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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 628 31st January 2005-6th February 2005

From philmcc@optusnet.com.au
Date Wed, 2 Feb 2005 10:11:22 +0100 (CET)

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The Prime Minister´s greatest challenge during the next 3 years is not the
threat posed by the Alternative Liberal Party (ALP) or the ´war on terror´
or Iraq, but the challenge posed to his authority and majority in parliament
by the religious ideologues within the Liberal Party and the National Party.
It´s quite possible the religious Right will launch a Cabinet coup and
replace him with one of their own. The National Party´s Senator Boswell´s
Dorothy Dix questions to his ideological sweetheart Tony Abbott about
abortion rates and costs in Australia, signals that the religious ideologues
within the party are more than happy to publicly challenge his leadership.

Howard´s assertion that there will be no changes to the abortion
legislation, need to be taken with the same grain of salt that his
assertions that there would ´never, never be a GST´ or that children were
thrown overboard the Tampa, have been taken. If he faces a Cabinet revolt
regarding abortion, it´s likely he´ll abandon his public stance regarding
abortion to retain the Prime Ministership and protect his secular historical
legacy. It´s quite likely that during the next 3 years he´ll be spending so
much time protecting his back in Cabinet from religious elements within the
Liberal / National Party, that he will not be able to take advantage of the
coalition´s majority in both Houses of parliament.

The religious Right within the coalition, realising that the only thing that
stands between them exercising absolute power in parliament from the 1st of
July is the Prime Minister and a shrinking ban of secular government
ministers, may be tempted to launch a direct attack on Howard´s leadership.
If this attack fails, they will introduce a number of private members bills
into parliament that will attempt to roll back legislation that has been
passed over the last two decades concerning abortion, gay rights and other
personal issues.

It´s possible that within the next 6 months, there will be a rearranging of
forces within parliament that will allow the Christian Right within both the
government and the ALP to dominate the parliamentary agenda over the next 3

Transurban shares rose 20% on the news that it had made a bid for Sydney´s
toll roads. If the bid goes ahead and as the Australian Competition and
Consumer Commission (ACCC) has no say in this matter, the bid will go ahead;
Transurban will be able to exercise a monopoly on Australia´s tollways in
the next 6 months. It´s extraordinary that in less than a decade, public
road networks in Australia have been transformed into private monopolies.

The privatisation of public infrastructure does not lead to competition and
lower prices. It inevitably leads to the creation of monopolies and higher
prices. The privatisation of railways, public transport, airports, the
Commonwealth Bank, Qantas, electricity and gas have not led to competition
and decreased prices. Within a few years, the transient gains that were
made as a result of privatisation are cancelled out through the creation of
private monopolies. Patricks now enjoys a monopoly on the country´s rail
freight network, Transurban has a monopoly on Australia´s tollways and the
list goes on and on.

The inevitable consequence of capitalism is the creation of monopolies,
that´s why governments have to pass legislation and create competition and
consumer commissions to try to prevent the formation of monopolies. The
history of 20th century capitalism revolves around the creation of larger
and larger corporations, who employ tens of thousands of employees and make
billions of dollars of profits as a result of their private monopolies. The
larger the corporation, the greater the monopoly they enjoy, the greater
their monopoly, the higher prices they can charge.

Many of these corporations have become so powerful and wealthy they exercise
more power and control more resources than most modern States. The creation
of monopolies is the logical endpoint of the drive to increase production
and profits in a capitalist society.

The beginning of the 21st century has been marked by an escalation of this
trend. The only way of holding back this avalanche is for individuals and
groups to become engaged with their communities and create networks that can
challenge the power of monopolies through the imposition of effective
economic boycotts.

The Age´s opinion piece the ´New Conservatives (29/1) by Tony Abbott, the
Federal Minister for Health, highlights Abbott´s confusion regarding the
difference between conservative and reactionary politics. Politics is
essentially a struggle about access to power and wealth. Conservative
governments are adverse to change and normally want to maintain existing
institutions. Reactionary governments want to wind the clock back and
change established institutions to destroy reforms that have been won in the

On every available social, cultural and economic indicator, the Howard
government is a reactionary government. The gap between the rich and poor
has increased dramatically during their term in office. The ability of
Australians on lower incomes to use education as a staircase to a better
life has decreased dramatically during the last decade. The ability of
indigenous Australians to achieve justice through this country´s
institutions has been stymied by Federal legislation.

The ´anger and incomprehension´ of the million people who voted for One
Nation in 1998, was not the result of previous reforms and multiculturalism
as stated by Tony Abbott, but the result of the Howard government´s
political and legislative agenda towards migration and social policies
during its previous term in office.

The Howard government´s ´historic´ majority in both houses of parliament and
its fourth electoral victory is not the overwhelming victory it has been
hailed as. A little over 40% of eligible Australian electors voted for the
government´s policies. Ten percent of eligible voters did not bother to
register and another 10% voted informal or didn´t vote at all. About 38% of
eligible voters voted for the ALP and the Greens. Howard and Abbott´s
victory stems from their ability to paint reactionary policies as
conservative policies. Their ability to garner supporters in unexpected
quarters is illusory.

As people begin to personally experience the consequences of the Howard
government´s legislative agenda, an agenda that has and continues to
concentrate both wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands, that same ´anger
and incomprehension´ that drove people to One Nation in 1998, will drive
them away from the Howard government in 2007.

Cricket, tennis, tennis, cricket, the hills are alive with the sound of
balls being bashed around. Over 4 million Australians watched the Hewitt /
Safin Australian Open tennis final on television; over 500,000 people
attended the Australian Open in Melbourne. Extraordinary figures in
anybody´s language. January is typically a big sporting month in Australia.
Sport, especially professional sport, plays a big part in Australians lives.

What I find disconcerting about professional sport is how it´s used, abused
and manipulated by the fourth estate, business and politicians to suit their
own agendas.

I´m sure that Lleyton Hewitt knows how to bash a ball, but does that make
him an ambassador for this country? It´s pathetic how national self-worth
is measured by the success or failure of Australian athletes. Did it make
any difference to our national image because Hewitt was beaten by a Russian
in the Australian Open finals? I´m sure Hewitt and his entourage would have
loved to have won the Australian Open, but whether they won or not doesn´t
really mean much for anybody, except themselves.

Since Australia´s failure at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, successive
Australian governments have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into
programs to develop sporting talent. Currently, the country is reaping the
benefit of that investment. What benefit? The benefit is shared by both
elite sportsmen and women and the State. Those millions of people, who
spend tens of millions of hours watching professional sport, play into the
hands of a government that wants to keep politics off the front pages. The
more peoples´ lives revolve around what happens to their sporting heroes,
the less interest they have in the events that shape their day to day lives.

Sport, even professional sport, isn´t the problem; the problem is related to
the manipulation of sport by interests who use sporting contests to pursue
nationalist agendas. The pouring of hundreds of millions of dollars of
taxpayer money into programs to produce sporting heroes, in no way makes
Australians better than anybody else. To think that sporting success has
anything to do with national character and integrity is both ludicrous and

First impressions are an integral component of any propaganda war. Those
Australians, who listen to news reports, watch television news and read
newspapers, could be forgiven for thinking that the elections in Iraq were a
resounding success.

Disguising the material that´s been presented to them as news, they could be
forgiven for thinking that the half a million children who died as a result
of the 13-year United Nations embargo of Iraq and the 100,000 civilians who
have died as a result of the invasion by the US led ´coalition of the
willing´ in the hunt for those elusive non existent weapons of mass
destruction, can be justified because the Iraqi people have finally joined
the ´democratic´ club. Figures of 80%, 72% and then 60% voter turnout, have
been hailed as a justification for the carnage.

It´s difficult to verify the accuracy of much of the information about the
Iraqi elections, as the elections were not monitored by the UN or other
independent agencies, but if we accept the figure that about 60% of
registered (not eligible) voters cast a ballot in the elections (about 8
million out of a possible 18 million electors), the turnout is about what it
was expected to be. The Shia south and the Kurdish north have taken the
opportunity to participate in the elections so they can elect
representatives that reflect their hopes and aspirations, not the hopes and
aspirations of the US government.

Democracy, even parliamentary rule, can be a dangerous proposition for an
occupying power. The drafting of a new constitution, a process which needs
to be completed by the 15th August, poses a serious threat to the US
occupation. Currently, the Bush administration is facing armed resistance
from a Sunni minority. It´s quite likely that the drafting of a
constitution will increase the pressure on US and coalition troops to leave
Iraq. If the will of those electors, who registered and participated in the
elections to elect an assembly to draft a new constitution, is not respected
by the occupying forces, it´s quite likely that the Shia south will become
involved in the Sunni uprising and the Kurds in the north may escalate their
struggle to unite with Kurdish liberation movements in Turkey and Iran.

The US administration´s current plans to rule and control Iraq´s oil
supplies by proxy, by creating a client State in Iraq, seem to have a
snowflakes chance in hell of succeeding.

A. The 60th anniversary ceremonies that were held around the world last week
to mark the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army, raises more questions
that have been answered. How could an atrocity on that scale, occur in the
20th century? The holocaust was not the work of evil demonic forces; it was
the work of ordinary people caught up in the cogs of the modern centralised
State. The holocaust is the legacy of the State, it happened because the
German State allowed a small group of people to exercise absolute power over
the German people.
The abolition of the centralised State has always been an important feature
of anarchist thought and practise. During the 19th and 20th century,
anarchists campaigned for and died in the struggle to replace the State with
a federation of community and workplace councils. Anarchists have
consistently argued that allowing rulers access to hierarchical structures
that gives them the power to impose their will on the people through force,
is a recipe for disaster. The State apparatus gives both elected and
non-elected rulers the power to carry out the most appalling atrocities in
the name of the people they rule.
Holocausts have occurred and will continue to occur since the liberation of
Auschwitz. They will continue to occur while individuals and small groups
are able to wield absolute power through the State apparatus. The solution
to the problem does not lie through pray or enteritis to rulers to rule
wisely or through the introduction of checks and balances within the State
apparatus. It lies in human beings understanding the pitfalls of
centralised hierarchal authority. It lies in them taking the necessary
steps to replace centralised hierarchical authority with non-hierarchal
decentralised structures that are not rulers´ control.

The Australia Day and Queen´s Birthday Honours lists have become so debased
it´s time that people had an alternative. Looking at the Australia Day
Honour´s list, it´s obvious that the Order of Australia in its various
manifestations is essentially a junket for the government´s ideological
cheer squad.
This year´s Australia Day Honours list is especially galling, as most of the
´top´ honours were awarded to Liberal / National Party supporters. We are
told the Australia Day Honours committee is an independent organisation and
anybody can nominate anybody for an honour. What we are not told is that
this committee is another hand picked government quango. Little if any
information exists about who are on the committee, how they make their
decisions and the number of people who have been selected for an award who
are black balled during the selection process because they don´t fit the
government´s and the Governor-General office´s special selection criteria.
In order counter the cynical manipulation of what should be a transparent
process, the Anarchist Media Institute will, in the next few week, be
launching the EUREKA AUSTRALIA DAY HONOURS LIST. A list which will honour
20 worthy people who have made a significant contribution to improving the
lot of those around them, will be awarded the EUREKA AUSTRALIA DAY MEDAL by
the Anarchist Media Institute every year at Bakery Hill in Ballarat on the
3rd December-the anniversary of the Eureka rebellion.
Nominations for this award, an award based solely on merit, will be taken
from the 1st of February 2005. Know someone who lives or was born in
Australia who you believe deserves to receive a EUREKA AUSTRALIA DAY MEDAL
(EADM), then email your nomination to anarchistage@yahoo.com or post your
nomination to EADM, C/-P.O. Box 5035, Alphington 3078, AUSTRALIA.
The 20 EUREKA AUSTRALIA DAY 2005 MEDAL winners will be announced at Bakery
Hill in Ballarat at 11.00am on Saturday the 3rd of December 2005.

Q. What happened to the men that were acquitted of High Treason? PART F
Thomas Dignum, the son of Thomas and Ann Dignum was born in Sydney in 1836.
He was the only Australian born defendant and the youngest of the
defendants. He was 18 and possibly walked from Sydney to Ballarat to join
the gold rush at Ballarat in 1854. Ironically, Dignum had saved the life of
a ´redcoat´ on November 28th when risking his own life, he intervened
between a mob on the goldfields who had already overturned a military cart
and shot the drummer boy and a ´redcoat´ who was about to be killed. He
took up arms 4 days before the Eureka stockade was overrun; Thomas acquitted
himself well in the fighting. Carboni stated in is book that Thomas fought
like a tiger. The Attorney-General dropped the charge of High Treason
against Dignum on the 26th March and he was never brought to trial.
Unfortunately for Thomas, he still had a 30 pound solicitor´s bill to pay
when he was acquitted. Little, if anything, is known about what eventually
happened to Thomas, although it´s thought he may have married Esther Morgan
in 1857 in Bathurst.

Raffaelo CARBONI
Carboni led a charmed life after the rebellion. On the 14th July, just 3
months after he was acquitted of High Treason (21st March 1855), he was
elected to the Local Court of Ballarat to adjudicate mining disputes.
Carboni wrote his book about the Eureka stockade in 1855, had it privately
published and on the 3rd Dec 1855, the 1st anniversary of the rebellion, he
sold the book at the stockade site and at the Ballarat cemetery. It seems
he was the only person who marked the 1st anniversary of the slaughter. On
the 18th Jan 1856, Carboni left Australia on the Imperative Eugene; he
stopped in India, visited Bethlehem, Jerusalem, London and Paris. He
finally found work as an interpreter for the French Army of Milan. In 1860,
he moved to Palermo n Sicily. He moved to Turin in 1861 and spent most of
his life travelling through Europe. He died in St. James Hospital in Rome
aged 58 on the 24th Oct 1875. Interestingly, Carboni kept in touch both
with Peter Lalor and Redmond Barry, sending them copies of the many books he
wrote during his life.
SOURCE OF INFO: - ´The Eureka Encyclopaedia´, John Cortfield, Dorothy
Wickham, Clare Gervasoni, Ballarat Heritage Services 2004, ISBN 1876478616
P.O. BOX 2209, Ballarat VIC 3354, AUSTRALIA.
Fax: (03) 5331650 email:info@ballaratheritage.com.au

2004 Edition, Random House Australia,
12th Edition, ISBN 075931 0025
This is one of those big fat hardcover coffee books that people normally
receive as a Christmas present. First published in 1993 and updated over
the past 11 years, this 575 A3-page perennial has sold over 250,000 copies.
Waste of paper or welcome addition to the non virtual library? ´Australia
Trough Time´ is a chronology covering Australian history since 1868. Whose
history? Let´s look at 1917 and see what we find.
Pages 210, 211, 212 and 213 entries:- Thur 20th Sept General Strike Over,
Mon 1st Jan Daylight Savings begins, Thur 15th Feb Queensland First for
Soldiers, Sat 5th May Hughes New Party in Power, Mon 22nd Oct Rail Link
Opened At Last, Wed 16th May Further Success in France, Sun 1st July Les
Darcy Dies a Broken Man, Sun 6th Archbishop Mannix Makes His Mark, Thur 1st
Nov Light Brigade Charges Beersheba, Wed 25th July Wartime Profits to be
Taxed, Mon 21st May Aspro-The Australian Aspirin, Thur 30th Aug I.W.W.
Declared Illegal, Fri 31st Aug Inflation Protests, Wed 12th Sept Sporting
Restrictions, Wed 14th Nov Success.then Slaughter, Wed 26th Sept German
Place Names to Change, Thur 6th Dec Queensland Premier Charges Dropped, Wed
12th Dec Commonwealth Police Hatched and the last entry for 1917 Thur 20th
Dec No, No To Conscription!
13 posters, drawings and photographs gives readers a visual feel for 1917.
Across the bottom of pages 210 and 211 is 1917 at a glance, births, deaths,
events, hit song of the year ´For Me and My Gal´. At the top of page 211 a
small map of Australia with population centres with over 50,000 inhabitants
- Population 4,982,000. Now a very brief look at 2003, only kidding-hit
song of the year ´Born to Try´ by Delta Goodrum.
Have a new found interest in tsunamis-Tidal Waves Over 5 Feet Hit Sydney,
Newcastle and Wollongong on Sun 16th Aug 1868, Song of the Year ´Whispering
Hoe´, population 1,540,000. Only Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide have over
50,000 inhabitants.
ENOUGH, I´m convinced this is a great book, balanced information, great
photographs, easy to use Index. I´m surprised they´ve only sold 250,000
Cost? Don´t know, check with your local bookshop or Tel:(02) 9954 9966 or
Fax:(02) 9955 3381 email:randomhouse.com.au or write to them at 20 Alfred St
Milson Point 2061 NSW AUST. Now for 1937..

Praise, anger, fear, expectancy, questioning, quarrelsome, sadness,
acceptance are just a few of the sentiments that are expressed in the
letters that fill the group´s post box. Over the years, you can develop a
relationship with people you never expect to see or meet. A few short words
turn into sentences, sentences turn into paragraphs, paragraphs pile on
paragraphs. If someone takes the time to write, I´ve always felt it´s
important that a few words are herded into a sentence or two & sent back.
Occasionally, as letter arrives that doesn´t need an answer. A sentence can
destroy a relationship that has taken years to develop.
´Dear Editor Anarchist Age Weekly Review,
Can you please remove Dorothy. from your mailing list as she has recently
passed away. Yours Sincerely´
Years of correspondence have come to a grinding halt, the games finished, no
new rubber next week. No questions or manufactured answers, nothing.
Sometimes people going through the personal effects of someone who receives
the AAWR, who´s recently died, get quite angry. ´Please stop sending your
garbage to .., he died a month ago!! or ´My mother is distressed by your
newsletter..committed suicide some time ago, please stop sending it!!´ We
didn´t know, nobody told us, some how they´re suggesting it´s our fault.
Grief & rational behaviour sometimes don´t go hand in hand.
Writing to prisoners is particularly difficult. They´re caged; they have
time on their hands. Over the years, you can exchange 50, 100, 2000
letters. Then they stop, you write, nothing, write again, return to sender
­ ´NOT HERE´. Transferred? Sick? Dead? It can take months to find out
the truth. Usually they´ve died. The US prison system is particularly
brutal, all those torture techniques they´ve used in Iraq, nothing new.
They´ve been using them on their own prison system for decades. ´NOT HERE´,
return to sender, ´NOT HERE´, return to sender, ´NOT HERE´, return to
sender; I start writing weekly then daily, the system reaches overload.
Prisoner 24564 DEAD stamped over the back of the next envelope. Return to
sender stamped on the front. In pencil at the bottom of the envelope ´Stop
sending letters you maggot-he died a few months ago!!
Emotions at last, people run the gulags; the machines do the thinking and
give the orders.

The release of Mamdouh Habib by the US government after 3 years of
imprisonment, interrogation and torture in Pakistan, Egypt and Guantanamo
Bay is a slap in the face to the Howard government, the government gelded
ABC, the corporate media and those millions of Australians who accepted the
government´s assertion that Habib as a terrorist. The treatment of both
Hicks and Habib by the Howard government has been a travesty since the time
they were arrested. At no time has the Federal government or for that
matter the Opposition, lifted a finger to help them, although they knew the
extent of the deprivation and the torture they endured while they were US
Instead of coming to the party, admitting they were wrong and offering Habib
and his family assistance, they continue to hound and harass him, even
though the most powerful nation on the planet couldn´t find one piece of
information to implicate him in anything. It´s extraordinary that an
innocent man continues to be treated and hounded like a criminal. He will
be under round the clock ASIO surveillance, he is not allowed to travel and
if he´s lucky enough to squeeze a few dollars from the corporate media for
his story, Ruddoch claims the government will try to seize any money he will
What is happening to Habib is the thin edge of the wedge. If people don´t
jump up down, and tell the government to lay off, everybody, not just
Habib´s freedom is under threat. To allow the government to continue to
harass a man who has survived some of the most appalling deprivation because
the US government has told Australia to keep the pressure on, is to publicly
acknowledge that the US government, not the Australian government, exercises
sovereignty in Australia. (Currently over 20 Australians have been denied
passports because the US government has told the Australian authorities not
to issue them one)
The Habib saga just doesn´t touch one man, it touches all of us. It´s time
people stopped turning a blind eye to what is happening and begin to ask
questions about the individual price we are being asked to pay to
participate in a ´war on terror´. A ´war on terror´ that has succeeded in
terrorising the people it´s supposed to protect and has stripped them of
their rights and liberties that we have traditionally enjoyed in this

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

SICILIA LIBERTARIA No.235 Dec ´04, Via Galileo Galilei, 45-97100 Ragusa,
Sicily, ITALY. Email:si_lib@hotmail.com

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readers especially internet readers to subscribe to the AAWR. Currently
snail mail subscribers are cross subsidising internet readers. If you´ve got
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When you write to us pop in some 50cent stamps (every little bit helps).
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50cent stamps.
Debt 02-02-2005 $1547.50

Has been awarded to the government quango that handed out this year´s
Australia Day Honours list, a list peppered with the names of the Howard
government´s cheer squad.

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>From the Anarchist Media Institute
Two pamphlets written by Dr. Joe Toscano to mark the 150th anniversary of
the Eureka rebellion.

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to and who may want to join them. Write to them at:
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BUILD an alternative to the fossilised parliamentary system. Stop giving a
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Written & Authorised by Dr. Joseph TOSCANO
Suite 4 / 2187 Princess Highway, Clayton 3168, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

The Salvation Army allowed a man who they knew was a white supremacist, to
allocate housing to people in need on their behalf for several months.
Stuart McBeth is president of the extreme right-wing Patriotic Youth League.
The Salvo Army became aware of his activities in Aug, but only sacked him
after media reports in late Jan. An Army spokesman said in Aug McBeth was
given a "very hard interview", suspended for 1 week & "asked to work within
certain guidelines". (Source: ABC news website)
The 1st Aust has been killed in Iraq. Flight-Lt Paul Pardoel, 35 was the
navigator of a British C-13 transport plane when it crashed nth of Baghdad
late on Sunday killing up to 10 troops. Flt-Lt Pardoel was born in Colac,
Vic & had dual Aust-UK nationality. (Source: news.com.au)
US troops have suffered their highest number of deaths of any day in the
Iraq war, while 6 Aust soldiers were injured in Iraq on the same day. 37 US
troops were killed in a single day, with most casualties coming from a
helicopter crash. 6 Aust soldiers were injured in an apparent suicide bomb
attack. In a seperate incident, Iraqis fired on Aust soldiers near the Aust
embassy in Baghdad. (Source: MX)
An US jury has awarded over $US3 million in total to 2 cops accused of
involvement in the videotaped beating of a 16yo boy. Sacked ex police
officer Jeremy Morse had alleged he was treated unfairly when he was fired
from the Inglewood Police Dept, while his partner claimed his 10-day
suspension over the incident was excessive. Morse was tried twice on
criminal charges stemming from the July 02 incident that stirred racial
tensions in LA. But the jury deadlocked both times & prosecutors eventually
dismissed the case against Morse, although he was dismissed by Inglewood
police. His partner, Bijan Darvish, was acquitted of filing a false police
report in connection with the confrontation, in which Morse was seen
slamming 16yo Donovan Jackson on the boot of a police car. The jury in the
civil suit awarded Morse $2.1 million, while Darvish was awarded $1 million.
(Source: SMH)
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "I have a horrible feeling that we´re sinking into a
police state & that's not good for anybody." George Churchill-Coleman, who
headed Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist squad as they worked to counter the
IRA during their mainland attacks in the late 80s & early 90s, commenting on
UK´s proposed new 'anti-terrorist' laws.
3 UK soldiers carried out "shocking & appalling" physical & sexual abuse of
Iraqi prisoners that was photographed by servicemen, a court martial has
heard. Among the 22 photos released by a military court is a picture of 2
naked Iraqi men simulating anal sex with their thumbs raised up to the
cameras. There´s also a close-up picture of 2 Iraqis simulating oral sex.
The soldiers are accused of abusing detainees who had attempted to steal
food & powdered milk from a warehouse at an aid camp they were guarding
outside Basra, in sth Iraq in May 03, weeks after Saddam Hussein was
toppled. The court heard that the camp's commander, Maj Dan Taylor had
ordered looters should be "worked hard" in a crackdown codenamed Operation
Ali Baba. (Source: The Guardian [UK])
Freed Aust Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mamdouh Habib may be prevented from
selling his story to newspapers under 'anti-terrorism' laws, despite being
released without charge. Mr Habib has been detained without charge for more
than 3 years on suspicion he knew about the Sept 11 terrorist attacks & had
trained with al-Qaeda. He´ll be released after the US govt said it wouldn´t
charge him. Mr Habib says US officials tortured him while he was in custody.
However anti-terrorism laws passed last year prevent anyone implicated in
any terror offences from selling their story. (Source: The Age)
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