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(en) US, East Lansing MI. Rally Against Occupation Sept 21st and March to Lansing

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 8 Sep 2004 16:28:53 +0200 (CEST)

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Foreign armies have occupied Iraq since Spring of 2003. Tens of
Thousands of Iraqis and other nationals—including more than 1000 US
troops—have died in this conflict. This war, like all others, is built
on the foundation of racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, and
capitalism. They won't stop until we make them stop! Fight Back against
Capitalism and Empire!
At Fountain Square Park(by the Marriot) in East Lansing
For more information, go to http://www.direct-action.net or email

Who We Are

We are Direct Action

Direct Action is a community organization dedicated to fighting for
democracy while combating poverty and inequality. We came together
in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Direct Action was
initiated to create a voice for people who felt that the U.S. reaction to
the 911 attacks would create a base for more terrorism and violence. We
began by opposing the USA Patriot Act and the U.S. war in
Afghanistan. But instead of simply complaining about the state of the
world we also want to put forward an alternative vision for a world
worth living in.

What is Direct Action?

Shortly after the attacks on NYC numerous groups came out in
opposition to a U.S. war, the PATRIOT Act, and the racial profiling and
detainment of Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. One thing that was
lacking locally was any attempt to build a resistance movement to
challenge these new developments. We hope to build the capacity to
seriously disrupt attempts to implement these new laws and wars!

Many people have used the 911 attacks as an opportunity to gain
repressive legislative power. Politicians have used 911 to create a war
economy to help end the current recession. Police agencies have gained
long desired destruction of civil liberty protections. The corporate media
has only provided one perspective, and we seek to break the false

The first step to solving a problem is to identify the difference between
the symptom and the problem. Too often we frantically run around
applying band-aids, and miss the bigger picture. Direct action means
striking at the root of the problem - no matter how big it is. Direct
action is hungry people looting a shopping market. Direct action is
shutting down INS offices when they racially profile Arab immigrants.
It means moving beyond protest to resistance. For us it is not a question
of violence versus nonviolence - but one of disruption versus obedience.
We seek a peaceful resolution to all problems, while still supporting the
right of oppressed people to defend themselves.

No to War, No to Racism

First and foremost we believe that war is the root of terrorism, not the
solution. The CIA funded the people who attacked the World Trade
Center, while the Afghan rebels were at war with the Soviet Union. The
U.S. war against Iraq has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of
children. U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine is fueling
resentment around the world. In the recent bombing of Afghanistan
more innocent civilians were killed there

than in the 911 attacks. Now the U.S. war machine has expanded into
Colombia, Philippines, and Somalia. Other countries have been
declared "evil". How can we justify this?
In the United States thousands of Arabs and Muslims have been
racially profiled and illegally detained. New laws have been created to
limit the rights of people accused of terrorism. Secret military tribunals
can be used against non-citizens. International students are being
subjected to whole new levels of harassment. The Patriot Act allows for
police surveillance of political and religious organizations even if there is
no crime to investigate. We are entering a disturbing period of history.
We are moving closer and closer to a police state.

In this difficult time it is especially important that American citizens
speak out in defiance of these new laws and repressive measures being
done in our name. We must support those in our community who are
being silenced for fear of being rounded up and deported. We must see
ourselves more as citizens of the world - and less as Americans. Our
interests are tied to those of people all over the world.

Tear Down the Borders

While corporations have defined the course of globalization for the last
twenty years, we strive to make this the people's century! Corporations
have created the ability to flow across borders without accountability to
the local populations, ignoring health and labor standards, destroying
cultural autonomy and sustainable ways of living. Multinational
corporations pay people pennies per hour, while the US supports the
right of these states to destroy unions and attempts by local people to
resist corporate domination. This must stop!

We want to create a new globalization - a globalization of resistance.
We want to tear down the borders. If corporations can cross borders,
then so can workers! We support the resistance of students, workers,
and farmers to the IMF, World Bank, WTO, and multinational
corporations in general.

If we really desire an end to terrorism we must strike at its root - poverty
and disempowerment. Too few people control far too many resources.
We must take these resources back and create democratic systems of
decision making at the local level.

Bring the Struggle Home

The struggle to create a new world begins in our own backyard. We
cannot count on politicians to make things better. They are part of the
problem. We must take direct action and build grassroots democracy
ourselves. Ultimately our goal is community control of resources and
workers self-management. To this end we work to support the creation
of a new radical labor movement - not for concessions from the bosses -
but ultimately to take over the work places and get rid of the bosses.
Workers self-management is the idea that workers can run their own
worksites in a democratic manner and that there is no need for a whole
layer of parasites taking the resources we deserve. The people who
make decisions should not be exempt from their consequences.

In addition to this we also work to create new forms of democracy in
our neighborhoods and communities. We demand that people's needs
be met, whether or not it is profitable. We want excellent health care,
safe jobs, healthy food, quality childcare, adequate housing, meaningful
education - we're just beginning.

We're not asking for a piece of bread - We want the whole bakery!

We've come for what's ours! is and about the autonomi'a.
* [Ed. Note: Not using the common vocabulary, they are
anticapitaliat antiauthoritarian direct action social struggle

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