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(en) Chiapas, Mexico EZLN, A new communique: Marcos on the next meeting... and that "extra weight" thing

Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 09:52:15 +0300

To all those who endorse the Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona:
Compañeros and compañeras:
Greetings. I am writing you - in the remote event that you did not swallow that
story about how Salinas de Gortari, Roberto Madrazo, the Yunque and Martha
Sahagún are behind us, and that we’re criticizing the PRD and AMLO to play ball
with the PRI and the right - in order to let you know that today is the second
anniversary of the Caracoles and the Good Government Juntas. And, as of
tomorrow, the Juntas’ annual report will be at the disposal of all interested
persons and organizations. And to remind everyone about the next preparation
meeting of work and discussion for the “other campaign.”

As we have already announced, those being convened now are the Indian Peoples of
Mexico, Indigenous Organizations, and those organizations and groups which are
helping and accompanying the indigenous in the struggle for their rights.
Arrival will be this Friday, August 12, at the time you like and/or can. On
Saturday, the 13th, in the morning, after we have a bit of breakfast, we will
begin the meeting, and we’ll continue all day, except, every so often, we’ll
have intermissions for eating and for those needs which are referred to as
“biological.” Departure will be on Sunday, August 14.

The location will be in the territory of La Garrucha Good Government Junta, in
the zapatista community of Carmen Pataté, which is located on the road to San
Quintín, about an hour from Ocosingo. The three banners will now be there which
read “Preparation Meetings for the Sexta. Information,” “To the Meeting for the
Sexta,” and “Here It Is.” Already planted in our zapatista hearts, forever, is
the obsession that reads “Welcome the Color We Are of the Earth.”

We hope the people at Frayba don’t think ill of us and that they will continue
directing - with a little map or something like that - those who come (if, of
course, anyone is still coming).

By the Sexta Committee of the EZLN

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

Mexico, August of 2005

PS Which Attempts To Justify the “Few Kilos More Weight” Thing - We were looking
at the pictures and the captions, and I said: “It’s just that in photographs
and videos you look fatter than you are.” The insurgenta Erika was looking at
me, and with that very zapatista irony, she said: “Hey, Sup, good they didn’t
see what you were like before the Red Alert.”…Didn’t I tell you? These young
people today just don’t respect us…the…the…the “mature” young people.

PS With More Futile Arguments - Besides, it’s the photographers and
videographers’ fault. I believe they’re at the service of Salinas, Madrazo, the
PRI and the right, because if they weren’t, they would have warned me, and I
could have sucked my belly in when the picture was taken, no?

PS Concerning Don’t Tell Anyone - About wearing that sash (the belt where the
cartridge clips are carried). If I were to take it off, a belly would appear
that looked like it were 6 months pregnant.

Cynical PS - Fine, yes and so what? Chubby but pretty. Besides, modestly here, I
still have the most beautiful legs in the world…well, neither you nor me: in
Mexico…no? Then in the Mexican southeast?…Neither?, in Chiapas then?…in the
Selva Lacandona?…hmmm, in the Tzeltal Selva?…in the barracks?…among those
criticizing PRD and AMLO?…hmmm…in…hmmm…well, then, like I told you: chubby but

PS Which Sobs Disconsolately - You mean I’m not a “sex symbol” anymore? It’s
settled: now I can’t even get my coffee hot.

PS Which Consoles Self - You know what? Not even mean faces and rotten oranges:
bears are fat, I’m just fine.

PS To Whom it May Concern - Two little biographical files in order to help
support the criticisms of those respective persons holding forth against the
EZLN for “adventurism,” “mistake,” “bravura,” and “bar fight.”

José Manuel Gómez Espinoza. Mexican, indigenous and zapatista. El Paraíso
Colonia. Municipality of Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas, Mexico. On April 10,
2004, he was 24 years old and a bachelor. On that day, he went to a zapatista
demonstration in order to carry water to his compañeros in Zinacantán. The
peaceful demonstration was attacked by PRD members and by municipal officials,
also PRD, with firearms. He was one among dozens who were wounded. He is now 23
years old, and he has a bullet lodged in his head, in the part called
“occipital.” Today he’s married, and every two months he has to travel to
Tuxtla Gutierrez so they can check the projectile in his skull. The attackers
are free, they are still in the PRD, some are municipal officials, and they
have formed one of those citizens’ networks in support of Andrés Manuel López
Obrador. “The first indigenous network in support of AMLO,” declared PRD
leaders in Chiapas.

José Luis Solís López. Mexican, indigenous and zapatista. Community of La
Realidad. “San Pedro de Michoacán” Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipality.
Married, with 6 children, among them a two year old girl (her name is Xóchitl),
who was just born when her father was kidnapped and held for 9 days in
September of 2003. At that time, PRD members, headed by Miguel Ángel Vázquez
Hernández (of the PRD CIOAC), and with the help of the municipal president of
Las Margaritas, PRD Luis Escandón Hernández (who today is part of the state PRD
leadership in Chiapas), detained him. They tied him up in the back of a truck,
and they took him from one place to another, without eating and without even
giving him a blanket. After he was released, he went back to his work. He’s the
driver for a truck belonging to the Good Government Junta of the Border Selva
Region. The truck is used for transporting passengers and goods from zapatista
communities. The truck is called “Kidnapped.”

I do so testify.

The Sup (Now indeed holding his breath to try and recover his once eminent
Zapatista Army of National Liberation Mexico August 9, 2005

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