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(en) Britain, Class War* buletin issue December 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 22:54:40 +0100 (CET)

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OI! BLUNKETT! NO! ---- WE ARE UNDER ever-increasing surveillance. Even the TV
news has started to be worried the UK might be becoming a police
state! And ID cards look set to be introduced within a year… With
the amount of surveillance the state carries out on us all the time
you’d have thought that ID cards would probably be superfluous. Yet
Blunkett, in his wisdom, has determined they are a vital weapon in
the fight against whatever he’s thinking of at the time. More and
more people are realising that the entire thing’s a vast swindle,
that they won’t be safer, that the enemy is more likely to be the state
than some nebulous Wahabbite in some cave somewhere.

Earlier this year, the Telegraph reported that a healthy minority
– about 30% - were vehemently opposed to ID cards:
enough to throw more than a small spanner in the works.
There have already been a number of actions against the bloody
things: Glasgow Defy-ID gave minister Des Brown a
welcome he’ll not soon forget when they disrupted his
press launch for the trial run of the filthy cards, for example.

Blunkett’s confident that people will soon be forced into
carrying ID cards, so this fight will be one which extends to
every sphere of everyday life, from signing on to getting a job to
using a library. Even so, if people get involved – and stay
involved – the fight becomes less one of them against me,
and one of us against them. We urge our readers to get
involved with campaigns against ID cards. For more
information on that, go to www.defy-id.org.uk.


EVERYTHING HACKNEY COUNCIL touches seems to turn
to shit. Who can forget the fiasco of the Clissold Leisure
Centre, built amid huge fanfare – now shut and unusable
after the Council chucked £34 million away on it? The latest
casualty in Hackney is the Ocean music venue, over the road
from the Town Hall. The Ocean was established five years ago
with £23 million of public money. Earlier this month it went
into administration, despite receiving large amounts of public
subsidy since it opened. Another much-heralded amenity for
Hackney lost through the incompetence of the Council.

It was always obvious to us at London Class War that a venue
like the Ocean was going to be a white elephant. Frankly, the
way it was touted – and the way it’s turned out –
was never for local people but for yuppies and their like. How
many people pay £17 to see a gig – in Hackney? Not a lot,
as the catchphrase has it.

The Ocean was allegedly established to encourage and provide
music training and education to all sections of the community.
This aim, though praiseworthy, has never been fulfilled, and
neither have the community arts and music projects profits
from the gigs were supposed to fund. Yet again the people of
Hackney have been royally fucked over by the Council. There
is certainly a need for music venues and community arts
projects in Hackney. But the Council has shown itself to
be terminally incompetent and can’t provide them. As the
old saying goes, if you want a job done properly…

At the same time as the Council presided over another fuck up,
they are hoping to spend SIXTY MILLION on doing up the
Town Hall! (See previous London Callings.) So: a reduction in
the amenities available to the people of Hackney is not matched
by a reduction of the amenities available to the pen-pushers and
lickspittles who have got Hackney into the pitiful state it’s
in. What a fucking shower.

Or in this case, letter.

I read your newsletter recently and was horrified by the article
you wrote about the Metropolitan police, who no doubt –
especially the officers who accidentally shot Harry Stanley -
face a very difficult job in London. Have you no sympathy for
what the two officers went through and they have to live with
the guilt day in and day out and the pressure on their families.
As you are aware gun crime is spiralling out of control in
London and articles like yours do not help in one bit towards a
Name & address withheld.

NO AFRAID NOT, we haven’t got any sympathy at all in
fact we would go far as in saying they could shoot each other if
their guilty feelings get any worse. Yes gun crime is out of
control in London, the Met should be disarmed and maybe we
should see it drop…

The police had been wrongly tipped off that the Scotsman was
in fact Irish and carrying a gun in a bag. The officers were
caught out when they stated that they had to make a
split-second decision. The jury thought differently - after all the
evidence was given to the jury, who were convinced that the
two officers had concocted their account of the encounter with
Mr Stanley. Let’s look at some other facts: the officers
maintained that when they challenged Mr Stanley he turned
grasped one end of the table-leg and pointed the other end at
Fagan, one of the trigger happy filth. But Mr Stanley’s fatal
head wound showed an entry wound to the back and the left
side of his head. It was fired by Sharman, the other filth, shot
from behind at an angle of 110° - indicating that Stanley was
beginning to turn towards Sharman's right, putting him even
further behind Stanley and out of range of any pointed

Tim Owen, the Stanley family barrister, told the inquest jury
that for the officers’ account to be right, the fatal head
entry wound would have had to be on the right front side of his
head - not on the rear, even the CPS, who may prosecute the
officers, is now reconsidering the case, claiming that the
evidence above “may lead a jury to conclude that the
officers Sharman and Fagan deliberately lied all through the
trial five years ago”, let’s face another fact here that the
officers couldn’t even lie properly, dumb or what! Both
should be on manslaughter charges, kicked out of the force and
should be facing lengthy prison terms.

It showed how much remorse the two officers felt, for over five
years they lied, which no doubt they’re used to as it is
normal procedure in the Met. Another fact we should look at:
Harry Stanley was scarcely mentioned in all the press reports,
all of which focused on the industrial action taken by the armed
filth in support of their trigger-happy pals, if Harry Stanley
wasn’t a working class male I think it is fair to say the
events would have been reported differently.



NEW 'STOP-AND-SEARCH' RULES come into effect for
police officers across London from 17 November. Officers must
give a written record of the incident to everybody they stop - not
just those who are later searched.

The change was one of the recommendations of the Stephen
Lawrence Inquiry report, and we all know what the Lawrence
family went through and saw what the Met are really like. The
Metropolitan Police Federation has expressed concern about
the move, saying the new procedure "wastes valuable police
time”. All that time could be spent in kebab shops or
framing innocent people for crimes they didn’t commit or
taking backhanders from drug dealers, Glen Smyth of the
Federation said although the move was designed to improve
relations between the police and public, so far the omens "did
not look promising".

The Metropolitan force was one of seven police services chosen
by the Home Office to implement pilot sites for
recommendation 61 (of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry report).
It has been running in two police boroughs, Hackney and
Tower Hamlets, since April and December 2003 respectively.

'Perception of unfairness'

Hackney has been piloting a paper-based recording method
involving specially designed 'stop-and-account' forms while a
technology-based system was trialled in Tower Hamlets. The
project has been overseen by the Metropolitan Police Authority
(MPA), which in May published a report claiming the practice
of 'stop-and-search' was "influenced by racial bias". John
Roberts who led the MPA's 'stop-and-account' team said
police stops were currently one of the most contentious
policing issues for London's ethnic minority communities. "It
creates a perception of unfairness that threatens the
acknowledged effectiveness of stops as a policing tactic and
damages trust and confidence in the police," Mr Roberts said.

The Met's Deputy Commissioner Sir Ian Blair (not another
one!) said he was proud of the force's efforts to improve its
relationship with London's communities. Sir Ian said: "By
providing a written record of stop and account interactions we
will be able to build an even greater level of trust within the
community.” How they worked that one out is
anyone’s guess, by searching just black people.



THE PERFORMANCE OF the post office always becomes a
big issue in December, but in many parts of London it is now
an issue year round. An east London postie recently put pen to
paper on the subject for us:

Having worked at Royal Mail for ages, I have noticed an
enormous drop in morale in the last few years. I'm told, by the
poor blokes who have worked here since the seventies, that
they take home less money now then they did then. In the 'bad
old days' as the media and government love to call that era,
workers not only had more money, but they at least had a shred
of dignity. Being a postman or woman now is like a form of
torture. Having 'sell out' managers who don't know their elbow
from their arsehole bossing you about all day, with a lack of
courtesy usually found only from old bill or street rat traffic
wardens is not the worst part. Imagine waking up at four
o'clock in the morning, six days a week and taking home just
£230 - after the tax man’s had his grubby hands on it (to
fund an illegal invasion of Iraq). Sounds about as appetising as
sticking pins up your arse doesn't it? The fact is most postmen
and women get used to the unsociable hours, and they don't
get paid enough to have much of a social life anyway, but there
is one thing that is killing the job more then everything else...

The Rich Cunt Directors

I hate Allan Leighton with a passion. Adam Crozier and the
recently departed Elmer 'Thud' Toime are not far behind in the
'I wish they would get cancer of the eyeballs' league table of my
hate. These parasitical wankers with a history of failure behind
them (Leeds United, the F.A. etc.) have been given
astronomical wages for the task of turning around a failing
business. A bit like asking Ian Huntley to sort out a school with
a high truancy rate or Dr. Harold Shipman to get the NHS
waiting lists down. Just like every other major industry in this
country, the only thing you can be sure of is that they'll fuck it
up, get a massive golden handshake and get offered a job
somewhere else, where the cycle will continue. Doesn't fill you
with hope, does it?

So next time you go to have a pop at your postie for the third
class service we now provide, or shout 'where's me giro' (piss
off, it's wasn't funny the first time we heard it, mate) think
about how shit our job is... right, now I'm going to go off and
get pissed with the help of some moody credit cards!

P.S. Why not write your intended address on the back of a
letter, write any old one on the front, cross it out and write: Not
Known – Return To Sender. Or take a gamble and put the
word FREEPOST after the name of the intended recipient,
because most of us couldn't give a bollocks to go and check it


BOB GELDOF, THE annoying miserable cunt, has redone
that fucking annoying song “Don’t They Know It’s
Christmas”. It’s remixed, using up to date crap singers
and it looks as though we are going to be force-fed the song all
over the festive season again. Surely they only redo the song for
supermarkets to play, great trick really whilst you’re
shopping and you have that awful muzak forced on you. Feed
the world? You think, “Fuck it, people are starving in
Africa, aren’t I the lucky one?” and you buy more food.

Let’s take Geldof who owns three houses, one in
Faversham, Kent. Within its grounds is a public wood that he
has grabbed and made private. He hates people on his land so
much he built a six foot fucking wall around the wood and
property. Then there’s Robbie Williams, who would not
even miss a million quid, same as all the singers really. They
are all fucking multimillionaires. It’s very patronising when
they are asking us to feel guilty and fork out for over- priced cds
etc, and that cunt out of U2, Bono, not only is his music shit,
he has the cheek to kiss Bush’s arse every five
minutes… It’s a con and the only thing you will be
feeding is their bank accounts. If you feel guilty give a donation
to Oxfam, as they seem to be the only organisation to do good
in Africa.


Permanent protests in Parliament Square are to be banned by
the government in a bid to silence an anti-war activist hated by
many MPs. Once the measures become law, 55 year-old Brian
Haw will finally be evicted from the square after more than
three years of continuous occupation Love him or hate him,
you can’t but admire Brian Haw, who set up camp there in
June 2001, with his banners such as “You lie, kids die,
Blair”. They’re seen every time Tony Blair drives in
and out of the Commons. But it is Mr Haw’s constant
anti-war chants on his megaphone, that can be heard in most
MPs’ offices, that have infuriated ministers and triggered
the action.

It looks as though the centuries-old right to free speech law is
finished, so next time you are in the city go see Brian and give
him a bit of support.


The new hardback book called “The Untouchables” by
Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn took five years investigating
the Yard’s most secretive and powerful unit - the very one
charged with rooting out corrupt and racist cops.

“The Untouchables” with their motto “Integrity is
non-negotiable”. They were created to stop corruption in
the Met, based on thousands of official documents, which the
Yard hoped would never see the light of day ,of how corrupt
and the dirty dealings the Untouchables carried out is
unbelievable. The still unsolved murders of Daniel Morgan,
David Norris and Damilola Taylor and an insight to the Stephen
Lawrence case you won’t see in the tabloid press. This
book will shock and scare you, and you will probably never
trust the police again. At 544 pages long it’s a fair read, and
at £18.99 it’s also a bit dear. Don’t wait for the
paperback, though, as the filth will likely try
and ban it.

Also I saw Stoke Newington Police Station plastered with
posters advertising the book half ripped down everywhere.


5 December: London Class War meeting. Ask a member for
11 December: London Class War, Anarchist Federation, and
Wombles social. The Harp Rock Bar,97-99 Parsons Mead
West Croydon CR0 3SP. Lot of fun to be had, including raffle,
DJ’s, Vietnamese food, stalls and so on. Free entry.


Members of Class War went to Holland for the yearly
Anarchist bookfair and done a stall,it was held in Utrecht on
Sat 6th November, a good day with some good feedback from
the @ist groups there. Our videos went like hot cakes, worth a
visit next year, some good bars about selling a good selection of
beers and all that hash…………we also done a paper sale
at Hackney Central which went well. Hopefully we will do
more in the future. If you want to come along get in touch.


Ever wondered what your belly button is for…well we have
the answer, simply when lying in bed by pouring tomato sauce
into the useless belly button you can now dip your chips into
the sauce. Don’t try piccalilli as this can be messy.
* Class Warr is an anarchist federation

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