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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 655 8th August - 14th August 2005

Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 12:03:29 +0300

The assertion in the article on the New Senate in the Sunday Age ´All Power
to Howard´ (7/8) that the main players in the new Federal government are
John Howard, Mark Vale, Barnaby Joyce, Peter Costello, Kim Beazley and Steve
Fielding, is both naive and misleading. Although the Howard government is
the first government since 1981 that is able to exercise a majority in both
houses of Federal parliament, ultimate political authority doesn´t rest in
the hands of Howard. In any society, ultimate political authority and power
rests in the hands of the people, not its elected or self appointed

Those parliamentary representatives who believe that the role of the citizen
is limited to casting a ballot every 3 years to elect representatives to
make decisions on their behalf, have a disturbed understanding about the
primary role of the people in the parliamentary process.

Those governments that overstep the limited mandate they receive when
elected, only have to look at the pages of history to see what happens when
political representatives, whether elected or self appointed, overstep their
authority. The historical record is littered with examples of the fate that
awaits governments who believe that they, not the people, are the centre of
political authority.

The concerned citizen does not, as most people and governments think, have
to wait until the next parliamentary election to dislodge a government that
passes legislation that goes beyond its limited mandate. They can stop
cooperating with the government of the day, they can withdraw their labour
and when all else fails, they can confront the government of the day by
challenging its disciplinary arm - the courts, police and armed forces on
the streets.

Vigils, work to rule, protests, demonstrations, occupations, sit-ins, tax
boycotts, strikes, riots, rebellions, insurrections and the occasional
successful revolution are some of the tactics that have been successfully
used by the people to bring arrogant governments who have forgotten that
ultimate political authority rests in the hands of the people, not in the
hands of the government of the day and the State to heel.

Those Australian governments that believe the people would never take direct
action to bring a government that has abused is authority to account, only
have to look at the immediate and dramatic after effects of the Eureka
rebellion, to see what happens to governments that stop listening to the
people and overstep their authority.

The assertion by a former ASIO agent that there are 60 potential terrorists,
some with military raining, living in Australia, is the latest in a series
of allegations that have been publicly aired that are designed to increase
public acceptance of detention without trial.

Australia is in the unusual position of having a Constitution that is bereft
of human rights. A government with a majority in both houses of parliament
can pass any legislation it cares to pass. The lack of protection that the
Constitution provides for both citizens and non citizens alike, was
demonstrated when the High Court stated there was nothing in the Australian
Constitution that prevented the government from passing legislation that
allowed it to indefinitely detain asylum seekers.

The passage of legislation that allows the detention without trial of people
who ASIO, the Federal Police or the government of the day believe may pose
threat to the community, conveniently removes the judicial system from the
process of determining whether suspects actually pose a threat. Detention
without trial, whether for a definite period or indefinitely one, poses a
greater threat to society than any terrorist threat could ever achieve.

What is first touted as a necessary defence against a perceived terrorist
threat can quickly become a mechanism to muzzle dissent. The problem with
the raft of legislation that has recently been passed to protect Australians
from the possible threat of terrorism is that it can be used to suppress
what is currently viewed as legitimate political activity. Allowing the
Federal parliament to write the rules and the Federal Police to enforce them
without having a judicial referee to determine whether the right people have
been targeted, is a recipe for dictatorship.

What may seem a good idea in the heat of the moment may be just the
beginning of a sequence of events that will lead to the destruction by
parliament of the very rights and privileges, checks and balances that
protect the individual from the excesses of the government of the day, the
bureaucracy and the State. Rights and liberties, checks and balances, the
very institutions the Howard government with the support of Her Majesty´s
loyal Opposition the Alternative Liberal Party (ALP) claim they are fighting
to protect, are the very things that detention without trial will remove.

The opening of the New Senate on Tuesday has shown the Coalition government
to be in disarray. Faced with concerted widespread extraordinary opposition
to its parliamentary agenda, the Howard government is having second thoughts
about embarking on its ideological bonder. Trying to rally the spirits of
the parliamentary rabble, the Prime Minister preached his mantra of unity or
death to the Liberal / National Party members huddled in the Party room.

Enjoying the first majority a government has enjoyed on both houses of
parliament since 1981, the Howard government seems bent on losing this
historic opportunity to improve the lot of the Australian people. Blinded
to the reality of everyday life, they are hell bent on pursuing their
ideological peccadilloes.

The old student Cold War warriors smarting at their defeat in the student
arena in the 1960´s and 1970´s, are trying to once and for all stop the
´cancer´ of student radicalism by abolishing compulsory union fees, still
believing that the rise of the new Left in the 1960´s was all due to the
fact that a few radicals were able to use compulsory union fees to fund a
few radical campus newspapers.

Their other legislative initiative, their new Industrial Relations laws,
lie in tatters, clearly rattled by the extent of opposition to their plans
to drive social security beneficiaries into poorly paid, part time jobs and
rob working people of rights and conditions they have won over the past
century. The ´Man of Steel´s´ (rusted) parliamentary colleagues are having
second thoughts about their leader´s political acumen. People are beginning
to realise that the Coalition´s political program is like its leader -

Bereft of ideas, morally and ethically bankrupt, the Coalition government,
like its parliamentary leader, is beginning to find that you can fool some
of the people most of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.
Contrary to what most people think, the Howard government´s historic
majority in both houses of parliament isn´t a threat, it´s a historic
opportunity to show people that they can´t depend on the ALP (Alternative
Liberal Party) or the Greens or Democrats to save them, all they can depend
on is their ability to mobolise outside the parliamentary domain and place
pressure on the Howard government to jettison its corporate driven agenda.

Yes Virginia, we live in interesting times, a time when people have the
opportunity to demonstrate that ultimate political power and authority rests
in the hands of the people, not the State or the government of the day. Go
for it, you have nothing to lose.

Sixteen million Australians are in for the ride of their life. Faced with
the threat of a hostile government using its historic majority in both
houses of Federal parliament to pass legislation to increase the power the
corporate sector is able to exercise over wage earners and social security
beneficiaries, Australia´s 8 million wage earners and 8 million social
security recipients are about to personally experience John Howard´s
ideological fantasies.

The Coalition´s agenda is as simple as it is crude. It is attacking
ordinary Australians on two fronts. It wants to weaken the safety net that
has protected Australia´s 8 million social security beneficiaries from the
insecurity of not being able to earn a living, so they will be forced to
take up the poorly paid, part time, boring, monotonous jobs that will be
created as a result of its new Industrial Relations laws. It wants to strip
away from Australia´s 8 million wage earners the wages, rights and
conditions they have won over a century of struggle that to date has
protected them from the arbitrary exercise of power by employers.

The Howard government´s plans provide a historic opportunity for workers and
social security recipients to regain the social and political initiative by
discarding the parliamentary and legal options that has placed them in this
invidious position. It´s time that Australians turned back the clock and
embraced the militant extra parliamentary traditions that served them so
well in the past.

A sense of quiet satisfaction is spreading throughout Packer´s and News
Limited Corporation´s Australian headquarters. The Howard government has
finally achieved the impossible dream of having a majority in both houses of
parliament. Helen Coonan, the Federal Communications Minister, is making
all the right noises to the right people. The buzz word on everybody´s lips
is that the government´s proposed media ownership changes will be good for

Good for consumers? Who do they think they´re kidding? Do they really
think we came down in the last shower? It´s hard enough to get any variety
in the ´news´ that´s presented today; consider what will happen when the
cross media ownership laws that prevent Packer and News Limited Corporation
outlets from dominating newspaper, TV, and radio outlets in a city, are
changed. Already some of Australia´s major cities are ´one´ newspaper
towns, think about what will happen when one owner owns every major
newspaper, TV and radio outlet in a city. It would be a brave and foolhardy
political figure that would ruffle the feathers of one of the new media

It´s hard enough getting a job in media outlets today, imagine what would
happen if one owner controlled all the media outlets in your part of the
country. One wrong move and you could find yourself on the dole. When you
look at the role the government gelded ABC plays in the dissemination of
information, you´d find it hard to find a gig any where in Australia,
possibly the world if you upset the Packer and News Limited Corporation boys
and girls.

Let us call a spade a spade, the Howard government´s new media ownership
laws are designed to reward both the Packer and News Limited Corporation
camps for a job well done. Without their fulsome support, Howard would
never have achieved his current parliamentary majority in both houses of

Irrespective of how it is dressed up, irrespective of the media hype,
irrespective of the pontifications from the ´media exerts´, the new media
changes (I refuse to use the word reform - ´to make better´) are designed to
reward Howard´s backers for the job they´ve done and to ensure they´ll
continue to sing the Howard government´s praises.

Q. What role do co-operatives and collectives play in an anarchist society?
A. An anarchist economy is a ´mixed´ economy. Although wealth is held in
common, how that wealth is created and services are delivered is a matter of
individual choice. Some people may find it easier to work in a co-operative
or collective setting; others may work in partnerships or as individuals.
The thing that all people involved in the creation of goods and the delivery
of services in an anarchist society have in common is that they don´t employ
labour or have to sell their labour in order to survive. Each individual
decides whether they will work in a collective or individual setting. The
goods they create and services they deliver is property that can potentially
be accessed by all members of that community. Individual security within an
anarchist community is directly related to the health of the community as a
whole. Communities that work towards the common goal of sharing the goods
produced and services provided in that community, with other members of
their community, are more likely to feel and be much more secure than
individuals who have to compete in a market place dominated by monopolies.
The need to plan, organise, co-ordinate and interact between those sections
of an anarchist society that produce wealth and deliver services is based on
the need to satisfy human need, not create profits for the sake of creating
profits. Within an anarchist society, labour isn´t a commodity that can be
bought and sold on an open market. Each person decides whether they want to
provide their labour to benefit the community they live in and whether they
want to work as individuals, in partnership, collectives or co-operatives
within that community.

When you think things can´t get any worse, the Howard government and Her
Majesty´s loyal Opposition the ALP (Alternative Liberal Party) are waxing
lyrical about the need to remove more rights and liberties, checks and
balances in order to protect those rights and liberties, checks and balances
that the ´terrorists´ are threatening. Riding the current wave of fear,
hysteria and insecurity that is gripping the community, the Howard
government is creating the climate that will allow it to set the scene for
the introduction of legislation for detention without trial.
Faced with a Constitution that doesn´t protect Australians human rights and
a government with a majority in both houses of parliament, citizens need to
take action to highlight the precarious nature they find themselves in.
´People For Constitutional Human Rights´ was formed to highlight the lack of
human rights within the Australian Constitution and to counteract the
partially created government blanket of fear and insecurity that is gripping
the Australian community.
We encourage as many people as possible to hold peaceful vigils outside
Commonwealth offices around the country. We encourage people to form their
own organisations, create their own banners, produce their own leaflets and
reclaim the public space outside Commonwealth buildings to highlight the
current threat we face as individuals and as a community from the exercise
of unrestrained power by government and the State. The vigils are designed
to bring this important matter to the attention of our fellow citizens and
to place pressure on governments to modify their proposals.
It doesn´t matter if only a few people initially turn up, what matters is
that governments know there are people in the community who are not cowered
by its attempts to stifle dissent and increase its powers at the expense of
the community. Having a visible presence outside every Commonwealth building
in the country, is one simple but powerful and effective way of raising our
concerns about the removal of rights and liberties Australians have enjoyed
for generations.
We need to both defend and extend these rights and liberties and defend and
extend those checks and balances that protect the individual from the
excesses of the government of the day and the State. To do nothing at this
critical point in time will help to create the conditions that will make
State terrorism an issue Australians may have to deal with in the near
SYLVESTER KOSSAK (1828 - 1918)
Many of the miners that took part in the Eureka rebellion were involved in
the revolutions that swept Europe in 1848. Their experiences during these
revolutionary upheavals played an important role in them making the
decisions to take up arms at Ballarat to protect their rights and liberties.
Sylvester Kossak took part in the nationalist uprising that occurred in
Poland in 1848. He served as a lancer in the Polish legion which was raised
to break away from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. When the uprising was
crushed, he escaped to Turkey and eventually made his way to England. He,
along with his friend Captain Leopold Kabat, set sail for Australia on the
steamer Chusan in May 1852.
Both he and Leopold had no success on the goldfields and joined the Victoria
Police as cadets in 1853. In August 1853, they were naturalised, the first
Poles to become British subjects in Victoria. Kossak was promoted to
lieutenant on the 17th September 1854 and was transferred to Ballarat in
November 1854. He was one of the 4 Sub-Inspectors who were put in charge of
70 mounted police who were kept in reserve during the storming of the Eureka
stockade. Sylvester Kossak was one of the few government officials involved
in the Eureka rebellion who was sympathetic to the miners cause. It seems
that he paid the price for his sympathies as he was overlooked for promotion
in the aftermath of the rebellion.
Disillusioned with his situation, he returned to Europe in 1863 and took
part in a failed Polish rebellion against the Russians. He returned to
England and married Eliza Scott on the 2nd September 1865; they had 3
children. The marriage failed and he returned to Poland in 1872. He
migrated back to Australia in 1876 and became involved in a number of
ventures that failed. In 1880 at the age of 52 he married Mary Stelaski, a
fellow Pole. They had 3 daughters and a son. When his wife died in 1893,
he went to the West Australian goldfields to seek his fortune. In 1904 he
took part in the Perth 50th anniversary celebrations of the storming of the
Eureka stockade. In 1914 he returned to Melbourne to be with his daughters.
He died 4 years later at the age of 90 in 1918. He is buried at the
Springvale Cemetery (C of E - R 16 14).
The Eureka Encyclopaedia - J Corfield, D Wickham &
C Gervasani, Ballarat Heritage Services 2004, ISBN 1876478616
P.O. Box 2209, Ballarat 3354, Victoria AUSTRALIA

info@ballaratheritage.com.au Fax:03 5331 6150

Edited by Ballarat Heritage Services 1998
ISBN 0 646 35238 5
It´s possible that I´ve reviewed this 84-page pamphlet before, but as the
Anarchist Media Institute´s ´Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka
Rebellion´ 151st anniversary celebrations that will be held in Ballarat on
Saturday 3rd December are just around the corner and I don´t have anything
else to review, here goes. This tight little pamphlet is full of
recollections by people who participated in the Eureka rebellion in 1854 who
50 years later joined in the 50th anniversary celebrations that were held in
Ballarat in 1904. Ballarat Heritage Services has drawn together accounts by
over 20 participants in the rebellion.
The material is drawn from first hand accounts that were published in local
newspapers in 1904. The cover, a yellowing photograph of elderly men and
women who attended the 50th anniversary celebrations, is both poignant and
exhilarating. Poignant because the young men and women who participated in
the rebellion in 1854 are now greying, stooped and elderly, exhilarating
because they have had the energy to come together 50 years to remember the
remarkable events that took place. The pamphlet is full of sketches about
the rebellion as well as their stories. The articles tend to reflect the
style of the period, many are written by men and women who have a poor grasp
of the written language. Their stories in their matter of fact way, paints
a picture that the amateur or professional historian could never hope to
achieve. Their hearts on their sleeves, the participants tell their stories
in their own way. Some are jerky and difficult to read, others flow off the
tongue. All have something to say.
50 years after these tumultuous events, old men and women express their
thoughts about their experiences as teenagers and young men and women who,
caught up in the heat of the moment, did not realise the gravity and
historical consequences of their actions. A common thread in their
narratives is their sadness at the loss of life that occurred when ordinary
men and women were forced to take up arms to defend what they believed were
their inalienable rights and liberties.
People today can use the past to understand the present and change the
future by reading these extraordinary peoples accounts. ´Eureka
Reminiscences´ is one of those booklets that bring to life the thoughts,
feelings and spirit of the Eureka rebellion.
´EUREKA REMINISCENCES´ can be purchased from Ballarat Heritage Services,
P.O. Box 2209, Ballart 3354, Australia. Fax: (03) 5331 6150
email: info@ballaratheritage.com.au

Have you noticed the wattle blossoms? I suspect you haven´t. If you live
in the northern hemisphere, it´s the wrong time of year. You may not even
know what I´m writing about if you live outside Australia. ´Wattle´ - any
plant of the largest Australian plant genus Acacia (of which there are
nearly 800 described species in Australia). Not that wattle is only found
in Australia, I´ve seen it in many places you wouldn´t expect to see it. In
Santorini in 1981 I was surprised to see women selling bunches of wattle
blossoms on the side of the road. Melbourne was covered with the Acacia
species before European colonisation. Today, it´s only on the outskirts of
the city that you come across branches full of bright golden grub like
creatures weighing down the humble Acacia. In the city, it´s a never ending
parade of eucalyptus, paper barks, imported elms and fir trees, occasional
river gums, jacarandas, Banksia, flame trees, oleanders, magnolias and
The humble flowering wattle seems to be no longer in fashion. Pity, as this
non-descript tree only blossoms for a few weeks once a year. I´ve been
waiting for the wattle to blossom for a few weeks now; it´s a little later
than usual this year because Melbourne is experiencing its first real winter
in years. This year the wattles are blossoming at the appropriate time, not
too late, not too early around the end of July. Magnificent is about the
only word I can think of using to describe the feeing of walking along a
path you´ve walked on all year oblivious of the drab Acacia species that
burden your walk and hey presto, bingo, you´re confronted with a mass of
golden wattle blossoms. Seeing the drab landscape came to life in late
winter must have been a surprise for the early settlers. Not that the
beauty of the moment stopped them destroying the Acacias surrounding them.
The long pliant branches were used as building materials by the European
colonies. The wattle and daub hut a network of rods and twigs plastered
with clay and mud soon became the standard building material for ticket of
leave men (ex-convicts) who were pushed out into the scrub to protect the
squatter´s sheep from the wrath of the country´s indigenous inhabitants.
One day people are living a life they´ve lived for generations, the next day
large white woolly snails destroy the vegetation, animals and lands they
need to survive. The ticket of leave men in their wattle and daub huts, the
brutal interface between them and squattocracy. If you get the chance, jump
on a train or bus or if you have access to a car, drive to the outskirts of
the city and feast your eyes on the wattle blooming on the sides of the
road. The big bright yellow caterpillars waving in the wind on the drab
Acacias is one of the wonders of the natural would that you don´t have to
pay an arm or a leg to enjoy. On second thoughts, plant a few Acacias in
your plot in the city, in a few years when you walk out into the garden at
the end of winter, you´ll be able to enjoy the bright yellow blossoms.

Australians are just beginning to realise the impact the Howard government´s
Industrial Relations (IR) laws will have on their lives. Overtime, penalty
rates, holiday pay, sick pay, 5-day weeks will all be all a thing of the
past. Australia´s 8 million wage earners are about to find out what the
Howard government is all about. In many ways Australians have no one to
blame but themselves, caught up in the money merry go round.
Pulled into a false sense of security by the corporate owned fourth estate,
they have allowed their workplace conditions to be whittled away and their
wage rates threatened by a government that has had their support over the
past decade.
Australian workers have two choices; they meekly acquiesce or they work
collectively to prevent the Howard government from introducing this
draconian legislation into parliament. They can beg, beseech, pray, or take
militant action. The only thing that will stop the Howard government from
passing its IR legislation is widespread workplace action. Nothing else
will have any effect. The laws that make striking a criminal activity need
to be directly challenged, nothing else will work. The rights, conditions
and wages that workers currently enjoy are a direct consequence of militant
collective action. What took over a century of struggle to achieve will be
swept away in one parliamentary sitting unless workers are willing to take
militant action.
The problems Australians face isn´t militant religious fundamentalists, it´s
the thugs who now control both houses of parliament. Within the next few
months, these parliamentary thugs will do more damage than any group of
terrorists could ever hope to achieve. One group justifies their attacks on
working people on religious grounds; the other group justifies its attack on
working people on economic grounds. Each deserves the other.
Anarchists struggles for freedom, not for profit or religion, that´s why we
believe both groups deserve each other and encourage people to take militant
community and workplace action to stop both groups forcing their ideological
fantasies on us.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

NOW OR NEVER No.7 Feb 05, Newspaper of Norwich Anarchists, P.O. Box 487,
Norwich, NRS BWE, England. Tel: 07941657485, norwichanarchists@hotmail.com

ROJO Y NEGRO No.181, July/Aug 05, Publicacion Mensual Anarcho Syndicalist,
C/- Copania 9, Pamplona / Iruna, SPAIN, tel:948224766, fax:948212399,

UMANITA NOVA Vol.85, No.26 ´05, Settimenale Anarchico, C/-Federazione
Anarchico Torinese, C.50 Palermo 46, Torino, ITALY, tel/fx:011 857850,
Mobile:3386594361, email:fat@increte.it

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A survey of young workers in NSW has shown they could easily be exploited
under the govt's new industrial relations (IR) laws. The survey of 5000
workers aged b/w 12 & 25 was commissioned by the NSW Dept of IR & conducted
by Sydney Uni's workplace think tank in Mar & April. The survey found half
of those who thought they were in permanent work in fact received no paid
leave. Half hadn´t received any written info about pay, hrs of work or
safety when they started their jobs. A 1/4 never got pay slips. 1 in 7
casuals worked unpaid overtime. NSW Workplace Relations Min. John Della
Bosca said the survey showed young people could easily be exploited under
the Fed Govt's proposed workplace changes. "Given their vulnerability, young
people will fare much worse if they´re forced to negotiate individually with
their employers - which is what it appears the Govt wants," Della Bosca
said. "This survey demonstrates even with the existing safety net in place,
young, vulnerable employees are in no position to negotiate their own
overtime, penalty rates, holidays or redundancy arrangements." 20yo Seval
Oksuz was promoted from the checkout counter at IGA supermarkets to store
supervisor. For more than 2yrs she remained on the same pay grade of $7hr,
with only an extra $5 weekly allowance. She said she should´ve been
receiving about $17hr. Earlier this year, the Chief Industrial Magistrates
Court found her employer, IGA Express Waterloo, hadn´t awarded her the
appropriate grade. She´s awarded more than $14,000 in unpaid wages &
interest. Another employee, Corina Powell, was awarded more than $19,000.
"All of the casual workers were being underpaid," Ms Oksuz said. "We were
able to get some help b/c we were in the union." 23yo Anne Shean was told by
her employer, a Sydney nail salon that she´d have to work without pay for 3
months to get the job. "We did 4-day training in the city & they didn't pay
us," she said. "Then I started working with them & they said they´d pay me
after 2 weeks I hadn't received any pay. "I spoke to the owner & they said
there´d be no pay for the 1st 3 months probation period." Ms Shean left the
job & later received about $700 in unpaid wages after the Office of IR sent
the company a letter. (SMH)
The govt will spend up to $100m of public money for an ad campaign promoting
the new IR laws. The main messages in the forthcoming TV, radio & print
campaign will be the changes will protect workers' rights, create jobs &
retain the Aust way of life. Mr Robb said while some workers had flexibility
at the moment to hold on to their way of life, the point of the changes
would be to extend that flexibility to the whole workforce. Public servants
in the Fed Dept of Employment & Workplace Relations, who will administer the
new laws, have gone on strike. They reject the govt's plans to remove their
access to the IR Commission & to cut redundancy benefits enjoyed by staff
who´ve more than 20yrs' service & for those aged over 45. The Community &
Public Sector Union said the policy of forcing new employees to sign
individual contracts was also a cause of the industrial action. (The Age)
The chairman of the fundamentalist Christian Hillsong Church, Brian Houston,
is under investigation for breach of reporting requirements after failing to
lodge financial statements that would reveal his earnings & assets. The
Office of Fair Trading was yesterday preparing a letter asking why the assoc
thru which Mr Houston received all income from the church, book writing &
speaking on the lucrative pentecostal circuit had failed to file financial
accounts for 3 years. A spokesman for the OFT said Leadership Ministries
Incorporated, of which Mr Houston & wife Bobbie are directors, was
incorporated in Oct 01 but had so far lodged no financial statements. Under
the NSW Assoc Incorp Act, LMI must report annual income and expenditure,
total assets & liabilities, the number of employees & any mortgages &
charges, the spokesman said. Mr & Mrs Houston sold 2 properties to the
not-for-profit assoc for a total personal gain of $693,000. LMI paid Mrs
Houston $650,000 in Feb 02 for a Bondi Beach apartment in the same block as
1 owned by Jamie Packer & last year paid the couple $780,000 for a 1.278ha
property on the Hawkesbury river, nth of Sydney. Hillsong Church Ltd's
accounts noted last year the church paid LMI $69,041 for contracted
services. (The Australian)
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "We should be open-minded, but not so open that our
brains fall out." Richard Dawkins.
ATNTF weekly anarchist news report www.apolitical.info

Awarded to our beloved Prime Minister John Howard for complaining that
people who are campaigning against his IR laws are telling LIES!! Talk
about the pot calling the kettle black.

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wield power in society and email them the AAWR.

($1,500 NEEDED)
Graeme Dunstan, the lantern maker for the Eureka Dawn Walk, has designed a
number of Eureka flags and banners we can use to celebrate forthcoming
anniversaries of the Eureka rebellion at Ballarat on 3rd December.
The designs can be accessed from our website <<anarchistmedia.org>>
These flags and banners will form an important part of the march from the
Eureka stockade site to Bakery Hill to the cemetery and back to the Eureka
stockade site. We have launched an appeal to raise the $1500 needed to make
these flags and banners. Send cheques and money orders made out to:
saying you want the money to go towards the Eureka flags and banners The
flags & banners will give the ´long march´ the visual component it currently
Want to have a look at what you´re sending in your money to make to be used
at the 151st anniversary of the Eureka rebellion then log onto

RECEIVED SO FAR $550.00 - $950.00 TO GO
******* The situation is now becoming critical with only 4 months to go
before the 3rd December. We have only managed to raise $350.00. If you´re
coming to Ballarat to join the Anarchist Media Institute Eureka Celebrations
- Give us a hand to raise the required funds for the banners *******

4 Treasury Place, East Melbourne.
11.30 am - WEDNESDAY 17th AUGUST 2005

Heard across Australia. 10am - 11am every Wednesday.
An anarchist analysis of local, national & international events. Tune into
your local community radio station to listen to the Anarchist World This
Week. If they don´t broadcast it, ask them why not! If they´re one of the
150 community radio stations around Australia that are affiliated to the
National Community Radio Satellite, they are able to broadcast the Anarchist
World This Week.

Anarchist World This Week broadcast on;
2BAY, 2BBB, 2BLU, 2DRY, 2HOT, 2OCB, 2WOW, 2XX, 3CH, 3CR, 36CR, 3MGB, 3REG,
(Price includes packaging, poster in secure cylinder and postage anywhere in
Australia) ***

Join us
4am Saturday 3rd December 2005 at
The site the battle took place
Eureka park (Stawell and Eureka Street Ballarat)
4am Dawn ceremony
7-10am Communal breakfast (bring your own food and drinks)
10am March to Bakery Hill to retake the Eureka oath.
10.30am Presentation of Eureka Australia Day Medal at Bakery Hill - 10
Medals will be awarded
11.30am March to Ballarat cemetery to pay our respects to the workers at
either end of a bayonet who died during the eureka rebellion
12.30pm March back to Eureka Park through the centre of Ballarat. Late lunch
& conversational for those participating who are still able to stand up (BYO
food & drinks).

Week THIRTY THREE - 84 members
466 TO GO!!
Fill in that Application Form we recently sent to you and send it ASAP to
P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078
If you haven´t an Application Form, download it from Web:
or write to us at P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078 for a Application Form
Photocopy the spare copy you´ve received with your membership card and
distribute to your friends, workmates or set up a stall in the places you
live and work in. Whether Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule becomes a
reality ultimately rests in your hands. Web:www.rulebythepeople.org
Email:supporters@rulebythepeople.org Tel: 0439 395 489
BUILD an alternative to the fossilised parliamentary system. Stop giving a
signed blank cheque to politicians to make decisions on you behalf.
Written & Authorised by Dr. Joseph TOSCANO
Suite 4 / 2187 Princes Highway, Clayton 3168, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
** Go to rulebythepeople.org & sign up to our low traffic official group
news broadcast email list. **

Know someone who was born or lives in Australia who you believe should be
honoured for their efforts to create a better and fairer world. Then
nominate them for the
(The site where the Eureka Oath was taken 151 years ago)
Or Email your nomination to: anarchistage@yahoo.com
Tell us why you´ve nominated that person and send us your contact details so
we can contact you in case we need further information about your choices.

´NO WAR$ / NO Forbes / NO CEO´s´
Forbes Conference CEO´s
Assemble at Sydney´s Opera House on the evening of 29th August 2005.
The Forbes CEO Conference will have high profile neo-con war profiteers and
their political courtiers attending the conference in Sydney on 30th August
2005. Log in to find out what on the day. A colour flyer regarding the
mobilisation is downloadable from


If You Like What You Have Read, Photocopy This Publication and Leave It In
Doctors, Dentists,
Vets Waiting Rooms and In Railway Stations, Bus Stops, Libraries and
Restaurants Etc.
The articles in the Anarchist Age Weekly Review reflect the personal
opinions of the authors, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the
publishers, the Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society/Anarchist
Media Institute.
All material in the Anarchist Age Weekly Review can be used by anarchists,
anarchist collectives and non-profit organisations as long as the source of
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reserves all rights as far as commercial publications are concerned.

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