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(en) Canada, Call for Autonomous Actions: Become the Resistance Inside Fortress North America (OTTAWA: N30 & D1)

From la CLAC!* <clac@taktic.org>
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 22:25:59 +0100 (CET)

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The Canadian government, headed by Paul Martin, is preparing a warm welcome
for George W. Bush, commander-in-chief of the US Army and international war
criminal, showing its true colors as a willing ally to a terrorist regime
and its imperial adventures. Corporate Canada and its family of war
profiteers are salivating in anticipation of a tęte ŕ tęte.
Iraq. Palestine. Haiti. Afghanistan. Colombia. Venezuela. Turtle Island.
USA. At the borders. Right where you are and around the world, people are
waging battles for survival, dignity, freedom and justice against U.S.
military and economic offensives and proxy wars.

We can do no less.

We are calling for and encouraging autonomous direct actions throughout the
days of N30 and D1. To this end, we are providing the following list of
Ottawa-based corporate lobby groups, war profiteers, "security" agencies and
government offices which are bound into the politics of violent and
oppressive domination. This is only a tiny sampling of Ottawa's imperial
offerings - in many ways, "Bush" (the political system, not the individual)
is everywhere! But so are we .

A map of Ottawa with the locations of each of the following is posted on

++++Crown Corporations and Corporate Lobby Groups++++

>Canadian Council of Chief Executives (formerly BCNI) (www.ceocouncil.ca)
90 Sparks

The biggest corporations in Canada are members of CCCE. In 2003, CCCE came
out with their new lobbying agenda: North American Security and Prosperity
Initiative (NASPI) which can be seen as corporate Canada's reaction to 9/11.
NASPI proposes US-Canadian "harmonization" on tariffs and so-called "trade
barriers", border "security", general policing, and the military. CCCE
recognises the current necessity of increasing militarisation and "security"
in order to maintain privilege in the hyper-capitalist status quo, actively
lobbying for missile "defense" and other projects of economic and political

>Canadian Defence Industries Association (CDIA) (www.cdia.ca/)
100 Gloucester, Ste 202

CDIA is a military industry lobby group. It has over 350 members from the
aerospace and military industries and, according to its website, "an
excellent reputation amongst government circles". CDIA organizes events such
as CANSEC - a military trade fair which, in 2003, brought together 150
exhibits and 3600 delegates from the military industry and government.
Keeping up with the times, CDIA is now working to "expand its traditional
defence activities to meet its members' growing interests in terms of
homeland security".

>Canadian Commercial Corporation (www.ccc.ca/)
1100 - 50 O'Connor Street

CCC, "Canada's export contracting agency" does more than $1.2 billion in
business annually, approximately 70% of it weapons and parts for Pentagon
and NASA. All military purchases from Canada over US$100,000 go through the
CCC, which provides up to $2M credit to companies to carry out exports. CCC
is currently encouraging Canadian corporations to participate in the
Pentagon's "Joint Strike Fighter" programme, yet another cutting edge new
weapons system to secure and expand existing economic and political

++++War-profiteers and other Friends of Capitalist Globalisation++++
>SNC Defence Programs Inc. (www.snc-lavalin.com)
170 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 1100

It is a challenge to pack Canadian giant SNC into a paragraph. Oil, mining,
atomic energy, public service privatization, ammunition, military supply
services, mega-dams, biotech and more! SNC-Lavalin is a large engineering
firm that is on the forefront of market expansion around the world,
contributing both engineering know-how and military hardware. SNC Defence
Programs and other SNC units are involved in maintaining warships for Canada
and combat training. In fact, they provide logistical support (IT, food,
lodging, laundry, maintenance) to all of Canada's overseas military
engagements, including the Canadian military's lead role in the occupation
of Afghanistan, where they built the military base Camp Julien. SNC
Technologies, SNC's military division and the largest supplier of ammunition
to the Canadian army, signed a new bullet supply contract for the US
military, which was running out of bullets in Iraq. SNC also indicated great
interest in "reconstruction" contracts in Iraq, but have since conceded that
the "security situation" makes the timing of an investment less than ideal.
Perhaps they are hoping that the natives will become more cooperative once
the SNC bullets have been put to use.

>EMS Technologies (www.ems-t.com/contact/directions_ottawa.htm)
1725 Woodward Dr. Ottawa

EMS Technologies are the makers of targetting systems that were used by U.S.
tanks during the Iraq war. They are quite proud of their role in the war
effort, as the following press clips from their website indicate:
§ Founded in 1968, EMS Technologies (NASDAQ: ELMG) is a leading
developer and manufacturer of advanced technology hardware products for
commercial space, defense, and wireless communications, and focuses on the
needs of mobile and broadband users.
§ EMS Satcom Technology Assisting the War in Iraq, CJOH-TV -
Ontario, 22/3/2003
§ Military Tech Wares Met Challenge in Iraq Investor's Business
Daily, 7/11/2003
§ High-tech Gadgetry From Georgia Would Star In a War In Iraq

>Raytheon Canada Limited (www.raytheon.com)
360 Albert Street, Suite 1640

Key areas of their bloody business focus include: Homeland Security
(enforcing Fortress North America's borders, aiding the US government in
detection and deportation of migrants, web monitoring/privacy invasion),
Ballistic Missile Defence, and Precision Engagement ("executing", killing
and destroying by bombs/missile, on target). Raytheon is a major US defence
contractor (along with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing). Think
war and the many high tech killing machines that make it happen, and
Raytheon is behind much of it. Raytheon produces missile systems (Patriot,
Hawk, and Tomahawk), radars, and reconnaissance, targeting, and navigation
systems. Raytheon also makes radios, air traffic control systems and radars,
and satellite communications systems, all used by the US in the wars waged
along the borders and in Iraq, Palestine, etc. The company's Raytheon
Aircraft unit makes turboprop aircraft and Beech and Hawker jets. Raytheon
also makes commercial electronics products and services, but the US
government (including foreign military sales) accounts for nearly
three-quarters of sales.

>Lockheed Martin Canada (www.lockheedmartin.com/)
3001 Solandt Road, Kanata, Ontario

The largest military corporation in the world, Lockheed Martin profits from
and contributes to Fortress North America's border obsession and the US war
of terrorism. For "Operation Apollo" they are installing electonics
equipment in aircraft to be used to detect illegal immigration in Canada's
coastal waters, but also serve overseas. Operation Apollo is Canada's
contribution to the U.S.-led war on terrorism. The company's many other
activities include the production of fighter jets, patriot missiles, nuclear
weapons, and surveillance equipment. They were recently awarded a contract
to perform and administer Canada's 2004 national census. In 2001, the US
Department of Defence awarded Lockheed with a $300 billion contract for the
Joint Strike Fighter programme (will replace existing fighter jets with a
"new generation" of US custom-made planes, to be used by all its allies).
After lobbying by the high tech military industry lobby group Aerospace
Industries Association of Canada, Canada agreed to join the project,
contributing $150 million in its development. Just one example of this
corporation's worlwide influence.

>Accenture (www.accenture.com)
160 Elgin St.

Gang member of a number of influential business groups including the U.S.
Coalition of Service Industries (USCSI), a major GATS pusher. Accenture is
the new name for Andersen Consulting, which broke away from Arthur Andersen
in 2000. Changing to Accenture was the fastest, most expensive re-branding
effort in history as everything was changed to fit the new logo in a matter
of days. It is Arthur Andersen who is in so much legal trouble for allowing
Enron to cook their books and destroying Enron's documents as Enron
collapsed. This corporation has made its money on the privatization of
public services. They eliminate public sector jobs, and the services
provided are by no means improved. They are involved in Ontario Welfare,
Immigration Services and BC Hydro, to list a few Canadian examples. But they
are not ones to stay behind the times! In June 2004, Accenture won the
prime contract for the US-VISIT program, which aims to fingerprint and
photograph most foreign visitors entering the US. With a potential value of
$10 billion, this contract also attracted bids by such giants as Computer
Sciences Corporation (owners of Dyncorp) and Lockheed Martin (biggest
military company in the world). In the present context of the so-called "war
on terror", it's not hard to see how this contract will advance further
repression against immigrants and refugees.

>Bearing Point (www.bearingpoint.com)
150 Metcalfe Street, Suite 700

Bearing Point is one of the world's largest consulting and accounting firms.
In 2003, it received a contract to refashion the economic infrastructure of
Iraq, having previously received similar contracts in Afghanistan and
Bosnia. Bearing Point (a private American company which approaches the
redesign of a country's economy as a purely technical task) will be
developing trade regulations, nurturing pivate businesses, creating a
commercial banking programme, building a system to provide social services,
reviewing tax policies and generally working alongside the puppet-government
to make sure that the country's fiscal policies reflect "free" market
ideology, stay open to foreign (mainly US) ownership and establish new
hierarchies and privileges within Iraq itself (or entrench old ones).

>Delta Ottawa Hotel and Suites
361 Queen St. Ottawa

Sun Peaks Resort, with its Delta Hotels, are built on Secwepemc territories
that have never been ceded or surrendered to the Canadian entity. Land and
Water BC disregarded the Secwepemc, who said NO to expansion in stakeholder
meetings, and in June 2001 obtained a court injunction to forcibly remove
Secwepemc from their homelands. The Skwelkwek'welt Protection Center, at the
Resort's entrance, is asserting Aboriginal title and rights. For this
exercise of rights, 54 arrests, with charges from criminal contempt and
intimidation (blocking a road) to resisting arrest, have been made. In
January 2003, a BC judge found four Elders not guilty for refusal to obey an
injunction to tear down the Center, and as she left court, Elder Irene Billy
stated: "I always knew we were right, this is our land, and Sun Peaks and
the province cannot remove us from it."

++++Mercenaries and State Security++++

>Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) (www.csc.com)

In the spring of 2003, CSC bought famed mercenary company DynCorp and formed
a new division, the Global Security Solution Organisation, which offers
"physical security" solutions, including the planning and design of
surveillance systems and prisons. CSC's Global Security Solution division
specializes in euphemisms for dubious services tailored to the "war on
terror", such as "security consulting; compliance management and identity
and access management". ("Compliance management"!?) That same spring saw CSC
DynCorp acquire the prime contract to provide "law enforcement support in
Iraq". CSC Dyncorp is tasked with re-establishing police forces around the
country and training local agents in what they call "practices suited to
democratic societies". As in Afghanistan, they will be providing a private
fist to enforce laws of the occupation-established government. CSC is just
as committed to the "war on terror" and the political and economic projects
which underpin it in its work in North America, where the company is
involved in numerous projects that demonstrate the close link between
politics and profits.

>Ottawa Police
474 Elgin Street, Ottawa

The Ottawa Police wage a daily assault on the streets of Ottawa. The
difference on N29, N30 and D1 will be the direction of the assault. While
the daily brunt is felt by those on the streets panning and struggling for
bread, on the days of Bush's visit the Ottawa Police Tactical Team will turn
their attention to organised political dissent. This is not a new role for
them, their violent attention has been turned towards our active political
engagement on several occasions. Remember the protests around the G20
meetings, where people participating in a mass demonstration and journalists
were attacked by dogs and batoned. Remember the Non-Status Algerians sitting
in for a meeting with the Immigration Minister only to be violently attacked
and dragged out in a bloody state. Remember the Seven Year Squat and the
massive use of tear gas and destruction of a building in the police eviction
of the people trying to draw attention to housing accessibility issues.

>Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) (www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/)
155 McArthur Avenue, room 609, Vanier (and on the streets)

Don't fool yourself into thinking the RCMP should enforce War Crimes and
pick up Dubya for International Terrorism. If you think that, you are
wrongly thinking that the RCMP works for justice. Historically, the RCMP
was created to protect war criminals; to enforce and expand the colonialism
on which Canada was founded. Currently, they share their colonial expertise
in places like Haiti and Iraq. Not only are the RCMP involved in monitoring
and quashing dissent in Indigenous and other communities in Canada, but they
share their expertise internationally. For example, Canada is spending $10
million for the RCMP to train Iraqi police in Jordan. The fact that this
training has to take place in a neighbouring country reveals something about
the popularity of police enforcement of the laws put in place by the
occupation forces and quisling government. This training support also
represents a de facto acceptance of the illegal invasion and further unmasks
the hypocrisy of Canada's official stance of non- involvement.

>Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) (www.csis-scrs.gc.ca/)
1941 Ogilvie Road, Ottawa (and behind the trees)

CSIS is Canada's spy agency. They compile hearsay and speculation and file
it all in an orderly fashion. One use for this orderly speculation is to
appease the US government and assure them that Canada is on the look out for
terrorists. To this end, Canada has detained 5 Muslim men under the Secret
Trial Security Certificate (see PSEPC below for more). Much more widespread,
however, is the daily intimidation of Muslims and Arabs by CSIS, through
home visits and "voluntary" interviews of people with vulnerable status.
They also monitor and create files on environmentalists, anti-globalization
and anti-war activists, students, trade unionists - all who actively engage
in democracy.

>Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (PSEPC)
(www.psepc-sppcc.gc.ca) 340 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa

The division of the government that is responsible for the Royal Canadian
Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS),
Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), National Parole Board (NPB), Canada
Firearms Centre, and Canada Border Services Agency. Deportations fall under
this department. The Minister is the Solicitor General; one of her many
duties in this capacity is the signing of Secret Trials Security
Certificates. Five Muslim men are currently held without charges under
secret evidence under this special programme, which disciminately applies
only to refugees and permanent residents. They are denied due process and
the right to a fair and open trial. They face deportation to torture and
possible death thanks to this department.

>Canadian Forces Recruitment Centre
66 Slater Street, Ottawa

This is where the Canadian government enlists its cannon fodder to send to
Afghanistan, offering special entry packages to the most marginalised
communities. The US has received ongoing Canadian backing for their "good
war" in Afghanistan. Every soldier the Canadian government sends to
Afghanistan frees up a US soldier to join the occupying forces in Iraq.
Canada is very much an active party to the imperialist wars in this way. The
Canadian government has announced Canadian Forces would train Central and
South American forces in peacekeeping in exchange for a schooling in jungle
combat. Preparing for future involvement in imperialist war!

>Department of National Defense (www.dnd.ca)
101 Colonel By Dr. (opposite the Rideau Centre shopping mall)

The war department, the bureaucratic heart of Canada's military machine.
Leading the occupation of Afghanistan and covertly contributing to America's
other wars. Now apparently expanding the domestic "security" role which they
have long played in Turtle Island (most recently Kanesatake, Gustafsen
Lake). Organising research into new technologies of death and control,
including research to support the missile "defense" system. On every level,
increasingly integrated into US war machine.

++++Other Canadian Government Sites of Interest++++

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (aka Deportation Canada) - Jean Edmonds
Tower South, 365 Laurier Avenue West
Prime Minisiter's Office - 80 Wellington
Foreign Affairs Canada // International Trade Canada - 125 Sussex Dr.
Industry Canada - CD Howe Building, 235 Queen

++++Select Embassies++++

U.S. - 490 Sussex Dr.
U.K. - 80 Elgin St.
Italy - 21st Flr., 275 Slater St.
Israel - Suite 1005, 50 O'Connor St.
Mexico - Suite 1500, 45 O'Connor St.
Colombia - Suite 1002, 360 Albert St.
* CLAC is an antiauthoritarian anticapitalist initiative

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