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(en) Pordenone, Italy: A small victory - No Fascists on 25 April! (it)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 00:53:13 +0200 (CEST)

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This year, the 25 April in Pordenone has a special significance and we say so without rhetoric.
What is special is not the fact that it is the 60th anniversary. Though we
recognize the symbolic value of commemorations, we have no time for
institutional rituals. We have never taken to the streets once a year just to
"dust down" some principles which are then stashed away in a corner, so you can
imagine how much we care for military fanfares which have sod all to do with a
struggle for liberation when a good part of the population took up arms out of
necessity and not, you can be sure, for glory and honour.
The low attendances of recent years are, in effect, a good indicator of how
"empty" of meaning these official commemorations have become.

We have always preferred to get involved on a day-to-day basis, in our
libertarian anarchist communist groups without any reference to parties or
institutions, in the struggles of our town and our region: struggles against
old and new forms of racism, against the precarity of labour and exploitation,
against the militarization of society and the arrogance of the US invasion
which devours land, air, people and cultures, and to demand spaces where we can
live freely, without hierarchies or commercialization.

We have always lived our "memory" through assemblies, debates, conferences and
conventions, often providing an arena for those who are or were involved in the
resistance, past and present, against political and economic fascism. We work
to allow the unknown resistance to become known, that resistance which lives
outside the official one, but which is a vivid, profound memory for many women
and men.

And yet, 5 years ago, when there were still few of us, without our own means
and armed only with our determination and the force of our ideas, we decided
that in spite of everything, the revisionist provocations of the post-fascist
Azione Giovani and Alleanza Nazionale could not be permitted.

And we can say with pride that we began to denounce and block that revisionism
which resulted, thanks also to sectors of the left, in the disgusting "Day of
Memory" which serves not to remember, but to wipe out the memory of 20 years of
Nazi-Fascist depravation in Slovenia and Croatia directed at a friendly people
and their culture.

We had everyone and anyone against us: the press and the local TV who always
boycotted us and the significance of our intentions only to spew out some
rubbish about opposing extremisms, most of the parties and institutions, not to
mention the indifference of most of the left, under the mistaken impression
that the liberties which had been won would remain in any event, irrespective
of the human action and strengths of our opponents.

But we had right on our side and every year dozens upon dozens of people
"resisted" with us and many more lent their moral support by keeping watch,
particulrly on the violent and repressive activities of the police and
carabinieri who were called in in force to protect the provocateurs while they
marched and to drag us away from the scene.

Ours was always a peaceful resistance, a resistance of ideas but also of our
bodies, a resistance which last year saw over fifty people chain themselves
together for a sit-down on the street with the repressive hordes of hundreds of
police and carabinieri flailing out with their truncheons and arresting two

But every year, more and more people re-discovered the 25th April, because they
saw with their own eyes how power works, even in a democracy, and how a paltry
group of provocateurs can impose their distorted version of history, if they
have a police escort.

Struggle pays off.

This year, the 25th April in Pordenone takes on a special significance because
thanks to our determination and the generosity of many old and young
anti-fascists, we have managed to get rid of the fascists in business suits, to
get them out of our streets, them and their provocation of a "national
reconciliation" which serves to hide a double objective: to place the butchers
and the victims on the same level and to legitimize themselves as a party of
government. We know it is only a little thing. And for this reason we chose to
entitle over a month's initiatives "Beyond the 25th April", knowing full well
that the struggle does not begin and end on that date.

However, this story demonstrates how direct action is fundamental in the fight
against injustice.

With even more enthusiasm than usual, we invite everyone, young and old,
students and workers, to celebrate in Piazza Ellero this little victory which
we dedicate to everyone, but particularly to our grandparents who were the
partisans who, 60 years ago, took up arms and sacrificed their lives to free
themselves from the fascists.

This is why we take possession of the streets again this year, to give the
resistance back its springtime. We will be taking the opportunity to show why
we still need to resist today, to show our solidarity with our arrested
comrades and, why not, to wave two fingers at Azione Giovani and Alleanza

RIFF RAFF Collective*

From: "Lino Roveredo" <alterlinus -A- libero.it>
Translation by nmcn/ainfos

* a local anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian collective

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