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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 654 1st August - 7th August 2005

Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 18:16:47 +0300

It´s disturbing to note that the Federal Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock
claims that the opening of Federal funded family relationship centres around
Australia will be used to ´change the culture of family breakdown´ - Family
Centres Stem Divorce (Sunday Age 31/7). This is not the first time that the
Federal government has used the power it is able to exercise as a consequence
of its majority in parliament, to force its ideological fantasies on Australians.
It´s ironic that a political party that espouses the freedom of the
individual in its political program uses its institutional and parliamentary
power to socially engineer culture into an ideological straight jacket.

John Howard has consistently used the monopoly - a power he can exercise
through parliament, to fill senior vacancies within the judiciary and the
Federal bureaucracy with people who hold the same ideological positions as
he does. The Howard government has taken the art of social engineering to
levels that have previously not been seen in Australia. The Federal
government consistently uses the power it is able to exercise as the
country´s primary tax collector, to attach special conditions for the
release of Federal funds for areas it is constitutionally responsible for
that are designed to force cultural changes that it is not able to achieve
through legislation and the bureaucracy.

It has used its monopoly on its ability to levy personal income, to set
conditions regarding the distribution of Federal funds in industrial
relations, education, health, family relationships, social security,
transport, indigenous affairs and communications that are designed to force
cultural changes that fit within a narrow one dimensional ideological

It´s tragic and frightening to see the political party that has built its
reputation on its ability to protect the individual from the excesses of the
State, using the monopoly on power it can exercise, to force cultural
changes that a significant proportion of the community do not want to adopt.

While Australian university students meekly accept what´s dished up to them,
students from the University of Papua New Guinea are a different breed.
Faced with the very real possibility that the Australian Vice Chancellor of
the University of Papua New Guinea Professor Leslie Eastcott was going to
introduce innovations that have made Australian undergraduate study a
nightmare, students from the PNG University were in no mood to accept
continuous assessment and a proposed new grading system.

Over the past 3 weeks, they have boycotted classes and have resisted police
attempts to force them to call off their boycott. Students have been
involved in a number of clashes with police that have caused injuries to a
number of students and damage to university property. The clashes with
police have resulted in the imposition of a dusk to dawn curfew.

Faced with a rampaging police force that seemed to be accountable to no one,
they continued to maintain their boycott. The PNG government, concerned
that student unrest would spill over into the rest of the community, have
put pressure on the University Council to deal with the current crisis.
Faced with a situation that was quickly getting out of control, Professor
Eastcott has stepped down and a Committee of Inquiry has been appointed to
examine the students grievances. The government through the acting
Education Minister Don Poyle, is working closely with the Committee of
Inquiry and the University Council to resolve the crisis.

The University Council has agreed that the university term will be extended
by 3 weeks so that students can make up any time lost through the boycott.
The students decision to stop working up the right channels and their use of
direct action to bring matters to a head have paid dividends. If they, like
their Australian counterparts, had meekly accepted the changes Australian
students have accepted, it wouldn´t have been long before they would have
been experiencing the same education nightmares their Australian
counterparts continue to experience.

Faced with a backlash against its proposed Industrial Relations (IR) laws,
its attacks on disability support pensioners and single parents, the Federal
Workplace Participation Minister Peter Dutton has decided to do a bit of
dole bludger bashing. It seems the Minister is concerned about welfare
recipients who are rorting the system. The Minister believes dole
recipients are giving bodgey and fake excuses to get out of interviews for
part time poorly paid contract work and he´s not having any of it!!

He wants to force a ´cultural change´ on dole recipients so ´they meet their
obligations to the taxpayer´. Noble sentiments if they were directed at the
´big end of town´. None of this wishy washy stuff for Peter Dutton, he´s so
concerned about industries problem in attracting people to fill boring,
poorly paid, part time jobs, that he´s pulling out all stops to get rid of
the ´rorters´. He´s so concerned about the reluctance of private job
agencies and Centrelink workers to penalise people who have trouble meeting
the onerous demands put on them by government, that he is considering
setting up a Compliance Unit (code for head kickers) in Canberra to
administer suspensions and penalties.

The problem poor old Dutton is having is too many people are sick and tired
of the government´s ´dole bludger´ campaigns. Over the past decade, they´ve
seen these campaigns extended to disability support pensioners, old age and
single parents. Faced with their own government monkey on their back,
people have stopped listening to the likes of Peter Dutton. Anything a
government Minister utters is viewed with suspicion and contempt.

Dutton´s attempts to kick the unemployed while they´re down, is being
treated with the disdain and contempt it deserves. No wonder he´s keen to
set up a Canberra Compliance Unit in order to enforce his draconian
crackdown. Nobody else is going to do it, because everybody knows it´s just
a political ploy to divert people´s attention from the Howard government´s
neo conservative ideologically driven agenda.

It´s interesting to note that the Probation and Community Corrections
Officers Association submission to the Senate Inquiry on metal health has
stated there is an over representation of mentally ill people in prison. It
is common knowledge among those that care for the mentally ill that the ´out
of sight out of mind´ community and political attitudes that characterised
the treatment of the mentally ill before the current deinstitutionalised
phase, is still a major issue. Today, the mentally ill who exhibit
behaviour patterns that the community finds difficult to tolerate are
frequently shunted into the prison network.

Mentally ill prison inmates suffer discrimination while in prison because
State governments and the Federal government refuse to provide the resources
that are necessary to treat people with psychiatric illness who find
themselves on the prison merry go round. Magistrates and judges find that
in cases where people who suffer psychiatric illnesses who have not
committed crimes that would warrant their incarceration in secure forensic
units, cannot be placed on diversionary and community based orders as no
such services exist in the community. In these circumstances, magistrate
and judges reluctantly put these people in prison.

Over half of people incarcerated in Australian prisons have significant
psychiatric issues. Very few of these prisons have access to psychiatric
services. Those services which exist are under-funded, under-staffed and
provide piecemeal care at the best of times. Many inmates who are
imprisoned for drug related issues find themselves in court because they are
self medicating psychiatric symptoms with illegal drugs. Other drug users
find themselves in prison as a result of drug induced psychoses. Neither
receives the care they need. Many find themselves in court and in prison
over and over again for the same offences.

When parole officers and community protection officers raise their concerns
about the number of mentally ill people in prison who should not have been
put in prison in the first place, it´s time the community and politicians
opened their eyes and did something about this disturbing problem. To
continue to adopt ´out of sight out of mind´ policies creates a situation
that is both inhumane and dangerous for inmates, their families and friends
and the community as a whole.

The obituary about Francis Ona that appeared in the Telegraph and the Age
(29/7) does not do Francis Ona justice. The people of Bougainville have
always considered themselves to be different to the rest of Papua New Guinea
(PNG) and wanted independence long before C.R.A. was allowed to build the
world´s largest open cast copper mine at Panguna in Central Bougainville in
1972. From 1972 to 1988 islanders complained that the mine was poisoning
their river system and destroying their lands. Rubbing salt into an open
wound, the massive profits that were made by C.R.A. were not shared with the
traditional owners.

Francis Ona, a surveyor at the mine, traditional landowner and shop steward,
initiated a campaign of sabotage in 1988 that resulted in the establishment
of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (B.R.A.) and the expulsion of C.R.A.
and the PNG government from Bougainville. The Bougainville struggle for
independence was waged by local people using bows, arrows, left over World
War II weapons and bombs, home made shot guns and weapons they gained from
captured and retreating PNG police and soldiers.

Early in 1990, the B.R.A. under Francis Ona made a unilateral declaration of
independence. In response to Francis Ona´s declaration of independence, the
PNG government assisted and supported by Australian Naval forces,
implemented a naval blockage of the island which isolated the people of
Bougainville from the outside world from 1990 to 1998. Most of the 15,000
people who died during the decade long conflict, mainly women and children
and the elderly, died of starvation and preventable diseases as a direct
consequence of the 8 year naval blockade.

Successive Australian governments continue to refuse to acknowledge that the
consequences of the Australian enforced naval blockade of Bougainville
parallel the horrors of the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. Over 10% of the
people of Cambodia died as a result of the Khmer Rouge´s brutality, over 10%
of the people of Bougainville died as a direct consequence of the Australian
enforced naval blockade of the island.

Francis Ona´s supporters in the Me´ elcamui movement in Central Bougainville
derided the recent PNG elections that saw the former Vice President of the
B.R.A. Joseph Kabui elected as President, because in their opinion
Bougainville is already independent from PNG. Francis Ona and the people in
Central Bougainville never acknowledged the ceasefire that was brokered with
PNG in 1998. They did not accept the PNG government´s assurances that they
would hold a referendums and the question of Bougainville´s independence in
10 - 15 years time.

Central Bougainville continues to remain a no-go area; Francis Ona´s
supporters do not want the new government involved in any way in his
funeral. They continue to maintain armed road blocks to stop officials from
PNG, Australia and the United Nations entering the independent no-go zone in
Central Bougainville which encompasses the shut down C.R.A. mine at Panguna.
For all intentional purposes, Central Bougainville has been independent
since 1990 and continues to remain independent.

Q. Would an anarchist society produce a surplus in excess to its needs?
A. In these times of ´free trade´, it´s interesting to look at what the
concept really means. Not all parts of the planet have access to the same
resources. Some parts of the world make do with very little, while others
have an abundance of natural resources. Those that have abundance could
leave them in the ground, only use what they need or give away any surplus
in excess to their needs. An anarchist society does not exist in a vacuum,
it may be part of a wider federation of anarchist communities or it may be
an isolated community surrounded by potentially hostile neighbours. Whether
it survives or not is directly related to the relationship it develops with
its neighbours.
Not all anarchist communities will be self sufficient; most will need to
interact with surrounding communities in order to meet both their immediate
and long term needs. ´Free´ trade will become an integral feature of the
relationships they develop between those communities. Anarchist communities
will tend to produce goods and services surplus to their needs and give
these goods and services to surrounding communities that need them. In turn
they will receive goods and services they need from surrounding communities.
This doesn´t happen hippedy-gippledy, it happens as part of a planning
process that encompasses all the communities within a particular anarchist
federation and communities outside the federation who may want to be
involved in the process.
Some communities may decide to send goods and personnel to assist people
outside their sphere of influence, while others may only assist communities
they know. The relationship is essentially one based on free trade,
communities that have certain needs and ask for assistance will, if at all
possible, be given that assistance. The co-operative bonds that develop as
a result of a real free trade will decrease poverty, insecurity and the need
to wage war to secure resources. Communities that produce a surplus for
export one year may find that in the future when they face a crisis, the
goodwill they have shown will be reciprocated.
The free exchange of goods within anarchist federations and between non
anarchist communities and anarchist federations is one way to tackle the
insurmountable problem of world hunger and poverty. It also improves
relationships between different communities, improves security and most
importantly of all, decreases the reasons that communities who co-operate
with each other would ever have to go to war. This process creates a strong
united federation that an aggressor would think twice about invading. Real
free trade, producing goods and services based on need and sending those
goods and services to areas of need, is one of fundamental principles of
anarchism. Its implementation will determine the success or failure of
anarchism as an ideology that has something to offer to the human race.

In these days of instant communication, internet chat rooms, SMS messages
and the domination of discussion by a highly centralised fourth estate, it´s
important not to forget the important role the humble leaflet can play.
Irrespective about what we think about the corporate world, they know what
sells. Come home any night and you letterbox will be stuffed full of
leaflets selling this or that wonder product. The corporate world wouldn´t
be wasting all that time and money to direct market if it didn´t pay
In the age of instant communication, we tend to understand the power of the
leaflet and the pamphlet. Leaflets can be very effective in localised
campaigns. There is no point in ´standing like a shag on a rock´ under a
banner, unless you have something to hand out that puts forward your point
of view and gives the reasons why you believe embarking on a particular
course of action is important. The beauty of putting out a leaflet is that
you can place it on your website and other people can download your ideas
and use them on the other side of the world. The ´humble´ leaflet gives you
the excuse you need to find and chat with somebody face to face who has the
same concerns you have. You can talk in as many chat rooms as you like, but
unless you have face to face communication, it´s difficult to set up
activities to promote your idea.
Leaflets should be relatively simple; they should express ideas in logical,
clear language. It´s always a good idea to give a copy of your leaflet to
someone who knows nothing about the subject you´ve written about, to see
whether it makes sense. There is no point in printing thousands of leaflets
if nobody understands what you´re on about. You should also have contact
details so people who are interested in the issue you have raised can get in
touch with you. A mobile number, a post office box and an email address are
relatively anomous contact points. Something´s got under your skin? Want
to change the world? Sick of internet chat rooms and talk back radio? Want
to contact some real people? Then write a leaflet about what you want to
change, get somebody to have a look at it. If it seems up to the job, sort
out some contact points and hey presto, before you know it, you´re a part of
a mass movement.

The Liberal National Party´s careful manipulation of the current terrorist
threat to suit its current political and ideological agenda is nothing new.
The special relationship the Menzies, Holt, Gorton and McMahon Liberal
National Party government developed with USTASHI - The Croatian fascist
movement, is one of the darkest chapters in Australian history. Ustashi was
founded in the early 1930´s by Ante Pavlic, a Zagreb lawyer who was
installed as the dictator of Croatia when the Nazi´s invaded Yugoslavia.
The brutality of his regime is legendary; when the Nazi´s were defeated,
Pavlic fled to Argentina and then to Franco´s Spain. Supported and
bankrolled by Western intelligence agencies, he established the Croatian
Liberation Movement to overthrow Tito´s government in Yugoslavia.
Many senior Ustashi leaders and other senior Nazi collaborators were allowed
to immigrate to Australia. Joseph and Srecko Rover, two of these
immigrants, set up a Ustashi group in Australia. Ustashi soon split into
two groups, the Croatian National Resistance and the Croatian Liberation
Movement. In 1961, a new group, the Croatian Revolutionary Brotherhood
(HRB) was established. It recruited and trained members in Australia to
make bombs, handle weapons and conduct sabotage raids in Yugoslavia. Their
activities were ignored by ASIO, although the Yugoslavian government
complained about their hostile activities to the Menzies government. The
Liberal Prime Minister Menzies and ASIO ignored the bombings of the
Yugoslavian Embassy, Consular offices and the Yugoslavian airlines in
Australia in the 1960´s.
It became obvious to everyone that Ustashi had the tacit support of the
Liberal National government. As a consequence of the support, Ustashi
escalated its activities on Australian soil. Opponents of Ustashi in
Australia were forced to defend themselves during this difficult period as
they couldn´t count on the Australian government to protect them. From 1963
to 1972, Ustashi carried out 26 terrorist attacks on Australian soil. Not
one member was ever tried for any attack. The Liberal National Party and
ASIO ignored Ustashi´s murderous program n Australia because it suited their
Cold War strategy.
It wasn´t until the Whitlam government was elected in 1972 and Attorney
General Lionel Murphy raided ASIO, that ASIO´s senior officers were forced
to change their tune. The Howard government´s current manipulation of a
terrorist threat they have partially created through their own actions and
policies, needs to be examined in light of former Liberal National Party
governments´ tacit approval of terrorist activity that has been carried out
on Australian soil. We ignore this dark chapter in their history at our own
Source of information for this article:
ASIO & the Ustashi Terrorism, pages 204 to 208, ASIO Unofficial History by
Frank Cain 1994, ISBN 0867863471

Spectrum Publication 1994, ISBN 0 86786 347 1
It´s important that as ASIO´s role in Australian society has become more
prominent and the legislation that have been passed by Federal Parliament
over the past few years gives it powers that are far more reaching than it´s
ever had in the past, that activists have access to a historical viewpoint
of ASIO´s role. ASIO isn´t as most people believe a secret agency that has
been set up to protect Australians against political violence. Frank Cain
has shown in ´ASIO - An Unofficial History´ that ASIO is first and foremost
a puppet of government. Its Director is appointed by the government of the
day and its senior operatives are political appointments.
Intelligence services, both State Special Branches and Federal Intelligence
agencies, have been in existence since Federation. Australia´s intelligence
agencies have a history of directly meddling in the lives of Australian
political organisations and citizens whose opinions differ from the opinions
of the government of the day. They have a history of supporting secret
groups and terrorist organisations that support the government´s ideological
position. Although ASIO was officially established by Labor Prime Minister
Ben Chiefly in 1949, it was used by the Menzies government to target the ALP
and keep it from office for 23 years.
Frank Cain has shown through methodical research that ASIO is a political
arm of the government of the day. It is an organisation that works in
secret, reports in secret and is only accountable to the Prime Minister of
the day. It is more interested in suppressing political dissent than in
protecting Australians from the threat of violence.
Since Cain wrote ´ASIO - An Unofficial History´ in 1994, the organisation
has a new lease of life. Armed with legislative changes that gives it
extraordinary powers, it is legally able to kidnap citizens off the streets,
interrogate them secretly and have them imprisoned for refusing to answer
questions, not because they are suspected of doing anything, but because
they may inadvertently have information that may assist them in their
inquiries. Using the London bombings as a convenient excuse, the Howard
government is poised to pass legislation through Federal Parliament that
will strip what few rights and liberties citizens enjoy and remove what few
political checks and balances that remain that protect the individual from
the excesses of the State.
I urge all those readers of the Anarchist Age Weekly Review who believe that
the greatest terrorist threat citizens face is the threat posed by a State
apparatus that is able to exercise absolute power, to grab a hold of a copy
of the ´Australian Security Intelligence Organisation´s - An Unofficial
History´ by Frank Cain to examine the role that ASIO has played in the past
so they are better able to deal with the threat posed by the myriad secret
intelligence agencies that have mushroomed in Australia over the past decade
to deal with dissenters in the Australian community.
I suggest you try your local library, a radical bookshop or a 2nd hand
bookshop to get a hold of this book. If all else fails try the publisher.
Spectrum Publications P/L,
Suite F5 / 62 Wellington Pde, East Melbourne 3002, AUSTRALIA. Tel: 03 9415
9750, Fax: 03 9419 0783, email:spectrum@spectrumpublications.com.au

´Consciousness - a state of awareness and perception´ is the essence of
existence. Consciousness and life are not mutually exclusive; you can drift
in and out of consciousness as long those precious 5 to 6 litres of blood
keep coursing through your circulatory system. White lights, tunnels, out
of body visions of people frantically working on your body while you hover
between life on Earth and extinction, are familiar stories that are outlined
in the plethora of books, CD´s, videos, DVD´s, chat rooms and conversations
of people who think they were on their way to never, never land.
I´m sure you know someone who has shared their near death experience with
you. The common denominator is that they´ve lived to tell the tale. Others
remember nothing; slabs of time evaporate into nothingness. Near death
experiences are universal concepts that are modified by culture, race, and
religion. Everybody wants to believe that the feeling of peace that
envelopes them, is an indication that something exists beyond our physical
presence on Earth.
What if, what people are experiencing is just a physiological reaction to
the decreasing levels of oxygen crossing the blood brain barrier? As the
oxygen supply decreases, the body goes through a common series of events
that impinge on consciousness in a particular way. The near death
experience of people whose heart stops suddenly is very different to the
near death experience of people in trauma who are slowly bleeding to death.
A long lost relative at the end of a staircase, a sense of utter peace could
just be psychological adjustments to physiological reactions. The mind´s
capacity to rationalise the unknown is unlimited.
´Consciousness - the bond that allows us to interact with the things around
us´. To complicate matters, thinking can occur when we´re unconscious.
Obviously the degrees of consciousness we experience are related to what
parts of the brain are still functioning. We can be unconscious and alive,
unconscious and for all intentional purposes dead, breathing, tube feed,
turned no flicker of recognition. ´Consciousness - the ability to perceive
and react´ is our common bond with all other life forms we share planet
Earth with. Near death experiences are human rationalisations to an
individual´s brush with mortality, not the gateway to immortality.

Saturday 6th August marks the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima Day. Survivors
from Hiroshima and Nagasaki will once again tell their stories of pain,
suffering and unimaginable horrors. The West will rationalise their use of
the bomb, telling one and all it was the price that the world had to pay to
bring the war to a close. It´s ironic that the only Nation State to have
ever used a nuclear bomb on living, breathing and flesh is one that labels
itself democratic. All through the Cold War, Reagan´s nemesis, the evil
empire, never pushed the button.
Nuclear proliferation is an increasingly important issue in a world that´s
becoming dominated by the spectacle of Armageddon - that final battle
between good and evil before Judgement Day. Death holds no fears for the
religious bigot who believes that death is the price that has to be paid to
experience eternal salvation. Nuclear bombs in the hands of secular
megalomaniacs can be neutralised through a policy of mutual destruction.
Nuclear bombs in the hands of religious bigot who control Nation States or
who are able to obtain enough ingredients to make their own bombs, is a
different scenario. When you think God is on your side, and life on Earth
is a mere transitional state, then the rest of the world needs to worry.
Sixty years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, those Nation States that have
nuclear bombs, have them for one reason and one reason only. Those that
don´t have them understand that the only chance of survival they have if
they have governments that don´t support the current economic and political
climate is to develop or acquire them. To complicate matters, religious
bigots who want to bring on Armageddon to hasten Judgement Day are keen to
acquire nuclear weapons so that Judgement Day can arrive while they´re
breathing. This confluence of events makes the likelihood of another
Hiroshima and Nagasaki a more likely event than at any other time since the
end of the Cold War. Welcome to the 21st century.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

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The govt is promoting individual contracts over union-negotiated collective
agreements by docking the benefits of jobseekers who refuse to sign
individual agreements, acc to unions & the Opposition. People on
unemployment & job search benefits can be held to have breached their
obligations to Centrelink if they refuse to take a job which requires them
to sign an Aust Workplace Agreement (AWA). Although the system has existed
for some time, a more severe penalty regime, combined with moves to force
thousands of disabled people & lone parents to look for work & changes to
the IR regime which encourage individual contracts, will see many more
welfare recipients suffer, acc to Opposition spokesman Chris Evans. Single
mothers with kids & disabled people coming back to the workforce with few
skills & no training are most likely to be offered low-paid, casual work
where individual contracts are more common, he said. Unions NSW secretary
John Robertson said if the Govt was serious about giving people choice under
its proposed new industrial regime, it would not dock jobseekers' benefits
should they choose to reject an AWA. "What we're saying is, if there´s
genuine choice then surely you wouldn't lose your dole payments for refusing
to sign an AWA," Mr Robertson said. (SMH)
5 refugees were denied food, water, medial attention & even toilet breaks
while being transferred from 1 detention centre to another. The 5 detainees
were taken on a 6.5 hour journey in the back of a van while being
transferred between the Maribyrnong & Baxter detention centres. An
independent report on the incident in Sept 04 also found that 1 of the
detainees, who was injured by a guard at Maribyrnong in Melb & then
restrained in the van, didn´t receive medical attention during the journey
to Sth Aust despite being in pain. The report, by Keith Hamburger from
Knowledge Consulting, said the detainees were treated in an "inhumane &
undignified manner" & there´s a "disregard of appeals for assistance from
detainees in obvious distress". The report also found initial complaints
made by the detainees were quickly dismissed without investigation by an
officer of Global Solutions Ltd, the private company that runs Aust's
detention centres. (The Age)
A ex snr official says the Fed govt has allowed the fossil fuel, energy &
mining industries too much influence over its policies, while a top
scientist has described the relationship b/w the govt & industry as "verging
on the corrupt". Gwen Andrews, ex CEO of the Aust Greenhouse Office, told
The Age she was never asked to brief PM Howard on climate change during her
4 yrs in the role. Ms Andrews left the Greenhouse Office in 02 & now heads a
council in UK. Ms Andrews says while industry talked about the economic harm
of greater environmental protection, "their definition of economic interest
was constrained to their own businesses & shareholders." She also claimed
they made implied threats to leave Aust if govt policy didn´t meet with
their approval: "there was a consistent underlying theme to their arguments
that if Aust implemented any policy measures that raised the cost of doing
business for them, they´d have to consider the wisdom of investing further
in Aust. " Ms Andrews said of the govt's new plan to research 'clean'
fuel methods "1 has to wonder whether it´s really an effort to tackle the
issue or just an attempt to deflect criticism about inaction by taking
action in a way that doesn't commit them to any restraints on emissions."
The govt's plan also involves directing substantial amounts of public money
towards the fossil fuel, energy & mining industries, with a new $500m fund
to support low-emission technologies & $1.5b in fuel excise relief. Rio
Tinto, Alcoa, BHP Billiton, Exxon Mobil, other companies & national mining,
fossil fuel & energy lobby groups had a substantial influence on the Govt's
climate change & energy policies, with last year's white paper on energy
reflecting most of their policy 'suggestions'. Fossil fuel, mining & energy
companies are large donors to the Liberal & National parties. Between 98-99
& 03-04, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Woodside, Western Mining & Wesfarmers
donated at least $1.69m to state & fed Coalition parties & their associated
foundations, acc to Aust Electoral Commis figures. Labor's fed & state orgs
received $412,311 from the same companies during that period. The Govt has
strong links to the fossil fuel industry, with its chief scientist until
May, Robin Batterham, also a Rio Tinto exec & a big supporter of geostorage.
Mr Howard's nephew, Lyall Howard, is Rio Tinto's govt affairs manager.
Russell Higgins, who chaired the Govt taskforce responsible for the white
paper, now chairs a co-operative research centre for coal. He´s a ex
associate Secretary in the PM´s dept. Clive Hamilton, exec dir of the Aust
Institute, a public policy research group, said the Govt was too close to
coal & energy industries. "The Govt is in the pocket of the fossil fuel
lobby, there´s no doubt about it," he said. Leading scientist & author Tim
Flannery said the Govt's relationship with the fossil fuel, mining & energy
industries was "verging on the corrupt" & "definitely not in the nat´l
interest". A Senate inquiry earlier this year recommended the Govt set firm
targets for carbon emissions to achieve a 60% cut by ´50. It also called for
an increase in the mandatory renewable energy target, for an emissions
trading scheme to be reconsidered & for less emphasis on 'geostorage' - the
burying of carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants. The govt's 'white
paper' reflected the position of Rio Tinto & BHP Billiton by saying it was
premature to establish an emissions trading scheme, despite an earlier
recommendation to do so by a Govt review headed by ex resources Min Warwick
Parer. It also gave strong support for more research into geostorage,
describing it as the "key" to low-emission use of fossil fuels. (The Age)
QUOTE OF THE MOMENT: "You can judge politicians by how they treat refugees;
they do to them what they´d do to everyone else if they could get away with
it." - Ken Livingstone.

To all those media sources that have portrayed the death of Francis Ona the
leader of the only indigenous movement, that´s expelled a transnational
corporation from their shores, as the death of a quaint cargo cultist.


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