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(en) US, Portland, UNFINISHED BUSINESS* #2 - Building A Culture Of Resistance By Paul

Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 09:24:51 +0300

Having solid anarchist organizations that provide
an inter-generational culture of resistance that
is maintained through the "ups and downs" of social
struggle is imperative. It's a condition of even begin-
ning to build a serious revolutionary movement in
the US and Canada, and it's even more critical
given the generally disorganized, weak, and theo-
retically impoverished state of the revolutionary left
in general.
When people are radicalized through social strug-
gles and the general conditions of living, where do
they have to turn for real leadership and education?
Without a credible revolutionary alternative that puts
forward consistent theory and has the capacity for
mobilization and action, potential militants and radi-
calized people are swayed into apathy or [worse]
accepting the leadership of the social democratic
and liberal parties and elements [re: NGOs, etc...]
within society.
That groups like Crimethinc., Infoshop.org,
Anarchy Mag, Green Anarchy, and so, even have
any credibility or say in the discourse and debate of
the revolutionary left, or the anarchist milieu, shows
the general disorganization and weakness of radical
politics in North America.
Groups like NEFAC and NAF are struggling, yes,
but what is important is that we keep focused on
building the requirements for an organized, revolu-
tionary anarchist-communist movement. We need
wide raging debate and discussion that can engage
and bring people in on, among others things:
-- The nature of composition of class within
modern developed societies like ours.
-- The shifting economic situation in North
America and how it impacts the class composi-
tion and what antagonisms are taking place in
-- The nature and role of liberalism within the rev-
olutionary left and society as a whole.
-- What "democracy" means and why it's a sham.
-- What anarchist-communism means and why it's
a credible alternative to capitalist-democracy.
-- How and why revolution is possible and need-
ed in North America.
-- How the foreign policy of the countries we live
in influences domestic policy, and why the peo-
ple of North America have a moral obligation
to, in an internationalist spirit, support our
brothers and sisters in third world/underdevel-
oped countries and all around the world.
-- The importance of leadership within anarchist-
This stuff isn't going to come out of someone act-
ing on their own or just cranking shit out like
Chomsky has done on US foreign policy--this
requires a mobilized, active, and educated milieu of
revolutionaries who are constantly developing their
theory and action together as a group.
Failure isn't always a bad thing. If a group like
FRAC, The Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist
Collectives, was untenable, then it is good it failed
before it could have exerted it's untenable influence
upon a real situation of class antagonisms, where it
could have done real harm to people and anarchist-
communism as a whole. We have the opportunity to
learn from why it failed, what was wrong with it, and
what is really required and necessary when serious
social struggles do emerge.
As revolutionaries we have a responsibility to the
majority of the world's population, who live like
slaves so that a wealthy few can prosper. Our
responsibility is not only to resist this social system,
but also to do so in a way where we are constantly
holding ourselves and our practices up to intense
scrutiny and criticism --- because if we do succeed
in gaining influence, and we do succeed in mobiliz-
ing people around us, we better be damned sure we
aren't leading them to certain failure, defeat, slaugh-
ter, and repression.
Paul is a member of the Victoria Anarchists
Collective, a member collective of the Northwest
Anarchist Federation. He is also a rank and file
member of the British Columbia Government
Employees Union.
Background on FRAC
The Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist
Collectives of the U.S. is officially disbanded. As a
revolutionary anarchist federation based in the mid-
west/Great Lakes region we started this project
nearly 3 years ago now. In that time we have had
collectives in the cities of Chicago, Minneapolis,
Lansing, and Cleveland. We had the opportunity to
work with many comrades and make many friends.
While our drive for a world free of domination con-
tinues to thrive, our ability to maintain FRAC as an
organized threat to the power of state and capital
has waned. We do not question the need to have
an organized revolutionary anarchist federation in
the Great Lakes region and hope that such a project
can succeed in the future here.
We hope to put out a much more detailed and
reflective piece in the future looking back on the les-
sons we have all learned from these past 3 years.
We wish all similar revolutionary anarchist projects
nothing but the best, whether here in the U.S. or
around the world.
In Solidarity and Struggle,
The now defunct FRAC

The Northwest Anarchist Federation is a bi-national organ zation
based in the Pacific Northwest coast of North America
We are opposed to all forms of capitalism and the state. We are
fighting for a revolutionary movement that has the power to
chalenge government, politicians employers, and bureaucrats.
In place of the system of oppression and war that both Canada and
the U.S. are, we envision building world based on stateless communism.
We want housing, food, dignity at work, access to education, freedom,
and a voice in how our live are run. We want democracy, equality,
justice, and peace. These are natural rights that belong to all people.
The complete fulfillment of these basic rights can only be achieved
through revolution. We will fight for these rights until we win. We
are denied these rights because the system we live within is built
on structural inequality. Our aim is to abolish that system and replace
it with libertarian communism.
The Fourth NAF Conference, Labor Day Weekend, 2005

The Northwest Anarchist Federation will hold its fourth
conference labor day weekend in Portland, Oregon. If you
are interested in attending as a visitor or potential member,
contact the Anarchist-Communist Union of Portland at
Interested In Joining NAF?
Send an email to the local union
nearest to you and we'll get in
touch with you.
Victoria, B.C., Canada
Seattle, WA, U.S.
Portland, OR, U.S.
* Unfinished Buisness: Agitational publication of the
U..B.. B U P.o. Box 112 Portland, O R 97232

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