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(en) us, IAS News :: 009 - April 2005 Newsletter of the Institute for Anarchist Studies

From ias-news@anarchist-studies.org
Date Fri, 1 Apr 2005 19:43:09 +0200 (CEST)

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In this Issue:
1 Welcome
2 Winter 2005 IAS Grant Recipients
3 Grant Updates
4 Changes to the IAS Grant Program
5 Thank You IAS 2004 Supporters
6 New Great Books for IAS Donors
7 Perspectives on Anarchist Theory
8 Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (RAT) 2005


It has been a momentous year for those of us associated with the
Institute for Anarchist Studies. In a North American political context
that seemed to allow less and less space for a radical yet nuanced
critique of the structures of domination that organize the globe, we
watched with excitement as projects like the Renewing the Anarchist
Tradition conference and the Perspectives on Anarchist Theory magazine
flourished and achieved new levels of dynamism. The IAS seemed to come
into its own, surrounded by a growing community of anarchists committed
to rigorous theoretical reflection and practice.

Even as our projects extended themselves in positive ways, and in spite
of the ongoing generosity of our donors, the IAS has had to face the
financial reality of a $10,000 shortfall in our 2004 fund-raising
campaign. The shortfall was in large part due to the inability of one
major donor to contribute as in previous years, despite a desire to do
so. At the same time, though, more individuals donated to the IAS in
2004 than ever before, and our donor base has expanded significantly
and steadily over the past several years. This leads us to believe that
it is possible to continue to build this donor base in order to maintain
the longer-term viability of the IAS and further enhance our various

The IAS has been active for nearly a decade, and our February 2005
meeting provided board members with a chance to take stock of past
successes and future possibilities. We tried to discern how we could
most effectively continue to support the development of anarchist
theory with the resources available to us. As a result of our
discussions, we have decided to make substantial changes to our grant
program, and continue to develop Perspectives on Anarchist Theory. It
is with a great deal of enthusiasm and optimism that we tell you about
those positive changes in this e-newsletter (see below).

First, however, we want to take the opportunity to congratulate Daniel
Burton-Rose and Heather Villalobos, the recipients of the IAS's winter
2005 grants. You can read more about their projects, as well as updates
about past IAS grantees' work, below.

As we make changes to our core programs, the IAS will continue to
sponsor the Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference--already set
for September 23-25, 2005, in Plainfield, Vermont--and support the
Latin American Archives Project, which we expect to be online in the
next six months. We also look forward to extending our activities
further, such as sponsoring forums and seminar series in New York City,
central Vermont, and Montreal.

Additionally, the IAS will be participating in two special events this
spring. We will have a table at Montreal's Sixth Anarchist Bookfair on
May 21, 2005, and IAS board members Ashanti Alston and Cindy Milstein
will be presenting workshops and participating in panel discussions
during the Festival of Anarchy. (For more information about Montreal's
Anarchist Bookfair and the Festival of Anarchy, check out
http://anarchistbookfair.taktic.org.) Then, on May 23, the education
and fun of the bookfair will continue in Montpelier, Vermont. "Anarchy
in Montpelier," a day of events and socializing by and for anarchists
and anti-authoritarians, will be held at 4 Langdon Street, Montpelier,
Vermont (see http://www.blacksheepbooks.org for details, but the day
will include a panel with three members of NEFAC, talks by Erika Biddle
of May Day Books and Ashanti Alston of the IAS, and a one-woman
performance on Argentina by Graciela Monteagudo). If you are traveling
through the Northeast in May, and can make it to either of these
events, do stop by the IAS table and say hello.

The IAS is thankful for the continued support of a generous community
of people. We hope you are as optimistic as we are about the changes to
our programs and the potentialities that this period of transition
affords us. As we reorganize and grow over the coming six months, we
welcome any additional support you can offer, whether it is organizing
events for IAS speakers, volunteering publication-related expertise, or
providing further financial assistance. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

For the IAS,
Andréa Schmidt

Winter 2005 IAS Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the winter 2005 IAS grant awards!

Daniel Burton-Rose was awarded $1,500 for Listening to an Enforced
Silence: Ba Jin in Communist China. The project will collect the
insights of Li Feigan--an anarchist organizer who employs the pen name
"Ba Jin" and has become a central figure in twentieth-century Chinese
literature. Ba Jin's vision of a cooperative, egalitarian society, and
his critique of both communism and capitalism, continue to be valuable
sources of insight and inspiration for people working for justice.
Listening to an Enforced Silence will focus on the least documented
period of Ba Jin's life, from 1949 to the present, and will provide a
valuable addition to the extremely small body of English-language
scholarship available on Ba Jin. It will allow English-speaking
anarchists to learn about and engage with a dissident force in a state
that is rapidly ascending as a global political and economic

Heather Villalobos was awarded $500 for Black Star Rising: People of
Color and Radical Resistance, an exploration of how radical and
anarchist politics affect the lives of people of color. A selection of
oral history interviews with people of color involved in community
struggles will be published in an anthology, and used to examine
aspects of the experience of oppression as well as the possibilities
for movements for self-determination and freedom. A broader collection
of oral histories will be transcribed and published online.

We wish both authors well as they pursue their projects.

Black Star Rising Online: http://www.blackstarrising.org

Grant Updates

Kolya Abramsky has completed the translation of Global Finance Capital
and the Permanent War: The Dollar, Wall Street, and the War against
Iraq by Ramon Fernandez Duran. In this book, the author shows how
financial institutions force global capitalism into a permanent state
of war to maintain its hegemonic control of international markets. The
English translation includes updates to the original text and a new
epilogue by the author. The translation will be published by
Autonomedia and Pluto Press, and was listed in the Pluto Press fall
2005 catalog. Abramsky was awarded $1,000 in July 2003.

Robert Graham has completed a 500-page manuscript of the first volume
of Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas. The
two-volume project assembles the definitive texts of the anarchist
tradition, organizing them chronologically and thematically. Graham has
acquired English translations of classical anarchist essays for
inclusion in the first volume of the project that have never before
been published. These include substantial selections from Chinese,
Japanese, Korean, and Latin American texts as well as essays by Otto
Gross, Gustav Landauer, and Diego Abad de Sántillan. Anarchism: A
Documentary History will be published by Black Rose Books. Graham, who
was awarded $2,500 in January 2004, is currently reviewing the galleys.

Melissa Forbis and Cale Layton are in the midst of translating
Anarchist Trade Unions in Bolivia: 1920-1950 from the original
Spanish-language book Los artesanos libertarios y la ética del trabajo
by Zulema Lehm and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui (1988). The book presents
the history of anarchism in Bolivia and includes numerous interviews
with trade union participants from the 1920-1950 period. Because the
trade unions organized sectors of the working class neglected by
traditional industrial unions, and brought together mestizos and
indigenous peoples, men and women, along libertarian lines, they were
perceived as a significant social threat by the state. Forbis and
Layton plan to travel to Bolivia in summer 2005 to discuss the
translation with the authors, and collect archival photographs and
materials for the English edition. The English translation includes
updates to the original text, and a new introduction that links this
history of anarchist organizing to the recent uprising and continued
resistance in Bolivia. Forbis and Layton were awarded $2,275 in July

Nate Holdren has completed his translation of the Colectivo
Situaciones's 19 and 20: Notes for the New Social Protagonism. The
translation of the radical Buenos Aires collective's account of the
social movements that exploded in Argentina on December 19 and 20,
2001, will make the book available to an English-speaking audience for
the first time when it is published by Rowman and Littlefield later
this year. Holdren hopes to bring members of the Colectivo Situaciones
to North America to coincide with the release of the book. He is
devoting his spare time to Notas Rojas, a collective that aims to
translate Spanish-language political theory and social movement history
into English. People interested in getting involved are invited to
contact him at: nateholdren at gmail dot com. Holdren was awarded
$1,000 in July 2003.

Sandra Jeppesen has completed the first draft of her book-length
project Toward an Anti-Authoritarian Cultural Logic: Resistant
Discourses in Postanarchist Culture. Jeppesen examines mainstream and
explicitly anarchist representations of revolution to arrive at an
understanding of anarchist culture and develop a way of theorizing it
that is significantly different from Marxian cultural studies. Jeppesen
was awarded $800 in July 2003.

Trevor Paglen is progressing with his project Recording Carceral
Landscapes. He has completed all the interviews required for the book,
a collection of images and texts that make visible the social,
political, and economic relationships that constitute California's
massive prison system. Carceral Landscapes will be used by the
prison-abolition organization Critical Resistance for outreach and
education. Paglen was awarded $1,600 in July 2004.

Ramor Ryan's book will be published in Ireland later this year under
the title Clandestines: The Pirate Journals of an Irish Exile. Ryan
shares stories of revolution, resistance, and freedom as he writes
about his political travels. He is still looking for a U.S. publisher.
Anyone able to help in this respect is welcome to contact the author at
ramorx at hotmail dot com. Ryan was awarded $2,000 in July 2002.

Stevphen Shukaitis is researching and writing early drafts of his
project Between Sisyphus and Self-Management. He spent the summer in
Amsterdam editing the Greenpepper magazine issue on "Life beyond the
Market," and delivered presentations outlining the beginning of his
project at the conferences Life after Capitalism (New York City, August
2004) and Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (Plainfield, Vermont,
September 2004). This past fall, Shukaitis moved to the United Kingdom
to take up a PhD research fellowship at the University of Leicester in
political economy and philosophy. Shukaitis was awarded $1,000 in July

Marina Sitrin has published Horizontalidad: Voces de Poder Popular en
Argentina. The book includes over 100 interviews and 30 photos, and
represents dozens of different groups, collectives, and autonomous
social movements in Argentina. The Spanish-language edition of the book
was printed in Chilavert, a recuperated printing factory that has been
under worker control since the popular rebellion of December 2001. In
Argentina, Horizontalidad is being distributed by members of the
autonomous movements, and is being used as a popular education tool by
neighborhood assemblies and unemployed workers' movements. Two hundred
copies of the book are now available in the United States, and are
being sold for $20 to cover the cost of printing. People interested in
buying a copy are invited to e-mail marina.sitrin at nyu dot edu.
Sitrin is currently working on the English translation of the book,
Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina, which she hopes to
complete in fall 2005. Sitrin was awarded $2,000 in July 2003.

IAS Supported Work: http://www.anarchist-studies.org/grants/projects

Changes to the IAS Grant Program

The grant program has been central to the IAS since its inception. By
awarding grants to radical writers and translators around the
world--many of whom work without the support of academic institutions,
and are connected in important ways to the movements about which and
for which they write--the IAS has tried to support the development of
the theoretical tools necessary for critiquing the systems of
domination in which we are enmeshed as well as for proliferating
resistances and alternatives to these systems in order to maximize
freedom, justice, and dignity. We have attempted to nurture the
emergence of a global community of anarchist scholars and public
intellectuals, and we believe that we have been successful in these

In February, we decided that the grant program could more effectively
achieve the same goals if it were reconceived to allow the IAS to
provide more editorial and publishing help to the authors and
translators we support than we have in the past. So we have decided to
make radical changes to the grant program.

In the future, the IAS will grant $2,000 annually to essay writers
treating themes of importance to the development of contemporary
anarchist theory and practice. Two to four essays will be awarded $250
to $500 in each of our two funding rounds. The IAS will provide
editorial assistance to essay writers, who will commit to completing
their projects in the six months following the award. Moreover, we look
forward to publishing many of the finished essays in Perspectives on
Anarchist Theory or a proposed new book series published in
collaboration with AK Press.

In light of these changes, a new application form and new application
guidelines will be posted on the IAS Web site by April 15. The
application deadline for the summer 2005 round of granting will remain
June 15, 2005, and the deadline for winter will remain January 15,

Thank You IAS 2004 Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge all the IAS supporters who contributed to our
2004 fund-raising campaign:

Anonymous I, II, III, IV, V, and IV * Harry and Dorly Abman * Bert
Altena * Ashanti Alston * Rob Augman * Jeremy Behreandt * Lex Bhagat *
Ben Bolen * Jack Bratich * Paul Bundy * James Michael Byrnes * Shushana
Caplan * Michael Caplan * Manuel Caro * Dan and Betsy Chodorkoff * Noam
Chomsky * Richard Clark * Charlie Clements * Mark Cohen * Jesse Cohn *
Tom Copeland * Sean Damon * Maura Dillon * Chris Dodge * Peggy Dye *
Miranda Edison * Paula Emery * George Uri Fischer * David Freedman *
Larry Gambone * Roger de Garis and Carolyn Francis * Louis Frédéric
Gaudet * Frank Gerould * Paul Glavin * Audrey Goodfriend * Dara
Greenwald * Luz Guerra * Gregory Hall * Jamie Heckert * Walter Hergt *
Julie Herrada * Nate Holdren * Fernando Janer * Jerry Kaplan * Kristen
Keyes * David Koven * Mark Lance * Eric Laursen * Brooke Lehman * Susan
Lieber * Frank Lindenfeld * Robin Lloyd * Joe Lowndes and Priscilla
Yamin * Richard MacGurn * Todd May * Ace McArleton * Duncan McGregor *
Peter McGregor * Luke Millar * Cindy Milstein * Akinori Mitachi *
Joseph Morris * Caroline Morse * Charles Morse * George Moyer * Darini
Nicholas * Lynn Olson * Joel Olson * Payal Parekh * John Petrovato *
David Porter * Travis Record * Robert David Reilly * Rachel Rinaldo *
Alan Ritter * Eugene Rodriguez * Stanley Rosebud Rosen * Bruno Ruhland
* Annie Sartor * Anthony Schaeve * Jon Thoreau Scott * Michael Seidman
* Marcel Sévigny * Chris Sloan * Mary Staudenmaier in honor of Peter
Staudenmaier * Rose Sterling * Peter Stone * Gabe Metcalf and Elizabeth
Sullivan * Spencer Sunshine * Brian Tokar * Kevin Van Meter * Josh
Warren-White * Diva Agostinelli Wieck * Andrew Willis * Peter L. Wilson
* Alexander Zimmerman * AK Press * Bound Together Books * Pacific Street
Films * See Sharp Press

Thank you! (If we inadvertently left your name off our donor list, our
apologies, our gratitude, and please let us know so we can add your

New Great Books for IAS Donors

Once again this year, Raven Books of Amherst, Massachusetts has
generously made an exciting array of books available to IAS donors. The
list includes Noam Chomsky's Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World
Affairs, bell hooks' Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black,
Frank Fernandez' Cuban Anarchism: The History of a Movement, and Howard
Zinn's Postwar America: 1945--1971.

* For a $25 USD donation to the IAS, we will mail you any one of the
following books and a one-year subscription to Perspectives on
Anarchist Theory.
* For a $50 USD donation, we will send you any two and a one-year
subscription to Perspectives.
* For $100 USD, you will receive five of these great books and a
one-year subscription to Perspectives.
* For $500 USD, you will receive all of them and a one-year
subscription to Perspectives.

Books will be delivered to U.S. and Canadian destinations free of
charge. Other destinations will require that the donor pay for shipping

Great Books for IAS Donors: http://www.anarchist-studies.org/support/books

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

Over the past year, the biannual IAS newsletter, Perspectives on
Anarchist Theory, has grown into a full-fledged magazine, which has in
turn met an enthusiastic response from its readers. As a complement to
our decision to begin giving grants to essay writers, members of the
IAS are looking forward to developing Perspectives as an even more
substantial and polished theoretical journal. To this end, we are going
to take several months to expand the editorial collective, conceptualize
the journal, increase its distribution, and make it more financially

Supporters and subscribers can look forward to receiving the next issue
of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory by mail in September 2005.

Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (RAT) 2005

The Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (RAT) conference will take place
September 23-25, 2005, in Plainfield, Vermont. Registration will be
open soon. (Check the link below for current registration information.)

Conference organizers are now accepting proposals for individual
presentations and/or panelists and panels. Proposals are due June 1,
and should be sent to John Petrovato (jpetrovato at hotmail dot com)
and Cindy Milstein (cbmilstein at yahoo dot com).

If you would like to be added to RAT's e-announcement list to receive
occasional RAT updates, please e-mail cbmilstein at yahoo dot com.

RAT Web Site: http://www.homemadejam.org/renew

That's all for this issue of IAS News. If you think any of this
information would be of value to a friend or organization, please
feel free to forward this newsletter.

Send suggestions and comments to: info@anarchist-studies.org

Copyleft 2005 Institute for Anarchist Studies

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