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(en) Britain, Dissent!* G8 newsletter #2 summer 04 - Who are the g8

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2004 07:15:37 +0200 (CEST)

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The G-8, which unites seven of the
world's eight largest economies in addi-
tion to Russia, will hold its summit in the
UK in 2005. Created in 1975 to informal-
ly discuss financial and economic ques-
tion, this club of predominantly rich and
dominant states is part of a profit-driven
'globalisation' agenda furthering the nar-
row interests of multinational corpora-
tions. The recommendations of the G-8
are put into practice by international
institutions such as the IMF and the
World Bank; these few countries are also
the major shareholders of the World
Trade Organisation.

The G-8, in effect, acts as a kind of
world government, a role which the peo-
ple of the planet never asked it to take
on. The G-8 thus illegitimately imposes
its will upon the world's order. The G-8
prescribes neo-liberal policies that
accelerate the concentration of wealth,
attack workers' rights, jeopardise
employment, lower living conditions for
the vast majority of the population, dis-
respect cultural differences, and harm
the environment. While G-8 member
countries refuse to seriously engage
themselves in the fight against account-
ing fraud, money laundering, and off-
shore havens, the G-8, under the aus-
pices of the fight against terrorism,
attempts to justify war, militarism, and
repression. The G-8 claims to combat
world poverty, but its proposals for debt
relief for poor countries have proven
totally insufficient and are tied to unac-
ceptable conditions. Furthermore, IMF
policies continue to drive countries, like
Argentina, into bankruptcy, market liber-
alisation under the aegis of the WTO
each day proves itself more and more
unfavourable to the countries of the
southern hemisphere, and financial con-
tributions to help in the struggle against
AIDS, malaria, and other maladies are
light years behind what is needed and
what has been promised. G-8 member
countries, finally, have taken no serious
measures to protect the environment. In
the past fifteen years, movements
against the G-8 have multiplied. In
Europe, demonstrations against the G-8
took place in 1989 in Paris, 1996 in Lyon,
1998 in Birmingham, 1999 in Cologne.
Tens of thousands of demonstrators
have called for the cancellation of debt
of poor countries, and in 2001 hundreds
of thousands of people protested in
Genoa in spite of the police repression
that provoked the death of Carlo
Giuliani. In this year, 2003 thousands
protested against the G8 which took
place in Evian, France. Geneva was
besieged with four days of protests
involving tens of thousands. In France,
Geneva and Luassanne, activists block-
aded all routes to Evian, delaying the
start of the summit.

pga resist g8 global action call out

In 1990, the G7 held its meeting in
London. It passed by quietly. There were
no protests and there were no 'red

Eight years later, 400 social movements
from around the world - under the ban-
ner of Peoples' Global Action (PGA:
www.agp.org) - co-ordinated local
resistance to global problems. In the UK
50,000 people came together to resist
the G8 meeting in Birmingham.

In 2005, the G8 returns to the UK.

Since 1998, the summits and confer-
ences of the global elite have been
resisted in every country in which they
have attempted to meet. This resistance
has successfully delegitimised these
institutions and strengthened the move-
ments that attack them.

Global anti-summit mobilisations have
linked diverse struggles tackling com-
mon issues. These mobilisations have,
over time, created a global 'movement
of movements', in many respects histor-
ically unprecedented.

The Peoples' Global Action Conference
in Europe, is calling for a global day of
action on Wednesday 6th July 2005 - the
opening day of the G8 Summit (to be
held at Gleneagles in Perthshire,
Scotland). This is a call for people to
converge in Scotland to disrupt the con-
ference, and for action to be taken
simultaneously in villages, towns and
cities world-wide.

Alongside co-ordinated actions this is
also a call for groups and movements
everywhere to learn from our history
and our successes; a call to assess our
current strengths; a call to debate and
strategise; a call to formulate a global
resistance to the heads of the world's
most powerful states meeting in Europe
next year.

doing something different

The G8 is a symbol of global capitalism
and industrial society. The Dissent!
mobilisation should counteract the
forces of G8 in every way. We want to
shut down the Summit, but we also want
to show another way of doing things -
'Anarchy in action.' It's a chance to do
something new and unexpected, that
moves us forward as a movement.
Recently, in the US, protests have start-
ed to incorporate actions that positively
improve local people's lives. In
November 2003, at the FTAA-Miami
protests, anarchists worked on a com-
munity garden in the city's poorest dis-
trict and gave away cherry-trees. In
June 2004 Reclaim the Commons held a
jumble exchange and organised teach-
ins as part of the mobilisation against
the Biotech conference in San Francisco.
During the G8 Georgia protests, The Fix
Shit Up project saw crews of anarchists
armed with hammers and crowbars
engaged in cleaning and repairing
decayed housing in the African-
American district of Brunswick, Georgia.
Afterwards a local said, 'You've done
more for our community than the US
government has ever done'
We have a strength and depth of skills
and imagination within our movement to
do some really cool stuff, and to start to
build - at least a little - of the world we

This would mean making contact with
community groups in Scotland months in
advance, and finding out what needs we
can help to meet with the influx of peo-
ple, power and resources during the G8
summit. In practice this would probably
mean lots of different projects. from 'Fix
Shit-Up' actions in areas of Edinburgh to
helping conservation projects in rural
Perthshire, opening free shops, running
skill-share workshops, free cafes, creat-
ing art, music, carnivals, kids projects or
mass-guerrilla gardening actions.
Projects should work directly with com-
munities already suffering from corpo-
rate globalisation

where to find us

Day of Dissent Fri 15th Oct @ Beyond ESF!

Middlesex Uni, London.www.wombles.org.uk/auto

Scottish Dissent Meeting: Sat 23rd Oct.
2-5 Perth Museum and Art Gallery. George St

Anarchist Bookfair: Sat 27th Nov.
10am-7pm ULU, Malet St, London.

Dissent Gathering: Sat 5th, Sun 6th Dec,
Wales, venue to be announced contact
g8gathering@yahoo.co.uk for more detais

Festival of Dissent!: A week long
gathering in April 05 in Lanarkshire, to
plot, scheme and train ready for the G8

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* Ed. note: Dissent! is anticapitalist antiauthoritarian
direct action Network Of Resistance Against The G8

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