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(en) Turkey, Pilau Day* Action (tr)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 6 Sep 2004 12:05:46 +0200 (CEST)

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Today (5th of Sep.) about 70 people met in "Consciencious Objectors
and Total Objectors Pilau Day" activity at Danistay Park nearby
Militaryhouse in Ankara-Sihhiye. Except a bus full of activists
from Istanbul, there were also participants from Ankara, Izmir,
Izmit, Denizli, Iskenderun, Germany, Israel and Slovenia. The
most tragic event was two friends' of ours having a traffic
accident on the way to Ankara from Zonguldak to join the action.
We have learned that our friends had some bruises and broken
bones; after taking medical treatment for a while both were
discharged from hospital.

Meeting at Ankara Train Station at about 11 am, the
group drew attention of civilian uncles [cops].
Following some talks we have had opportunity to make a
release in Danistay Park. On the way civilian uncles
did not leave us alone. At about 12:00 arriving the
park we have seen that it was circled with 3 midibus
full of cops [çevik kuvvet-agile force; a specific
police force which is used against social protests].
Despite this we have entered the park and ate the
pilau together while Mehmet Tarhan was reading the
press release text. At first they did not let us to
open "Consciencious Objectors and Total Objectors
Pilau Day" banner but telling this is only the call
of the activity it was hold open. The action finished
right after Inci read the declaration text in the name
of five of our physically handicapped friends and
Levont Duranyan read his own objection declaration.
During the action there were some rumors about that
cops were intended to arrest few people, however they
have only noted ID info of those who have read the
declarations. After the action, civilian dressed
uncles followed us for a while and then they have
finished up their working hours. The group that came
from Istanbul went back by their bus after a few hours
of resting. Among the interesting details of the day
there were the park guard who did aggressive warnings
about not stepping on the grass and flowers of the
park and also vegans' not eating pilau that was
made by consommé.


Declaration of “Consciencios Objectors and Total

A famous Turkish saying; crack the spoon of whom
leaves the rice.

Severe punishment is waiting for Consciencious
Objectors and Total Objectors at Turkey who said “No”
to the death and crime training, to the military and
to live under any sort of hierarchial stucture
encountered in any sphere of life:

• Those who were charged at military courts and
laterly at civil courts for “destroying the national
strenght by insulting and despising Turkish Military
Forces”, “making make people avoid military” and
imprisoned for two years. It is planned to change this
isolation time from two years to 7.
• It is also necessary to bear in mind the
possibilities of torture and beating practiced in
military prisons and troop and of life imprisonment as
a result of ‘disobedience’, ‘insisting on
disobedience’ within the triangle of troop- military
court- military prison.
• Militarism is the very first prerequisite for having
the rights of travelling, working, to get a job,
education. Moreover, incapability of going abroad
since the so called ‘passport’ is supplied only to
those who have done or expected to do their military
service; unemployment since the workplaces are looking
for those who had done their military service;
isolation and repression of the society, relatives and
the family; censorship whenever you try to tell about
the ‘reasons’ are the side effects as well.

The world is in purpose of entering a third world war
soon after the massacre of the second one. However it
is the people of the world and the ecosystem expected
to pay the price of wars, including the one in our
geography. Bombs make crash the bodies, ears are cut
for ‘memory’ and humen are forced to eat their ‘shit’
at this war. All those sorrow experiences; Israel’s
attacks at refugee camps or suicide attacks at Israel;
the invasion of Iraq, the school raid at Russia or
massacres of Russian State; South eastern anatolian
villages without human (forced to move by the state)
proves us that peace should not be left at the hands
of militarism.
Science and economy are for war. Scientists
formulate destructive guns by the help of new
technologies. A remarkable portion of wealth is
consumed for the guns and the military forces.

We want others to know what we think and why we do
this; but the media has the power of censorship and
use it consciously. They ignore our words and acts.
They ignore women, homosexuals, scapegoats of ethnic
discrimination, victims of isolation system (F Type
prison), experiences of war and those who rage against
all sorts of injustice as well.

Despite of our fear and disappointment, we are here,
in front of the Sýhhýye Militaryhouse, the social
institution of those whose mission is to make us
soldiers. We stand here and have our own social
We know and see that militarism creates destructions,
feeds from gender disrimination, rapes, myth of
martydom, and war traders are the unique party
benefiting from all these. This is why we declare our
disobedience with regard to our side near women,
children, handicapped people. None of us are priceless
workers of war.

We won’t be soldier of anyone!



*[Pilau Day activity is organized by antiauthoritarian

antimilitarists and anarchists.]

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