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(en) US, NYC, DAT - Direct Action Tendancy*: an antiauthoritarian anticapitalist road

Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 07:07:38 +0300

This is an edited excerpt** from Toward A Revolutionary Mass Movement
DAT members and supporters are Anti-Authoritarians from both the Anarchist
and Marxist traditions who are active participants in the class struggle.
As advocates of direct action we act with whatever resources and methods are
within our power, either on our own or as part of a larger coalition, in order
to solve the pressing problems with which capitalism and imperialism confront
us. Our goal is full and active participatory democracy, our methodology is
direct action. DAT members hold membership cards in both the Socialist Party
and the Direct Action Tendency. Dat supporters may or may not hold membership
cards in the Socialist Party - it is not a requirement to join.

DAT struggles to establish effective working relationships with groups using
direct action to challenge the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy
(imperialism at home and abroad) with the ultimate goal being a society within
our country based on active and full participatory democracy. We reach out to
groups like The One Peoples Project and Anti-Racist Action and physically
assist them in the struggle against all forms of racism and nationalism. We
look to establism ties with groups based in communities of color. We work with
groups such as the Black Radical Congress, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee
(FLOC) and others to establish the presence of the Socialist Party in a broad
network of anti-racist organizations, linking arms with organizations led by
sisters and brothers of color wherever possible. We are dedicated to the task
of supporting political prisoners and prisoners of class war. We fight for the
rights of political detainees held without charge by the immigration service.
We struggle here for the rights of indigenous peoples in areas the US has
colonized and/or invaded economically or militarily. We strive to ensure that
anti-racism and anti-imperialism inform our political mass work: within our
Tendency, our Party and our Movement.

DAT stands in full support of our natural allies in labor: the Industrial
Workers of the World, the Workers Solidarity Alliance and other direct action
unions. We unequivocally support Solidarity Unionism and the building of a
community of resistance to imperialism within the labor force. We support
those unions that are demanding reform in the AFL-CIO and/or are considering
abandoning this organization. We support Social Unionism in the AFL-CIO as well
as rank-and-file movements to democratize AFL-CIO unions. We support and
advocate direct action on the job by the rank-and-file. Our loyalty is to the
rank-and-file, not the union bureaucracy.

DAT works with the National Call for Nonviolent Resistance (NCNR) activist
network in a coordinated program of counter-recruitment, counseling military
personnel on a soldier's right to resist, civil disobedience at military
recruiting centers and bases, war tax resistance, phone tax resistance and
other acts of nonviolent resistance to the war machine. DAT is proud of its
close relationship with the War Resisters League, Catholic Worker and other
nonviolent resistance groups with organizational models predicated on
participatory democracy. We join with these groups in street actions where our
people risk arrest along with our NV colleagues. We do this while retaining our
view that nonviolence as a worldview is not a position we support: we recognize
that our values are not universal and cannot be imposed on others. We support
the struggle for human rights around the globe. Here, in the oppressor nation,
we oppose with voice and body, the IMF and World Bank and are building a
solidarity counterpart to existing third world struggles and national
liberation movements.

Our website is http://www.actiontendency.net
Our magazine is http://www.nextleftnotes.net
My Art site is http://www.loveandstruggle.net
* Original is at - http://www.actiontendency.net/documents/rmm_brochure/
** [Editor note: Sent on request for a-infos-en@ainfos.ca]

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