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(en) Britain, larc pga bulletin

From larc <info@londonarc.org>
Date Fri, 1 Apr 2005 11:13:36 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
News about and of interest to anarchists
http://ainfos.ca/ http://ainfos.ca/index24.html

Hello, A few people at London Action Resource Centre (www.londonarc.org)
have put together a PGA bulletin for distribution in and around our
centre. (It was supposed to be ready for the Linz meeting!)
If you'd like a copy, you can download it as either A5 or A3 from the
LARC site. If you have any problems doing that, let us know at
info@londonarc.org and we'll see what we can do.
In solidarity, The LARC bulletin team
THE BULLETIN: Worldwide resistance round-up inspired by Peoples' Global Action
>>> Global Resistance 2005: A call to action
Throughout 2005 the institutions of global capitalism will continue to meet, attempting to
manage and bring stability to a system that
creates war, famine and destroyed ecologies,
whilst removing any sense of humanity from all
of our lives.

Over recent years, meetings of these
institutions have been fiercely resisted by the
world's people. This resistance has also provided
much-needed spaces for more localised, day-to-
day struggles to converge and realise the
possibilities that can be unleashed when we
begin to co-operate. From these mobilisations
has emerged a global 'movement of movements'
that is in many ways unprecedented.
In 2005, across 4 continents, resistance to
these summits will continue, attempting to learn
from and build upon our collective experiences
as a global movement and bring us closer to
creating this other possible world that is so often
talked about.
This call is a result of a meeting at the
Caracol Intergalaktika, International youth
camp of the 5th World Social Forum (Porto
Alegre, Brazil) of people involved in building
resistance to the April 2005 International
Monetary Fund Meeting (Washington DC), G8
Summit (UK in July), Free Trade of the Americas
Agreement (FTAA) meeting (in Argentina in
November) and the World Trade Organisation
(WTO) Ministerial (in Hong Kong in December).
It is a call for people to support and
participate in these mobilisations, to show both
political and practical solidarity with those
actively resisting the summits, and to organise
actions coinciding with these events in villages,
towns and cities worldwide.
Moreover, it is a call for this resistance and
these expressions of solidarity to co-ordinate and
co-operate amongst themselves, to open up spaces
in which we can learn from one another, from
our differences as much as our commonalities.
Let 2005 be the year in which our resistance
becomes truly global!
IMF/World Bank: April 16th, Washington DC USA
G8: July 2nd-8th, Scotland
FTAA: November, Argentina
WTO: December, Hong Kong

Dissent Network --------------- 02

Resist the 2005 G8 Summit
This year, the G8 will attempt to meet at
Gleneagles, Scotland. Resiatance to the 2005
summit and the world system it represents is
being planned by groups and networks from
around the UK, Europe and beyond. Actions on
issues of work, migration, war and ecology are
being planned.
Here are a few of the events which have
already been confirmed:
4 July: Mass Direct Action at Faslane Nuclear
Submarine base - a day of action against the
armed wing of Global Capitalism
6 July: Mass Blockades of the G8 Summit & much
much more!
8 July: Day of action against Climate Change -
Direct Action to tackle the root causes of the
biggest threat to life on earth.
For more info: www.dissent.org.uk
International Call to Action vs.
Root Causes of Climate Change, 8th
July 2005
"Any claim to tackle climate change whilst
fighting wars for control of the planet's
dwindling carbon-based energy reserves is as
hypocritical as it is ridiculous. We reject any
market-led techno-fixes to the climate crisis by
an unelected global elite. Oil fuels capitalism -
there cannot be an end to global warming
without an end to the system that causes it.
Nuclear power is not an alternative, as it is
massively wasteful and inextricably linked to
the most destructive weapons on the face of the
earth. We believe that anti-capitalist
>>>>>>>>>>>Picture: Mali: G8 Counter-conference held in 2003
environmentalists and all those committed to a
sustainable, socially just world, can work
together over the linked issues of oil, war,
climate change, and use the G8 summit in the
UK to expose the hypocrisy of the government's
green rhetoric.
We are building a network of groups and
individuals around the country and worldwide
who can share their inspiration and ideas for
concrete plans for action around energy, climate
change and oil. Existing ideas for action include
a Critical Mass to Scotland, a mass `call in sick'
day for those working in the oil industry and
calling for synchronised mass and decentralised
actions on energy profiteers in Scotland and
around the globe." (NB. On March 14th, there will be a
pre-G8 climate justice counter-summit. Then on March 15th,
Environment and Development Ministers meeting in London
will be met by a pots & pans noise demo ('cos the climate's
going to pot!) Contact Email: g8climateaction@riseup.net
Tel: 07904 452297
Resist the World Bank & IMF,
Washington, 15th April 2005
"The April 2005 meetings of the International
Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank will
represent the 5th anniversary of major
demonstrations against these institutions in the
US. Again we will gather in the streets of D.C. on
A16 to show that our resistance to these
institutions and their greed only grows.
Each day people around the world people are
coming together to construct a better, more just
world. Not only are they demonstrating in the
streets, but they are actively reclaiming their
communities. In South Africa, citizens too poor
to afford the privatized water have dismantled
water meters and connected homes to water
services. In Argentina unemployed workers are
taking over the factories they used to work in
and running them as a collectives. People
throughout the Global South are working
everyday to take back their rights to water,
health, land, a clean environment and self-
determination. Come to Washington to protest
the WB/IMF and to celebrate the other, more just
world that is under construction due to the daily
resistance of millions of people worldwide!"
Visit www.globalizethis.org E-mail: mgj@riseup.net

What is PGA? ------------- 03

Peoples' Global Action (PGA) is a network for
spreading information and coordinating actions
between grassroots movements around the world
who are actively fighting the destruction of
humanity and the planet by capitalism, and
building local alternatives to economic
Inspired partly by the international Zapatista
encuentros in 1996-97, grassroots movements from
all continents gathered in Geneva in February
1998, for the first global PGA conference. This
marked the launch of a worldwide network of
resistance to the global market, 'free' trade and
the World Trade Organisation (WTO). From Genoa
to Birmingham, many of the groups and
movements involved with PGA have been a
driving force behind recent global 'anti-capitalist'
The first conference brought together over 300
activists from over 71 countries. Later that year,
hundreds of coordinated demonstrations, actions
and street parties took place on all five continents
against the meeting of the G8 in Birmingham and
the WTO ministerial meeting in Switzerland.
A 2nd international conference took place in
Bangalore, India in 1999, and the 3rd in
Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2001. There have been
regional conferences in Latin America, North
America, Europe and South Asia and six caravans
of movements. There have also been several
conferences on the issue of gender.
A network in Europe
Leiden brought together an inspiring collection
of groups working on a diversity of issues, from
environmental and social justice groups
(ecologists of Chios Island, EF! UK and Groen
Front Nederlands) to anti-military groups (CAAT
UK and 12th Grade Army Refusers Israel), from
workers' groups (Barcelona CGT and
Sindikalisterna, a Swedish anarcho-syndicalist
union) to international Solidarity groups,
connecting us with Bangladesh, Colombia, West
Papua, Turkey... as well as free
space/autonomous zone groups, German, Dutch
and French info-shops, UK and Croatian co-ops
and squatting groups from all over. There were
also anarchist groups like A-infos Israel,
Croatian Anarchist Federation, Federation
Anarchiste , "Nihilist Assault Group". AltMedia
and Culture jamming groups ... Indymedia
Centres, the European Newsreel, Art in Action,
Adbusters group and the Tactical Media Crew.
We spent long days and sociable nights
together discussing and planning upcoming
actions ... the anti-NATO actions in Prague, Nov
2002; anti-WEF actions in Salzburg; anti-DSEi in
London, 2003. We shared ideas about alternatives
- Radical Routes (UK co-ops); Recycled Estate, a
Croatian land co-op ; Free Zones Europe-wide
and the "European Social Consulta"; a massive
outreach project. We shared information with
talks on "Repression in the EU"; "Support for
undocumented women"; "The war against Iraq
and the US economy";
"Sustainability and the disappearing
computer"; "A radical history of food"; "Using
cryptography" and started strategy discussions
on things like "democratic decision-making", not
to mention the feared "PGA process", ie. how to
structure this monster network of ours...
See over for a report from Belgrade 2004.

>> How is PGA organised? <<
PGA is not an organisation and has no
members. However, PGA aims to be an
organised network. There are info points for
each region, which are responsible for
disseminating information; rotating regional
convenors who organise international and
regional conferences; an informal support
group that has been vital in the fundraising
and organising of the previous conferences; a
website, numerous email lists; and a
The basis of unity and political analysis is
expressed in the manifesto and hallmarks.
See www.agp.org for more background on PGA, the
hallmarks and the manifesto in full.
"We do not think we can conceive of `the
movement' as a thing, as an entity which
can be defined. Instead, we are
thinking of the movement in terms of the
moving of social relations. We are seeing
examples of this everywhere,"
- Leeds MayDay group

Resent meetings ---------------- 04

European PGA conference,
Belgrade, July 2004
The Drugaciji Svet je Moguc! (DSM!) coalition
was the European convenor of the third
European PGA conference. While many of the
groups that made up DSM are still active, the
coalition itself has now dissolved. Back then, it
described itself thus:
'DSM is a group of groups, collective of
collectives united under the slogan "Drugaciji
Svet je Moguc!". Together, we are striving to
create a new political space unaffiliated with
political parties or the so-called non-
governmental sector. This new space prefers
direct political action to generally accepted
forms of engagement, such as lobbying or
Plenty of good stuff came out of the
conference: there were many interesting
innovations regarding PGA structures in Europe,
as well as a possible reformulation of the global
day of action as a 'global estafette', or 'torch of
rebellion'. Also, new infopoints were created, a
new collective (Wob Marley) was willing to
organize a winter meeting
(http://pgaconference.org/_winter2005/) we
supported enthusiastically the plan for a global
PGA conference in Nepal, and we tried, with
some success, the model of a spokescouncil to
reach collective decisions.

On the downside, some problems of the
conference were: Eastern European outreach
(not so many activists from Eastern Europe,
certainly less then we expected), and some weak
points in the logistical preparation of the
conference. Another problem was the lack of
people from ethnic minorities. The constant
threat from fascist groups was eased by the
actions of our excellent security, who also had to
deal with the defacing of the 'queer space' and
'gender day' posters. The security was renamed
the "Emma team", to make it less macho and
more effective.
PGA has since its inception been based
around actions, and at this conference there
were significant discussions about, among
others, "No Borders", what to do to oppose the G8
in the UK, how to engage with the London ESF
in October 2004, and how to support the
Venezuelan social movements during the latest
onslaught on their revolution.
Vegan and vegetarian food was provided by
the local Rad collective, a cooperative kitchen
which needed this work in order to survive and
resist privatisation. Mixed with our own
"autonomous kitchen", this meant we had a
near-perfect combination of local solidarity and
self-sufficiency. And Serbian beer is excellent.
Workers from 7 local factories met on the PGA
site with fellow workers from Greece and
elsewhere. People attended the striking electricity
workers' protest. Rhythms of Resistance samba
band and the Roma combined
to play music. We visited a
group of 200 Kosovan Serb
refugees, forgotten and
ignored by the UNHCR and
unvisited for two years. And
there was a showing of the
"Erased" ("rubbed out") from
Slovenia. There was an
excellent gender day with
participation of a good
number of post-Yugoslavian
feminist and gay and lesbian
As for the mainstream
press..."Almost all front-pages
of Serbian dailies were full of

Upcoming meetings --------------- 05

pictures of rioters (from Genoa and other places),
saying that 'Peoples' Global Action is training the
workers, giving them tips how to block roads and
deal with police....'" wrote a DSMer. "PGA is,
according to right-wing press, 'behind all
demonstrations in Serbia.' Visibility, heh? But,
more seriously, this could turn out to be a very
dangerous game. We'll see." Latest reports speak of
an uneasy calm in Serbia, but fortunately not the
repression that some predicted.
See also: A PGA Conference report, pix and comments:
4th PGA Conference:
17-21 September 2005,
Kathmandu, Nepal
Host: All Nepal Peasants' Association (ANPA - PGA
Asia Convenor)
"The PGA process in Asia has been further
strengthened and consolidated due to the 2004
conference in Dhaka Bangladesh. It was attended
by over 150 activists from grassroots peoples'
movements comprising peasants, women, trade
unions, fisherfolk, indigenous people and youth.
The conference saw the beginning of the
grassrooting of the PGA process in Bangladesh,
the expansion of the PGA process to SE Asia,
with groups from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam,
and the Philippines participating, and the
hopeful convenorship of SE Asia being taken up
by Thailand's Assembly of the Poor. The
conference established a
common political platform
and concrete campaigns of
action for the next two years.
There were three concrete
calls to action: (i) Global days
of action across Asia, against
the WTO during its meeting
in Hong Kong; (ii) a global
day of action focusing on
violence against women on
International Women's Day,
2005; and (iii) an Asian
caravan (in 2005/2006).
We believe that now is the
time to commit ourselves to
consolidate the PGA global
process. Therefore, the
movements propose that the upcoming PGA
global conference takes place in Asia since the
PGA Asian regional process has developed
because of the conference and can host the
Samba Climatico Caravan
There are plans for a train-based caravan from
Europe to the conference, inspired in part by a
desire to avoid climate-trashing aeroplanes. The
Caravan would stop along the way to join in the
local struggles and/or give workshops.
Contact: aca@riseup.net http://www.nadir.org/nadir/
Note: At time of writing (Feb '05) the political
situation in Nepal may make it necessary to find
another location for the conference.
On 17th March, there is a rally in Delhi called by
the National Indian Farmers Coordination,
taking place two days before the government
meets to decide its agricultural position for the
Hong Kong WTO meeting in December. After the
rally, on 18th March, the South Asian
Coordinator of PGA, BKU (a farmers'
organisation from North India) has called a
meeting of PGA Indian movements to discuss the
national agenda, sustainable campaigns and to
start to prepare for Nepal Global Conference. For
further reports: www.all4all.org

Snapshot of actions --------------- 06

Picture: Tokyo: global anti-war

Global Anti-War protests mark first
Gulf War anniversary
Massive opposition to war was demonstrated in 38 countries
worldwide 12 years after the Gulf war. Up to 500,000 people
rallied in Washington DC on January 18 2004 to say no to war
with Iraq. Speakers at the event evoked the memory of
Martin Luther King in calling for a world without violence.
Protests were also held in San Francisco, with estimates
of crowd size ranging from 200-350,000 people. All age
groups were in attendance, and people of all colours
attended the convergence. A radical anti-capitalist
breakaway march militantly marched through the financial
center smashing windows and graffitting the San Francisco
Chronicle building, the British Consulate, CitiCorp and the
Immigration & Naturalization Service building.
Love and Destroy!
Protests against the G8 in Evian
The protests against the G8 Summit in Evian were strong,
clear and powerful. Conferences, actions, debates and
blockades took place around Lac Leman, starting from May 28
to June 3rd 2003. People converged in several alternative
protest villages and took the streets in many creative and
determined ways. They illustrated concerns, dissent, anger
and hope, whereas the state displayed desperate efforts to
silence them with a massive and often brutal police presence.
More: www.indymedia.org.uk/en/actions/2003/evian/
Fluff & Spike against DSEi
"Action against DSEi started early this morning when one
arms company had their doors D-locked whilst another got
paintball decoration. Red paint symbolising blood was
distributed over the main entrance. The CAAT march finished
with speeches and before the next event "Fluffy DSEi"
blockaded the surrounding streets.
The second day activists, anti-arms organisations,
students and the public, angry, both about the items on sale,
the well-known human rights abusing countries invited, and
the devastation caused by weapons and munitions,
attempted to "Shut DSEI by any means possible". This was
the day that bargaining at the DSEi arms fair began in
earnest, press and public were kept out." Watch out for
DSEI September 2005...
Beyond the ESF in London
The European Social Forum took place in London from
October 13th-17th 2004. From the start of the organizing
phase there was a clash between the so-called verticals
(mainly SWP and Greater LA) and the horizontals (many anti-
hierarchical groups). The latter eventually decided to organize
their own events, under the general banner of "Autonomous
Spaces", which were organized by individuals, grassroots
organizations and collectives. There were discussions,
workshops, films, actions and entertainment and more. For
more information on the programmes, check this Indymedia
archive: www.indymedia.org.uk/en/actions/2004/esf/
Within these events there was also a PGA meeting at
`Beyond ESF' on Friday 15th. In this meeting people discussed
a new direct action concept of `Chain Re-Flaction', which is
based on the idea of moving beyond Global Days of Action
called by the PGA network. Instead have a local action
coordinated through the internet. After the action has taken
place it can be discussed on the web; then another action
can be organized in another country or continent in the
same way. This process allows the accumulation of
knowledge and experience on a global level.
PGA at World Social Forum
The PGA meeting within WSF took place in the Caracol
Intergalactica space, which represented the more
horizontally organized self-managed space and was held in
the so-called Youthcamp. Even though the meeting was not
widely publicized, it was well attended since there were
representatives of PGA Latin America, PGA North America
and PGA Europe.
The initial reports from different parts of the world were
followed up by a realisation that there is a genuine desire to
keep networking. However, further discussion concerning the
more effective ways of cooperating and exchanging ideas
and information. Therefore the PGA global list
(globalaction@lists.riseup.net) will be revived to begin a
better communication process, especially needed in the
build-up to the coming global conference in Nepal.

Info points ---------------------------------------- 07

The idea of PGA infopoints came from the Leiden
conference of 2003. It was decided there that the
most practical way to keep the European
network alive and kicking was for local groups
and spaces happy with the PGA hallmarks to set
up points of contact where information about
PGA could be propelled, with any luck, into their
communities. They are currently sprinkled
around the UK, Europe and - as of January 2005
- North America. For a hopefully soon-to-be-updated
list, see www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/
NY joins PGA!
"We are popular educators, anti-war and
Palestinian solidarity organizers, prison
abolitionists, and anarchist academics - in short,
we are rebels - who are working together as...
Encuentro: a Peoples' Global Action infopoint in New
York City.
"New York City may have Wall Street,
hundreds of corporate headquarters, and the
largest police force in the world, but it is also
home to diverse communities, beautiful cultures
of resistance, and a legacy of radical struggle. We
live here in this major metropolis of the North
with all of its resources (both material and
cultural) and it is from here that we join PGA.
"We hope to contribute to PGA by facilitating
links between local and global struggles,
bringing together activists and organizations
that can benefit and learn from each other's
struggles and triumphs.
"We are inspired by the principles, structure
and achievements of social movements
throughout the world and through popular
education hope to share these dreams, lessons,
and experiences with local organizers and
communities. Through salons, fundraisers,
actions, and other encounters, we will open
pathways of communication to strengthen our
global resistance. For starters in early 2005 we are:
* Facilitating a PGA workshop at the National
Conference on Organized Resistance in Washington, D.
<www.ncor.org> (Feb 6th).
* Hosting a salon bringing together Palestinian and
Acehnese solidarity organizers to share strategy and
struggle (February 13th).
* Throwing a benefit party for the Via Campesina
Tsunami Relief Campaign <www.viacampesina.org>
(March 26th)."
News from Canada
A new infopoint is being set up in Montreal PGA
Canada, to act as a support group to reinforce th
links between CLAC ('Anti-Capitalist
Convergence' - http://clac.taktic.org) and other
regional/international movements.
'CLAC groups and their supporters already do
lots of work that are within the axes of struggle
of the PGA network, and also give life to a local
network. Nonetheless, it doesn't seem to have
links, shared between our struggles, on a larger
level. The role of the support group would be to
increase communication and coordination
between activist actions that are in agreement
with the PGA principles in North America and
all over the world, but also to reinforce the
presence and identity of PGA as a network of
struggles; (some ideas: a radio documentary,
pamphlets, articles, web page, workshops) and t
participate actively in the organization of the
network (new alliances, translation,
fundraising, participating in organizing
Many new initiatives are taking shape in
Canada over coming months, including
CATAPULT in Ottawa [www.catapultcollective.org,
catapult@resist.ca], and Toronto activists both
wanting to reinforce their involvement.
Montreal PGA Infopoint lf_gaudet@resist.ca

Resources ----------------------------- 08

How do you fit a telephone directory onto an A5 sheet of
paper? We gave up, so this is a short list of the groups
that are most likely to be able to direct you on to other
groups and campaigns, and who publish stuff in English. If
it seems a bit London biased, that's because it's where
we're based. Other groups around the country will be able
to tell you lots more about what's going on near them.
International Network `Hub Points'
People's Global Action: www.agp.org
PGA - European Actions and announcements:
PGA - European Process list:
Indymedia sites: www.indymedia.org.uk
Reclaim the Streets: www.reclaimthestreets.net
A-infos int: anarchist info service www.ainfos.net
Znet: comprehensive activist resource site www.zmag.org
Anarchist Yellow Pages directory of anarchist groups
worldwide http://flag.blackened.net/agony/ayp/index.html
Earth First! Journal: voices of ecological resistance
PO Box 3023, Tuscon, Arizona AZ 85702, USA email:
collective@earthfirstjournal.org www.earthfirstjournal.org
UK based
SchNEWS: weekly activist news sheet -
c/o On-the-fiddle, PO Box 2600 Brighton BN2 0EF.
email: schnews@brighton.co.uk www.schnews.org.uk
Earth First Action Update! Subscription Newsletter of
actions, contacts for groups and current campaigns c/o
Manchester EF! Dept 29, 22a Beswick St, Manchester M4 7HS
tel: 0161 226 6814 email: efactionupdate@bigfoot.com
Social Centres Network: squatted and autonomously run
social and resource centres c/o LARC, 62 Fieldgate St, London
E1 1ES email: londonscn@riseup.net
email list: londonscn-events-subscribe@lists.riseup.net
The Agitator! comprehensive annual booklet with contacts
most radical, anarchist and direct action groups, publications
and centres worldwide send £1.30 to The Agitator, c/o PO ox
2474, London N8 0HW.
Eroding Empire: gig, event, action and contact listings
Autonomous spaces and virtual places
56a Infoshop: 56 Crampton Street, SE17 London
Bridge 5 Mill (MERCi): 22a Beswick st. Mancs, M4 7RH 0161
273 1736; www.bridge-5.org
The Basement: 24 Lever St Manchester M1; 0161 237 1832;
Sumac: 245 Gladstone st, Notts. NG7 6HX. 0845 458 9595;
Cowley Club: 12 London Rd, Brighton - 01273 696104;
cowleyclub@co-op.org. www.cowleyclub.org.uk
Kebele: 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY.
tel: 0117 9399 469 www.kebele.org
Ace: 17 Westmontgomery Pl., Edinburgh, EH7 5HA.
Aspire: Locations around Leeds. email: info@a-spire.org.uk
1in12: 21 Albion St. Bradford. tel: 01274 734160
Lancaster Resorce Centre: 78a Penny St. Lancs LA1 1XN.
tel: 01524 383 012; www.eco-action.org/lancaster/
217 swansea: 217 High St. Swansea. tel: 01792 642404
Colchester social centre: 87 East Hill, Colchester, Essex.
tel: 0798 6565 4583
The Commonplace, (Leeds Social Centre): 23-25 wharf street,
leeds. LS2 7EQ www.thecommonplace.org.uk 0113 246 8640
Groups and networks
Dissent network: www.dissent.net
Indymedia: www.indymedia.org.uk
ism-london: www.ism-london.org.uk
Risingtide: www.risingtide.org.uk
Reclaim the future: www.gn.apc.org/rts
Queeruption: www.queeruption.org
Rhythms of resistance: www.rhythmsofresistance.org.uk
Scrap the bid: www.enrager.net/features/olympics
Wombles: www.wombles.org.uk (also PGA info point)
Zapatista support group: c/o LARC
Noborders: www.noborders.org
This brief round-up of resistance has been put together
to highlight the grassroots network Peoples' Global
Action. We - a few people working from a small
'infopoint' resource centre in London - are not claiming
PGA organised all or any of the actions and events listed
within, only that we have been inspired by our
involvement in the PGA network to listen to, and ''make
visible' locally, people taking action globally...
LARC: London Action Resource Centre
PGA info point: 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES, UK
email: info@londonarc.org web: http://www.londonarc.org

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