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Date Fri, 8 Apr 2005 07:58:21 +0200 (CEST)

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The idea to start "The New York RAT" grew out of the huge amounts
of people and energy in New York surrounding the RNC protests.
Since the first issue was printed, at the end of October, we have
received lots of positive feedback and encouragement. We hope that
the RAT and the New York City an archist scene will grow together,
complement each other, and rely on each other for mutual aid and support.
"The RAT" aims to serve as an informational resource for our lo-
cal anarchist communities, outlin ing New York City based groups
and collectives that are actively working on projects that others
can plug into. Although tradition ally fragmented, the NYC Anar-
chist scene is vibrant and strong, with new collectives and projects
sprouting up all the time.

"The RAT" will provide a forum
for local groups to muster people
for specific tasks, spread the
word about new projects, and
request mutual aid. It will also be
a quick, easy reference guide for
new folks in town, for local people
interested in getting involved, and
for those of us who are listserve-
a-phobic and usually have no idea
about what is going on.
We rely on YOUR submissions,
ideas, and feedback to strengthen
"The Rat," keep it updated, and
make it relevant to your needs.
Thank You to everybody that has
helped support the RAT so far!
Special Thanks to: the Curious
George Brigade, the RNC Not Wel-
come Collective, Visual Resist-
ance, the Disposessed Network,
the Icarus Project, the People's
Law Collective, Sascha Scatter,
Cristy Road, Jonathan, Max, Maus,
Cannon, Tim, Dave, Maria, Jordan,
Robert, Ketchup, the Wanderer,
Sheryl and everybody else who
has supported this project!

"The Rat" is YOUR paper!
Email us!
Check out our website:
for back issues, links to local
groups and the New York RAT art
gallery .

Anti-Racist Action - New Paltz ARA
What Is ARA?
Anti-Racist Action is an international movement of
people dedicated to stopping racism, sexism, homo-
phobia and other forms of bigotry from harming our
communities. We work hard to "expose, oppose, and
confront" hate in whatever form threatens the diversi-
ty and safety of the places we live in and the people we live with. We also
firmly believe in building a fun, diverse, liberated and explicitly anti-rac-
ist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic youth culture.
Having organized in over 200 different communities across North
America, Anti-Racist Action is a diverse movement. Each chapter is
autonomous, and members are free to decide for themselves what are the
issues and problems in their community that need to be addressed. Still,
we find enough common ground to work closely with each other on a
number of fronts.

All ARA members and chapters agree with these four Points of Unity:
1) We go where they go: Whenever fascists are organizing or active in
public, we're there. We don't believe in ignoring them or staying away
from them. Never let the nazis have the street!

2) We don't rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us: This doesn't
mean we never go to court. But we must rely on ourselves to protect
ourselves and stop the fascists.

3) Non-Sectarian defense of other AntiFascists: In ARA, we have
lots of different groups and individuals. We don't agree about
everything and we have a right to differ openly. But in this movement
an attack on one is an attack on us all. We stand
behind each other.

4) We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom.
ARA intends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong
movement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, discrimi-
nation against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest and the most op-
pressed people. We want a classless society. WE INTEND TO WIN!
The chapter in New Paltz New York has been fighting for a year now and
we've made some great progress. However New York needs more active
anti-fascists. If you are an anti-fascist and want to help us fight racism
contact the New Paltz ARA chapter at aranpz@gmail.com


Network is a U.S. based women's solidar-
ity organization working on issues which
impact the women and children of the
Philippines. Gabriela Network is a multi-
ethnic, anti-imperialist, anti-globalization
organization that campaigns against the
`mail-order bride' industry, labor export
policies, and sex trafficking.
The Philippines is the world's top export-
er of women, while the U.S. is the number
one importer of mail-order brides. Each
year about 5,000 Filipinas are married to
American men through mail-order bride
and international match-making agencies.
These agencies comprise a multi-million
dollar business. Women are catalogued,
advertised--some with `trial periods' and
`money-back-guarantees'--and `bought'
by men as if they were chattel. Wife bat-
tery and control are usual features of these
marriages, where the divorce rate is 70%.
More than a half a million Filipina adults
and children are in the sex trade in the Phil-
ippines, catering to tourists and American
GI's. Sex tour operators in the US send
tourists to the Philippines to engage in sex
tourism. A Philippine adventure tour, for
instance, costs $1645, including round-
trip airfare, hotel, and guided tours to bars
where women are purchased for sex for as
low as $24.
So long as powerful nations oppress poor
nations, there is no such thing as `choice'.
Every person has a responsibility and an
obligation to oppose and destroy the struc-
tures which create labor export, the sex
trade and the mail-order bride business.
For more information: www.gabnet.org

The Libertad Skool Collective

We, The Libertad Skool Collective, are an autonomously run group
of revolutionary dreamers refusing to sit through another day of
oppressive, bureaucratic schooling. Through radical experimen-
tation and intellectual exploration, we plan to ignite educational
direct action: artistic projects, workshops, reading groups, discus-
sions, film screenings, skill shares, zines, shows and wherever else
the visionary muse takes us! Whether you're a frustrated teen look-
ing for a sanctuary, a high school drop out trying to seize your life
back, a college kid looking for an escape, or an adult ally wanting
to help children learn again-together we will create the resources
necessary, and support one another. Our liberation doesn't just
happen on the streets, it must come from within.

The Libertad Skool Collective is a group of unschoolers (of any
age) that live in NJ and NY. We are always looking for new
members, or people interested in doing projects with us. We
just started and all ready we have something like ten members
and a website. If you have any kind of skill or "expertise"
please contact me if you want to do a project with us. We are
always looking for people to do workshops, skill shares, etc.
We are also always looking for new unschoolers, of course.
Topics we want to start working on include the history of
the radical education movement, sociological theories of
racism, sexism, specieism, etc., militarism and counter
recruitment training, global human rights issues, and
human, animal and earth liberation theories. We are
also organizing a Zapatista study group and an
American Labor study group. The American
Labor study group will have an emphasis
on people of color, women, youth,
anarchists, sociological analysis,
and basic political theory. We
use other media and activities
aside from reading, in order
to cater to as many learning
styles as
To get involved contact Max at shewillresist@riseup.net
or visit: www.impassionedinsurrection.info/libertadskool
* [RAT = Revolutionary Anarchist Tabloid

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