big number of
Turkish-Cypriots, the movement of which is not interpreted as a
tendency of departure of the nationalistic characteristics, but as a
motive for their economical survival. Thus the Cypriot society could
not get rid of the dilemmas of authorities of the two communities but
left them to be solved by their authorities perpetuating their

The shipwreck of Lucerne of 24 April 2004 was datum since in the
past it did not exist not even a clue from both the political authorities
as well as the two populations for a common living, a common
economy, a common social determination. The Greek-Cypriot capital
and the Turkish nationalism remained steadily in their place.
The position of Federation of Anarchists of Western Greece (OADE)
cannot take sides or reject the projects of resolution of differences
between states which drag their participants in the problems they have

Here we have not differences resulted through a long-lasting exercise
of similar cultural and economic activities, but through the exercise of
non-homogeneous action of different nation-states.
The self-organisation and the society?s disengagement from the
nation-states eliminates problems which emanate from false attributes
of participants (genuine of course as regards the origin). A
multicultural society without dividing lines, when organises social and
economic activities with as its basic criterion the growth of the
everyday life and the intellectual level, annihilates such a type of

The collectivisation of efforts and activities of the life through the
anti-authoritarian and equivalent attendance leads the cultural
activities and the different nationalities in festivals of entertainment
and not arenas of the battles.
In the constitutional model of anarchism it is obvious that
Turkish-Cypriots and Greek-Cypriots would extent hospitality the one
to the other in their different nuance of indigenous events, because
from the next morning they would joint their common efforts for the
arts, the economy and generally their common turnover.

Federation of Anarchists of Western Greece (OADE)

Notes: 1. Tassos Papadopoulos is the current Greek-Cypriot president.
2. PASOK (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) was the previous ruling
party in Greece. 3. Synaspismos (Coalition of Left and Progress), is a
left rather a euro-communist type party. 4. KKE is the Communist
Party of Greece. 5. Manolis Glezos is one of the well known faces of
the Greek Left.

This article published in the latest edition of the newsletter 'Mavra
Grammata' ('Black Letters'), organ of the local group of Patras of
OADE. Translation by James Sotros, international relations of OADE.
Postal contacts: OADE, P.O. BOX 1333, Patras 26001 (Central Post
Office), Greece or P.O. BOX 2120, Lygon St. North. East Brunswick,
Victoria 3057, Australia email outetheos@yahoo.com.au

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