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(en) Britain, London Calling - THE BULLETIN OF LONDON CLASS WAR JUNE 2005 Racists, Liars, Bullies, Murderers! The truth about about the MET police!

Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 11:06:25 +0300

WE CONSTANTLY SEE adverts around London advertising the new
Metropolitan Police's caring image, their crackdown on crime, usually
featuring a black or Asian officer showing a tourist the way to Covent
Garden or helping a little old lady across the road. Met Commissioner
Sir Ian Blair constantly insists that the Met Police are no longer racist,
corrupt, liars & bullies - don't believe a word Ian Blair has to say, just
like his mate, if not cousin, Tony Blair he speaks a load of old tripe (pig innards).
Behind the big bill boards, constant adverts, lies - the hidden truth: that
the Met Police will never change, their image is forever stained. And it
will only get worse. Let's take a look what the Met Pigs have been up to

Recently PC David Yates a Met Police officer, whilst arresting a youth of
Kurdish origin who asked what he was being arrested for Yates grabbed
him by the scruff of the neck and replied "Its because you are a fucking
thieving Arab. If you say one more fucking word, I'll smash your fucking
Arab face in, do you understand."

When the case went to court PC Yates testified the youth had used foul
language. But the youth had secretly taped him on his mobile phone.
When this was played in court, much to the surprise of Yates, the Judge
threw the case out and remarked "I cannot believe anything that PC
Yates has said."

Let's see what else the boys in blue have been up to... A father is
claiming his son was beaten black and blue by a group of thugs called
the Met Police.
Gerry St Ange, of Greenwich, says his 17-year-old son Joshua was set
upon after police questioned him over the ownership of some
motorbikes. The Metropolitan Police has confirmed six officers are on
restricted duties while its Directorate of Professional Standards
investigate the incident. Mr Ange, 46, said: "The police should not be
immune from prosecution. It is a disgrace, I'm sickened. The public
needs to know what happened. My son was beaten up by six policemen
for no reason and we are still waiting for justice. They cannot be allowed
to get away with it. We have witnesses and Joshua has been very brave
and given statements. I am proud of the way he has handled this."

Picture: Territorial Support Group officers bravely arresting a man recently

The incident began when police officers spoke to Joshua, who was 16 at
the time, and his brother as they showed their motorbikes to friends. Mr

St Ange said: "Joshua saw an officer trying to open the seat
compartment on his bike. He didn't realise the key was in the lock and
thought the officer was trying to break it open.
"He said `What are you doing?' and tried to stop him and then all hell
broke loose. The police jumped on him and held him down, pushing his
face into the pavement. They kicked him all over. When his friends
shouted for them to stop the police dragged Joshua into their van. They
cleaned him up and let him out. He was not arrested."
Mr St Ange complained to police and an investigation was launched. He
said: "If I had assaulted Joshua I would have already been charged.
They need to be brought to justice for what they did."
A police spokesman said: "We are investigating an allegation of assault
against a 16-year-old by six officers based in south London." Oh no not
the police investigating themselves again! Time and again we see that
nothing will come from the police investigating the police! Recently
we've seen the results of this sort of investigation, when the Harry
Stanley verdict was quashed and brushed under the carpet. London
Calling and Class War have been following this case for about six years
and we were sickened, but not surprised, by the latest news.

The Metropolitan Police welcomed the decision by Mr Justice
Elverson to overturn the unlawful killing verdict recorded at the
inquest of Henry Stanley at St Pancreas Coroner's Court in October
2004. "This has been a very stressful time for the two officers
involved, their families and colleagues. Both will continue to be
offered appropriate welfare support," the filth whined. No mention of
the Stanley family's suffering
Mr Stanley died in September 1999 after police responded to an
emergency call from a member of the public reporting a man
carrying a sawn-off shotgun.
In his judgment Mr Justice Elverson said it was a matter of the
greatest concern that he was felt driven to quash the verdict in a
second inquest four months short of six years since the tragic
incident. He did not order a new inquest to be held.
Mr Stanley's family have had to live through two inquests and two
applications for judicial review and said that the uncertainty itself
must have seriously aggravated their difficulties.
Assistant Commissioner Steve House, head of the Metropolitan
Police Service Central Operations, said: "We fully support the need
for changes in the way that complex inquests are dealt with."
He added: "Every day armed officers undertake very dangerous and
extremely difficult work. It is one of the most challenging jobs in the
police service, but their role is an integral part of helping to keep all
Londoners and their unarmed colleagues safe. Even though there
was sufficient evidence that the officers who killed Harry Stanley
were lying through their teeth and covering each other's back
constantly during the court hearings, and when SO19, the armed
filth in the Met, went on strike the government shat themselves.
AC House said that both officers will continue to be employed on
non-operational matters, but following a review of their position in
the light of today's judgment they will now have the opportunity to
be involved in training". So, once again, we see the Met's murderers
walking free.
Racial equality campaigner Baroness Howells told BBC News the
police were going through a "process of unlearning". "Because
Britain never had an apartheid system we never realised how deep
the prejudices were," she said. "With the strengthening of the Race
Relations Act we have a remedy for people who continue to be
prejudicial." She said she was "waiting for the day to have the first
officer sacked because of his racial prejudice".
"We haven't yet got to that stage. Racism is alive and well.
"It is actually quite easy to prove when you examine how the met
police operate."
We at LC could probably fill this month's issue, and every single one
for the rest of the year, with what the Met have really been up to.
Until we all realise that the filth are not wanted or welcomed in our
communities we will see no change for the better and we should see
the police for what they really are...



THIS MONTH'S HATE figures are young people wearing
hoodies. They're being blamed for all society's problems,
and pilloried by such voices of reason as the Daily Exprss
and Daily Mail. Recently hoodies were banned from
Bluewater shopping centre, in a bid (so they claimed) to
make the mall more welcoming.
What fucking nonsense! Editorials in the Express have
made it clear that the current crackdown on young people
wearing hoodies is about several things, partly the
government's anti-crime strategy, which requires an alien
`other' to target, and partly the simple fact that people
wearing hoodies aren't so frequently caught on CCTV. Why
do they think people wear hoodies in all weathers? Apart
from anything else, it's a desire not to be fucking filmed
everywhere you go. As Bluewater's local bobby makes
plain, it's a police thang:
Crime prevention officer, Constable Donald
MacDonald, said: "It got to the stage where CCTV
cameras worth thousands of pounds were useless for
gathering evidence."
So, the intimidation the cops and their lackeys are on about
is basically subordinate to the central thrust of this media
hysteria. The core issue is, the police want to be able to
film everyone and they'll enlist the support of anyone willing
to help them.
That most people wearing hoodies aren't anti-social
criminals but just ordinary people who dislike the already
ubiquitous surveillance the filth already have doesn't get in
the way of the cops wanting nice clear shots of everyone.
But the arsy nonsense the cops are coming out with does
prove one thing!

MASKING UP WORKS! Continued on page 2

Tottenham Court Road has seen a lot of inspectors
along with the transport police checking tickets on
he bendy buses, on the corner of Howard St outside
the church.

Why not try jumping the long distance trains, by
boarding the express train at the nearest station
outside London? We always find that the ticket
inspectors don't seem to bother checking tickets,
they will say "tickets from Peterborough," so make
sure you sit in a seat with a no reserve ticket on it
and by looking bored or asleep. This trick works,
and recently was tried returning from York to
London and saved over &50.00

Has any fare dodgers out there jumped the Eurostar
yet, from Waterloo to France? if so get in touch.


THE SUNDAY TIMES recently revealed
that they had infiltrated a journalist
into Glasgow RESHAPE, who also
attended the recent DISSENT!
gathering in Nottingham. On May 29,
the readers of the Sunday Times were
treated to a confection of lies in a
series of articles this foul hack had
The journalist, Paul Lamara, is
unlikely to be the only reporter
sniffing round the anarchist
movement at the moment. Be on the
lookout for these hired pens!

The Sunday Times report claimed that
anarchists are going to block the A9
in Scotland with burning vehicles (an
improvement on samurai swords, we
suppose) and that people will be hung
over the sides of railway bridges to
prevent trains from passing
underneath! Fucking barking rubbish,
it really is!
However, it does show that there's no
dealing with the media. Either you
speak to them and they make up stuff
about you, or you don't speak to them
and they make stuff up about you. As
ever, in recent weeks there's been
debates about whether or not to
speak to the media in Scotland. Our
advice is to steer well clear of the
scum, as they're to all intents and
purposes agents of the filth - any

juicy info they get will go straight to
the `appropriate authorities'.
So, in the next few weeks, as ever,
`Keep `em peeled!'

In the last issue of London Calling, we
carried an advert for the anarchist
train to Scotland. The deadline for
payment for the journey is 13 June.
If you want to book a place, visit the
site at www.resistg8.org,uk.
ess..stop press..st
As we go to press, we hear that
Bob Geldof is calling for a
million people to go to
Edinburgh for the G8. That's a
million more people to help run
the cops ragged! Bring it on!


GALLOWAY WAS STRANGELY popular in May. He went to America and
his performance in front of some Senate sub-committee left many
people amazingly impressed.
Despite his apparent defeat of the Senators, Galloway still has a number
of hearings to face. Not the least of these could be a House of Commons
investigation into similar allegations to those he faced in America. And
the Telegraph is appealing against their libel defeat at Galloway's
hands... He's by no means out of the woods yet!
In a move no one with any knowledge of Galloway found surprising, it
turns out that he is to spend as little time as possible in either Bethnal
Green and Bow, or in Parliament. It seems that the allure of the
American lecture circuit and the rewards to be reaped there have
overcome any small scruples Galloway might yet have. So, for much of
the next few months Galloway's constituents will have to await his
lordship's pleasure should they require the services of their
parliamentary representative.
We wonder if this sort of junketry will endear the great man to his

At a worrying rate increasing numbers of pubs are closing down in North London.
Most are turned into private accommodation: 41%of pubs closed have been
converted to residential use, 23% have been demolished and 11% changed to
office or other commercial use. York Way, near King's Cross, originally had six
pubs, most of which have gone. Downham Road near Hoxton market has seen
three pubs shut in the last few years, whilst Hoxton Street tells a similar stor, with
two pubs closed leaving the street totally publess.
When each pub closes there is a great loss to the local community with no here to
socialise and meet up.
People are getting so fed up that a campaign has been started to save the Oakdale
Arms in Hermitage Road, Tottenham, which is a free house and sells real ales
rarely seen in pubs across London.
Get in touch with North London CAMRA to show your support.
Saturday 4 June - Class War confererence -

Sunday 5 June - London CW meeting.
Contact your local member, at the same time!

Saturday 11 June 10am - 7pm - Norwich
Anarchist Bookfair, Waterloo Park Pavilion.
Lets be having you! A full day of stalls,
music, food, drink and fun! More details from

Saturday 18 June Noon - 5.30pm Community
Action gathering
Oxford House, Bethnal Green Road, London
E2. Jointly organised by Hackney
Independent and Haringey Solidarity Group.
More details from
Saturday 2 July - Make Poverty History
march, Edinburgh

Wednesday 6 - Friday 8 July - G8
conference, Gleneagles, anti-G8 actions
across Scotland.


As we go to press, word reaches us that the two filth who murdered
Harry Stanley in 1999 have finally been arrested for murder,
conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and sundry other serious
Chief Insp Neil Sharman and Pc Kevin Fagan murdered Hackney
man Harry Stanley six years ago, and despite their clear guilt, they
have never been brought to book. Though history is against these
two killer filth seeing the inside of the prison cell they so richly
deserve, this could be the time when it finally happens.
Reports in the Evening Standard (3/6/05) suggest that Surrey Police
officers, investigating the pair, put together some sort of computer
model, which enabled them to work out that Sharman and Fagan
were telling a pack of lies.
We don't know why they had to go to the time and trouble of
creating some computer simulation, they could have given us the
money and we'd have told them their foul colleagues were lying
www.londonclasswar.org londoncwf@yahoo.co.uk

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