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(en) Italy: FdCA statement on the regional elections (it)

From Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici <internazionale@fdca.it>
Date Wed, 6 Apr 2005 17:12:55 +0200 (CEST)

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Every time the right is defeated even anarchists can raise a smile, we who have
always doggedly opposed any form of regime.
But certainly, we can be justified in not rejoicing too, since it was an
electoral defeat for the right, a defeat obtained through a vote (a form of
delegation which we by no means are in love with and one which is responsible
for drawing attention away from mass direct, grassrooots and collective action)
and not through a grassroots, self-managed social opposition movement.
Nonetheless we cannot avoid making several considerations, incurable
materialists that we are.

The level of abstention was within the range forseen in 1993 by the fathers of
the majority system in Italy (15-25%) and is therefore compatible with the
expectations of the bourgeois political system.

It is patently obvious to everyone how the obsession with government stability,
guaranteed by the majority system, has made it all the more improbable to
witness spectacular falls of governments or majorities as a result of people's
actions on the streets (general strikes, demonstrations, and so on), thereby
forcing citizens to have recourse to voting in order to seek political change.

In these past four years of centre-right government there has in fact been
growing hostility expressed by the public towards the "House of Freedoms" [1]
seen in various political, labour and cultural initiatives (endless general
strikes, anti-war demonstrations, "girotondi" protests [2], various struggles
led by grassroots committees against the education reforms, environmental
damage, immigrant detention centres, and so on). While these initiatives may
have produced few concrete results, thanks mainly to the rock of the majority
system, they have been responsible for large swathes of the population feeling
more and more left out as a result of Berlusconi's policies.

While from our anarchist point of view it may seem that a mountain has given
birth to an electoral mouse, it needs to be pointed out that is has been (and
still is) a period in which, apart from the all-pervading anti-Berlusconi
feeling, we are seeing the development of a growing awareness that we are faced
with an enemy who cannot be defeated through elections, majorities, regional
wins or the right candidates. It is an awareness which has its origin in the
worsening living conditions imposed as a result of neo-liberalist policies
being pushed through by the centre-right government at national as well as
local level. These policies demand that the world of labour be totally
deregulated and that economic-juridical areas be created whereby there can be a
differentiation in status of workers and citizens on a territorial basis,
keeping migrants on the edges. It also requires that there be a qualified
military presence abroad in war zones.

These neo-liberal policies are currently far from being defeated. Though one of
their most enthusiastic promoters may just have been whipped at the polls, we
can under no circumstances delude ourselves that they will be abandoned by the
Olive Tree [3], Montezemolo [4] and the trade unions who have accepted the
application of Law 30 in its contracts [5].

Our contribution to the struggles of the various social, labour and specific
movements against the Berlusconi government has been, and remains so
(especially in light of the right's electoral defeat), must be to promote the
idea that the economic choices and policies which are made in order to support
capitalism, competitiveness and the destruction of the social and collective
solidarity of workers are the enemy and must be fought and defeated.

We have seen in the past how the winners of these regional elections, once they
(perhaps) become the winners of the general election in 2006, are highly
unlikely to make any radical change in the direction of the policies currently
being enacted. Their spell in government between 1996 and 2001 should be enough
to suggest that they are likely to ask the people once again for a
"spontaneous" contribution of blood and tears, unless of course the
anti-Berlusconi wave and the growing anti-liberalism reach such an extent that
they demand a new agenda. An agenda where the central focus will be wages,
pensions, stable employment, civil, social, economic and political rights for
everyone, be they Italian or not.

In this case the contribution of anarchist communists will not be lacking,
based as usual on support for and the promotion of grassroots, autonomous,
self-managed and mass struggles.

Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
5 April 2005


(1) The name of the centre-right coalition which includes Berlusconi's Forza
Italia party, the (ex-)fascist Alleanza Nazionale, the Northern League and a
Christian Democrat splinter party.
(2) "Ring-a-ring-a-roses". Nickname given to protests led by centre-leftist
cultural figures, teachers, etc. where public buildings were surrounded by
human chains to demonstrate the attacks on institutions by the rightist
(3) The centre-left coalition including Left Democrats (ex-CP), the centrist
Margherita party, Italian Communists' Party and some smaller groups.
(4) Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, head of the Italian industrial employers'
(5) Law 30 is the latest in a long series of anti-union, anti-worker

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