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(en) Brazil: Final declaration of the 2005 "Jornadas Anarquistas" (FAG)

From Federacao Anarquista Gaucha <fag.poa@terra.com.br>
Date Sun, 6 Feb 2005 14:29:23 +0100 (CET)

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Since the last "Jornadas Anarquistas" in 2002, the world situation has changed
little, though the US imperialist expansion has reached levels of brutality and
irrationality unimaginable just a short time ago. Examples of this are the
increase in US military strength and troop deployment in very different parts
of the world, that gives unrestricted support to the Nazi policies of the State
of Israel in its oppression of the Palestinian people (with the greatest
abomination being the construction of the huge concentration camp in the Gaza
Strip) and the intervention in Iraq and its justification that today even the
infomation organs of the Empire (USA, Britain, Germany, among others) recognize
was without foundation.

This same justification is used today to try to attack other countries like
Iran and North Korea. However, it is not the only invented excuse. Other
fantasies also serve as the basis for preventive war, such as drug trafficking,
used not only in order to construct military bases in Amazon but also for the
implementation of satellite monitoring programmes such as Sivan and Alcântara,
not to mention the financing and training (in some cases more like command of
than training) of national armies, that affects countries like Colombia, Haiti,
Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, and recently even Brazil (thanks to the allegation
that cocaine is processed here).

To set out all the strategies and interventions sponsored by the US would take
perhaps hundreds or thousands of pages. The important thing is to have clear
ideas regarding the plan for hegemony that permeates political, economic,
ideological and military spheres which aims to serve the demands of the
dominant classes of the world and in particular the USA.

Lula's victory in the 2002 elections was accompanied by enormous expectations
and hopes for social change. However, since the PT was elevated to the status
of political elite, it has dedicated itself to dealing with the agenda for the
governability of the country by the rich and the middle class. Even during the
presidential campaign it was tranquilizing the international financial organs
such as the IMF and the World Bank.

Later, its policies of alliances was responsible for the formation of a clearly
reformist centre-left coalition and as soon as it took over the government,
instead of promoting the reforms expected by the social sections that elected
it, it prioritized political governability, exchanging what remained of its
Programme for the neo-liberal agenda of fiscal adjustment, incentives to
commercial agriculture (through tax exemptions for exports), agreements with
the world financial organs, high Central Bank interest rates and repression and
monitoring of the social movements with the aim of guaranteeing the application
of these policies.

The Lula government's mask fell. While a good part of the social movement is in
dispute with the government and demanding it changes its economic policies, the
reality is that he became president with the function of implementing the
Social Pact, given the great charisma he holds in the eyes of Brazil's poorest
classes, and was clearly the best way to complete the project of the world and
national financial elites.

A similar process in taking place in Argentina and in Uruguay, where the
traditional model for the application of neo-liberal policies has also been
exhausted. After the crisis in Argentina, Nestor Kirchner is developing an
ambiguous policy which, on one hand, uses populist language in order to co-opt
some social sectors into his support base and repressing and persecuting the
most combative sectors (as with the case of the MUP comrade Gabriel Roser
arrested eight months ago), while on the other hand aiding the interests of
Argentinas dominant classes who have formed an alliance with international
financial interests.

In Uruguay, like in Brazil, Tabaré Vázquez's future government is generating
great hopes among wide sectors of the population that there can be change.
However, there are already signs that that the neo-liberal agenda will be
implemented, going against the wishes of the people (already manifested in the
elections), given that the new government is already planning privatizations
and partnerships with private capital to manage the essential and profitable
public services, such as water, cellphone networks and the railways, among


We politically-organized anarchists believe that the World Social Forum does
not constitute an opposition space to the capitalist system. It is for this
reason that we propose through the "Jornadas Anarquistas" the construction of
an alternative that can provide us with the tools we need for the development
of a struggle that can truly be an antagonist in the society in which we live.

The libertarian alternative that we intend to accomplish reaffirms the method,
the principles and the objectives built by generations of people who have
struggled in order to advance the class war. Our tools were and continue to be
popular self-organization, direct action, class solidarity, grassroots
democracy and self-management. Only in this way can we build a front of the
oppressed that can gather our forces and move forward with the process of
building popular power. In our conception, the political organization of
anarchists is necessary and can make it possible for the self-organized people
to play an ever-greater role in the struggles. Having said that, it is
important to say that it was possible to share in the accumulated experiences
of other anarchist groups during the "Jornadas Anarquistas". Furthermore, we
wish to state, with great satisfaction, that this need of anarchists to
organize was recognized by other groups and individual participants and we were
not alone in understanding this. Finally, in our opinion this organization
needs to be undertaken at a local level, and proceeding to regional and
national level, in order to finally build an organic space that can help spread
anarchist practices throughout the country and all Latin America, because only
in that way will we be able to clench our fists to confront the class enemy.

He who fights is not dead!
For socialism and freedom!
America free will be victorious!

Federação Anarquista Gaúcha, Luta libertária (SP), Rede Libertária da Baixada
Santista and Federação Anarquista Uruguaia

Email: fag.poa@terra.com.br
Website: http://www.fag.rg3.net

Translation by FdCA - International Relations

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