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(en) Mexico, Oaxaca, Statement of Released CIPO-RFM* Political Prisoner Habacuc Cruz Cruz

Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 11:28:20 +0300

My real crime has been to embark, with my comrades of the
union, on a dream and to struggle for the respect of our autonomy,
to motivate democracy, to strive for better working conditions, to
have a united and combatant union for the workers by the workers.
After remaining unjustly imprisoned for 332 days and proving that "I
am not a threat to society,", I obtained my freedom with bail on
Friday August 12 of this year at 10pm. I was detained together with
12 other brothers and sisters in struggle of the Popular Indigenous
Council of Oaxaca-Ricardo Flores Magón, during the violent
eviction of September 14, 2004, ordered by the ex-governor of
Oaxaca, José Murat Casab and executed by the ex-attorney,
Rogelio Chagoya Romero, the ex-director of the ministerial police,
Ricardo Dorantes Morteo, Jose Manuel Vera Salinas, ex-secretary of
city citizen protection, Manuel Moreno Rivas, ex-director of
preventive police, more than 100 riot police, members of the AFI
and of the federal and state public ministry and the complicity of
functionaries of the State Commission for Human Rights (CEDH).
Due to the torture applied by the military police with blows on
different parts of my body, using batons, rifles and shields, as well as
the known ear-blasts that consist of blows to both ears with open
palms, death threats if I didn't leave the union movement and
keeping me incomunicado for 48 hours, to then send me to the
punishment cell in Etla prison.

After the persistance of my comrades in struggle, they transferred
me to the civilian hospital for a first evaluation on December 21 to
the otorhinolargyngology department and detected the injury, they
took me out of jail to the CREE (Rehabilitation and Special
Education Center) and in the Civilian Hospital, they found the
following results: Ears: Medical Evaluation: Neuritis of the Eighth
Pair of Aetiology non-determined, vestibular tests with imparement
of the left canal by 66%, which can lead to vertigo and the potentials
auditives provoked by cerebral stem by morphologic changes
suggestive by a probable inflammatory process on a coclear level.

Evaluation by the otorhinolargyngologist of the Civilian Hospital:
Earache, migraine, neck and shoulder, vertigo, as well as emtional
state of anxiety and a reduced auditive perception.

Right Shoulder: Traumatology: With ultrasound one can observe
partial torn muscles, one can see greater thickness of 6.5 mm and a
helathy one is 5 mm, long tendon as a result of a tendinitis.

It is important to underline that the health problems continue, the
discomfort in my ears by the buzzing or ringing is permanent and in
my right shoulder the pain does not cease, in this moment I require
specialized medical attention so that they do not become chronic and
the loss of hearing continues. To this moment we are still waiting for
the recommendation of the CEDH for the brutal eviction and the
report to the international human rights organizations like the
Interamerican Commission for Human Rights (ICHR), since in light
of my individual and human rights violations, because the charges
were presented here in Oaxaca to the CEDH and they did absolutely
nothing, but quite the opposite since one of its civil servants is my
main accuser. In my involvement in the union movement I have
faced 10 criminal charges, all prefabricated by the State
Government, of which 8 of them have been absolved by the Federal
Justice, while in prison I was charged with four, now I am facing

1. File 287/2004 for the alleged crime of injury against the
ministerial police Edy de la Rosa and damages against the patrol car
of the State Government, committed during the violent eviction on
September 14, in other words, after thay had tortured me, they
charge me. Incredible!! This only happens in Oaxaca, and the worst
part is they put a very high bail of 46 thousand pesos for my freedom.

2. File 223/2004 for alleged injuries and illegal deprivation of
freedom against Eduardo Bautista Cruz who was then working for
the CEDH and for his obedience to the government has been
recently promoted to Director of Complaints of that same
commission, here the Attorney General of Justice has through the
public ministery were against setting bail because they considered
me to be "a threat to society", finally having checked this
inadmissability, they set the bail for 38,620 pesos.

But my real crime has been to embark, with my comrades of the
union, on a dream and to struggle for the respect of our autonomy,
to motivate democracy, to strive for better working conditions, to
have a united and combatant union for the workers by the workers.

And the response of the government has been unjust
imprisonments, the withholding of socioeconomic grants since
2002, the imposition of a committee and a constant repression in all
areas of work.

This is a consequence that syndicalism in our country and especially
in Oaxaca is in its worst crisis and our duty is to help it and if we
cannot achieve our most elevated ideals and aspirations, we should
at least try to impede going back to submission and conformity, it is
very true that syndicalism has degenerated, but it is the only weapon
we have as workers in the face of terrifying policies of neoliberalism.

Regarding my union participation, I want to inform you that in this
moment I will prioritize with dealing of my health problems, to be
with my family and to reactivate my economic situation, due to the
fact that since my imprisonment my salary of Transportation Official
2 "B" has been retained, but this does not mean that I have set aside
my dreams for a strong, democratic, united, autonomous union. And
in regards to the Democratic Current, we will analyze the chaotic
situation of our union organization and according to the results, we
will make public our position to the working base.

I want to express my gratitude to my comrades of the Democratic
Current and once again to the brothers and sisters of CIPO-RFM,
who continue to be repressed as we see in La Soledad, Sola de Vega
that is currently still being threatened by paramilitaries of San
Cristobal and the presecution from the government of Ulises Ruiz
towards Raul Gatica, as well as not dealing with the demands made
by the indigenous communities, to the Promoter for National Unity
Against Neoliberalism (PUNCN), to the department of Human
Rights at the University of Mexico City (UACM), all of them have
demanded my immediate and unconditional release to the State
Government, and to the professional work of my lawyers Roque
Martinez Vasquez and Silviano Hernandez that since 2002 have
brought down all criminal charges and to the means of
communication who have followed our union struggle.

To my comrades who work at the base of state government I have a

Neither blows, nor torture or threats, nor unjust imprisonment
have changed my way of thinking, but on the contrary I still believe
in our struggle which is legitimate, just, honest, noble, independent,
that never shall a political party be an alternative to the demands of
those who have nothing, and the best of all this, is that hope has
already been sown and one day we will reap it. We will continue to
struggle, and in spite of what has been said up to now, I clearly say,
that from now on, we will say to each one of you; comrades to
organize ourselves.

Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, August 15 2005.
Habacuc Cruz Cruz
Ex Political Prisoner
Ex Secretary of the Cultural and Sports Affairs of the STSPEIDCEO
Union of Workers in the Service of the State Powers and
Decentralized Institutions of Oaxaca.

Translation by Boston por CIPO-RFM
Copied from anarkismo.net
* CIPO-RFM is antiauthoritarian anticapitalist organization

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