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(en) Britain, London, Update - BEYOND ESF - Wednesday 13th - Sunday 17th October

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 17:10:09 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
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Venue: Middlesex University, White Hart Lane Campus, Tottenham.
Opposite White Hart Lane train station.
We want to continue the radicalisation that we have seen during the
recent mobilisations against the WTO, G8, IMF and World Bank
summits through BEYOND ESF - a self-organised, radically different
space. We invite participation in discussion and direct action around
specific themes: surveillance & control : social centres : precarious work :
no borders : zapatismo : G8 Scotland 2005.

BEYOND ESF will be based at a large legal venue, with provision for
cheap food, meeting space, indymedia and alt media facilities, and
evening entertainment (*also possible simultaneous translation).

* Over 60 Events Confirmed! - Programme Out Soon!

Beyond ESF will open on the evening of Wednesday 13th October with a
'welcome assembly of autonomous spaces'. On the Thursday, Friday &
Saturday there will be a mixture of workshops & presentations from
ongoing struggles around Europe; and strategy discussions - aimed not
just at a one-off conference but helping to build networks, initiatives,
projects and actions in the future. There will also be a radio/alternative
media space & cinema space.

Every evening there will be an anti-authoritarian assembly for reports of
the day's discussions in the autonomous spaces. These assemblies will
also be used to take discussion forward for the following days.

Every night there will be food, cinema & live music. All events will be
free/donation and all food will be vegan & cheap/donation.

We will close on the morning of Sunday 17th with a final
assembly/spokes-council of the autonomous spaces & have a closing
party on Sunday evening.

For more information: http://www.wombles.org.uk/auto
Contact: wombles(atN0spam)hushmail.com

European Forum On Communication Rights / Indymedia / Schnews
Thursday 14th - Sunday 17th October

@ The Camden Centre,
Bidborough Street
Near Kings Cross
London wc1

FREE / donations encouraged

The Camden Centre in central London will house an ongoing Indymedia
Centre, with bar and cheap food. Thursday will see the Communication
Rights Forum with a range of communications and media networks
participating, with events on the other days dealing with themes such as
Surveillance and the Security State, Biometric ID Cards, Migrants and
Noborders, Gender, Intellectual Property, Copyright, Creative Commons,
Corporate media and Alternative media etc. Saturday will see a one day
event from www.schnews.org.uk

See: http://www.efcr2004.net
Contact: info(atN0spam)efcr2004.net

Four day programme:
(also in spanish, german, italian and french)

Thursday 14th EFCR programme:

Friday 15th programme:

Saturday 16th programme (including SchNEWS? conference)

Indymedia + Alt Media: Four Days of Tactical Media Producion

AS well as the IMC at the Camden Centre, there will be other media
production nodes around London including Beyond ESF and Rampart
Creative Centre. See the Call below for full info:

IMC Call For Participation: ImcCall Call in Spanish:

NB There is no accomodation at the Camden Centre IMC
IMC open 9am each day - closes each day at different times:
Thurs 11pm / Fri 11.30pm / Sat 11pm / Sun 10pm

IMC Wiki pages: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/UkImcEsf
IMC Mailing list: http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/listinfo/imc-esf
IMC uk contact: imc-uk-network(atN0spam)lists.indymedia.org

The RampART? centre www.rampart.co.nr

The rampart centre www.rampart.co.nr

15 rampart street, london, E1 2LA

Squatted in May, the rampART creative centre and social space has
hosted cultural and political events including weekly free cinema,
exhibitions, benefit gigs, discussions, meetings and workshops etc. The
venue provides a large hall, kitchen, a stage, PA, video projector, library,
meeting rooms, workshop space, sound studio, creative media lab,
internet access, public Wi-Fi, and a shared office.

During the ESF, rampART will be acting as a creative convergence centre
and providing one of the info-points for the autonomous spaces.
rampART is also home base for the Carnival Forum and the Lab of II.
Each day there will be cheap food, free internet / indymedia access, plus
resources to edit audio / video reports, or make props and banners etc. In
the evenings, space may be used to exchange feedback about the days
events or you can socialise and enjoy a range of cultural entertainment,
films, live music or performance.



Address: Rampart Street, London, E1 2LA (off commercial road) Email:
rampart@mutualaid.org Web: www.rampart.co.nr phone: 07050 618445

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

This open and autonomous initiative will function as a hub for those
whose activities fall outside of and in between the spaces of culture and
politics; whose actions exist between resistance and creativity. We are
calling on groups and individuals from around Europe to propose actions,
events and tool/tactic sharing workshops. Themes include, reclaiming
contested spaces, surveillance and consumption and the brand.

Find out more: http://www.labofii.net e-list -
http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/labofii contact -

please also see

The Carnival Forum

A volitile mix of politics and pleasure... As a mobile carnival forum we
intent to interlink some of the key esf venues and to take democracy to
the streets en route - taking the forum out of the tradtional conference
hall and to the (so called) every day people. Reaching out to the most
diverse array of people possible the CF is unpredicatble, inclusve and
creative. It's the jester in the esf court! - interspersing festivities with
discussions, workshops and skillsharing around (but far from limited to)
esf themes like peace, democracy, neoliberalism, sustainability,
discrimination, the economy and work.

Contact: forumofhope(atN0spam)care2.com

The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army

[[http://www.clownarmy.org/ ]]

CIRCA will be holding workshop merging the ancient art of rebel
clowning and the contemporary practice of civil disobedience on Friday
15th October at:

The Marquee
Middlesex University
Tottenham campus
White Hart Lane\\ London N17 8HR.

(Time: 5pm - 7pm)

More at: http://www.clownarmy.org/ contact - circa(atNOspam)riseup.net

Solidarity Village / UK LETS Co-operate - 13th-17th October

Conway Hall (Red Lion Square)
LSE Clement House, Aldwych
The Solidarity Village will be based at Conway Hall and London School of

Spaces include The Land Cafe, Wellbeing Space, Artspace for Kids of All
Ages (Creche), Local Social Forums Area, and "The Commons" Internet
Cafe. SUSTAIN! Information Centre includes story-board presentations,
leaflets and stalls.

Holistic practitioners, vegans, small-holders, green and pagan activists,
anthropologists, home-schoolers, fair-traders, artists and performers are
co-operating to show that "Another Economy is Possible".

Programme highlights include:

Friday: "Filling the Vacuum" (on affordable housing); "LETS Dance"
with Basque Country street musicians, "Rethinking Social Policy" (new
documentaries by Women Film Makers), and the LSE Debate "Iraq,
Democracy and Global Civil Society".

Saturday: "Dalinowa" is a forum on the Impact of Globalisation on Local
Cultures with exhibitions and cultural performances, "The Moon Room",
"Pagan Magikal Activism", "Lets Co-operate" Open Space with "Lets
Play LETS", "Tools for Change", "Altruistic Economics", "Disability
Awareness", and open Human Rights plenary with death row survivors.

Sunday: The Local Neighbourhood Forum, "New Forms of Democracy"
Debate, "Creating the Commons" (Open Source) Question Time, and
screening of rough-cut ESF Video.

See: http://www.solidarityvillage.org
Contact: admin(atN0spam)solidarityvillage.org

Urban Forum: The Right to the City

15-16th October
The Bartlett UCL

The urban forum will provide space to discuss politics and urban issues
while directly participating in a wider political arena.

The world charter of city rights claims that 'The city is a culturally rich
and diversified space that belongs to all the inhabitants'. Neo-liberal
governance and policies of privatisation however mean that public realm
of the city is forever decreasing. The forum will be a chance to debate
reclaiming rights to the city for citizens.

‘The Right to the City’ aims so far;

A series of open mic discussions surrounding democratic participation,
public space, public art, feminism, the Olympics, environmental, housing
transport and food issues, citizenship, the effects of globalisation and
neo-liberalism on development and the city.

To debate a 'European charter for city rights' or radical alternatives
through discussion of the 'World Charter of City Rights' drafted at the
World Social Forum in Mumbai.

The Forum will be a chance for sharing experiences, exchanging
information and forging alliances,

Open meeting, Admission; donation
If you or your organisation would like to be involved with the programme
please contact
t.hoskyns (atnospam)ucl.ac.uk,

LIFE DESPITE CAPITALISM - Saturday 16th October/ Sunday 17th

'''London School of Economics, Old Building (first plenary) and Clement
House (workshops and final plenary). Aldwych.

Holborn tube station, central and picadilly line

Commons, powers, democracies. Life Despite Capitalism is a
project/forum of collective reflection to discuss what we are for, to
articulate the different values and practices we adhere to in our diverse
struggles and therefore to develop and weave together new political
discourses that approach the question of alternatives to capitalism. It is a
project grounded in the belief that if other worlds are possible, it is people
themselves who create them and not some transcendent power with a
"correct" line such as parties, states, or gods.

We call this stream "life despite capitalism" instead of "life after
capitalism", in order to problematise alternatives as something in the here
and now, not simply in a distant future "after capitalism" has been
abolished. This means reclaiming the exercise of our many powers to do
and to produce things, affects and relations; it means to relate and learn
from each other in ways rooted in dignity, respect and common access to
resources at any scale of social action, in any context of our lives. The
challenge to the competitive and commodifying modes shaped by
production for profit, and by hierarchical and vertical forms of rules of
states and corporations, is a challenge that at the same time constitutes
new modes of doing and social relations.

Participants include: Jake Black, Reverend D. Wayne Love AKA, George
Caffentzis, Mariarosa Dalla Costa, Massimo De Angelis, Olivier De
Marcellus, Ana Dinnerstein, Viviane Gonik, David Graeber, Andrej
Grubacic, Marion Hamm, John Holloway, John Jordan, JJ King,
Nolasco Mamani, Sandro Mezzadra, Mercedes Moya, Jai Sen, Matthias
Studer, Peter Waterman, from groups and networks such as Leeds May
Day group, Globalisation from Below, Alabama 3, Mute magazine,
Greenpepper magazine, Proceso de Communidades Negras (Colombia),
Transform-Italy, Tavolo-migranti, The Commoner, Global Roots,
Peoples's Global Action, Consejo Indio de Sud America (CISA),
Indymedia, Action populaire contre la mondialisation, COBAS, Centre
for the Study of Global Ethics . . .and many other . . .

SATURDAY 16 October 2004

9:30 - 12:30 Initial plenary

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 "Roots"

(first set of workshops, on communication commons, "public services" as
commons, food as commons, workplace commons, and free movement
as commons)

16:30-18: 30 "Swarm"

(second set of workshops, on "powers", "commons", “netwroks”,
"democracies" and reflection on "moments of creative excesses")

SUNDAY 17 October 2004

9:30 -12:30 Final PLENARY

See: http://www.lifedespitecapitalism.org
Contact: m.deangelis(atN0spam)ntlworld.com


'No School Space' @ rampART

Home Education/Education/Learning Forum - UK, Europe, Global.

Sunday 17TH - Midday to 5pm. In the reading room and project room on
the 1st floor of rampart (see venue details elsewhere). Display space, info.
area and workshops covering;

12.30 – 1.15 UK history of home education and libertarian education.

1.45 – 2.30 Why would Muslims Home Educate? Information and
exploration of why state schools can fail muslim children.

2.45 – 3.15 Legalities UK Home Education. Freedoms Threatened?

3.30 – 4.00 Update beyond UK.

4.15 – 5.00 What is 'education'? Discussion on global perspective of

Projected 'VISUALS' and tea breaks between workshops for ongoing

Children's (self organised) space - ‘NO CRECHE SPACE':

Home educating children are organising a children’s space and are
asking any children who plan to come along to bring something to do
with others. If a high number of children come to the children’s space
then a rota will be around for adults to volunteer, to spend small amounts
of time each, to be supportive to the children’s space. Any adults
coming might like to look at the times and details of workshops and work
out when they would like to volunteer to support this space.

Learning Together! All workshops and info. areas are dependant on
inclusion of information - all inclusions of info. and discussion valued.
email: when@omnia.co.uk (inclusions or more info.)

Women's Open Day, Invisible Workers: Centre Stage
Speak-out, affordable food, videos, information on grassroots campaigns
for justice and resources.

10am-10pm, Thursday 14th October 2004

Kings Cross Methodist Church, 57a Birkenhead St, WC1? Opposite
Kings Cross Station, see blue and white signs

Wheelchair access on Crestfield St (toilets nearby)

All women and men who support women's autonomous organising

Since November 2003, women from all over Europe have been calling for
a women's day. Many signed the Global Women's Strike call and many
men support it. The UK organising group actively opposed it. They
claimed "poor attendance" at the Paris ESF women's day - yet over 3,000
women participated as well as men. With only a couple of weeks to go we
decided to organise a women's day ourselves and in doing so won a
partial victory - there will now be a three hour women's assembly at the
main forum! Lets discuss what to bring to it from our women's day.

Why a women's day!

· Women do 2/3 of the world work. From breastfeeding, subsistence
farming, healthcare, volunteering, fighting for justice . . . women and girls
are the primary carers everywhere. Yet our contribution is invisible even
at events like the ESF!

· The workers who do most of this survival work are unwaged or low
waged. We refuse to be invisible!

· A Women's Day is women's insurance policy that there will be an
autonomous space for the crucial issues that women are addressing.
Grassroots women from different backgrounds and experiences can make
our achievements more widely known - drawing out and strengthening
the vital connections among us.

· A Women's Day enables non-party-political people to have a much
needed voice at the Forum, starting with those who are being ignored.
Like asylum seekers who are denied a platform while the asylum charities
which implement the government's repressive anti-immigration policies
are seminar speakers.

· The ESF should be an occasion to build the movement against US-led
wars and militarisation, rape and other torture, prisons, repression and
exploitation - starting with acknowledging how much we in Europe are
dependent on the movement in countries of the South.

Sponsors: All African Women's Group (England), Centro las Mujeres
Cuentan (Spain), Enfield Women's Centre (England), Femmes Urgences
Droits et Logement (France), Frauenforum (Germany), Global Women's
Strike (Ireland, Spain, England), Hillingdon Women's Centre (England),
MiRA? Centre (Black, immigrant and refugee women, Norway), United
Workers Association (domestic workers, England), Women of Colour in
the Global Women's Strike


Programme: 12.30-2.30pm:

Open mic and Community Speak-Out (like the successful Global
Women's Strike anti-war picket Wednesdays 5.30-7pm in Parliament
Sqare, London)

1.30-10pm Videos: Global Women's Strike 2000 Exclusive footage of the
first-ever global strike against no pay, low pay and overwork from
countries round the world.

Refusing to Kill (30 mins) Payday men's network interviews refuseniks,
women and men, from Eritrea, Jamaica, Israel, UK, US . . . and
first-hand testimony on rape in the US military.

The Bolivarian Revolution: Enter the Oil Workers (34 mins) Riveting
interviews with oil workers in Venezuela - women and men - organising
to "put the oil industry at the service of humanity".

Interviews with sans papiers/es in Paris (20 mins)

Droits Devant and Femmes Urgences Droits et Logement

A Filipina Domestic Worker Speaks Out (United Workers Association)

Invest in Caring Not Killing Roughcuts of weekly anti-war pickets in
Parliament Square by the Global Women's Strike

Ballad of the Sans Papiers (90 mins) Exclusive video footage of the
historic church occupation in St Bernard, Paris

Salt of the Earth (94 mins) The 50th anniversary of this startling film -
immigrant women holding the strike together by challenging the union,
as relevant as ever!

Women of the Rhondda (20 mins)

Wives and daughters of strikers remember the Welsh Miners' Strikes of

Venezuela: A 21st Century Revolution (98 mins) What the revolution is
winning for all of us

Drowned Out (1hr 15 mins) Indigenous women and men at the forefront
of organising against the Narmada Dam in India

All Work and No Pay (20 mins) Why we deserve economic recognition
for all our work

French, German, Italian, Spanish interpretation available.

If you would like to sponsor this Women's Day with a donation or help in
any other way,

please contact us: Global Women's Strike, Crossroads Women's Centre,
230a Kentish Town Road, London, NW5? 2AB. +44 (0)20 7482 2496/fax
+44(0)20 7209 4761

Womenstrike8m@server101.com http://www.globalwomenstrike.net


Thursday 14th October; 11am until late at the 491 Gallery (491 Grove
Green Road, Leytonstone, London E11) (http://www.491gallery.com)

Tube: Leytonstone (Central Line); two stops from Stratford (Central line/
Jubilee line); Bus: 66, 145, 257, W13, W14, W16, W19; Train:
Leytonstone High Road (Gospel Oak - Barking line) or Stratford
(Richmond - North Woolwich line)

Entry: By donation

Summary: The Radical Theory Forum will host a series of daytime
workshops/discussions on the theme of 'Radical theory: How can theory
inform action?' followed by a party with film screenings, art installations,
spoken word and damn good music.



Doors open for people to help to set up the space, listen to music, watch
some activist films and browse around the ongoing gallery space.

Gallery: To be shaped by activist artists Guy Smallman, Julian Gibson
and Christian da Souza.



Introduction - What is Radical Theory?

1pm-2.30pm (Two parallel workshops run for 90min each):

1a) Beyond the Lecture Theatre: Subverting the Neoliberal Paradigm
Through Popular Education (facilitated by Emma Dowling)

* As the capitalist logic informs the management of schools and
universities, its ideology hijacks the classroom - what role does free,
popular education play in current activist projects and what new
possibilities are there for virtual and face-to-face informal education?

1b) Who are "we"? Complexity and Social Movements: Theory and
Practise(facilitated by Alex Plows)

* One of the core elements of social movement theory is that for a
social movement to 'be', it has to have a "collective identity" (Melucci
1996). Especially in the moment of action, that sense of "we", of "us and
them", is notable- "we" are not the arms sellers at DSEI or the
bullshitting warmongers - "we" are the people taking action against
"them". Yet activists and theorists have long been problematising that
sense of "we" in our movements. Not only is there great diversity and
difference amongst "ourselves", our personal identities and motivations
(though also much we all hold in common), this complexity becomes
more problematic when eg globalisation throws up 'strange bedfellows' in
terms of other actor groups who oppose the same issues but often for
different reasons. Is "our movement" fragmenting? Was it always
fragmented? Is "my enemy's enemy is not my friend" a
context-dependent thing? Why does any of this matter? Open

2.45-4.15pm (Two parallel workshops run for 90min each):

2a) Feminist Theory, Feminist Practice at the ESF/WSF (facilitated by
Catherine Eschle and Bice Maiguashca)

* This workshop will explore the contributions, limitations and
possibilities of feminist activist and academic interventions in the
ESF/WSF process. Although feminists succeeded in gaining a high
profile at the last WSF, their presence in the ESF seems more marginal.
Further, there has been little sustained analysis of the nature of their
contribution. Indeed, while there exists a large body of feminist research
critical of the impact of globalised capitalism, and analysis of feminist
activism in that context, there has as yet been little theorisation of the
place of feminism in the recent wave of anti-capitalist, anti-globalisation
politics. This workshop seeks to bring together theoretical and activist
concerns of feminists and fellow travellers involved in and studying the
ESF/WSF. It will ask: what have feminists been doing, and what should
they be doing, to engage with the ESF/WSF? What can feminist theory
and practice offer the ESF/WSF and vice versa? How best can we
research and theorise ESF/WSF politics in feminist ways?

2b) Are Other Worlds Possible? The Challenges and Possibilities of
Pedagogical Open Spaces (facilitated by Vanessa Andreotti)

* The educational project Other Worlds was funded by DFID and
hosted by Mundi. It proposes an approach to transnational
(global/political) literacy based on 'reflexive ethics', in which participants
are encouraged to engage critically with issues related to global and local
contexts and think about how their way of seeing the world and acting in
it are connected to justice and injustice. This approach is based on ideas
related to critical and postcolonial pedagogies, as well as a constructivist
understanding of the learning process. This workshop is divided into two
parts. In the first part participants will be invited to experiment with the
methodology and in the second part, the background of the project, three
case studies and a research cluster proposal will be presented for


Coffee/tea/cake/drinks break

4.45-6.15pm (Two parallel workshops run for 90min each):

3a) Post-/Marxism in the 21st Century (facilitated by Jeremy Gilbert and
Simon Tormey)

* What is the relevance, if any, of the Marxist tradition to the
anti-capitalist movement? Does the idea of class have any relevance in a
post-modern world? What use can be made of those ideas which have
emerged from a sympathetic critique of orthodox Marxism in theory and
practice - the 'post-Marxisms' of Deleuze & Guattari, Laclau & Mouffe,
and Hardt & Negri? Should the concepts of revolution and class struggle
still be at the centre of our thinking, or should we be working to break
down concentrations of power in more diffuse and heterogeneous ways?
Is it true, as Leninist groups like Globalise Resistance maintain, that
anarchist, libertarian, and radical democratic political currents are
incapable of formulating effective political strategies? How do we make
new kinds of political alliance on the complex terrain of 21st century life?

3b) Academia, Immaterial Labour and Cognitive Capital (facilitated by
Rodrigo Nunes)

* What can it mean to be an academic activist? Can we conceptualise a
form of activism specific to the academic, as a form of immaterial labour
within certain institutional constraints? Could collective action around
processes like the 'RAE' (re?)-radicalise the academy?

6.30-8pm (Three parallel workshops run for 90min each):

4a) The Organisation and Politics of the London ESF (facilitated by
Steffen Bohm, with Oscar Reyes, Rodrigo Nunes, Emma Dowling and
Jai Sen)

* Many of us have participated in organising this year's ESF, which has
left many of us with a sense of frustration and sometimes anger. The
process of getting 'horizontals' and 'verticals' into one room has often
been painful. So, where do we go from here? This workshop starts with
the premise that we need to go beyond our surface emotions and try to
contextualise the organisational process of the London ESF within the
wider historical sphere of the organisation of the British and international
Left. What kind of theoretical trajectories can help us understand the
current political confrontation between 'horizontals' and 'verticals'? What
lessons can we learn for future political struggles in this country and
beyond? How does the British experience compare to other processes of
organising social forums (e.g. in India and Brazil?). In this workshop we
seek to start to explore these questions, because we feel that they are
absolutely crucial for the social forum movement.

4b) Building a European-wide Radical Media Distribution Network
(facilitated by Sam Wild, with Chris Reeves and Zoe Young)

* Alternative media is finally hitting its target: Farenheit 911 is
dragging Dubya's dodgy past into the spotlight and Supersize Me is
denting the McDonalds?' super armour. Critical voices are finding a
platform and progressive ideas are reaching wider audiences. However
the reality of making - and ultimately distributing - radical media content
is still problematic for many people ... breaking out of the alternative
media 'ghetto' is no small task! Looking at examples of successful radical
media projects which have reached out to large numbers of people, this
multimedia seminar aims to take inspiration and establish the foundations
for an Internet-based European-wide radical media distribution network.
The ESF - with representatives from across the world - provides a unique
and timely opportunity to combine developments in digital technology
with the established strengths of the massive global underground cinema
and screening network ... maybe the revolution will be televised after all!

4c) Anti-consumerism (facilitated by Jo Littler and Nicola Kirkham)

* Exposing the social, cultural and environmental exploitation upon
which everyday consumer brands depend has become an important part
of contemporary activism and popular culture - from culture jams and
actions against BP and Starbucks, through downsizing and fairtrade to
Supersize Me! and No Logo. Can anti-consumerism be both part of a late
capitalist niche market and part of progressive social change? If
anti-consumerism seeks to function 'outside' a corporate economy, then
how can it move beyond 'enclave politics'? If it attempts to work
alongside it to effect change (such as fairtrade being sold in Starbucks, or
No Logo being published by a Murdoch-owned conglomerate) then what
are the boundaries? When does co-operation become co-option? How do
we deal with consumerism - and anti-consumerism's - complex
relationships to gender, 'race' and class, desire and identity? Does
'anti-consumerism' offer exciting possibilities for new alliances or is it
just too broad a strategy and term to be useful?



Radical poetry/spoken word by a handful of London's leading radical
poets - Afro-Gee, Yap, Whatshername and Sheena Salmon.


Rebel Thinking / Rebel Visions: Activist film screenings co-ordinated by
Zoe Young

* Form and content in radical film may - or may not - relect radical
theories of social and ecological change. We'll show short videos we like
(or don't), from 'riot porn' to 'expert exposition' via 'poetic license', 'cuts
for the post MTV generation' and 'plain weird'. And if we feel like it, we'll
pull them apart. There'll be no uptight film experts here, only film
makers, film viewers and film users. So bring your favourite shorts (CD,
DVD, DV or VHS PAL) and your most cutting critique. And we'll try and
sort out some pop corn J


Party with DJing? by Nikki Lucas (Bitches Brew, The Shrine, Future


Pse contact Sian (s.sullivan@warwick.ac.uk) or Steffen
(sgbohm@essex.ac.uk) for more details.

This is Real, very, very real!!!

Confronting Institutional Racism in Peoples Global Action

Friday 15th October 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Followed by Sabbatai Zevi Benefit Party

@ London Action Resource Centre - www.londonarc.org 62 Fieldgate
Street, Whitechapel, London E1 1ES. Phone: 020 7377 9088

We do not have, nor represent, one single unified position on the PGA.

We are however, all united in the knowledge of the PGA Europe
organising process as un-transparent, non-participatory, and
exclusionary. The organising process of the PGA conference in Belgrade
has essentially been controlled by a hidden oligarchy. Because the
organising process and methodology both in the UK and at the European
level has not reflected the hallmarks
(http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/en/#hallmarks\\) and
organisational principles
(http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/cocha/principles.htm) which the
PGA aspires to, the PGA Europe process is politically bankrupt.

However we wish to state clearly that we recognise, value and support the
energy, diversity, and experiences of those involved with the PGA.

It is also important to say that some of us have tried to work inside the
PGA process, fighting to "democritise" the PGA, and as such, much of
our criticism is borne from experience and cannot be dismissed. Some of
us believe that it is possible to rebuild the PGA to make it closer to the
ideals it claims, and to build a truly participative process, others - after
their experiences - believe this is simply not possible. Some of us wish to
go further and say that the entire basis of the PGA is fundamentally
illegitimate, that it only represents a space for the co-option of struggles,
and that as such, it should be opposed. While others are aware of the
problems within the PGA process but don't wish to be defined by them
and are simply interested in working with organisational processes that
are more authentic under the statement "another world is inevitable". We
all however are united in our diversity and in our desire to act together in
ways that respect these differences.

- we invite you to join us...

Discussion documents:

West India Zapatista http://www.paki.tv

"Official" PGA website: http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/en/
"Ultra Official" PGA website:

Real PGA Website: http://www.aloofhosting(point)com/realpga/

See you in London!

Greenpepper Magazine (Amsterdam) & Mute Magazine (London)


Three action-packed rounds.
One multiple and federated fight!

A critical forum introducing the spread of new modes of labour conflict by
rebelling flex/temp/knowledge workers across Europe, explaining,
expanding and tearing apart the discourse of precarity* shaping these
flexfights, and differrent intersecting tactics for demanding new social

neuropean labour conflict and strategies of self-representation

migrant work/informal economies/affective labour

from flexibility to flexicurity

Chainworkers (http://www.chainworkers.org), Coordination Intermittents
et Précaires Ile de France (Paris, France), Precarias a la Deriva
(Madrid), Florian Schneider (http://kein.org), EuroMayDay
(http://www.euromayday.org), P2P Fightsharing (Rome), Alan Toner,
Marina Vishmidt and more.

the brand new Greenpepper Magazine - Precarity issue (edited and
designed by Alex Foti and Zoe Romano, Chainworkers, Milano). Hot off
the risograph machines!

Screening & Launching:
the brand new multilingual P2P Fightsharing DVD-Zine - Precarity
(Produced by P2P Fightsharing in collaboration with Candida TV, Rome,
Greenpepper Project, Amsterdam)

Mute, issue 28: featuring articles on the WSF/PGA and their discontents,
the university's recomposition under neoliberalism, call centre work and
Iraq's internal Intifada

WHEN: Friday 15 October : 3:00 - 5:00pm

WHERE:Middlesex University, White Hart Lane Campus, Tottenham.
London N17 8HR (exact room to be confirmed)

For more updated information see http://www.greenpeppermagazine.org
or http://www.metamute.com or email:

*Derived from the latin verb precor, PRECARITY

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