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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 637 4th April-10th April 2005

From philmcc@optusnet.com.au
Date Wed, 6 Apr 2005 09:29:15 +0200 (CEST)

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The report card delivered on the human race´s effect on the planet by the
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment group raises questions that go to the very
heart of the type of society we have become. The 1350 scientists from 95
countries report that the human race is living beyond its means, has
profound implications not only for the environment but for the direction
political and economic change needs to move in, if we as a race are to avoid
the ´Blade Runner´ scenario that will inevitably eventuate if we do nothing
at this critical juncture in time.

In an era where everything is up for debate and discussion, it´s time that
the last taboo-the role capitalism has played in creating a situation
where the human race finds itself living on borrowed time, is explained.
Capitalism, whether run by the State as in China or run privately by
transnational corporations whose wealth exceeds the wealth of most Nation
States, has played a central role in the flagrant destruction of the
resource base that sustains all life on this planet.

The planet can no longer support an economic system that needs to create
ever increasing profits irrespective of the human, social and environmental
costs. It´s total lunacy to continue to support an economic system that
destroys our environmental legacy to produce goods for a market that
generates most of its profits from satisfying artificially manufactured, not
real human needs. The struggle to keep Planet Titanic afloat is intensely
personal and political. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment group´s
frightening report card has the potential to urn orthodox political activity
on its head.

Capitalism in the 21st century is clearly a non sustainable economic system.
Competitive forces need to be replaced by cooperative forces. Wealth needs
to be held in common by the community, not by the State or transnational
corporations. This wealth needs to be used for the common good, not to
enrich individuals, politicians and bureaucrats. Power needs to be removed
from increasing hierarchical centralized political and economic structures
and placed in the hands of decentralized non hierarchical structures which
allow the people affected by a decision to make those decisions. We can no
longer allow people who currently exercise power to make decisions for us
and the planet which continue to enrich them and impoverish us and put our
future as a species on the line.

The 21st century is the beginning not the end of history as many
commentators claimed in the 20th century. The triumph of private capitalism
over State capitalism (Communism) was an illusion. The political struggle
in the 21st century is one which will be centred around the devolution of
power and removing the control of the common wealth from the hands of a
minority and putting it back in the hands of the people.

As a species, we are at a very important crossroad, we can continue to
accelerate the current economic lunacy and create a society where a small
minority live comfortably in gated cities and use the monopoly on force they
enjoy to maintain the rest of the population in an environmentally and
physically impoverished state, or we can begin to march to a different drum
and expand the struggle to create an egalitarian community based on the
satisfaction of real not manufactured human needs.

The detailed and blanket coverage of the death of an old man who promised
his followers pie in the sky when compared with the superficial and brief
coverage of the devastating report card issued by the Millennium Ecosystem
Assessments group on the human race´s ability to survive on planet Earth
past the 21st century, highlights the corporate owned media´s ability to set
the political, social and cultural agenda. The Pope´s death, a colourful
stage managed event that has given a new meaning to the tired art of
promotion, is a relatively insignificant event when compared to the impact
climate change and environmental degradation is having and will continue to
have on the lives of billions of people.

One event is seized on by the corporate owned media; the other is mentioned
then ignored. The Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church poses no threat to
the ever decreasing number of monopolies that domination, the gathering and
dissemination of news and ideas on the planet. The Millennium Ecosystem
Assessment group´s findings link the need for transnational corporations to
create ever increasing profits by exploiting shrinking resource bases with
planet Earth´s current difficult situation. It´s logical that in such a
situation saturation coverage is given to an event that doesn´t publicly
challenge the role corporate capitalism and neo-liberalism have played in
the creation of a situation where over 1300 leading scientists have come to
the conclusion that the human race is living beyond its means.

The death of John Paul II is a blip on the world´s radar, its impact rates a
nanosecond of the world´s media attention. The release of scientific
material that questions whether the human race can survive, if it continues
on its current destructive path, is the most important question facing us as
individuals, as members of local communities and as global citizens. The
current media hysteria surrounding the death of the spiritual dictator John
Paul II is an indictment on the corporatisation and globalisation of the
fourth estate.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR). You have to hand it to those wags in
the corporate sector, when it comes to spin they come a very close second to
the Papacy. It seems the ´CSR´ factor has been factored into the corporate
sector´s ability to turn a trick. Westpac, one of Australia´s big 4 banks,
has just been announced as sitting at the top of the heap as far as (CSR) is
concerned. It seems that among British and Australian companies, they
receive a score of 99%, rivalling the vote normally obtained by Kim il Sung
in North Korea and Saddam Hussein while he was President of Iraq.

What´s frightening about this new development is that sane people are
beginning to believe that an economic system that is based on the generation
of ever increasing profits, irrespective of the social, human and
environmental costs, can also act responsible. An analogy can be drawn
between the Nazi´s extermination program and the corporate social
responsibility index. Although some participants in the Nazi´s
extermination program were more humane than others, the outcome was
eventually the same. Individual action only forestalled the inevitable.
While the system existed, the extermination program continued, irrespective
of the individual actions of participants in the extermination process.

Obviously different corporations have different attitudes to their
responsibilities to the community they live in. Some take their
responsibilities seriously; others pay lip service to the idea of corporate
social responsibility. Unfortunately, irrespective of the spin they put on
the situation and the programs they become involved in, they need to make
ever increasing profits to survive in a world where the needs of dominant
shareholders far outstrips the need of employees and the community.

The idea that corporate social responsibility can transform capitalism into
an economic philosophy that can continue to generate ever increasing
profits, satisfy the needs of the community and maintain the finite resource
base on the planet is a little bit like believing that the Nazi´s
extermination program could be reformed from within.

Remember the dispute started by Chris Corrigan the owner of Particks in his
attempts to deunionise the waterside? Remember the mass protests, the
phalanx of police, arrested unionists, dogs and the balaclava clad hoons?
Remember how the Federal government threw its weight behind Patricks,
supporting him at every turn? After the end of the waterside dispute,
Patricks share-price jumped in leaps and bounds. A few years ago Patricks
entered the railway industry picking up the State owned railway sector for a

After the collapse of Ansett, Corrigan further expanded his empire by buying
into Virgin Blue. Over the past few months Corrigan has become involved in
a battle with Richard Branson to acquire a majority shareholding in Virgin
Blue. For the first time in years, Patricks has become financially
vulnerable. Corrigan has invested over a billion dollars into Virgin Blue
to obtain majority ownership. The share-price of Virgin Blue has fallen as
a result of his hostile takeover bid, putting Virgin Blue in a difficult
position. Corrigan´s business interests have become vulnerable as a result
of his increasing stake in Virgin Blue. The domestic airline market is a
particularly cut throat industry. An opportunity has now arisen that will
allow consumers to place direct pressure on the architect of the waterside

Next time you fly, think about not using Virgin Blue, the lower the profits
they generate, the greater the pressure on Patricks bottom line. Tell your
family and friends, work colleagues and anybody else who will listen, why
you don´t fly with Virgin Blue. If you´re a member of a superannuation fund
and most workers are, find out if the superannuation company you´re in has
investments in Patricks or Virgin Blue, if they do, think about transferring
your money into a superannuation fund that doesn´t support Corrigan´s
business interests. Boycott of Patricks´ products will place increasing
pressure on the Patricks share-price.

At the end of the day, you as a consumer have a choice, you can put your
money into companies that are attempting to destroy workers rights to freely
associate and collectively bargain or you can refuse to support companies
that are willing to implement the Federal government´s anti-union agenda.
Next time you need to fly, send freight or a package, invest in the stock
market either directly or indirectly through your superannuation fund, think
about where your money is going.

The death of John Paul II, the conservative dictator of the Roman Catholic
Church, has been met with a series of outlandish claims in the Australian
media. Newspapers, radio and television have been full of stories about the
´pivotal´ role he played in both the affairs of the Catholic Church and the
rest of the world. The Roman Catholic Church is a highly centralised
organisation that gives unlimited power to one man ´God´s representative on
Earth´ - the Pope, to make decisions on behalf of the Church as an
organisation and decisions that dictate how adherents to the Catholic faith
must live their lives. The Pope, as God´s representative on Earth, is able
to use the threat that if the faithful do not follow his dictates, they will
suffer eternal damnation, a far more effective weapon than any conventional
dictator is able to muster.

The Catholic Church in Australia, a far-flung outpost of the Vatican´s
corporate business interests, is far more blessed than many of its other
colonial treasures. The Australian Catholic Church is a multi billion
dollar industry that pays no taxes and is bankrolled by the Australian
taxpayer. Considering that most Australians are not Catholics, it´s
extraordinary the outlandish claims that have been made in the Australian
media about the central role that John Paul II has played in both spiritual
and world affairs in the past 25 years. The claims made by the Vatican and
by those sections of the Australian media that treat Vatican media releases
as epistles from the Almighty, rival the claims that were made by Saddam
Hussein while he was in power and those that are being made by North Korea´s
´dear leader´ Kim il Sung.

While the fourth estate treats the comments made by Saddam Hussein and Kim
il Sung with the contempt they deserve, they give uncritical acclaim and
prominence to the claims that are being made about a conservative,
reactionary dictator who was able to use the absolute power he could muster
to bolster the fortunes of an organisation that has caused and continues to
cause an incalculable amount of personal suffering and human misery-the
Roman Catholic Church.

A. The social and economic structures that human beings create and use are
to a large degree determined by environmental factors. In nature, there are
no morals or ethics, just consequences. Species that ignore or are not able
to adapt to environmental change, sooner or later become extinct. Human
beings capacity for survival is intrinsically linked to our ability to
directly change the environment to suit us. Capitalism hasn´t always been
the dominant ideology human beings have used to manipulate the environment.
Hunter gatherer societies relied on a significant degree of cooperation and
the common ownership of resources to survive. The displacement of hunter
gatherer societies by sedentary agricultural communities that have unlimited
access to resources, both through their geographical location and their use
of war to steal resources from neighbouring communities, coupled with the
development of trade between communities that didn´t have all the resources
to meet their daily needs, have seen people adopt capitalism as their
preferred method of social, cultural and economic organisation.
Capitalism is able to expand and prosper while it has access to unlimited
resources. Globalisation marks the final phase of capitalist evolution,
transnational corporations now dominate all aspects of economic life around
the planet, greedily devouring finite resources to create ever increasing
profits for a minority. A rapidly increasing world population, that is
living much longer than it did in the past, is now faced with a dilemma of
its own making. As finite resources fail, we as a species face an uncertain
future. Capitalism, as an economic system, can no longer provide the
intellectual and physical infrastructure that is able to satisfy people´s
needs. Capitalism can only survive if technological developments allow the
human race to escape the restrictions of planet Earth and give it the power
to devour other planets, initially in our solar system, eventually in the
rest of the galaxy to create the ever increasing profits it needs to
survive. Capitalism as a political, social and economic force could
temporarily survive through the creation of gated cities whose monopoly on
the use of force allows them to exploit an increasingly impoverished world
population. This scenario would only be a passing phase as the technology
of mass destruction is increasingly becoming available to more and more
Human beings may, because of impending environmental catastrophe, be faced
to adopt social forms of organisation that force them to work cooperatively
and force them to hold resources in common to meet the challenges that a
rapidly shrinking resource base pose. As the current crisis deepens, the
options available to people will become more and more stark. They´ll face
two choices, they can live in increasingly barbaric world where a monopoly
on the use of force allows a small minority to dominate life or they can
create and reclaim structures and organisations that replace capitalist
forms of organisations. These structures would give everybody the
opportunity to be involved in the quest to find a resolution to the problems
faced by the human race and they´d allow the community to use the
´commonwealth´ to satisfy real, not manufactured, human needs. That´s why
the 21st century is the ´Anarchist´ century.

Sick and tired of seeing men, women and children held indefinitely behind
razor wire in the middle of the desert because they had the audacity to seek
asylum in this country. Sick and tired of being humiliated, ostracised and
marginalised because you care about their plight. Sick and tired of seeing
the corporate owned media and the government gelded ABC characterise the
actions of protestors as violent, while accepting the violence meted out by
the State as legitimate, then it´s time you thought laterally about ho to
break the current impasse.
The Howard government and her Majesty´s local opposition the Alternative
Liberal Party (ALP), can absorb the criticism that stems from protests. The
can ignore protestors and use their mates in the fourth estate to justify
their actions. What they can´t ignore is an economic boycott that eats at
their support base. Australia´s main earner, the tourist industry, is an
industry that employs more people than any other industry in Australia.
Millions of tourists flock to Australia every year. We need to encourage
tourists to boycott Australia as a tourist destination while the government
holds men, women and children behind barbed wire indefinitely, because they
had the courage to seek asylum.
The Anarchist Media Institute encourages tourists from around the world to
take their holidays elsewhere. We encourage our readers to alert their
countrymen and women to the inhumane and degrading treatment that´s dished
out to asylum seekers in Australia. We encourage you to set up warning
sites on your websites encouraging potential tourists to boycott Australia -
unless asylum seekers are released from indefinite detention. We encourage
tourist who´ve decided not to come to this country to write to the Prime
Minister John Howard C/- Parliament House, Canberra 2600, A.C.T. AUSTRALIA
telling him why you´ve decided not to come to Australia and why you´re
encouraging your friends not to come to Australia, until all asylum seekers
are released from indefinite detention and treated in a humane fashion.

The jingoism that greeted the start of WWI among much of the trade union
movement soon come to an end. Increasing casualty rates, inflation, rapidly
escalating prices and a realisation that the war was being fought by workers
at either end of a bayonet, while those who ordered other people to fight on
their behalf were growing rich on war contracts, helped to turn around
sentiment in the trade union movement about the war. 1917 can be viewed as
a watershed year as far as workplace disputes during WWI are concerned.
The 1917 New South Wales General Strike was one of the biggest industrial
disputes to break out in Australia. The dispute occurred as a result of the
new Nationalist NSW government trying to introduce time cards on the
railways. What, at first seemed to be an insignificant dispute, soon
snowballed into a general strike. The Defence Department, concerned at the
effect a general strike would have on the war effort, took a keen interest
in the strike. A Defence Department manifesto stated:
´The card system appeared to be a small matter but is only the culminating
point in a condition of general discontent. The last straw which broke the
camel´s back´
The NSW rail workers were incensed that the Railway Commissioner had broken
his undertakings to his employees not to introduce reforms during the war
years if the workers agreed not to agitate for any reforms on their side.
The strike soon spread to the wharves and coalmines. Within a few weeks,
over 97,000 workers had joined the general strike. On the 23rd August 1917,
the Arbitration Court cancelled the registration of the striking unions.
Strikers were dismissed from work and scabs took over their positions.
Unionists who were prominent in the dispute were arrested and charged with
conspiracy. The Unions Defence Committee was declared an illegal body.
Juries refused to convict the men and threw the charges out of court in
November 1917. Although the general strike had been defeated, support for
the war continued to plummet, another conscription referendum held in
December 1917 was once again defeated. Australia was a divided nation
during WWI, the God, King, Country brigade were challenged at every turn by
ordinary working class Australians who had no intention of dying for God,
King and Country.
­ Joe Harris, Uni of Queensland Press 1970, ISBN 070220613X

­ Class Struggle Against Neo-Liberalism
In Aotearoa In The 1990´s´
By Toby Boraman,
Irrecuperable Distribution 2004,
This interesting 40-page pamphlet attempts to examine how neo-liberalism
gained such an important foothold in New Zealand. The history of the
triumph of neo-liberalism in NZ is a little like the history off the
colonial invasion of Australia. The history of those elements in society
who actively resisted neo-liberalism and colonialisation have been ignored
and written out of the historical account.
Toby Boraman has examined the resistance to the advance of the neo-liberal
juggernaut in Aotearoa, a history that few people are familiar with. The
failure of New Zealanders to win their struggle against the excesses of
neo-liberalism doesn´t mean it didn´t happen. Those New Zealanders who used
direct action, occupations and cooperative resistance to derail the
neo-liberal express, had much more of an impact than the beg and beseech
brigade (marches, petitions, public meeting). The author highlights the
loss of the radical tradition of direct action and laments the conservative
nature of the NZ working class. He regrets their inability to link together
to offer a greater challenge-the adventure of neo-liberalism, as has
occurred in Bolivia and Argentina.
´The Myth Of Passivity´ raises ideas that are as relevant in NZ as they are
in the rest of the world. Symbolic actions and struggles that occur
overseas can´t take the place of direct action and cooperative activity.
Unfortunately, passivity in the Western world is not a myth. Neo-liberalism
has successfully destroyed the radical cooperative tradition that won the
fundamental rights, wages and conditions that people take for granted today.
The destruction of people´s capacity to resist the erosion of the rights and
liberties they currently enjoy, is directly related to the neo-liberal
agenda to destroy what few independent extra parliamentary organisations
that still exist. The current difficult situation many people find
themselves in, both as individuals and as members of a community, is
directly related to their inability to re-establish and expand a cooperative
vision based on direct action. This pamphlet is a useful addition to the
very scare body of work that is available that gives activists an insight
into how the neo-liberal juggernaut can be initially stalled and eventually
For a copy of this 40-page time bomb, contact the publishers directly at:
Irrecuperable Distribution P.O. Box 812, Dunedin, NZ. Email
Contact them to get hold of their current catalogue.

´That´s the one, that´s the one I want, that one´. Supermarkets are
usually reasonably quiet places apart from the canned music and the
ubiquitous announcements. ´Price check, aisle 6´, ´Bucket and mop aisle 2´.
Occasionally the apple of their parent´s eyes is spreadeagled on the floor,
carrying on about this or that. People edge their trolley´s past, thinking
about how they dealt with problem in the good old days. Never mind with the
reminiscences, we need to get back to the main story. ´That´s the one,
that´s the one we both want it´!! Kids normally become animated at the ice
cram, confectionary aisles. They normally don´t make a fuss in the aisle
that´s got the refrigerated goodies. ´$8!! For that junk, $8!!, You can´t
have it, this one´s just the same´, a clearly rattled father shouts above
the canned music. ´We want that one, we want that one!!´, they chime in
unison pointing to a well known brand of cheese. ´This one´s only $4,
cheese is cheese, you can either have this one or nothing at all´. By this
time you could see people stopping their trolleys in mid aisle, waiting for
the next exciting episode, a little bit of tension in the supermarket
aisles, reality pokes its ugly head uninvited into a half dozen people´s
lives. Silent observers to the drama unfolding in front of them, people
begin to read the label on whatever is in their hands. ´We want that one,
we want that one!!´, the power of advertising, forget about sex and violence
warping children´s minds. It´s a worry when the first thing that excites a
young child is the big M. symbol and that sane parents really get excited
when the little bundle of joy, restrained lovingly in the back seat, starts
squealing when the big M. symbol appears over the horizon.
Getting back to our little scene, mum, dad, the 2 kids, dad, calculating in
his head what he can afford, the children, their minds hijacked by clever
advertising jingles. His partner has moved off and left him to fend for
himself. ´You can´t have it, you can´t have it, you can´t have it´ he
scream. ´That´s it!!´ The little party moves on, mum peeps out from behind
the next aisle wondering whether she should claim the noisy rabble, dad
totters off with the 3y.o in the pram, the 4y.o torn between that lump of
cheese she must have and her father´s receding figure, snaps out of her
advertising induced euphoria and reluctantly follows her dad and baby
sister. He won this time, give them another 2 or 3 years exposed to the
advertising blitz they´ll be subjected to in that time, he´ll learn that
it´s easier to just give in, instead of ruining his day and his reputation
by screaming at them.
´Good´ parents buy junk for their children, ´stupid´ parents like King
Canute, try to keep back the advertising tide. Fat chance parents and
children have in a society that measures its success on how many
manufactured needs it is able to satisfy. Real needs? They´re a myth
invented by radical agitators; thank God (which one I don´t know) for
advertising where would we be without it?

There´s one way to skin a cat and there´s more than one way to bury a story.
The most important report delivered on the state of the planet and the
effects the human race has and will have on the health of the planet, turned
out to be a one day wonder. Arguably the most extraordinary story of the
century wasn´t even picked up by the Murdoch press. Even those media
outlets that gave the story an airing dropped it within 24 hours. No in
depth analysis, no endless debates, no mention about the role capitalism is
playing in the current crisis.
Too many distractions, too much money to be made to give the Millennium
Ecosystem Assessment group any space. The death of an old man, whose
contribution to the world´s welfare is very questionable, a relatively small
earthquake in Indonesia, the horse races, Kylie´s bum, boring pedestrian
reality shows, even more boring TV shows and movies are much, much more
important than learned opinions of 1350 scientists from 95 countries on the
fate of the planet.
News that doesn´t fit the manufactured consensus is soon forgotten.
Anything else, the world´s largest pumpkin, the next gruesome crime, the
antics of professional sports players, the next whiz bang manufactured need,
product placement, all have a much more important role to babble than news
that doesn´t fit their own view. The monopoly media´s strength lies in its
ability to set the agenda. You don´t need censorship when you enjoy a
monopoly on the distribution of information. You don´t need censorship when
you can appoint editorial staff that supports your world view. You don´t
need censorship when the staff you hire know that if they step out of line
they´ll find it difficult to ever find a job in the same industry again.
The only positive note to this dirge of despair is that they will not be
able to ignore reality for much longer. The problem is that it may be too
late to do anything about reality when they are finally forced to ´see the

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

SOLI WORKERS SOLIDARITY 16th March ´05, I.W.W. P.O. Box 145, Moreland 3058
Melb AUSTRALIA. Tel:0403139818, melb@iww.org.au, www.iww.org.au
SHAKTI No1 Feb ´05, Mag of the Anarcho-feministe of Aoteasoa,
sistahood@nihil.net.nz, Wellington Anarchist-feminist Posse C/- Freedom
bookshop, 166 Cuba St, P.O. Box 9263, Wellington NZ / Aotearoa,
ROJO Y NEGRO No.176, March 05, Publicacion Mensual Anarcho Syndicalist, C/-
Copania 9, Pamplona / Iruna, SPAIN, tel:948224766, fax:948212399,
SOLIDARIDAD O BRERA No323 Feb 05, CNT C/-Hospital 101, 08001 Barcelona,
SPAIN. Tel/Fax:933188834 cnt@soliobrera.org
THE BITCH MANIFESTO, Sordid Press P.O. Box 1867 Christchurch NZ
sordid@anarchism.org.au, www.sordid-anarchism.org.au
SICILIA LIBERTARIA No.237 FEB ´05, Via Galileo Galilei, 45-97100 Ragusa,
Sicily, ITALY. Email:si_lib@hotmail.com
UMANITA NOVA Vol.85, No.613TH March ´05, Settimenale Anarchico,
C/-Federazione Anarchico Torinese, C.50 Palermo 46, Torino, ITALY,
tel/fx:011 857850, Mobile:3386594361, email:fat@increte.it
´THE MYTH OF PASSIVITY-Class Struggle Against Neo-Liberalism In Aotearoa
In The 1990´s´ Toby Boraman, Irrecuperable Distribution P.O. Box 812,
Dunedin, NZ. Email irrecuperabledistro@yahoo.co.nz

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OUR DEBT STANDS AT $827.55. Producing a weekly publication is an expensive
undertaking. In order to keep the debt at a reasonable level & to publish
weekly, we require readers especially internet readers to subscribe to the
AAWR. Currently snail mail subscribers are cross subsidising internet
readers. If you´ve got a little bit of extra cash, think about joining the
´Dollar A Day´ club. When you write to us pop in some 50cent stamps (every
little bit helps). Subscription rates for the AAWR are $1 per issue, $10 =
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Austs are overworked & far from taking 'sickies' tend to go to work when
sick, acc to new research. Research by recruitment firm CareerOne has found
most Austs work when they feel ill b/c they´re conscientious or fear losing
their job. The research, based on a survey of 461 capital city workers aged
over 18 showed 65% "always or nearly always" worked when sick. 19% worked
when ill. Only 2% said they never worked when sick. The data reinforces an
int´l comparison of annual working hrs conducted by the OECD in 2000, that
study showed the average Aust worked 1855-hrs a year compared with 1643-hrs
for workers in other developed nations. The Dir of Monash Uni's Centre for
Research on Employment & Work, Peter Holland, said compared with Europeans,
Austs had fewer holidays, with 60% failing to take their full entitlements.
"This makes Aust the most overworked nation in the world, with only Sth
Koreans putting in more unpaid hrs each year than we do". The CareerOne
survey found women were more likely to feel guilty for taking a sickie than
men & people aged b/w 18 & 34 were more likely to regret taking sick leave
than older workers. Careerone.com.au editor Kate Southam said the study
exploded the myth of the "Aussie sickie". "Going to work while sick is
symptomatic of the 'long hours' culture," she said. "Austs need reminding
they´re entitled to sick leave when they genuinely feel too ill to work."
(Source: The Age)
The majority of Austs consider US foreign policy to be as dangerous as
Islamic fundamentalism & are more worried about global warming than
terrorism or 'illegal immigration', a survey has revealed. The inaugural
Lowy Institute Poll asked 1,000 randomly-selected Austs for their views on a
range of foreign policy issues incl the war in Iraq, the US free trade
agreement (FTA) & globalisation. When asked how much notice they thought
Aust took of US views in formulating foreign policy, 68% said too much,
while 57% judged the threat of US foreign policy to be as great as that of
Islamic fundamentalism. Global warming & nuclear proliferation out-polled
terrorism & illegal immigration as the greatest foreign policy concerns.
(Source: SMH)
New research has contradicted warnings from nutritionists & the dairy
industry that a dairy-free diet can lead to the bone-thinning disease
osteoporosis. A team, led by Dr Luigi Fontana of the Washington Uni School
of Medicine in St Louis, reports its findings in this week's issue of the
Archives of Internal Medicine. The study compared a group of vegans who´d
only eaten uncooked, unprocessed vegetables for several years, to another
group who´d a more average diet. The vegans' bones were thinner on average,
but researchers said this was appropriate for their lower weight: the
'average' group was slightly overweight, unlike the vegans. The vegans also
had low levels of C-reactive protein, an inflammatory molecule that´s
becoming linked with the risk of heart disease, diabetes & other chronic
disease & of IGF-1, a growth factor linked to risk of breast & prostate
cancer. (Source: ABC News In Science website)
QUOTE OF THE MOMENT: "There´s a surplus of democracy in the world which is
interfering with the free movement of capital and investment." Renato
Ruggiero, ex Dir-Gen of the WTO.
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Awarded to all those media outlets that have given the death of a man in his
mid 80´s so much underserved coverage-such a waste of media space for so
little return

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