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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 657 22nd August - 28th August 2005

Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 12:38:10 +0300

I´m not comfortable and relaxed about the Prime Minister´s assertion that
the Muslim leaders who were invited to the summit called by the Federal
government, agreed to respect Australia´s ´traditions, values and
institutions´. To be brutally frank, I´m positively alarmed at the prospect
of the communities they represent adopting many of Australia´s traditions
and values and supporting the actions of many of Australia´s institutions.

I wonder if they have agreed to support the well known Australian tradition
of stealing indigenous Australians lands, destroying their culture,
poisoning, shooting and enslaving them and then refusing to acknowledge, let
alone apologise for this great Australian tradition. Will the gleefully
adopt the great Australian tradition of ´poofter bashing´ and ´wog baiting´.
Maybe they´ll adopt the values that have served our corporate masters so
well for so long of making huge profits irrespective of the human, social
and environmental costs and sharing these profits among fewer and fewer
Australians. Who knows, they may want to adopt the same values that has
seen Australian troops intervene in the affairs of other independent
sovereign Nation States over and over again during the past century.

I´m sure they´ll be keen to support those Australian institutions that
created and implemented the ´white Australia´ policy, enforced the
assimilation of indigenous Australians so we could smooth the pillow of a
dying race by breeding the ´blackness´ out of them. Maybe they´ll want to
support those Australian institutions that detain men, women and children
behind barbed wire in the desert or offshore because they have attempted to
seek asylum in this country.

The whole sorry little saga of sitting a dozen or so hand picked ´moderate´
Muslim leaders in a room with the head of A.S.I.O., the Federal Police, the
Prime Minister, the Attorney General and the Immigration Minister, was John
Howard´s grubby tawdry attempt to intimidate the Muslim community into
adopting traditions, values and supporting institutions that may be dear to
the Prime Minister´s heart, but which a growing number of Australian´s find
divisive and offensive.

´P.M. to receive US Honour Sunday Age (21/8)´ highlights the increasing
rhetoric reality gap that exists in Australian society. It´s ironic that a
man who has a well deserved reputation as a political liar, who has dragged
this country into a number of unwanted wars, who has through his ideological
driven political agenda placed Australians at an increased risk of a
terrorist attack and who has made his political reputation by destroying the
hopes and aspirations of those in the community less able to defend
themselves, is to receive the US Congress Woodrow Wilson Award for ´public
service´. Service to the USA - Yes; Service to the Australian community,
definitely Not.

The irony is compounded by the news in the same article that the Manhattan
based charitable Appeal of Conscience Foundation named the Prime Minister as
´World Statesman of the Year´ for making Australia ´a beacon of democracy´.
You have to wonder what planet the people who make these awards live on.
It´s tragic that the man who has through his legislative agenda removed many
of the common law rights and liberties that have existed in Australia to
protect citizens from the arbitrary exercise of State power than any other
Australian Prime Minister since Billy Hughes, should receive an
international award for making Australia ´a beacon for democracy´.

The same rhetoric reality gap that has resulted in the Prime Minister
receiving international honours for doing exactly the opposite to what he
has received the honours for, seems to be at play in the awarding of the
honours in the higher divisions of the Australia Day and Queen´s Birthday
honours list. A significant proportion of the awards in these divisions are
being made to people whose only contribution to Australian society has been
their loyalty to the Howard government. Politicians, business and community
leaders who have assisted the Howard government to implement their
ideologically driven agenda, have over the past decade received the majority
of the ´plum´ awards in the Australian honours list.

One award the Prime Minister and the sycophants who are pushing his divisive
social, cultural and political agenda won´t be receiving is the Eureka
Australia Day Medal. On the 3rd of December, the 151st anniversary of the
Eureka rebellion, 10 Australians who through their actions have protected
those few rights and liberties we still enjoy, will at Bakery Hill in
Ballarat, the site where Eureka miners swore the Eureka oath - ´We swear by
the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our
rights and liberties´, a few days before their movement was drowned in a sea
of blood, will be awarded by the Anarchist Media Institute the inaugural
Eureka Australia Day Medal.

´People For Constitutional Human Rights´ was formed in March 2005 as a
consequence of the drive by the Howard led Coalition government and the
Beazley led Australia Labor Opposition to pass legislation through
parliament to remove what few rights and liberties, checks and balances that
exist to protect citizens from the arbitrary exercise of State power. It´s
ironic that the Howard government and the Beazley Opposition need to pass
legislation to protect Australians from a threat their policies have helped
to create. It is tragic governments are willing to remove those few rights
and liberties, checks and balances we currently enjoy, to make the country
´safe´ for ´democracy´.

The problem of human rights is a particularly important one in Australia
because the Australian Constitution does not include a Bill of Rights that
protects the human rights of its citizens. In Australia, the government of
the day can remove almost any right we enjoy by the passage of legislation
through both house of parliament. ´People For Constitutional Human Rights´
was established to create a climate in the community that will force a
future Australian government to hold a referendum/s that will give the
Australian people the opportunity to include a Bill of Rights within the
Australian Constitution.

The inclusion of a Bill of Rights in the Australian Constitution would mean
that future governments could not remove the human rights citizens enjoy
through the passage of legislation through both houses of parliament. The
only way they could remove the human rights that would be included in a
future Australian Constitution would be through a referendum. The inclusion
of a Bill of Rights in the Australian Constitution would protect the
individual from the arbitrary exercise of State power.

´People For Constitutional Human Rights´ can be contacted via the net
www.peopleforconstitutionalhumanrights.org Please download the material
available on the website and use it to initiate your own campaigns Australia
wide. They can also be contacted via email
info@peopleforcoonstitutionalhumanrights.org Telephone: 0439 395 489 or post
to P.O. Box 5035, Alphington 3078, Melbourne.

If you live in Melbourne and want to meet members in the flesh, you can meet
them at the vigils they hold around Melbourne every week.

Wednesday 11.30am - 31st August 2005
2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Wednesday 11.30am - 7th September 2005
383 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

* HIGH COURT of AUSTRALIA - Melbourne *
Wednesday 11.30am - 14th September 2005
Cnr William Street & La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Wednesday 11.30am - 21st September 2005
4 Treasury Place, Melbourne

Wednesday 11.30am - 28th September 2005
Cnr Flinders Street & St.Kilda Road, Melbourne

If you can´t join us as you live in another part of the country, form your
own group and commence to hold vigils outside Commonwealth offices in your
part of Australia. The more people who become involved in this movement the
greater chance we have of forcing the government of the day to hold a
referendum to include a Bill of Rights in the Australian Constitution.

Now that the privatisation of what is left of Telstra has been bedded down,
the Federal government has turned its attention to Medibank Private. Why
should anybody, especially Australians who don´t have the resources to buy
private health insurance, be concerned about a private health insurance?

While the Commonwealth Bank remained in public hands, it acted as a brake on
the fees and charges that the privately owned banks could charge. The sale
of the Commonwealth Bank resulted in an explosion of the fees and charges
that private banks were able to levy. The banks current record profit
levels are directly related to the fees and charges they are able to charge.
Medicare Private acts as a brake on the fees and charges that the other
private health insurance companies are able to charge. The sale of Medicare
Private would result in higher private health insurances rates. These
higher rates would have an impact on the access people with private health
insurance have to the private health care sector and the access people
without insurance have to the public health sector.

This would occur because the Australian taxpayer pays around 37cents of
every $1 that private health insurance beneficiaries pay to buy private
health insurance. Currently this is costing the Australian taxpayer about
$3 billion per year. The amount of the taxpayer subsidy that is paid to the
private health insurance industry will increase if Medicare Private is
privatised because the current brake that Medicare Private is able to
exercise on fees and charges will be removed. An explosion in private
health insurance costs will result in an explosion of the taxpayer funded
private health insurance subsidy. The cost to the Australian taxpayer will
increase year after year after year, diverting much needed taxpayer funds
from an understaffed and under-resourced public hospital sector.

It´s both ironic and tragic the privatisation of Medicare Private will have
the most serious consequences for those 60% of Australians who cannot afford
to take out private health insurance. That is why the privatisation of
Medicare Private needs to be vigorously opposed.

Peter McGregor, a radical lecturer teaching Media and Social Studies at the
University of Western Sydney, is the latest victim in the Howard
government´s attack on Australian universities. A lecturer since 1987,
McGregor has taken redundancy rather than give credibility to an institution
that has adjusted its standards to fit the Howard government´s
neo-conservative agenda. University staff, especially those who refuse to
close their mouths, have taken the brunt of Australia´s university cuts.
After 18 years of teaching, Peter McGregor has been told to refrain from
criticising the University of Western Sydney or face legal action for

McGregor´s story is been repeated in campuses across the country, starved of
funds, the victims of conservative senior appointments, universities are
closing down courses and shedding staff who are critical of university
administrators and the Howard government´s policies.

Now that most universities are toeing the Howard government´s line, the
Federal government is turning its attention to public secondary colleges.
Peter Costello, the Deputy Prime Minister, has launched an extraordinary
attack on public secondary school teachers accusing them of Left wing bias.
The same tactics that have been successfully used to destroy the university
culture of inquiry and resistance are now being used to target secondary
colleges that are not willing to follow the Howard government´s conservative
agenda. The Howard government is increasingly using its distribution of
taxpayers funds to the public sector to dictate who can be employed under,
and the type of curriculum that will be taught in public schools across the

Peter McGregor´s fate is not unique, the abolition of the course he taught,
the replacement of staff with tenure, with staff with short term contracts,
and the change in the role of the university as a centre of inquiry and
learning, to an arm of government that implements neo-conservative social,
cultural and political agenda, is a story that Australians are becoming all
too familiar with.

Q. What is the most important component of an anarchist society?
A. PARTICIPATION - ´take part in´. The lifeblood of an anarchist community
is the participation of its members in the day to day running of the
communities they live and work in. Without their active participation in
the structures and institutions that make up their society, power will
rapidly pass into the hands of an elite. Active participation in the
affairs of the community is dependent on the establishment of structures
that encourage people to take part in the decision making processes within
that community. Not every member needs to be involved in every decision,
not every member needs to attend every meeting. Members can, if they
choose, refuse to participate in any meeting. Technological innovations can
be used to allow people to participate in important meetings without the
need for them to personally attend those meetings.
What´s important is not the number of people who attend or participate in
the decision making processes that are going on, but that they can
participate in decisions that affect them if they want to. In the great
majority of cases it´s likely only a minority will be actively participating
in the process; the rest of the community may decide to put their faith in
the people who do participate. In such circumstances, it´s important that
those who put their faith in the more active sections of the community they
live in, be able to quickly be reinvolved in the decision making process if
they are not happy with the decision their community is taking. The
structures that allow that participation to occur are an integral component
of that community. They cannot be altered without a wide ranging consensus
within that community. It´s highly unlikely that people would voluntary
give away their right to participation in the decision making processes
within their communities.
If the structures that allow participation cannot be altered without a wide
ranging consensus, any minority decisions that are made that are not
accepted by the community can be altered by the whole community at the next
meeting. Eternal vigilance, active participation and the retention of
structures that give the people affected by a decision the ability to
participation in the decision making process, gives an anarchist community
the flexibility to effectively tackle issues, problems at both the local and
regional levels that other societies do not have.

Australians love to complain. They make the ´whinging Poms´ of Australian
folklore look like amateurs. Everybody seems to have something to say about
everything. You´d think that in a cultural milieu where tall poppies are
cut down before breakfast, that many Australians would do something about
what they´re complaining about. Apart from waiting for the next election,
most don´t seem to want to take the next step. The same inertia that is
seen in the general community is becoming a problem within the radical
Radicals have things to say, but when it comes to the point of turning the
culture of complaint into a culture of resistance, most seem to be found to
be missing in action. Dominant culture and the dominant political processes
seem to have people mesmerised. Very few seem to take that next step.
Activists need to understand that nothing comes of nothing, hot air rises
and disappears. People faced with the overwhelming task of challenging the
status quo try to find solace in themselves. People who are unhappy with
the current cultural, political and social situation can continue to try to
ignore what´s happening around them or they can challenge it. The act of
opening your mouth and publicly challenging the status quo is a
revolutionary act (apologies to George Orwell).
If you´re unhappy with the activities of that very small minority who are
trying to challenge the status quo, don´t throw up your hands in horror and
say it´s all too difficult. Try to open up new fronts, become involved in
new activities. The sky is the limit. The only restraint you´re faced with
is your own imagination. Metaphysical gymnastics and aerobatics may make
you feel good, but they will never take the place of a little concrete
action. Form a new group, hold a public meeting, hold up a placard, write a
leaflet, join a chat room and publicly air your concerns. Silence is the
government´s and the corporate sector´s greatest ally. Time and time again,
those who wield power claim that they represent the ´silent majority´.
It´s time to open your mouth and take the first step on the journey to
transform the culture of complaint we are drowning in, into a culture of
resistance. If enough people are willing to take the first step to create a
culture of resistance, the current political, social and cultural inertia
that has resulted in the gains of the past been wiped away, can be halted
and reversed.

Richard TRUDGEN, Aboriginal Resource & Development Services Inc 2000,
Richard TRUDGEN has spent much of his adult life working the Yolnu of Arnhem
Land. He spent 2 periods living and working with them from 1973 to 1983 and
from 1992/93 to today. Trudgen states that in the intervening decade, the
Yolnu had lost control of their own lives; ´many who had been living healthy
lives on their traditional homelands were now dwellers in one of the central
communities, usually unemployed and in very poor health, many of their
children suffering from malnutrition´.
The Chief Executive of the Aboriginal Resource & Development Services Inc
(ARDS), the Yolnu political leader of the Golumala clan and the Rev. Dr.
Djiniyini Gondarra were impressed with the methodology of education that
Wamut (the skin name of Richard Trudgen) brought to ARDS. The Resource
Centre moved away ´from political confrontation into education through
dialogue´. Wamut was asked to write the book ´Why Warriors Lie Down and
Die´ to try to overcome the confusion that exists ´whenever culture and
languages collide´ - Rev. Dr. Gondarra.
The author took nearly 3 years to make this book a reality. It´s only in
the last year or 2 that more and more people are reading it to try to obtain
an insight into what´s happening within indigenous communities. The book is
divided into 14 chapters that deal with the historical reality, culture,
language, thought processes, health, education, differences and similarities
of the Yolnu. In Chapter 14 ´Rewriting the Future´, the author outlines 5
steps that can be taken to create a ´more Yolnu friendly environment´.
This is an important book that has something to say; it can if the reader
approaches it with an open mind, free of ideologically driven thought
processes (processes that try to put square pegs in round holes), have an
important impact on Bolanda (non indigenous) and indigenous peoples
thinking. Does it provide any answers to the problems that arise when
cultures and languages meet and clash? Can it help to stop the destruction
that is occurring in many indigenous communities?
Although Trudgen has been able to build a bridge between indigenous and non
indigenous Australians through his book, the problem confronting all of us
is essentially a political problem. The lack of goodwill that exists
between governments at all levels and the negative climate that is created
by the fourth estate, is in my opinion, a major contributing factor to the
problems experienced within indigenous communities. The last decade has
been a disaster for minorities on this continent, both indigenous and non
indigenous. Irrespective of the insight that is gained through education,
solutions to what are currently considered to be insoluble problems, require
a great deal of goodwill, listening, understanding, justice and action -
commodities that are in very short supply in Howard´s world. Trudgen´s
addition to the literature about indigenous Australians is exciting,
worthwhile and long overdue.
The book is available for around AUD$30.00 from most bookshops. If you
can´t find a copy, log onto
www.ards.com.au or write to First Floor, Uniting
House, 191 Stuart Highway, Parap, NT 0820.
Thanks to Stuart from Darwin for suggesting that I review ´Why Warriors Lie
Down and Die´ and for lending me his copy to review.

Phoebe and George Emmerson ran Emmerson´s General Store on the Eureka
goldfields. Like many of the small business people trading on the Eureka
goldfields, she and her husband were sympathetic to the miner´s cause.
After the Eureka battle, although her husband was ill with pneumonia, she
hid 3 miners in her shop - George Black, John Humffray and George Scobie.
All 3 played a significant role in the uprising. When they had left, she
heard her dog barking and went out to investigate the noise. She found
Peter Lalor bleeding to death. Phoebe bandaged his wounds as best she could
with strips from her petticoat and organised Scobie to help get Lalor to a
safe hiding place. She then alerted Father Smythe and organised for a group
of men to take Lalor to the Presbytery to get his arm amputated. The next
day, soldiers found blood stained dressings outside her shop and quizzed her
about them. She denied all knowledge about what she had done. Although she
did not support the violence surrounding the rebellion, she had no
hesitation in helping those miners who were trying to escape from the
British troops.
Phoebe had 2 children to George Emmerson - Sarah Ann born in 1856 and John
George born in 1857. Her husband died at the age of 28, a few months after
the birth of their son John George. Tragically John George died at the age
of 13 in 1870. She married the same George Scobie she sheltered after the
rebellion 3 years after her first husband´s death in 1860. They had 7
children between 1861 and 1873. George Scobie died in an accident 18 months
after the birth of their youngest daughter, leaving her to raise 7 children
under 13 by herself. She died at the age of 66 at Bullarook near Ballarat
and was buried with her second husband George Scobie and her eldest daughter
- Phoebe who died in 1882 at the young age of 21. Her life is typical of
the difficult life many women working on the goldfields led.
The Eureka Encyclopaedia - Ballarat Heritage Services 2004,
info@ballaratheritage.com.au Fax:03 5331 6150
ISBN 1876478616

I´m not going to write about trees, plants, birds, solid landscapes, people
or 101 things I´ve seen this week. You´ve seen them, I´ve see them. Today
I want to write about opportunity. Relax; I´m not trying to sell you
insurance, shares or eternal salvation. I´ll leave that to the experts.
O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y. Radical activism in the 21st century has been pushed
to the margins of everyday life. Globalisation, capitalism and their main
man Down Under John Howard are marching triumphantly towards the finish
line. The planets are in line, nothing can stop them from reaching out and
grabbing their prize.
Well that´s what they want us to believe, resistance is useless. They´ve
won the cultural wars, they´ve won the peoples hearts and minds and they´ve
delivered bucket loads of cargo to their loyal citizens. Well fortunately
for you and me, we don´t march to the same drum they do. The ´Anarchist Age
Weekly Review´ has kept the embers of resistance alive, we´re blowing life
into these dying embers waiting for that moment when the wind spreads the
embers throughout the community igniting spot fires that´ll make their
victory a pyrrhic one. Sounds like I´m living on another planet, possibly
I´m taking mind altering drugs, maybe I don´t want to face the truth that
it´s all over red rover. The game is lost - lock, stock and barrel. Isn´t
Hear me out. We are living in exciting times; we are on the cusp of a
historic opportunity. The Howard government majority in both houses of
parliament has made the parliamentary opposition irrelevant. People no
longer have the luxury of having the Greens, Democrats and Labor Party
protecting them from John Howard´s nasty little ideological peccadilloes.
Australians are about to experience globalisation and corporate capitalism
in all its new found glory. Irrespective of whether they´re retired,
receive social security benefits or work, they are about to experience what
it´s like being lost in the snow without the right gear. It ain´t a very
pretty experience. The one thing that stands between us and the Howard
government´s legislative agenda is US.
People have the opportunity to shift their focus, from parliament into the
streets, by becoming involved in extra-parliamentary activities. It is a
great opportunity, it would be a pity to let it go begging and wait till the
next electoral circus in 2007. Power lies in our hands, ultimate political
authority rests in the hands of the people. We need to seize this
opportunity, run with it and create the conditions that will see those spot
fires become a real headache and challenge for those people who continue to
wield power on our behalf in Australian society.

Listening to the propaganda that´s being pumped out by the Western media
regarding the withdrawal of Israel´s outposts in the Gaza strip, you´d think
that major changes were occurring in both Palestine and Israel. Just in
case you´ve been taken in by the propaganda, around 8,000 Israelis at the
request of previous Israeli governments occupied around 30% of the Gaza
strip. Over 20,000 Israeli police and troops guarded these 8,000 against
the threat of attack from the 1.4 million Palestinians who occupied the
other 70% of the Gaza strip.
The withdrawal of Israeli settlers and troops from the Gaza strip will make
it much easier for the Israeli government to create the world´s largest
prison. Cameras, walls, drones, electric fences and naval craft will be
used to hem in the 1.4 million Palestinians who currently inhabit the most
densely populated strip of earth in the world. The redeployment of at least
20,000 security personnel will allow the Israeli State to continue to
increase its presence in the West Bank and Jerusalem. The withdrawal has
been forced on the Sharon government by an increasingly worried US
Faced with significant opposition in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East,
it would be very helpful for the US presence in the Middle East if the
Palestinian issue could be bedded down. The most significant aspect of the
whole exercise is the successful propaganda war that´s being orchestrated by
the Israeli State. In terms of clouding the issue about what´s really
happening in the occupied territories, they have run an extremely successful
People tend to forget that the Palestinians were displaced from their lands,
that they do not enjoy the right of return, and the little land they hold is
under constant threat. Collective punishment, summary execution, minimal
freedom of movement, an inability to obtain work, overcrowding and poor
education, health and community services are a direct result of the Israeli
occupation. The withdrawal from the Gaza strip is an illusion that is being
played out for Western camera crews, not for the benefit of the people of
Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

REBEL WORKERS Vol 24 No.3 189 Aug/Sept 05, Paper of the Anarcho Syndicalist
Network, P.O. Box 92, Broadway 2007, NSW, AUSTRALIA www.rebelworker.org
SPARKS No.116 Jan-Feb 05, Rank & File Transport Workers Paper, P.O. Box 92,
Broadway 2007, NSW, AUSTRALIA
FREEDOM, Vol.66 No.14 23rd July 2005, Anarchist News View 84b Whitechapel
High St, LONDON E1 7Q, ENGLAND, TEL/FAX 020 7247 9249,
LIBERTAIRIA Vol 7 No2/3 April/Sept 05, Il Piacere del l´utopia Vol.6 No.4
Oct/Dec 04, CP.17025, Milano, ITALY. Tel:0226143950, fax:022846923,
www.club.it/eleuthera email:eleuthera@tin.it
SOLIDARIDAD O BRERA No235, 25th July 05, CNT C/-Hospital 101, 08001
Barcelona, SPAIN. Tel/Fax:933188834 cnt@soliobrera.org
Swifts Creek 3896, Vic, AUSTRALIA. ngarak@bigpond.com

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The US ambassador to Iraq has been accused by Iraqi & Kurdish politicians of
pressuring them into accepting a primary role for Islamic law in the new
Iraqi constitution. The current working draft of the constitution stipulates
that no law can contradict Islamic principles. In talks with Shiite
religious parties, Kurdish negotiators said they´d pressed unsuccessfully to
limit the definition of Islamic law to agreed-upon religious principles. The
Kurds said current language in the constitutional draft would subject Iraqis
to extreme interpretations. Kurds contend provisions in the draft would
allow Islamic clerics to serve on the high court that would interpret the
constitution. That would potentially subject marriage, divorce, inheritance
& other civil matters to religious law & could harm women's rights in
particular, Kurdish negotiators & some women's groups said. US ambassador
Zalmay Khalilzad had specifically supported those provisions, urging other
groups to accept them, acc to Kurds involved in the talks. Salih Mutlak, a
Sunni delegate who´s been outspoken against some compromise proposals, said
"his main interest is to push the constitution on time. No matter what the
constitution has in it." US officials have declined to comment. (Source: The
Asbestos victims have renewed protest action against James Hardies as the
company delays paying compensation until it can find tax loopholes to
minimize the payment. Announcing a quarterly profit of $74.1m, James Hardies
CEO Louis Gries admitted the company was holding off making payments to
victims while seeking a ruling from the Aust Tax Office that the
compensation be tax deductible. (Source: Workers Online)
Melb City Council has been accused of abandoning the elderly & disabled by
watering down proposed building access rules under pressure from the State
govt. Under the city's original plans, all new residential & commercial
buildings would have to be accessible by wheelchair, have room to move
outside & be adaptable for disabled people. Measures would incl wider door-
& hallways & no steps b/w key rooms. However snr city planner John Noonan
has suggested a number of changes to the proposals. The new proposals
wouldn´t regulate commercial buildings at all & require only 20% of new
residences to be accessible. They´d also remove all references to
'visitability' & 'adaptability'. (Source: Melbourne Times)
The Immigration Dept intends to deport a man who´s nearly blind as a result
of an industrial accident he suffered while working Aust, without either his
medical treatment or his compensation claim being finalised. The Sri Lankan
man was in Aust legally when a large metal weight fell on him while he was
working at an outer-suburban factory, leaving him with severe head, back &
eye injuries. Immigration officers waited outside Melb's Mercy Hospital
earlier this year to take him into custody after his appeal for a protection
visa was turned down. The man was at the hospital for continuing treatment
of the injuries that've left him with only 70% vision. WorkCover confirmed
that its insurer, Cambridge Insurance, co-operated with the Immigration Dept
to tip it off to details of its claimant's hospital appointment. Another
Workcover claimant, now in Maribyrnong detention centre, was called to his
ex employer's premises earlier this year on the pretext the company needed
to discuss his payments. When he arrived, he was met instead by immigration
officers. The 34yo man, who´s lived in Aust for 10yrs, was on a bridging
visa when his hand was severely injured in an industrial accident, leaving
him unable to work. Deporting the 2 men is unlikely to save the govt any
money, as people can continue to receive WorkCover payments overseas.
(Source: The Age)
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "The love of one country leads to the hate of another."
Aliyaho Pearce.
ATNTF weekly anarchist news report www.apolitical.info

Awarded to Howard´s battlers for giving him the parliamentary majority he
requires to shaft them.


11.30 am - WEDNESDAY 31ST AUGUST 2005

Join us
4am Saturday 3rd December 2005 at
The site the battle took place
Eureka park (Stawell and Eureka Street Ballarat)
4am Dawn ceremony
7-10am Communal breakfast (bring your own food and drinks)
10am March to Bakery Hill to retake the Eureka oath.
10.30am Presentation of Eureka Australia Day Medal at Bakery Hill - 10
Medals will be awarded
11.30am March to Ballarat cemetery to pay our respects to the workers at
either end of a bayonet who died during the eureka rebellion
12.30pm March back to Eureka Park through the centre of Ballarat. Late lunch
& conversational for those participating who are still able to stand up (BYO
food & drinks).

´NO WAR$ / NO Forbes / NO CEO´s´
Forbes Conference CEO´s
Assemble at Sydney´s Opera House on the evening of 29th August 2005.
The Forbes CEO Conference will have high profile neo-con war profiteers and
their political courtiers attending the conference in Sydney on 30th August
2005. Log in to find out what on the day. A colour flyer regarding the
mobilisation is downloadable from

Heard across Australia. 10am - 11am every Wednesday.
An anarchist analysis of local, national & international events. Tune into
your local community radio station to listen to the Anarchist World This
Week. If they don´t broadcast it, ask them why not! If they´re one of the
150 community radio stations around Australia that are affiliated to the
National Community Radio Satellite, they are able to broadcast the Anarchist
World This Week.

Anarchist World This Week broadcast on;
2BAY, 2BBB, 2BLU, 2DRY, 2HOT, 2OCB, 2WOW, 2XX,
3CH, 3CR, 36CR, 3MGB, 3REG, 4NAG, 4RRR, 5BBB, 5RRR, 6YCR
(Price includes packaging, poster in secure cylinder and postage anywhere in
Australia) ***

Week THIRTY FIVE - 87 members
463 TO GO!!
Fill in that Application Form we recently sent to you and send it ASAP to
P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078
If you haven´t an Application Form, download it from Web:
or write to us at P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078 for a Application Form
Photocopy the spare copy you´ve received with your membership card and
distribute to your friends, workmates or set up a stall in the places you
live and work in. Whether Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule becomes a
reality ultimately rests in your hands. Web:www.rulebythepeople.org
Email:supporters@rulebythepeople.org Tel: 0439 395 489
BUILD an alternative to the fossilised parliamentary system. Stop giving a
signed blank cheque to politicians to make decisions on you behalf.
Written & Authorised by Dr. Joseph TOSCANO
Suite 4 / 2187 Princes Highway, Clayton 3168, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
** Go to rulebythepeople.org & sign up to our low traffic official group
news broadcast email list. **

Know someone who was born or lives in Australia who you believe should be
honoured for their efforts to create a better and fairer world. Then
nominate them for the
(The site where the Eureka Oath was taken 151 years ago)
Or Email your nomination to: anarchistage@yahoo.com Tell us why you´ve
nominated that person & send us your contact details so we can contact you
in case we need further info about your choices.

($1,500 NEEDED)
Graeme Dunstan, the lantern maker for the Eureka Dawn Walk, has designed a
number of Eureka flags and banners we can use to celebrate forthcoming
anniversaries of the Eureka rebellion at Ballarat on 3rd December.
The designs can be accessed from our website <<anarchistmedia.org>>
These flags and banners will form an important part of the march from the
Eureka stockade site to Bakery Hill to the cemetery and back to the Eureka
stockade site. We have launched an appeal to raise the $1500 needed to make
these flags and banners. Send cheques and money orders made out to:
saying you want the money to go towards the Eureka flags and banners The
flags & banners will give the ´long march´ the visual component it currently
lacks. Want to have a look at what you´re sending in your money to make to
be used at the 151st anniversary of the Eureka rebellion then log onto

RECEIVED SO FAR $550.00 - $950.00 TO GO
If you´re coming to Ballarat to join the Anarchist Media Institute Eureka
Celebrations - Give us a hand to raise the required funds for the banners

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