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(en) Britain, DISSENT Network of Resistance against the GS - newsletter #3 winter 05

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2005 10:12:10 +0100 (CET)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
News about and of interest to anarchists
http://ainfos.ca/ http://ainfos.ca/index24.html

> Thousands resist the global elite at the World Economic forum
Political and economical heavyweights
came together behind closed doors in
Davos, Switzerland from 26-30th of
January for the World Economic Forum
(WEF), to give a "social label" to the
capitalist globalization. Before and
throughout the WEF meetings, actions,
demonstrations, and counter forums
were held against the summit by an
anti-WEF-coalition made up of various
groups from both France, Germany and
Switzerland. Saturday 15th of January
2005, the first demonstration took
place in Winterthur, Switzerland, were
about 400 people took part. Another
400 people voiced their resistance in
Chur and Adelsberg. In Aarau a creative
action happened, whilst in Thun a politi-
cal flashmob confused passers-by,
leading to spontaneous protest. In
Heiden, an attack against the UBS, a
giant bank consortium, occurred while
in Zurich, an anti-repression group burnt
down a training camp for anti-terrorist
units in protest against the WEF securi-
ty preparations. In Bern, the education
collective "Tour de Lorraine", educated
with films, theatre and gigs throughout
the week. Various protests happened
during the week in Berna, Davos,
Lugano and Basilea. On Saturday 22
January a day of Decentralised
Creative Actions was called against the
WEF summit. Around 1.500 people took
part in a series of civil disobedience
actions. At the same time, there was a
solidarity action in Oxford. Although the
demonstration in Winterthur was peace-
ful, despite of neo-nazi's provocating,
the huge mass demonstration planned
for the 22nd of January against the
WEF, was prohibited by a court deci-
sion. The Anti-WEF-coordination wanted
to protest against social cuts, salary
dumping, privatisation, institutional
racism and war. The network called for
decentralised actions instead. Many
restrictions were opposed on the
actions, a playful street party was for-
bidden in Bern. The repression and
some of the police violence triggered
protest in parliament. 250 activists
were forbidden to enter the country
and even the army had 6500 soldiers
on standby. In the last week more
actions happened in and around Davos,
including an authorized manifestation in
Davos on January 29.
More info on Indymedia:

The first of the G7 meetings leading up
to the G8 Summit took place in London
over February 4th/5th in the form of
the G7 Financial Ministerial. The
Financial G7 brings together the central
bank governors and finance ministers of
the seven richest countries in the
world. Activists from Dissent! were
there to greet them.
The Financial G7 met for a fancy dinner
at Lancaster House, but had their meal
ruined by the commotion of samba
drumming and shouting from people on
the outside. Make Poverty History cam-
paigners protested from the confines of
a fenced-off pen, whilst Rhythms of
Resistance blocked the exit, and along
with 20 - 30 other activists, made sure
their presence was felt. Noisy support
from a pizza delivery driver topped the
demo off! There was heavy policing,
with FIT team harassment continuing
from beginning to end. Activists who
refused to enter the pen were followed
and verbally harassed, whilst others
were stopped and searched.
Despite the short notice of the event
(and thanks in no small part to the
drummers) the finance ministers and
bankers didn't get to enjoy their dinner
in peace. Yet this was only the first of
the G7 Ministerials, which mark the
countdown to the G8 Summit in July,
and as the Summit gets closer our
resistance to these meetings must get
stronger - lets shut them down!

Get in Training for the G8

Local groups and networks can ask for
training/workshops on specific subjects
from the Dissent! training group by
emailing actiontraining@linuxmail.org
Workshops provided range from direct
action training, preparing for action,
strategy and tactics, blockading and
other action techniques, legal, affinity
groups to quick decision making on
actions and more. To increase the num-
ber of action trainers, three G8 Direct
Action Trainers workshops are being
organised, in Sheffield, Glasgow and
London. More info at www.skillshar-
ing.org.uk. There is also more info on
the Dissent website
www.dissent.org.uk under 'Training.'

Dissent is a new network, created to build a mobilisation
against the G8. The network is based on the Peoples' Global
Action Hallmarks, rooted in local and autonomous organising
and action, and aims to go beyond the G8. The PGA is
a decentralised, non-heirachical, global network of social
movements, for a copy of the hallmarks visit www.agp.org

World Sociial Forum Porto Alegre 2005

Individuals involved in the Dissent! net-
work took part in the Caracol - (the
autonomous space during the WSF)
hosting two meetings that brought
together people mobilizing against the
IMFand World Bank, WTO, G8 and FTAA.
The meetings aimed to reflect on past
mobilizations and lessons that we had
learned, find different strategies of
resistance and develop practical and
concrete tools to support the different
mobilizations in 2005.

Global Resistance 2005: A call to action

This call is a result of converging at the
International youth camp at the 5th
World Social Forum of people involved
in building resistance to the meetings
of the global elite. It is a call for people
to support and participate in the mobili-
sations. To show both political and
practical solidarity with those actively
resisting the summits, and to organise,
and take part in actions coinciding with
these events in villages, towns and
cities worldwide. Moreover, it is a call
for this resistance and these expres-
sions of solidarity to co-ordinate and
co-operate amongst themselves, to
open up spaces in which we can learn
from one another, from our differences
as much as our commonalities
Let 2005 be the year in which our
resistance becomes truly global!
IMF/World Bank- April 16th Washington
G8- July 2nd-8th- Scotland
FTAA, November, Argentina
WTO, December, Hong Kong


International News

>International Co-ordination meetiing
Over the last 18 months an international
network has been emerging to co-ordi-
nate action against the G8 in 2005.
Across Europe and further a field, indi-
viduals, groups and networks have been
producing their own anti-G8 materials,
building links with groups locally,
organising benefit parties and dis-
cussing what they want their role to be
in the mobilisation. On 26th -27th
February in Southern Germany there
will be a meeting to co-ordinate these
groups mobilising against the G8.

>Kom in actiie!!

People from all around Holland have
started to meet up on a regular basis to
create a solid basis for action in
Scotland. To inform and inspire, they
are planning several info nights, action-
planning evenings and activist training
days. For more information mail to:

> Mondialisons la Resistance!
"Collectif des resistances" in Lyon are
organising a week of resistance against
the G8 in May 2005.

> Achtung Giipfell!!
A large network has formed in
Germany, Austria and Switzerland
including groups and people from 30
different cities, who want to work
together against the G8 in 2005, and on
towards the G8 in 2007 when it comes
to Germany. Information gatherings
have been held in three cities, as well
as a big fundraising party. They are
planning an info-tour in March/April.

Police to stand trial over Aubonne Bridge Action

The Aubonne-Bridge Action against the
G8 in 2003, in which two activists,
Martin Shaw and Gesine Wenzel, nearly
lost their lives as the police cut their
climbing rope, has entered an exciting
new phase. The High Court has accept-
ed their appeal. It had been previously
ruled that the police were not to be
charged declaring that the incident was
produced by the activists' own temeri-
ty. The highest ranking officer, and the
officer who cut the rope will now be
sent to trial under the accusation of
simple and severe bodily harm with

The activists remain skeptical. "While
we are very happy about this decision,
we have deep concerns that the judicial
system really wants to find out the
truth." said Martin Shaw. Gesine
Wenzel says "There is a definite refusal
to find out about the implications of the
hierarchy. They aim to consider the two
accused policemen as the black sheep
and the incident as an accident. But if
one really wants to avoid such dramas,
the entire system of police intervention
and internal organization has to be
looked at."

29 parliamentarians from different par-
ties are openly supporting the activists
case. The climbers who have suffered
severe physical and emotional injuries
have received no compensation, whilst
considerable amounts have been
awarded to shop-owners whose win-
dows were destroyed during the
protests. "This shows how the state
protects property over people's lives",
concluded the activists. "The decision
of tribunal is a first step. But it is
important to remember that this is
absolutely exceptional and that most
complaints about police violence remain
uninvestigated and never lead to prose-
For more information contact


> Poliice to stand triial over violence at G8 summit in Genoa

Italian police accused of violence during
a raid against protesters at the G8 sum-
mit in Genoa in 2001 must stand trial, a
judge has ruled. The trial should start
on 6 April 2005. Twenty-eight Italian
police officers have been charged with
lying, slander and the intent to serious-
ly injure Anticapitalists at a school in
Genoa which which they were using as
a base during the 2001 G8 in Genoa,

The summit was marred by violence.
One protester was killed and hundreds
of police and demonstrators were
injured. Protesters based at the Diaz
school alleged that they had been
attacked and beaten in their sleep dur-
ing the raid. Police chiefs claimed they
had acted on a tip-off that activists
planning violent protests were hiding in
the school.

Almost 100 people were arrested in the
raid on the school and taken to a bar-
racks, where it has been alleged that
they were beaten and abused by police.
On Monday, Judge Daniela Faraggi con-
firmed that 28 police face trial in con-
nection with the raid, which was a key
flashpoint during a violent weekend.

Edinburgh Reshape!

Edinburgh Reshape! meets every two
weeks to discuss the G8. We sent peo-
ple to the G8 Alternatives meeting in
Stirling and set-up a teach-in at Stirling
University. We are holding benefit gigs
and have been busy networking,
searching for convergence spaces, and
making propaganda.. For more informa-
tion: www.reshape.org.uk

Last year the Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change announced that by
2050 'a million species could face
extinction'! In the same year Tony Blair
publicly announced that cutting carbon
dioxide emissions was 'essential to
'avert disaster'' yet recently leaked
documents reveal that the UK govern-
ment was simultaneously attempting
'to remove targets that would reduce
carbon dioxide emissions during high-
level meetings to formulate Europe's
climate policy' (The Independent,
16.01.05). IT'S A SHAM, a facade, an act,
a rip-off, a con, a trick ... Tony Blair is
the Greenwash Guru, arguing that mar-
ket environmentalism and the Kyoto
Protocol will save the day. A Protocol,
lets remember, which is not only a
flawed method of reducing CO2 emis-
sions but involves turning the atmos-
phere into a giant commodity to be
bought and sold like barrels of oil by
traders, governments and corporations,
further deepening the world's already
gaping imbalances of power and not
even effectively reducing emissions
into the bargain!
A more realistic picture of Tony goes
something like this ... he pedals a gov-
ernment that annually invests £40 mil-
lion into research projects that are of
direct benefit to the fossil fuel industry,
has recently given the green light to a
5.5 billion road building programme, the
biggest for two decades and his own
Environment Agency has invested 64
million in oil firms [BP and Shell] that
have been condemned for contributing
to flooding and climate change' (The
Independent, 07.01.03).
At the 2005 G8 summit we can unite in
our opposition to climate chaos and the
capitalist system creating it, our com-
mitment to direct action and civil dis-
obedience as the most effective form
of struggle. Not only that, we can build
a European Climate Justice Network
that can look beyond the G8 Summit
and Blair's 'leadership' of the EU and
begin to challenge the global capitalist
system, which has led us to the brink of
climate chaos on a scale never before
seen by human eyes. Solutions to this
problem will not come from career path
politicians or oil executives but from
the bottom up, from the grassroots,
from us.
E-mail - g8climateaction@lists.riseup.net
Anti-Militarist Blockade
of Faslane - 4 July
Why:: The rich countries of the world
depend on their overwhelming military
might to defend and extend the globali-
sation that allows them to exploit and
oppress the poor. Nuclear weapons are
the ultimate expression of the militari-
sation that makes economic globalisa-
tion possible.
How: Up to you. We are asking people
to respect the non-violence and safety
guidelines *on this action* - these are
fundamental to some of the groups
behind both the initial call and recent
successful blockades at Faslane. Within
that: blockade, cut in, dance, mourn,
swim, use your imagination!
Where: Faslane Naval Base (near
Glasgow). Home to all Britain's nuclear
(and many non-nuclear) weapons.
When: Monday 4 July (early!)
Working group against work
This new working group in Dissent! is
also part of an international network of
unwaged struggles and resistance to
low-paid, insecure work. We aim to
take action that comes out of our day-
to-day struggles over work, housing and
state-imposed punishments for not
There are many targets in Scotland.
Diageo, owners of Gleneagles, runs a
New Deal scheme called Tomorrow's
People. We can 'visit' bailiffs and firms
raking in profits from peoples' debts;
employment agencies, firms & organisa-
tions involved with the New Deal and the
benefits regime. Actions could include
piquetero-style roadblocks, free shops,
occupations, disruptive parties at shop-
ping centres and job centres ('make
employment zones enjoyment zones').
contact: dissentagainstwork@yahoo.co.uk
A celebration of the right to
roam; walking in the Ochil hills
While the G8 leaders meet in the
Gleneagles hotel, we will be looking at
them from above on the Ochil hills, and
laughing at them, with a big day-glow
banner. Please do join us, comrades, for
friendly encounters on the hills. Let the
hills be a weapon free zone. There will
be several organised walks in the Ochil
Hills in the run up to the G8 Summit at
Gleneagles for people to get familiar
with theo Dlandscape and to meet other
walkers! Walks are happening every
weekend from spring equinox onwards.
Also we hope to test out and learn vari-
ous communications methods on the
hills, from using simple whistles, to
morse code with flash lights.
contact: silver@j12.org
http://silver.j12.org/ PO Box 28505,
Edinburgh, EH4 4YW
The G8 are the group at the heart of
the corporate Globalization, co-coordi-
nating a neo-liberal assault on our liveli-
hoods, public services, jobs, wages and
environment. They make promises on
seeking real solutions to the world's
problems, but in reality have failed to
deliver in making any progressive
changes. Examples of this are their
inability to cancel debts' owed by the
world's most poorest nations, or imple-
ment the Kyoto agreement to reduce
greenhouse omissions that are killing
our planet.
The reason for this is that the G8 are
not a body that can be negotiated with
as their main interest is to protect and
promote free trade in all its forms,
encourE ging maximum profiteering from
aR M
the sale of goods, service, crops, and
intellectual property. Any pressure to
change the G8 will come externally
from maximum militancy, organizing
against them so as to expose their real
agenda by discrediting it. We need to
confront the G8 by disrupting their
secret meeting; this can be achieved by
blockading the summit when it starts on
the Wednesday 6th July.
While we should support all protests
against the G8 and what it stands for,
we support the call for blockading the
summit on Wednesday the 6th July and
agree to mobilize to build this action as
large as possible.

where to find us
Dissent Gathering: We will be having
monthly dissent gatherings rotating
round the UK as of February, to find the
next one visit www.dissent.org.uk
International Networking Meeting: 25th-27th
Feb, Tubigen, Germany - for more info contact

Festival of Dissent!: A week long
gathering in April 05 in Lanarkshire, to
plot, scheme and train ready for the G8

South East Regional Meeting: Sat 26th
February, ULU, Mallet St, London

The Trapese roadshow has done over
50 events around the country since
September, "informing and mobilizing
around the issues behind the G8." The
majority have been workshops intro-
ducting the G8 and how it came to exist
as such a powerful institution. We also
look at the issues that will be making
the headlines, (debt/Africa and climate
change) and discuss people's views on
these topics, as well as looking at the
plans for the mobilisation this summer
and brainstorming ideas for actions.
One of the most positive things that has
come out has been bringing people
together who want to be active against
the G8. We are planning to do a tour
during the spring if there is demand for
it, widening the cross-section of people
who come to our talks. We are looking
for local groups/individuals to publicise
events, and inviting other groups along
(anti war groups, local FOE etc.) We
will put on an evening performance
with the Schnews crew, "Have I got
Schnews for you" style. Let us know if
there is a theatre, independent cinema
or festival local to you where we could
do workshops, trainings or benefits.
If you came to an event and you have
constuctive criticisms/ideas please let
us know. All our resources are available
on our new website www.trapese.org,
check it out. So its really easy -why not
get out there a do a g8 workshop your-
Nottingham Dissent!
The Nottingham group meets regularly.
Street theatre, huge benefit parties,
film festivals, critical masses, classical
music concerts, stalls and much more
are planned. Get involved! Contact not-
tinghamdissent@riseup.net for more
Bristol Dissent!
Meetings: Last Tuesday of month at
7.30pm (next 4 & 25 January 2005), at
Kebele Project, 14 Robertson Rd,
Easton, Bristol, BS5. The Bristol Dissent!
group has produced propaganda flyers,
held info stalls, made banners, held
stencil/art workshops, and organised a
Dissent! benefit. They are producing
factsheets on climate change,
Africa/debt, sustainability, the
'Information for Action' - a day of work
shops, presentations & discussions, at
central Bristol location, on April 9t
(10.30am to 5.30pm). Followed by bene
fit social.
The day will have workshops includin
art resistance, alternatives to capital
ism, Africa debt/poverty, Iraq, Zapatista
No Borders & asylum seekers, CIRCA
(clown army), direct action, and climat
Entry is free / donation and there will b
cheap vegan food.
For more info about the day please con
tact bristol_g8workshops@riseup.net
Donate or Fundraiise
onate r undra se
against the G8!
With several leads on (a) possible con-
vergence centre(s) there is urgent need
of funds to secure one, and massive
resources to help house the 10's of
thousands of protesters who it is hoped
will come. Remember we currently
emember e urrently
have no money.
have o oney.
The following options are available to
make a donation to the Dissent!
* By direct deposit at the
Cooperative Bank, Sort Code 08-92-99,
account number 6515 5518.
* By cheque or cash at any U.K. pos
office, through deposit into the above
Cheques can be made out to The
Dissent Network and mailed to:
"Dissent Funding, Box 8, 245 Gladstone
Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham, NG7
If you are able to help fundraise, that
would be excellent. Some ideas include
* forward this information via email,
and get in touch with people or organi-
zations you know who might have
available funds or be able to help raise
* host benefit events in your local
area to both raise funds and awareness
For example, if you have a venue, we
are currently working on putting
together a number of bands who can
To contact us with questions, or to
help fundraise, email

Days Of Disent - Reflections On Summit Mobilizations
From London and Seattle to Prague,
Gothenburg, Evian, Cancun and beyond,
mobilisations against international sum-
mits have succeeded in putting anti-cap-
italism back on the agenda. 'Days of
Dissent' is a collection of voices from
within these mobilisations. Each article
is written by people who were directly
involved. They attempt to explain why
movements decided to mobilise, how
they went about doing so, how the
events unfolded and - most importantly
of all - they attempt to assess what les-
sons can be learned. It is important that
we attempt to learn from our collective
history, from our mistakes as well as our
successes. 'Days of Dissent' is one con-
tribution towards this process of reflec-
tion. Its aim is to provide inspiration for
To order copies send blank cheques,
postal orders or well hidden cash to:
Days of Dissent Magazine, Box 8, 245
Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7
For each copy send 1.50 plus 50p for
postage and packaging. For orders out-
side of the UK add a further 50p for
postage. Equivalent amounts in other
currencies also accepted. For bulk
orders, dis.counts, review copies or
enquiries, email the editors at:
The PGA Hallmarks
1) A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism
and feudalism; all trade agreements, institutions and
governments that promote destructive globalisation.
2) We reject all forms and systems of domination
and discrimination including, but not limited to,
patriarchy, racism and religious fundamentalism of
all creeds. We embrace the full dignity of all human
3) A confrontational attitude, since we do not think
that lobbying can have a major impact in such biased
and undemocratic organisations, in which transnational
capital is the only real policy-maker;
4) A call to direct action and civil disobedience,
support for social movements' struggles, advocating
forms of resistance which maximise respect for life
and oppressed peoples' rights, as well as the
construction of local alternatives to global capitalism.
5) An organisational philosophy based on
decentralisation and autonomy.


dissent Calendar of events

Pre-summit: March 10-11, 2005 G8 Employment Ministers Meeting, London
--------------- March 15-16, 2005 International Energy/Environment Ministers Roundtable, London
--------------- March 17-18, 2005 G8 Environment and Development Ministers
--------------- Meeting, Derbyshire,
--------------- June 11-11, 2005 G7 Finance Ministers Meeting, London
--------------- June 16-17, 2005 G8 Justice and Interior Ministers Meeting,
--------------- Sheffield, UK
--------------- 6-10th April: Lanarkshire Scotland 'Festival of Dissent!' A
--------------- chance to plot, scheme and train ready for the G8.

1 month before:: Urban convergence centre in Edinburgh or Glasgow available.
Start of 'Community Anarchy Project' and other activist training in the urban convergence centre.

2 weeks before: 'Community Anarchy Project' actions start,
supporting and initiating social and ecological projects in the
area around Gleneagles, Glasgow and Edinburgh together
with local residents.

1 week before:: Setting up the camps (rural converge spaces).
Sat 2nd July: 'Make Poverty History' marches in Edinburgh
with 'anti-capitalist presence'.

Sun 3rd July: 'Community Anarchy Project' Street Carnival
born out of the community work that the community
anarchy crew have been doing.

No Borders Demo's at Dungavel detention centres

Mon 4th July: Trident Ploughshares Faslane Blockade of the
nuclear submarine base.

Tue 5th July: Beacons of Dissent! Lighting fire beacons on
the Ochil hills at night The hill walkers start crossing the
Ochil hills.

Public and affinity group blockades of the access to the
G8 Summit.

Autonomous Kids `Mad Hatters Tea Party' near Gleneagles.

Thu 7th July: Day put aside for prisoner support and
decentralised actions around the area coming from the
convergence spaces. Blockades might continue from
day before.

A day of actions against climate change targets and mass
energy profiteers.

Throughout the month there will be actions themed around
the issue of precarity, work and unemployment.

The Clandestine Insurrectionary Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA)
are planning fun and chaos around the summit and are busy
boosting their numbers on a recruitment tour of the UK.

Information about the area, local targets and corporations
involved in the G8 will be available at the convergence

Post-summit: People will be able to stay after the summit
and have a chance to gather and network with the thousands
of other dissidents to strategize and organize with the
objective to continue to build resistance and alternatives

The 'Community Anarchy Project' work continues in the
weeks following the summit; supporting and initiating
social and ecological projects in the area around
Gleneagles en Edinburgh together with local residents

To subscribe to the email list contact:
Discussion at http://enrager.net/web/current/g8/index.php


Group: Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance
Email: resistanceab@yahoo.co.uk
Web: http://www.geocities.com/resistanceab
Autonomous Social Centre of Aberdeen, asca@mutualaid.org

Meets: 6pm every Tuesday in the Cowley Club, 12 London Rd
Email: brightonantig8@yahoo.co.uk

Group: Dissent! Bristol
Dissent! PO Box 102, 82 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BB
Email list: http://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/dissent-bristol

Group: Cambridge Action Network
Mail: CAN, c/o 12 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 2AD
Email: cambridge@lists.riseup.net
Web: www.cambridgeaction.net

Group: Cardiff Anarchist Network
Web: www.geocities.com/bozavine/can
Tel: 07952 774 525
Meets: Model Inn, Quay Street, Cardiff. Every Monday 9pm

Group: Colchester Anarchist Group
Email: colchesteranarchistgroup@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 07986 343733

Group: Derby Earth First
PO Box 6628, Derby, DE1 9EA. Tel. 01332 835 426
Meets Bernard's Watch Cafe, The Courtyard Pub, Friargate,
Derby, 1st Tuesday of the month.

Group: Edinburgh Reshape
Meets: Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery
Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5HA. Second Sunday of every month, 5pm
Mail: Reshape, c/o Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West
Montgomery Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5HA.
Tel: 0131 557 6242
Email: reshape@riseup.net
Email List: http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/dissentedinburgh
Web: http://enrager.net/hosted/reshape/

the Printworks Social Centre, 58 Albion Street, Glasgow
G1 1LH. Tel: 0141 552 4551
Web: http://www.glasgow-autonomy.org
Email: info@glasgow-autonomy.org

Anti-G8 Infopoint
Email: blueecomag@netscape.net


LaRC, The Basement, 78a Penny St, Lancaster.
Tel.: 01524 383012
Email: theBasement@webtribe.net
Web: http://www.eco-action.org/lancaster/

Leeds ARC, 145-147 Cardigan Rd. Leeds LS6 1LJ
Email: leedsarc@riseup.net
Web: www.leedsarc.org.uk

Group: Leicester Action Network
Email: info@leicester-action.co.uk
Web: www.leicester-action.co.uk

Email: chogmail@excite.com

LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES Tel. 020 7377 9088
Email: info@londonarc.org.uk
Web: www.londonarc.org
Group: Wombles
Email: wombles@hushmail.com
Web: www.wombles.org.uk
Meets every Tuesday 7.30pm @ LARC

Group: Dosummat
Email: dosummat@shortcutz.org.uk
Web: www.dosummat.org.uk

Group: Why Don't You?
Mail: PO Box 1TA, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE99 1TA.
Email: whydontyou@post.com


Group: Norwich Anarchists
PO Box 487, Norwich, NR5 8WE.
07941 657485
Group: Norwich Anarchist Students

Box 8, 245 Gladstone Street, NG7 6HX
Email: nottinghamdissent@riseup.net
Web: www.veggies.org.uk/diary

Group: Oxford Dissent, 16b Cherwell St, Oxford OX4 1BG
Email: dissent oxford@riseup.net

OCSET Social Centre
Email: oxsocial@linuxmail.org


Group: Reading Anti-G8
Email: reading-anti-g8@cyber-rights.net

Email: sheffieldmayday@ukf.net

Group: Shut the G8
Email: shuttheg8@hotmail.comsame
PO Box 41144, Wothing, West Sussex, BN14 7NZ
Web: www.freewebs.com/shuttheg8



Bike Caravan
Interested in a bike caravan from Europe to Scotland for the G8
2005? Subcribe to g8bikeride-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

Community Anarchy Project
Email: donteventhinkaboutit@myway.com

Phone: 07904 452297
Email: roadshow@riseup.net
To subscribe contact: educatetheg8@lists.riseup.net

Festival of Dissent!
A festival to take place in Lanarkshire 6-10th April
subscribe to : festivalofdissent-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

Funding fundingdissent@yahoo.com

G8 Climate Action
contact g8climateaction@lists.riseup.net or subscribe to

Gathering: g8gathering@yahoo.co.uk

International Networking: info-g82005@riseup.net
To subscribe if based internationaly contact
To subscribe if based in the UK contact

Legall Defence and Moniitoriing Group
ega efence nd on tor ng roup
Email: ldmgmail@yahoo.co.uk

Lessons from past mobilisations:
or visit http://www.dissent.org.uk/content/view/35/36/

for getting camp tat, kitchens and people from accross europe
with space and lift sharing. contact driventodissent@go4.it

Medical Support
Email: medic_g8_2005@lists.riseup.net
Web: www.actionmedics.org.uk
To subscribe, contact: medic_g8_2005@lists.riseup.net

dissentnewsletter@riseup.netDissent Newsletter, Box 8, 245
Gladstone Street,
Nottingham, NG7 6HX

Peoples Golfing Action
Email: pgag8@lists.riseup.net

Process: dissentprocess@yahoo.co.uk

To subscribe, contact dissent-pub-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

Corporate watch is planning to publish some useful research for
activists on corporate involvement in and around the G8, includ-
ing an overview of Scotland Plc.
mail@corporatewatch.org or 01865 791391
Cambridge Research Group: asp"cambridgeaction.net

Skill Shariing/Transllatiing: www.skillsharing.org or
subscribe to resistg82005-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

email: actiontraining@linuxmail.org To join the email list, email:

Trauma Support
Email: takingcare2005@yahoo.com

dissent-tech@email-lists.org or subscribe to:

Working Group Against Work
Contact: dissentagainstwork@yahoo.co.uk

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