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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 11:16:45 +0100 (CET)

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TO HELL OR TO CONNAUGHT -- LAST YEAR, IN a little-noticed decision,
Hackney Council awarded Connaught “the facilities management
group" - a £100M contract to repair 8,000 council homes.
Let's face it, Hackney Council wouldn't appear
to have a hundred million quid lying about, so
where's the money coming from? Despite recent reports to
thecontrary, Hackney Council's still in a dire financial
position. The long-standing saga of the Clissold Leisure Centre would
indicate that the council couldn't organise either a piss-up
in a brewery or a swim in a swimming pool. Yet they can, seemingly,
stump up a hundred millions to some shyster company.
Could it be that whatever the result of the famous test of
opinion' last year, they were hellbent on privatising our

The 'test of opinion', a devious plot to get
residents' consent for privatisation, offered tenants a choice
between several alternative routes to privatised estates. At the time of
writing, a break-down of the voting figures hasn't reached
us but we suspect that several estates voted to remain as
they were, outside the doubtful security of an ALMO or PFI disaster.

Some months ago we reported on the plans for a £64 million
refurbishment of that nightmare on Mare Street, the hideous town hall.
How can one building possibly cost as much to refurbish as 5,120
flats? It's an obscenity, and what's
worse an obscenity doubtless paid for out of yet another
massive and unwarranted increase in our Council Tax.

Returning to Connaught, though, we expect we'll see more
contracts between local authorities and this company. With every
council home in the country due to come up to the Decent Homes
standard in the next five years or so, it's no wonder that
investment analysts are describing the social housing market as one
which will see strong and sustained growth.

But we idly wonder what will happen if
Hackney fucks this up as they'vefucked up so many other
things. We need not remind Hackney (or Islington) readers of the
ITNet catastrophe, nor of the unbelievable fuck-up the
council's made with the Clissold Leisure Centre. Perhaps
we've got it all wrong and this will all work out fine.
Don't forget, though, this is Hackney we're
talking about!

The council's plan to spend £64 million of
residents' money revamping the town hall works out at a
staggering £744 for every household in the borough. Hackney
already has the second highest Council Tax in London, coming a close
second just after Knightsbridge, even though being one of
the poorest boroughs in England.

Each year Hackney residents hear how the
Labour' council will improve public services,
we're told we will see better transport and cleaner streets:
but all people really see is a decline in all services, the Housing Benefit
office is still in chaos, the streets are still filthy and public transport is
an ongoing issue. With the election looming the Hackney Labour
Party will be on the prowl with their bullshit campaigns and broken
promises. But in just the last year Labour have managed to fuck up the
Clissold Leisure Centre closed down due to dodgy
backhanders and incompetence the Ocean venue, closed
down due to mismanagement, selling off any bit of land to build
over-priced loft conversions for yuppie scum; and ignoring real issues
like the shortage of council houses.
Need we go on? It's a disgrace to see the council forking
out more than £60 million on soft seats and plush offices at the
Town Hall, when residents who are footing the bill for all
this have to make do with pitifully poor servicesand
increasingly inadequate council housing.

THE PIG WHO shot Harry Stanley dead is trying to overturn an
inquest verdictthat he unlawfully killed Harry Stanley as the CPS is
currently considering whether to bring criminal charges against the
two officers involved. Mr Stanley's family called the latest
move as œoutrageous and Sharman, one of the
trigger-happy filth, should accept what the jury said and leave the CPS
to do its job¦time and time we see the two officers trying to
avoid all responsibility of their actions with lying in court, lying to a
jury and blatantly bending the rules to get them out of the shit there in,
again this shows the true feelings of the Met cowards in

A LONDON COUNCIL faces being found guilty of institutional
racism after an inquiry into claims of "ethnic cleansing".
Southwark council is braced for a damning report by Lord Ouseley,
former head of the Commission for Racial Equality, into claims
planning powers were used to drive black businesses out of
The report, to be published later this year, is set to condemn the
council as
œdestroying people's lives" and will say it failed to treat all
inhabitants of
the area equally. Lord Ouseley was asked to investigate after a
planning row which led to closure of a popular club and black youth
centre. He has already indicated his report will make uncomfortable
reading for Southwark, though the council claimed today it would be
cleared of racism.
A spokeswoman said: "The report will almost certainly identify the
race equality scheme as widely acknowledged as a model. Despite this,
there remain some real concerns about the outcomes for black and
ethnic communities in Southwark, and these will be addressed."

On the last day of his inquiry, Lord Ouseley said: "We have heard a lot
different experiences and they have a common theory of
oppression-and destroying people's lives that will appear in my report.
Hopefully the council will hold its hands up and say, 'We accept
there's been discrimination'. The council has a responsibility to provide
public and personal services to its inhabitants. It needs to do this fairly,
and clearly hasn't."

Imperial Gardens club owners Raymond Stevenson had to close when,
due to what the council said was a planning "mistake" expensive flats
were built three metres away.

THEY'RE A TOUCHY lot, these celebrity chefs who seem
to relieve all that tension making too much money by insulting each
other. Jamie was roasting after that silly old cow Clarissa
Dickson-Wright - who was in Two Fat Ladies - called him a whore.
Not any old whore, but a œSainsbury's
whore, for selling himself to that supermarket.
Dickson-Wright also weighed in saying œI really do think
he's a whore, isn't that what whores do, take
money for something they wouldn't do

Jamie sold his soul carte blanche to Sainsbury's, turning up
wherever they want him. He's also causing turmoil with
environmentalists, who attacked the Fifteen boss for promoting
salmon farming in his latest TV advert for Sainsbury's. The
ecologists said the practice of salmon farming damages the sea bed
and produces salmon that is not good enough to be served in
restaurants¦My God, it's tough at the top.

THE CONSERVATIVES ARE raising their ugly heads in Hackney.
Hackney Conservative Ertan Hurer has started a campaign to get more
police on the streets. He also wants less paper work for the plod when
they stop and search people, so that there can be more stop and
searches, more school discipline, and so on. We have gone through
the Tories stage before there is no difference between
Labour and the Conservatives. The Green Party pop up now and again
and all they are concerned with is bicycle lanes and that
everyone should eat organic food (food with mud still on it)
they want to help and hug the planet, well they should get
on this planet first.
Why bother voting in the coming election? It only encourages these
people. Hackney's a mess and voting will not change

WORD REACHES US that the Hackney Empire has a range of
subsidised tickets. It seems that anyone who's under 21; on
benefits or unspecified low income; disabled; black or from another
ethnic minority; or simply works in the borough can get a ticket for
£2 rather than the £12.50 you'd pay
ordinarily. But you can't have gone to the Empire to see a
show before.

This seems at first glance fair enough. But on reconsidering it, there
are some uncomfortable things here. The fact that the Empire thinks it
can charge £12.50 and people will flock to see it's
quite curious especially when one thinks about what
happened to the Ocean, just over the road. The Ocean, as readers may
recall, went into administration at the end of last year, due in part to
excessive ticket prices putting off the punters. Yet, here we see exactly
the same thing occurring again!

If Hackney's cultural amenities are going to be priced out of
the reach of most Hackney residents and we'd
submit that £12.50 a head is beyond most people's
reach on a regular basis then it's no bloody
wonder when things like the Ocean close down. The Hackney Empire,
which recently reopened after refurbishment, could easily go down the
same sorry path.

Despite the clear warning from the Ocean's fate, the
management of the Hackney Empire seem hellbent on pursuing their
bizarre pricing policy when even the dogs in the street
could tell them it's a daft idea. But if they really wanted to
get people going into the Empire, they'd stop appealing to
middle-class wankers and start putting on acts which appeal to the
working-class majority.
Yet, from the pricing scheme they've adopted at the
Empire, they've made it plain which patrons they consider
more welcome.

THE CURRENT MORAL panic in London and beyond is about binge
drinking. Of course it is not rugby clubs or University students being
attacked for this, but the usual targets - women, young people, the
wider working class etc. In Barnet, the Labour party has been
criticising the Tory council for refusing to limit the number of pubs in
Edgware town centre. What a bunch of sourpuss killjoys!
Labour Councillor Steve Blomer leads the charge by arguing "binge
drinking leads to anti-social behaviour... the Council should be
protecting residents by cracking down on the yobs as much as

Unfortunately for Cllr Blomer, the picture currently being used by the
Labour party locally shows him overweight, sweating, with his tie at
half mast, and lank, greasy hair flopping over half his face. A bit like
anyone after a good night's drinking...

THE SQUATTERS OCCUPYING Arbour Square police station have
won the first round of their legal battle with the Met following an
administrative blunder. Around 20 squatters will now be allowed to
stay in the station, off Commercial Road, Stepney, after lawyers
admitted they had not served the correct papers on them.
The error emerged during the first hearing of the Metropolitan Police
Authority's claim for repossession of the building, being heard at
Shoreditch County Court. In a written statement, squatter Lukas
Kowlsai argued police had failed to serve the correct papers on them as
they had not given them enough time to respond. He claimed that
another group of squatters had been unlawfully evicted from the
station before them, meaning that the building had been previously
occupied. And he pointed out that if a building has been used as a
home, squatters have five days to prepare for court. The papers served
only gave two - the limit for non-residential buildings.

When Judge Peter Latham asked Metropolitan Police Authority
counsel Thekla Fellas about the mistake, she blamed the error on the
authority's solicitors.
The Judge described it as a "technical irregularity" and ordered the
Met to
serve the proper papers on all the squatters who wished to fight
eviction. The delay is the latest problem in an embarrassing case for
the police as they try to reclaim the building that once held the Kray
twins and IRA terrorists. The squatters moved in last December and
the station is now thought to be home to a number of hard-up
musicians and artists from Europe and South America. Its former
Magistrates court has been converted into a party room with a sound
system, while its interview rooms have been turned into living

Judge Latham adjourned the case until March 23, allowing the
squatters a further two months to seek legal advice and prepare their
defence before the hearing. We wish all at the squat good luck.

WANTED TO JOIN the army but couldn't get in? Ever
wanted to be a big boy or girl? Were you a bully at school? Ever
wanted to get your own back on society? Do you like being spat at, do
you have no friends, want to pretend to arrest people, tired of locals
taking the piss out of you, ever wanted to be apart of a team exactly the
same as you, had a fetish to be a traffic warden, want to carry a
truncheon, look hard with a walkie-talkie, wanted to give tourists
directions, well the Met has the answers to all your wet dreams, you
can now join the Met Police and pretend to be a real copper
and get paid.
The Met is appealing for East Enders interested in becoming a Police
Community Support Officer to come to an open day in Mile End Park.

Chief Inspector Colin Morgan, from Bethnal Green station, explained
that around 40 PCSOs were needed for new Safer Neighbourhood
Teams across the borough, adding that it was hoped most could be
recruited from the East End. He also said that since more kebab shops
have opened the MET are stretched to do their job they are trying to
recruit have-a-go heroes giving them more time to eat and frame
innocent people.

"PCSOs play a key role, providing a visible police presence as we
don't like this side of the job, a nice cosy office is what we
need, to keep the streets safe and working with local communities to
create local solutions to local problems," he added. œSo we
thought, why not get the locals to do our job.

"All of these teams require is to look quite tubby and a bit thick
and must
have a passion for kebabs. We're holding the open day to spearhead
recruitment drive.

Ch Insp Morgan went on: "If you are keen to enter law enforcement
and have a passion for kicking people in the head, this could be the job
for you.

"People from the East End will be the ideal choice for these roles,
because they know the area, understand its problems and will be
committed to addressing community concerns about crime and
disorder, and it would be a bonus to grass up what you know straight

If you're going to this year's G8 Summit,
there's only one agent who you can trust, one agent who
can organise your gas mask and legal support before you go.
With many years' experience everyone knows

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is coming to London
between 16 -19 February to assess London's bid for the 2012
Olympics. One of the things they will be looking at (as a bad point for
the bid) is the amount of opposition to each city's bid. A number of
people opposed to the bid have got together to try and mobilise all the
passive resistance there is, into something more active -especially
while the IOC are here.

Have your say on the Olympic bid, in Walthamstow, this month -
Walthamstow Back or Scrap the Bid? Thursday 10 February, 7.30pm,
Friends Meeting
House, 18 Jewel Rd, London E17

On Saturday 19th February, there will be a large march to show our
opposition to the bid. The demonstration will start of from Meridian
Square in Stratford at 1pm. More details on both the meeting and
demonstration from http://www.nolondon2012.org/.

Class War hopes that the opposition to the Olympic bid will be based
around the problems of gentrification, poor transport and
environmental damage. This affects all working class Londoners. If
you agree with us, get down to Stratford on the 19th.

There are loads of benefit gigs coming up at The Grosvenor pub in
Stockwell, during February and March.
More details from http://www.eroding.org.uk/brixtonscum.htm

10th and 19th February - Anti-Olympics events in east London. See

Saturday 5 March - To mark the 20th anniversary of the end of the
miners strike, Doncaster will host a rally and social asking "Where
have we been, where are we now, where are we going?" It starts at
6pm, and the address is: The Old Club, Market Place, Stainforth,
Doncaster.More on this in the next London Calling, and from

Sunday 6 March 7pm London CW meeting, at a top central London

You can check out all the latest Class War t-shirts, videos and books
on the merchandise page at www.londonclasswar.org.
You can order fifty stickers for just a quid, so why not do so today?


Class War
Po Box 467
London E8 3QX


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