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(en) US, Creating Local Autonomy and Solidarity in Hartford - C. L. A. S. H. collective (PGA spectrum)

Date Sat, 20 Aug 2005 15:04:03 +0300

Grand Opening of Behind the Rocks Infoshop - Hartford, Connecticut You're invited to
the grand opening of Connecticut's newest radical space, the Behind the Rocks Infoshop,
at 418A New Britain Ave., Hartford, Connecticut, at the Green Party office, Friday, August
19 beginning at 7 PM. Admission is a suggested $5-10 donation. Film, Discussion, Music.
Saturday, Sept 3rd we'll be showing "It's All Lies!" This fascinating and action-packed
documentary looks at a growing and controversial movement in Israel, the Anarchists Against
the Wall. Demonstrating and organizing alongside Palestinian villagers who live daily in the
shadow of the "Seperation Fence," Anarchists Against the Wall have been a strong force in
bringing debate about the fence and the occupation in general into Israel's public sphere.
"It's All Lies" looks at anarchist direct actions against the separation barrier in Palestine.

In one of these actions in December 2003, a young Israeli
activist was shot in the legs with live ammunition.
The footage captured calls into question the real role
of the Israeli "Defense" Forces when they start
shooting at one of their own.

We're also arranging music, including Boston's
riot-folk musician Evan Greer. His website
(www.evangreer.org) features free downloads of his
unique blend of folk and punk music. Please let us
know if you know of anyone else who might like to come
and perform in a small, intimate venue, whatever the

But what is an infoshop anyway? An infoshop is a cross
between a radical bookstore, a movement archive, and a
catalyst for organization. Ours will include a small
selection of newly released books, several Lefty
publications, and a lending library, and is named for
the neighborhood in which it resides. We will be in
there everyday Monday-Friday from 6-9 PM renovating
the space.

If you have books, magazines, videos, audio and other
movement-oriented literature or paraphanalia
collecting dust, we would LOVE to have them. Please
drop by at any time at the above mentioned times.
Plenty of parking lot space (ignore the sign) and
on-street parking is available. If you can't make it,
give us a call and we will arrange something. The
lending library is probably what we view as the most
important part of the whole project (or at least the
most exciting!).

If there's a publication or book you'd like to see at
the infoshop, let us know and we can work something

And while we're panhandling, we could also use some
volunteers to work the space. If you're interested,
let us know what times you're available and we can
make arrangements.

Love and Solidarity,
clash collective

Welcome to Our Home Page. The CLASH collective is a group of various local
revolutionaries come together to promote radically different tactics, processes
and visions toward the creation of a new society. http://clash.8m.net/
We will be in the soon-to-be Behind the Rocks Infoshop everyday from Monday the
22nd to Friday the 26th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Green Party office, 418A
New Britain Avenue, Hartord by the corner with Hillside Ave. PLEASE drop by with
you book and periodical donations, lend a helping hand, or just to hang out. All
are welcome except cops/feds/fascists.

We are activists, involved in many struggles within the Hartford
area. Week in and week out, we sit in meetings with people who
genuinely care about what's going on in the world, here and abroad.
But whether we're against the war, government repression, or
discrimination, we can't help but think that what we've been doing is
simply not working. We're not so naive to think that we can stop the
war tomorrow just by doing something differently, but surely,
another protest in DC or New York isn't going to bring it to an end
any sooner.

We believe that the movements for peace and justice are stagnating
in the boring old pool of activism, and that we have everything to
gain by jumping into the global stream of resistance that has brought
down regimes, summits and foreign occupations without seizing
power, without becoming corrupt and stale, and instead by creating
the world we want tomorrow in the now in our daily lives, rather
than waiting for somebody or something to give us the go-ahead.

In our bi-weekly zine, we'll bring news, opinions and updates
straight from the frontlines of the global and local struggles that
make up the movement that is changing the world without taking

What we do:
Spreading our ideas and keeping an open dialogue with others
through distribution of publications, pamphlets, and creating other
forums for resistance.
Organizing around issues, involving ourselves with various struggles
and helping to build other radical organizations and campaigns to
deal with local and global problems.
Holding protests, action trainings, and coordinating and taking part
in creative, innovative forms of action.

Peoples' Global Action Hallmarks
On March 16th, we consensed to endorse the PGA (http://agp.org)

1. A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism and feudalism; all
trade agreements, institutions and governments that promote
destructive globalisation.

2. We reject all forms and systems of domination and discrimination
including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism and religious
fundamentalism of all creeds.
We embrace the full dignity of all human beings.

3. A confrontational attitude, since we do not think that lobbying can
have a major impact in such biased and undemocratic organisations,
in which transnational capital is the only real policy-maker;

4. A call to direct action and civil disobedience, support for social
movements' struggles, advocating forms of resistance which
maximize respect for life and oppressed peoples' rights, as well as
the construction of local alternatives to global capitalism.

5. An organisational philosophy based on decentralisation and

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