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(en) Italy, The Death of Karol Wojtila (Pope John Paul) A statement of the Correspondence Commission of the Italian Anarchist Federation -- FAI.

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 9 Apr 2005 10:39:52 +0200 (CEST)

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A man is dead. We anarchists love life and we can't rejoice in that,
despite the unspeakable cruelty of an agony indecently exhibited on
the world by the ecclesiastical hierarchy. Anyway, this day that sees
all politicians, from Fausto Bertinotti [PRC] to Alessandra Mussolini
[ex-AN, "neo-fascists"], bow down in front of the "throne of Peter"
we want to remember the man who was at the head of an absolute monarchy
distinguished for centuries in its barbarity. The church that has perpetuated
and blessed the massacre of millions and millions of men and women,
tortured, burned, killed in the name of the cross isn't the memory of
a now disowned past, but found in Wojtila, its deserving descendent.

Karol Wojtila, for 27 years, has made a name for his reactionary

Karol Wojtila has been responsible for the diffusion of AIDS in
Africa, where the publicity and the use of condoms could have
saved millions of people from the illness, among which were lots of

Karol Wojtila gave cover for dictatorships, the torturer and Chilean
Assassin Augusto Pinochet, who shook hands during his trip to the
tortured South American country, in whose prisons thousands from
political opposition have been tormented. Not a word for the victims
but only the benediction for the executioner and his family.

Karol Wojtila has dressed in sheep's clothing and that of the wolf
according to the interests of the organization of which he was
sovereign. The left sing hymns for his pacifism in Iraq, but forget
that he sustained and justified the war that bloodied ex-Yugoslavia.

With the catholic cross, against muslims and the Orthodox, the
pope of religious "ecumenicism" made a saint of Stepinac, the
cardinal who with the Croatian fascists that lined up with Hitler,
said they were "sent by God" and blessed the innumerable atrocities
perpetrated by the Croatian Ustase regime with the complicity of
the occupying Italian troops.

Karol Wojtila has protected and supported the cardinal Pio Laghi,
who was a papal apostolic in Argentina at the time of the
dictatorship that massacred 30,000 people. Laghi blessed and
covered up for the torturers and the assassins.

Karol Wojtila was the head of a multinational company with
far-reaching interests in the whole world and a huge income in a
planet where the majority of the population survives on less than
two dollars a day.

Karol Wojtila, a "champion of life" that has maintained a
ambiguous attitude towards capital punishment, was
standard-bearer for a culture of oppression. A culture that would
like the humiliation of the women's lives, one that condemned at
any cost the birth of babies malformed or destined to famine. A
culture that prefers a life of pain to one of joy and health, a culture
that criminalized gays, that transformed desire and love into guilt,
that defends those who haven't been born and persecutes those that

Karol Wojtila has sanctified the Spanish priests that line up with
arms with the catholic-fascist troops of Franco. These martyred
saints wanted to revive the glories of the church of Torquemada and
of the Quemaderos, the "collective ovens" where the heretics were
cooked at a low simmer.

Just like the anarchists and libertarians of '36 that fought for life
and liberty against fascism and the clerical oppression, we,
anarchists and libertarians today, even with respect for a dead man,
we won't bow, we won't join in the chorus of many, that from the
right as well as from the left bow to their knees in front of the
funeral of the head of the most ferocious, bloody, and
freedom-destroying organization that history can remember. Our
fight against religion and the church nourishes itself on the
understanding that only the emancipation from religious stupidity
and from priests, that in nourishing can allow men and women a
full, joyous life, lived in liberty and respect for diversity, in solidarity
between equals.

The Correspondence Commission of the Italian Anarchist
Federation -- FAI

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