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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(Fabio Luz cobforgs-A-yahoo.com.br)
Date Sun, 24 Apr 2005 08:44:23 +0200 (CEST)

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When approaching the First of May 2005, we see
capitalist rivalries and severe attacks against the
conditions and rights of the workers everywhere on the
globe. Capitalism is not only exploiting us
economically, socially and culturally: By exploiting
the fears of other workers, of loosing jobs, of other
races and fears of terrorism etc., the capital attempts
to mobilize us for their own economical and military madness.
The world economy is in a very critical situation and
can face a dollar collapse. The US thought that the
Iraq war was going to pay for itself as Iraqi oil was
poured into the world market. Increased oil production
would mean lowered oil prices and main OPEC oil-
producers as the Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran
would be destabilized as they got sharp declines in
revenues. Today we see that the result is the
opposite: Enormous costs of the war in Iraq (and
Afghanistan), high oil prices and lowered profits have
all combined to aggravate the US huge deficits.

The oil-exporting countries won`t see their profits
shrink as the oil is traded in dollars pr. barrel. The
dollar decline makes them to increase the oil price,
and more and more to consider the strong euro as an
alternative currency for oil transactions. Despite
this, developing countries with large US dollar
reserves face a growing threat of big losses from a
sudden decline in the dollar. We have by this seen
changes and diversifying of bank reserves from dollars
to euro in many countries.

The situation is dramatically worsened by the energy
situation, and already now the International Monetary
Fund is alarming about the long-term supplies.
According to the IMF, the world faces “a permanent oil
shock” and high oil prices because of surging demand
from emerging countries and limited new supplies from
outside the OPEC. If this “Peak Oil” appears now, and
not from 2010 as predicted, it will give fuel for the
rivalries of the capitalist powers and by this
increased exploitation of the workers.

Capitalist rivalries are going on in all continents of
the globe. In the light of “Peak Oil” the capitalist
powers are desperately acting as oil-junkies
desperately searching for energy to ensure their
present and future energy sources. They also know that
the ones that control the energy resources and the
supply lines, controls the rivals as oil and gas are
the lifeblood of capitalism.

The changes in Georgia and Ukraine are major victories
for the USA. Georgia is a transit country for the soon
finished Baku (Azerbaijan)- Tbilisi (Georgia)-Ceyhan
(Turkey) pipeline, routed through Georgia and Kurdish
areas, but avoiding Russia and Iran. Ukraine, which is
the main transit country for Russian oil to the EU,
will just as the new member states of the EU and NATO,
be used by the US as a buffer zone to undermine
Russian and German/French interests.

The true nightmare of the US and the imperialist
powers is that their present and future energy
supplies to an increased level become dependent on
hostile and/or “unstable” countries. The strategy of
the US of controlling the countries in the Eurasian
corridor going through East Europe to Central and East
Asia, has because of this an important supplement in
the one referred to as "The Arc of Instability".

The USA does a lot of things simultaneously in this
“Arc of Instability”: From Latin America where they
seek to militarize the bloody Plan Colombia to the
Andean region, to Africa where they rapidly increase
their presence, through the Middle East with the
occupation of Iraq and threatening of Syria, to the
Afghanistan war in Central Asia and to South East Asia
where they threat North Korea and counter the rising

Especial attention must be drawn to the Middle East
and the Persian Gulf where the USA prepares
air-attacks against Iranian strategic military goals
and suspected nuclear, chemical and biological weapons
installations in order to provoke a regime change in
the country. According to the US veteran journalist
Seymour Hersh, the Bush administration uses Pentagon
for the secret missions inside Iran instead of CIA to
avoid having to report to Congress.

The prepared actions against Iran have, as in the war
against Iraq, a very important and hidden reason: The
Saddam Hussein regime became a definite target when
Iraq converted their oil transactions from dollars to
euros. Iran has at least since 2003 been considering
of launching an Oil Stock Exchange trading oil in
euros. On the 16th of June 2004, the Guardian reported
that the plan was to be set into practice in 2005.

Now the plan is, according to the Alexander Gas & Oil,
scheduled to August 2005. If it is set into practice,
it will both strongly undermine the IPE in London and
the NYMEX in New York. It will send chocks into the
financial world, as the petrodollar trading is one of
the foundations of the US economical hegemony. Taking
into account the huge US deficits and weak dollar, a
successful Iranian Stock Exchange would be a major
threat and US will use all means necessary to prevent

We should not be amazed that warriors as Sharon and
Bush act as peace-keeping doves. The “Road Map for
Peace” is making “Bantustans” of Palestinian
territories surrounded by the Wall, and in March 2005
a number of foreign consortia, consisting mostly of US
investors, contacted the Israeli government agencies
and government company “Petroleum and Energy
Infrastructures” with proposals to renew the oil
pipeline from Haifa to Iraq through Jordan.

The pipeline can put into practice main strategic
interests of the USA and Israel. It can solve the
Israeli energy crisis and secure oil transportation to
Europe and the USA. But this plan, as others for the
Middle East, requires first that the “hostile” regime
in Syria is reduced or eliminated, and a Iraq where
the resistance, especially the sabotage of the gas and
oil pipelines, is crushed.

This strategic project of a pipeline to the
Mediterranean get even more important in the light of
the prepared attacks against Iran, as the USA and the
EU want to get less dependent of the shipments through
the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has also threatened to
block the Strait in case of an attack and by this push
the oil price to “all time high”.

In these times it is important to undress the motives
of the capitalist powers. The EU is not a soft and
humanitarian block countering the USA, and Russia is
repressive and goes on with the war in Chechnya etc.
And the US military forces taking part in the aid for
the victims of the tragic Tsunami, were also clearly
demonstrating the US Force in the area. The Strait of
Malacca is for example the critical sea link between
the Persian Gulf and countries as South Korea, Japan
and China.

China, with its present and future huge needs of
energy, is more and more considered as a main
strategic enemy as they challenge the USA in the “Silk
Road” in Asia, have close ties to Iran, and counters
the US in Africa and Latin America. In Latin America,
Brazil and Venezuela have agreements to increase the
export of oil to China, and China speeds up its
weapons- and ordinary goods trade with the continent.

Controversies between the USA and the EU are clearly
seen on the policy towards Iran and China. On the
Iran issue, the EU will have a more modest policy than
the US, and on China the EU is confronting the USA by
talking about lifting the weapons embargo. The US
fears EU alliances with the energy rich Russia and
development of relations with Latin America and
countries as India and China in Asia.

The tactics of the USA of dividing the EU into “Old
Europe” and “New Europe” was openly exposed previous
to, and in the initial phase of the occupation of
Iraq. The case Iraq and Ukraine show that the US
searches to control all energy sources and transport
lines of energy of potential challengers to the US
hegemony. EU is expanding and is a super power on
trade, but it is militarily weak. The block now tries
to speed up the military and economical integration
and “reforms” by the proposed Constitution.

In Europe, as in all parts of the world, the
capitalist rule is “expand or die”. The offensive we
see world-wide against the public services are opening
of markets and capital for private corporations. Many
governments in the world watch the United Kingdom, as
the Blair government goes so far as estimates say that
a fifth of the public services can be delivered by the
country`s private or “voluntary” sector by 2006/2007.

Another main global trend is that permanent jobs are
made to temporary ones, and that the permanent ones
are less protected. The Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development (OECD) uses as many as 22
indicators to compare the level of employment
protection in different countries. So the attacks come
from the difficulty of dismissal, procedures, and pay
for no-fault individual dismissals in regular
contracts, to all the variety of temporary work the
employers can impose in the work place.

One of these forms of temporary work is made by the
Temporary Work Agencies which are multinational
corporations making profits from slave labour. Besides
their function of dividing the work forces, they will
more and more have an international and political
impact in the so-called “war against terrorism”.
Israel, for example uses labour from the Philippines,
Eastern-Europe and China instead of Palestinians
because of “security” reasons.

As the global capitalism throws its masks, the states
and capitalists dictate the workers to accept “the
logic of the market”. The bureaucratic, reformist
unions, which are dependent on legislative aid and
subsidies from the ones who are pursuing the attacks,
must either surrender or fight. If they mobilize at
all, they are doomed to fail, since they are not built
to counter attacks on broad fronts, and to rely on
their own strength. In this way the reformist unions
become service –institutions and burdens on the back
of the workers, not free tools for self-activity and

The only true “job-security” we can rely on as workers
comes from ourselves, and the solidarity and actions
we are able to make. Contrary to the reformist unions,
the IWA rejects integration into the capitalist
system. We don`t class collaborate, as for example in
"union elections" under state schemes. We don`t have
paid union officials, and we don`t receive subsidies
from the enemies.

As the attacks come on many fields, the IWA fights on
the economical, social, cultural and anti-militarist
level. The anarchosyndicalist coherence of the
International is essential as the struggle also is a
fight for a new system. The IWA`s goal is to replace
the capitalism and the state by the free federation of
workers free associations - the libertarian communism.

In these repressive times of the “war against
terrorism”, we must remember that the First of May is
in the commemoration of the Haymarket Martyrs. These
anarchists were persecuted to stop the strike movement
for the 8 hours day in Chicago in 1886. They were
unjustly accused of having exploded a provocative
bomb, and this can happen again with today`s
aggressive and militarist capitalism.

The slogan of the 22nd IWA -Congress, which was held
in Granada in December 2004, was "No War between
People - No Peace between Classes". The delegates
discussed actions against the capitalist wars (Iraq,
Chechnya, Colombia etc.), made an internal decision of
coordination, and a special statement against the war
in Colombia.

The Congress decided to prioritize to support the IWA
-Sections and Friends in Latin America, and to have
coordinated actions against the Temporary Work
Agencies and casualization from week 15 in April to
(and including) the First of May 2005. These actions
are now organized with the slogan “International
actions against Temporary Work!”

The Congress stated that the International Workers
Association (IWA) will defend itself and the
anarchosyndicalism against attempts of forming
parallel structures/parallel international and
organizations incorrectly using the initials AIT-IWA,
and the International will intensify its work to
spread the IWA and the anarchosyndicalism to new
countries. The Congress accepted the
Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative (Serbia) as a new
Section, and the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative
(Israel/Palestine) as a Friend group.

Since the Congress, the ASI (Israel/Palestine) has
informed the IWA that they have dissolved as a group.
Instead, the union GWU in Pakistan has asked for
affiliation, a group in Guatemala says they want to be
an IWA Friend, and the USW in Slovenia, the ASK in
Croatia and the large union FSPNI in Indonesia have
informed that they want fraternal relations to
consider affiliation.

Against the capitalist exploitation: Organize and

Long live the IWA!

Oslo 20th of April 2005

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